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Liberty High School, Liberty Borough, Tioga County PA  1913-1983
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Liberty High School Graduates 1913 - 1983
Submitted by Esther MAYS Harer.
Page 1913 1934 1943 1951 1957 1964 1969 1974 1977 1982
Class of 1974      
Address Graduate Spouse Death
RD, Liberty, Pa George Alexander    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Althea Baker    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Sharon Beeley    
  Diane Black Jeff Williammee  
Liberty, Pa Laura Black Dietrich    
RD, Morris Douglas Blackwell    
Morris, Pa Keith Blank    
Trout Run, Pa Cathy Bonnell Del Edler  
Morris, Pa Gary Butters    
Liberty, Pa Thomas Castle    
Covington, Pa Eric Chase    
Arnot, Pa Terry Clark    
Trout Run, Pa Debra Fischer Gary Livermore  
Trout Run, Pa Sylvia Fulkrod    
Williamsport, Pa Judith Gardner Mike Brennan  
Morris, Pa Robert Gotschall    
Morris, Pa Edward Gregory    
RD, Liberty, Pa Linda Grinnell    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Haydn Guillaume    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Janet Harer    
Arnot, Pa Robert Harzinski    
Morris, Pa Donald Heatley    
Canton, Pa Robert Hetzel Sue Brown  
RD, Morris Gene Heyler Tina  
Mansfield, Pa Trudy Holcomb Robert Puryear  
RD, Trout Run, Pa Janet Landon    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Lori Landon    
PO Box, Trout Run,. Pa Marilea Lawson Richard Bubb  
Liberty, Pa Karen Litzelman Ronald Harer  
RD, Trout Run, Pa Linda Litzleman    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Sharon Livermore    
RD, Liberty, Pa Stephen Marshall    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Clarence Martz    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Wilbur Martz    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Allen Messner    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Lynn Meyer    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Gina Mines    
RD, Liberty, Pa Denise Mitstifer    
Covington, Pa Misty Ostrom Steve Harer/Decker Everett  
Canton, Pa Fern Parker McNett    
Morris, Pa Beatrice Phillipsa    
RD, Liberty, Pa Jane Raker    
RD, Morris Sandra Rood Pecynski    
RD, Liberty, Pa Larry Route    
Liberty, Pa Denise Schriner David Andrews  
Blossburg, Pa David Schultz    
Mansfield, Pa Earlene Shinn Jenkins    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Donna Shoup    
RD, Liberty, Pa Eric Sindlinger    
Blossburg, Pa Kenneth Smith    
RD, Liberty, Pa James Sparks    
RD, Trout Run, Pa David Swisher    
RD, Muncy, Pa Aldene Taylor Ray Messner  
Blossburg, Pa Timothy Terry    
RD, Liberty, Pa Pamela Trip-    
RD, Liberty, Pa Kathy Turner    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Gail Waltz    
RD, Liberty, Pa Ray Wheeland Regina Hopkins  
RD, Trout Run, Pa Sara Wilson    
Canton, Pa James Wright    
Class of 1975      
Morris, Pa Tim Alexander    
RD, Liberty, Pa Sandra Beeley    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Cindy Blair    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Donald Bonnell    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Ronald Bonnell    
RD, Morris, Pa Gerald Broughton    
RD, Morris, Pa Glen Broughton    
RD, Liberty, Pa Lynn Broughton Kathy Pryslak  
RD, Liberty, Pa Nancy Brown    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Shawn Buck    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Tom Campbell    
RD, Trout Run, Pa John Cohick    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Michael Fulkerson    
