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Liberty High School, Liberty Borough, Tioga County PA  1913-1983

Liberty Students - Not identified
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Liberty High School Graduates 1913 - 1983
Submitted by Esther MAYS Harer.
Page 1913 1934 1943 1951 1957 1964 1969 1974 1977 1982
Class of 1934      
Address Graduate Spouse Death
Williamsport, PA Mary Antes Chester Bussler  
Montour Falls, NY Kathryn Brion Charles Edison Alexander  
Liberty, PA Mildred Brion Romaine Harer  
Cogan House, PA Thomas Berkheiser    
Trout Run, PA William L. Blair    
Liberty, PA William Cropp    
  William Duffy    
  Isabel Danley Myrton Halderman Jan-57
Morris, PA Dean Gregory    
Saluda, NC Max Kline    
Canton, PA Lucille Kreger Richard Thomas  
  George Krise Martha Ostrum  
  Erma Landis    
  Ethel Moyer    
  Arnold Parker    
Canton, PA Dorthea Parker Reese Dibble  
Trout Run, PA Carl Persun    
Mansfield, PA Laverne Roupp    
Philadelphia Dale Weaver    
Williamsport, PA William Q. Wright Ruth E. Custer  
  Howard Zeafla   2/5/1974
Westfield, PA Clarence Zeafla    
Class of 1935      
State College, PA Jay Webster Beck Laveral Mase  
Liberty, PA Charles Black Louise Bohart  
Liberty, PA Arlene Brown  ?Davis from Wmspt., PA  
Covington, PA Dortha Butters Franklin Bohnart  
NJ Katherine Cochran Donald Hackenburg  
Liberty, PA Louise Gleckner Alton Parker  
Liberty, PA Lois Hartsock Leo Plank  
  Walter Kieffer    
Elmira, NY Madeline Lockwood George Mekas  
  Bruce Love    
Liberty, PA Claude Norman    
Liberty, PA Leo Plank Lois Hartsock  
  Manford Repard Margaret Raker  
Dundee, NY Bernice Zeafla C. Alfred Perry  
Class of 1936      
  Margaret Artley Jesse Gruver  
Trout Run, PA Erma Bastian Jack Persun  
  Leola Beck Orrin Brion  
  Walter Brion    
Williamsport, PA Eleanor Brown Howard Knipe  
  Lillie Cropp Harold Kreger  
Elmira, NY Lenora Harer Russell Antes  
Morris, PA Earl Heyler Freda Maneval  
  Stanley Livermore    
Mass. Lois Miller Chester Cort  
Elmira, NY Rexford Moyer    
  Jack Persun Erma Bastian  
NY Verna Plank Vincent Lanthier  
Roaring Branch, PA Mary Raker Ernest Taylor  
Williamsport, PA Lydia Reed Grant Roupp  
Williamsport, PA Mary Reed Kenneth Brion  
  Viola Roupp W.W. Landis  
Liberty, PA Catherine Surdam John Zeafla  
Roaring Branch, PA Ernest Taylor Mary Raker  
Covington, PA Ella Urban Lynn Watkins/Cleveland  
Morris, PA Clarence Zeafla Esther Heyd  
Class of 1937      
  Donald Brown Bernadine Butters  
  Bernadine Butters Donald Brown  
Trout Run, PA Frederick Clark    
Trout Run, PA Naomi Connelly Edgar Bittner/James Horner  
  Gerald Dennison    
  Mary Forer Paul Roupp  
Johnson City, NY Gladys Gardner Arthur Snyder  
  Melvin Geiser Ernestine stewart  
Montoursville, PA Loretta Gleckner Edward Shurer  
Morris, PA Kathryn Gregory Elmer Heyd  
Roaring Branch, PA Donald Harer    
Roaring Branch, PA Edwin Harer Kaye Yaggie  
Williamsport, PA Jeanette Krise Harold E. Lundy  
  Minnie Krise    
  Paul Maneval Mansfield, PA  
Roaring Branch, PA Clair Messner Elizabeth Ridge  
Trout Run, PA Ruth Marshall Harley Wilson  
Sayre, PA Margaret Marshall Francis Roupp, Jr.  
