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Liberty High School, Liberty Borough, Tioga County PA  1913-1983
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Liberty High School Graduates 1913 - 1983
Submitted by Esther MAYS Harer.
Page 1913 1934 1943 1951 1957 1964 1969 1974 1977 1982
Class of 1969      
Address Graduate Spouse Death
Rd, Liberty, Pa Jean Marie Alexander    
RD, Trout Run, Poa Susan Caldwell Max Liddie  
  Linda M. Campbell Wilkison    
RD, Liberty, Pa Thomas Gary Cochran    
Morris, Pa Janice Coppock    
Morris, Pa Ruth Ann Coppock    
Liberty, Pa Patricia Davis O'Conner    
Liberty, Pa Russell Foley    
Liberty, Pa Wilma Folkerson Delbert Schmouder, Jr.  
Canton, Pa Dorothy Gottschall Seeley    
RD, Trout Run, Poa Judith Grier    
RD, Trout Run, Poa Anita Guillaume Jay Green  
Arnot, Pa Donald Steve Harer    
Morris, Pa Susan Huffman Leneth Heyler  
Liberty, Pa Thomas D. Jones    
Wellsboro, Pa Stephen Kreger    
Rd, Liberty, Pa Wm. A. Kriner Janet Watkins  
Somerset, Pa Gene Krotzer Diane Yukalavich  
Liberty, Pa Darrie Mase    
Morris, Pa Sue Ann Matthews    
Cogan Station, Pa Darlene Messner Smith    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa      
Virginia Beach, Va Keith Miller    
  Thomas Murphy    
Canton, Pa Ruth Norman Dave Morse  
Liberty, Pa Scott Ostrom    
  Janet Parker Lon Ostrom  
RD, Trout Run, Poa Carolyn Persun Hill    
S. Williamsport, Pa Elizabeth Persun    
Morris, Pa Judy Phillips    
RD, Trout Run, Poa Kathleen Plank Ronald Sawyer  
  Lance Renninger Deceased  
Rd, Liberty, Pa Sharon Route Richard Alexander  
RD, Trout Run, Poa Ronald Sawyer Kathleen Plank  
RD, Trout Run, Poa John Shoup    
Liberty, Pa Kenneth Tripp Diane Brion  
Cogan Station, Pa Lana Vollman Fritz    
Rd, Liberty, Pa Robert T. Wheeland    
Liberty, Pa Marie Yaggie Ron Spencer  
Trout Run, Pa Shirley Yoder    
Somerset, Pa Diane Yukalavich Gene Krotzer  
Class of 1970      
RD, Trout Run, Pa Dennis Alexander    
  Dennis Black deceased May 10, 1980  
RD, Liberty, Pa Gary Blackwell Joan Raker  
Morris, Pa Robert Blackwell    
RD, Liberty, Pa Virginia Baney Harry Beck  
Morris, Pa Wanda Brinser Michael Graham  
Morris, Pa Joanne Broughton Eric Franck  
  Tewksbury, Mass    
RD, Liberty, Pa Roxanne Colyear    
Liberty, Pa Marjorie Crouse    
Trout Run, Pa Sharon Dougherty    
Morris, Pa Theresa Forer Daniel Roupp  
Trout Run, Pa Edward Grimes    
Mansfield, Pa Alfred Harer Lorna Huffman  
Morris, Pa Gary Heatley    
Myerstown, Pa John Heyler Susan Gardner  
Liberty, Pa Sylvester Hubble    
Athenms, Pa Sue Johnson    
Trout Run, Pa Shirley Kulp    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Steven Landon    
Liberty, Pa Mark Litzelman    
Roaring Branch, Pa Joy Mase Sheldon Bastian  
Liberty, Pa Monte Mase Cheryl Turner  
Roaring Branch, Pa Mary Esther Messner Zimmerman    
Class of 1970      
Wellsboro, Pa Jann Miller Cruttenden  
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Maria Mines    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Jane Mitstifer Major    
Liberty, Pa Lynn Mitstifer    
RD, Liberty, Pa David Norman    
Manhatten, KS Lon Ostrom Janet Parker  
Trout Run, Pa Mary Patterson Thomas Gregory  
Somerset, Pa Mark Persun    
RD, Liberty, Pa Sheila Parker Joe Guillaume  
Trout Run, Pa Sharon Phelps Cummings    
Morris, Pa Walter Phillips    
Trout Run, Pa Rita Pittenger  Dennis Guthrie  
Morris, Pa George Pryslak    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Daniel Roupp Theresa Forer  
Liberty, Pa Linda Roupp Charles Duda  
  Jane E. Schanbacher Mike Weaver  
Patuxent, MD Alan Schmack    
Morris, Pa Raymond Short    
Millerton, Pa Randy L. Tripp    
Liberty, Pa Lester Welshans    
Roaring Branch, Pa Ann Wood    
Class of 1971      
Lawrenceville, Pa Jane Parker Gary Hultz  
Trout Run, Pa Gloria Passuello Dale Phillips, Jr  
Liberty, Pa Joan Raker Gary Blackwell  
Liberty, Pa Charity Rothermal Richard Heatley  
Liberty, Pa Charles Route    
  Anne Route    
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Roy Schanbacher Kay Huffman  
Trout Run, Pa Douglas Shoup Joan Wetzel  
Liberty, Pa Ruth Stryker Thomas R. Mase  
RD, Roaring Branch, Pa Michael Taylor    
Liberty, Pa Cheryl Turner Monte Mase  
Morris, Pa Robert Thompson    
Morris, Pa John Williams    
Morris, Pa William Prieset    
Trout Run, Pa Dennis Van deWarpo    
Class of 1972      
Morris, Pa Virginia Alexander    
Liberty, Pa David Andrews    
Liberty, Pa Sally Bailey Marmara  
Trout Run, Pa Carson Baker    
Trout Run, Pa Ronald Baker    
Morris, Pa Debra Blackwell    
Trout Run, Pa Daeyl Blair    
RD, Morris, PA Cheryl Blank Gary Heatley  
RD, Morris, PA Susan Broughton    
Morris, Pa David Butterse Sandy Heyler  
Trout Run, Pa Carolyn Carson    
Roaring Branch, Pa Susan Gardner John Heyler  
Liberty, Pa Joseph Gatsche    
Blossburg, Pa Dorothy E. Grimes James Rakoski  
Trout Run, Pa Richard Grimes    
RD, Trout Run, Pa John N. Guillaume    
Jersey Shore, Pa Clyde F. Guthrie, Jr. Vicki Krotzer  
RD, Liberty, Pa Janet L. Hetzel    
RD, Morris, PA Carol A. Heyler Thomas Thomas  
Trout Run, Pa Lynne Horner    
Trout Run, Pa Lorna Huffman Alfred Harer  
Liberty, Pa Thomas Kauffman    
Dushore, Pa Susan Krause Button    
Jersey Shore, Pa Vicki Krotzer Clyde Guthrie, Jr.  