RD, Liberty, Pa Ricky Geyer    
Morris, Pa Jean Gotschall    
Covington, Pa Jeff Greer    
RD, Liberty, Pa Lorraine Grinnell    
RD, Liberty, Pa Terri Harer VanDruff    
RD, Morris, Pa James Heyd    
RD, Morris, Pa Sandfra Heyler David Butters  
RD, Trout Run, Pa Coyce Hicks    
RD, Liberty, Pa Dianna Hilfiger Atkinson    
RD, Morris, Pa Debra House    
Blossburg, Pa James Lamonski    
RD, Liberty, Pa Rolan Litzleman    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Teresa Livermore    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Richard Lockcuff    
Morris, Pa Karla Marmara    
Morris, Pa Norina Mattison    
RD, Morris, Pa Cindy McCarthy    
Blossburg, Pa Rose McNeal    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Pamela Marshall    
RD, Liberty, Pa Boyd Mitstifer    
Morris, Pa Lee Ann Muller    
RD, Liberty, Pa Jon Ostrom    
Williamsport, Pa Linda Pepper David Livingston  
Liberty, Pa Ellen Schanbacher Ron Ree  
Liberty, Pa Ronald Reed Ellen Schanbacher  
RD, Trout Run, Pa Randy Roupp    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Rebecca Roupp    
RD, Liberty, Pa Beverly Sindlinger    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Arlene Stryker    
Liberty, Pa Debra Jessup    
RD, Liberty, Pa Lewis Turner Sue Bonnell  
RD, Morris, Pa Kathy Wilcox    
Arnot, PA Larry Yeager    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Debra Yeagle    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Barbara Yoder    
Class of 1976      
Morris, Pa Kathy Bohart    
Trout Run, Pa Vicki Caldwell    
Liberty, Pa Terry Loudenslager    
Mansfield, Pa David Loveland    
Roaring Branch, Pa Randy Marshall    
  Faith McCoun    
Morris, Pa Mark Miller    
Trout Run, Pa Scott Miller    
Liberty, Pa Bobbie Oakley    
Liberty, Pa Paul Oakley    
Port Allegheny, Pa Michael Osbourn    
  Ronald Powers    
Liberty, Pa Rosemarie Reid    
Morris, Pa Michael Rood    
Trout Run, Pa Barbara Ross    
Liberty, Pa Randy Rothermel    
Liberty, Pa Diana Spanker Roupp    
Roaring Branch, Pa William Smith    
Liberty, Pa Penny stryker    
Morris, Pa Ruth Sutley    
Trout Run, Pa Randy Swisher    
Trout Run, Pa Kathy Underwood    
Liberty, Pa Debra Welshans    
Liberty, Pa Michael Whiting    
Morris, Pa Steve Wilcox    
Morris, Pa Mary Williammee    
Morris, Pa Dennis Williams    
Trout Run, Pa Richard Williams    
Morris, Pa Betty Yoder    
Liberty, Pa Roy Zeafla    
Morris, Pa Marceil Kreger    
Morris, Pa Nancy Otis    
  Kathryn Overpeck    
Liberty, Pa Bernard Roupp    
Liberty, Pa Debra Roupp    
Liberty, Pa Christina Sikerak    
  Irene Thompson    
  Patricia Kostecki Wilkins    
Morris, Pa Tim Mattison    
Liberty, Pa Duane Huffman Karen Bohart  
Liberty, Pa Asdhley Beck    
Liberty, Pa Donald Black    
Morris, Pa Ramona Blackwell    
Roaring Branch, Pa Clara Brion Hemling    
Morris, Pa Kevin Broughton    
Morris, Pa Irene Davis    
  Wyatt Esaias    
Roaring Branch, Pa Stewart Gamber    
Trout Run, Pa Deborah Gardner    
Liberty, Pa Cindy Graham    
Trout Run, Pa Jeanne Gross    
Trout Run, Pa Phyllis Guillaume    
Liberty, Pa Earl Harris    
Roaring Branch, Pa Richard Hemling    
Trout Run, Pa Tyann Hopkins Wright    
Trout Run, Pa Carl Hughes, Jr.    
  Cathleen Jenkins    
Liberty, Pa Roberta Kinat    
Liberty, Pa Lee Krause    
Liberty, Pa Terry Kreger    
Morris, Pa Timothy Kreger    
Trout Run, Pa Kim Lockcuff    
Liberty, Pa Gerald 'Arnie' Kriner    
Trout Run, Pa Richard Landon    

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 12/10/2005
By Joyce