Liberty, PA Cora Miller Jack Van Dyke  
Liberty, PA Frances Mitstifer Minnie Moyer  
Liberty, PA William Mitstifer Anna Brown  
Covington, PA Clair Rogers Mary Yoder  
N. Towanda, PA Lulu Root Robert Morash  
Clifton, NJ Clayton Schaeffer    
Class of 1938      
Elmira, NY Russell Antes Lenora Harer  
Liberty, PA Watson Antes    
  Dalson Brion    
Williamsport, PA Elwood Carl    
  Paul Connelly    
Trout Run, PA Ernest Danley    
Corning, NY Franklin Emick    
Avis, PA Allen Henninger    
Roxbury, NY Romayne Heyler    
  Lester Kieffer    
Liberty, PA Bernice Mase Gerald Dennison/Edward Marvin  
Elmira, NY Arlen Messner Donald Overton  
  Jean Moore    
Liberty, PA Llewellyn Parker Myrtle Holcomb  
Linden, PA Faye Pittenger James D. Black  
LemoN Grove, CA Margaret Raker Manford Repard  
  Russell Raker    
  Francis Roupp Margaret Marshall  
Volant, PA Anna Schanbacher G.E. Kilmer  
Liberty, PA Earl Shinn    
Liberty, PA Alma Snyder Robert Brion  
Miss State Miss Jean Snyder    
State College,  Ernestine Stewart Melvin Geiser  
  Arthur Taylor    
  Dean Taylor    
Blossburg, PA Theodore Tomski    
Upper Darby, PA Burns Weaver    
Pittsburgh, PA Lewis Wheeland Doris Persun  
Liberty, PA John Zeafla, Sr. Catherine Surdam  
Class of 1939      
Williamsport, PA Dorotha Bastian John M. Stoppa  
  Edna Brion Stanley Path/Kenneth Fritz  
Williamsport, PA Eileen Brion    
  Leon Brion    
Carlisle PA Leonard Brion Margaret Frazier  
Troy, PA Britton Bryan    
Morris, PA Raymond Butters Peggy Bohnart  
Carlisle PA Margaret Frazier Leonard Brion  
  Romain Gleckler    
DePew, NY Althea Harer Frank Rogers  
Orange, CA Lynn Harrer    
Morris, PA Elizabeth Heyd Clarence Zeafla  
Arnot, PA Joyce Krause James Edwards  
Morris, PA Alfred Kreger    
Liberty, PA Dayton P. Loudenslager    
  Sarah Maneval Harold Wright  
  Elwin Marshall    
Riverside, CA Dorothy Miller Leonard Parker  
  Samuel Miller Carol Phelps  
  Dayton Mitstifer Killed in action 1944  
Elmira, NY Martha Ostrom George Krise  
Riverside, CA Leonard Parker Dorothy Miller  
Pittsburgh, Pa Doris Persun Lew Wheeland  
Trout Run, Pa Harland Phelps    
Trout Run, Pa Carrie Post    
Montandon, Pa Mildred Scheaffer Glen Schmouder  
Newport, VT Betty Taylor Roger Gilpin  
  Robert Taylor    
Liberty, Pa Irene Urban Lawrence Cuda  
Class of 1940      
Liberty, PA Audrey Bastian Harry Comstock  
  Anna Black    
Elmira, NY Betty Bryan Freddie Harter  
Covington Amber Butters Rexford Moyer  
Oak Hill, WV Frederick Carl    
Watsontown, PA Mary Heyler J.P. Reed  
Elmira, NY Donald Kieffer    
  Elosha Kieffer Harold Smith  
Mechanisburg, PA Dale Maneval    
  Doris Maneval Carl Hotchkiss  
Williamsport, PA Frederick Messner    
Trout Run, PA Jean Meyer Harry Crist  
Covington Robert Pequignot Lucille Patt/Rachel Pettit  
  Jean Phelps Edward Patt  
RD Liberty, PA Robert E. Raker Margaret Heyler  
  Paul Ringler    
Liberty, PA Donald Wheeland Joyce Mase  
  Howard Kriner    
Class of 1941      
Carlisle, PA Joseph Breitenbach Geradine Parker  
RD1 Liberty, PA Anna Brown William Mitstifer  
Lancaster, PA Virginia Carl    
Liberty, PA Wayne Decoursey    
Liberty, PA Hugh Dinnison    
RD, Roaring Branch, PA Alvin Forer :Lois Messner  
New Holland, PA Delmar Harer Ida Yaggi  
RD1, Liberty, PA Margaret Heyler Robert Raker  
  Myrtle Holcombe Llewellyn Parker  
  Rosella Kreger Paul Zelinka  
Liberty, PA Robert Kriner    
Morris, PA Freda Maneval Earl Heyler  
  Donald J. Mase Jean Miller  
  Laveral Mase Jay Webster Beck  
  Alden Miller    
Wellsboro, PA Nellie Moyer Charles McComb  
RD, Liberty, PA Gerald Parker    
Carlisle, PA Geraldine Parker Joseph Breitenbach  
  Carol Phelps Samuel Miller  
Liberty, PA Geraldine Pittenger Dayton Loudenslager  
RD, Roaring Branch, PA Elizabeth Ridge Clair B. Messner  
Liberty, PA Bernice Roupp    
Trout Run, PA Clara Schmouder Kenneth Edler  
  Thelma Sechrist    
Herndon, PA Harry Smith    
  Robert Snyder Killed in Action France Oct. 2, 1944  
  Alice Urban Glen Hon  
  Norma Weaver Class of 29  
Liberty, PA Carl Hetzel    
Class of 1942      
Liberty, PA William Brion    
Liberty, PA Dean Brown    
Morris, PA Buster Crist    
Liberty, PA Luther Diebler    
Trout Run, PA Elery Long    
RD, Liberty, PA Samuel Krause Marie Beck  
Liberty, PA Ruth E. Holcombe Leon Taylor  
Liberty, PA Lee Forer    
  Melvin Maneval Killed in Action 1944  
Liberty, PA Leon Mase Marie Stewart  
  Orville Mase    
  Calvin Merrill    
  Minnie Moyer Francis Mitstifer  
Trout Run, PA Dennis Meyer    
RD., Roaring Branch, PA Lois Messner Alvin Forer  
Phoenix, AZ Dorothy Messner Melvin Eaves  
Trout Run, PA Dorothy Persun    
Horeheads, NY Keith Raker    
  Merle Rauscher    
RD Jersey Shore, Pa Leon W. Taylor Ruth Holcombe  
  Marion Smith Robert Enare  
Lgrange, Ill George Ridge    

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 12/10/2005
By Joyce