RD, Liberty, Pa Melodee Lawson Alan Gregory  
Trout Run, Pa Gary Livermore Debbie Fisher  
RD, Trout Run, Pa Debra Kartz    
Liberty, Pa Barry Mase Kathy Erb  
RD Roaring Branch, Pa Sheldon Messner    
Liberty, Pa Robert Miller    
Liberty, Pa Lee Mitstifer    
RD, Liberty, Pa Ray Ostrom    
Liberty, Pa John Plank    
Liberty, Pa David C. Raker    
Blossburg, Pa Joanne Kinat Rogers  
Trout Run, Pa John Sawyer    
Liberty, Pa Dennis Schmouder    
Trout Run, Pa Loretta Schmouder Gene Harlan  
Liberty, Pa Sharon Schmouder    
Liberty, Pa Scott Sechrist    
RD, Morris, PA Bonnie Short    
Trout Run, Pa Marilyn Shoup    
Morris, Pa Mary Jane Sutley    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Dianna Taylor    
Liberty, Pa Ronald Welschans    
Trout Run, Pa Joan Wetzel Douglas Shoup  
Mainesburg, PA Ann Wilcox Klinger  
Morris, Pa Anthony Williams Jr.    
Class of 1973      
RD, Mansfield Pa Bobbi Dawn Alexander    
Lindenwold, NJ Ian E. Bliss    
Troy, Pa Teri Y. Broughton    
RD, Liberty, Pa Kenneth Bruchlacher    
RD, Trout Run, PA Richard Bubb    
RD, Trout Run, PA Alan Buck    
Watsontown, Pa Everett Burden    
RD, Trout Run, PA Dwight D. Fry    
RD, Trout Run, PA Mary Bernadette Grasso Mast    
Mohrsville, Pa Mark E. Gregory    
RD, Liberty, Pa David Grinnell    
Whitehall, Pa David M. Hamilton    
Cogan Station, Pa Judy Harer Campbell    
RD Morris, Pa Patricia Heyler Spanner    
Covington, Pa Dennis Hilfiger    
McGuire, NJ Terry L. House    
RD, Trout Run, Pa Earl L. Hughes    
  Zoe Ann Hughes    
Germantown, Md Ronald E. Johnson    
Canton, Pa Shirley A. Kriner Tim Terry  
PO Box, Liberty, Pa Janet G. Watkins Wm. A. Kriner  
Madera, Pa Daniel R. Lepley    
RD, Morris, Pa Susan Litzelman Wm. Woodson  
RD Trout Run, Pa Deborah Litzelman Berstler    
RD, Liberty, Pa Andrew L. Livermore    
RD, Trout Run, PA Joanne D. Blair Lonnie Schmouder  
Arnot, Pa Greg E. Mattison    
202 Sayreview Dr., Bath, NY James A. Messner    
Madera, Pa Denise A. Meyer Lepley    
Boothwyn, Pa Dennis L.Miller    
Liberty, Pa Linda M. Nadeau    
Morris, Pa James G. Pecynski    
Pine City, NY Dale A. Pierce    
Pine City, NY Deborah L. Pierce    
Morris, Pa Robert J. Pryslak    
RD, Liberty, Pa Cynthia L. Rood Hinder    
Forksville, Pa Joseph M. Roupp    
Middlebury Ctr, Pa Kenneth F. Roupp    
Pine valley, NY Carl A. Sindlinger    
Hopewell, Va Vivian Stryker Carl Keck  
Liberty, Pa Kathleen F. Stumph    
Jersey Shore, Pa Arnold D. Taylor    
RD, Liberty, Pa Kenneth R. Tompkins    
Cogan Station, Pa David O. Vollman    
Greensville, SC Dawn L. Watkins    
Morris, Pa Francis Williams    
RD, Morris, Pa William E. Woodson    
Morris, Pa Fern M. Zeafla    

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 12/10/2005
By Joyce