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The following are from an autograph album that belonged to Anna Phillips b. Mar 19, 1864. She was in the home of George Cory (Corey) in the 1880 census. Anna Phillips married Delos Leonard Dutton (or Leonard Delos Dutton) about 1884. They then moved to North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington and Alberta, Canada. This is transcribed as written and in the same order, even though the dates may be mixed. In possession of, and transcribed by Becky Maier, July 1999 (? marks indicate unreadable text):

Annie Phillips

East Smithfield



There is a gem thats brighter far than

Purest Gold or diamond star

Shining in darknes as in light

Unharmed by Storms & knows no blight

Religion is that precious gem

With it my friend thy self adorn

Mrs. Laura Cory


Friendship is a golden chain

Tied in a true-lovers know.

Your friend.

Julia King

E. Smithfield, Pa. June 17 1880


Birds of a feather will flock together

Dear Anna. Be careful what

company you keep. Remember

you will be judged by it.

Lovingly your friend

Amelia Dubert


friendship[upper left corner]

"Long Long be thy life With swet(sic) memories filled

Like a vase in shich

Roses have once been distilled."

Your friend,

Minnie Riggs

Dec. 18, 1880


Dear Anna

May God in mercy guide thee,

With His never ceasing love;

And lead thee from this sinful world

To the sweet, sweet home above.

M.P. Riggs

Granville Feb 12, 1880


My Young Friend,[underlined]

May you, like

the Anna mentioned in the

Scriptures, "depart not from the

Temple but serve the Lord with

fastings and prayers day and

night and speak of Him to all

them that look for redemption

in Jesus alive."

[possibly] P.J. Bull


May the man you take for

like be as Jolly as his wife

Your friend

Lenora Harkness or Haskness Springfield Oct 4th 1881


In memory's wreath of blossons,

?(T)wine one little bud for me.

Ida Grover

E. Smithfield, June 10, 1880


do you like slippers that are red[written across left edge]

Afton V. Kelley. Aug 10, 1880


To find out whether a man has

got a good moral character or not,

ask him pleasantly

Your friend

Stanley Harkness

Springfield Oct 5th 1881


Smithfield Oct 4 1880[written on left edge]

Remember Miss Anna,

That opportunities lost,

can never be regained.

From your friend and

teacher. E. ?(J) Wood


Mack Brace



Mar 4 1882


Dear girl, do not put off what you

know is right to do Carrie[written across left edge]

Dear Annie,

He who is a stranger to inductory may

possess, but he can not enjoy; for it is labor

which gives relish to pleasure.

Your loving friend,

Carrie Campbell,

Bradford Co., Penna.

Feb 17, 1881


E. Smithfield Feb 8th, 1881

Behind the cloud the starlight lurks,

Through showers the sunbeams fall;

For God, who loveth all His works,

Has left his hope for all.


Your friend-

Lou Carrithers

Evans, Illinois


To Annie.

Teach her thy great love, O gracious Father;

Teach it's sweetness through a human love;

And her heart grows tender shall be lifted

By it's infuence to the fount above.

Mrs. P. M. Farrest

June ???


Remeber me ever as one

of your true friends.

Libbie E. Wood

E. Smithfield

Oct 7. 1880.


Dear Annie,

A place in thy memory only

Is all I ever can claim

So pause look back and ?????????

When thou heaest(sic) the sound

of my name. Your true friend

Nellie Newman


For get me not



Remember me

Stephen Phillips

Aug 1 1880


Remember me Tis all I ask.

This simple boon of thee.

And may it prove, an easy task

To sometimes think of me.

Your Aff(sic) friend

Jennie Galis

Springfield March 13th


Only a few short years have passed

Since we as strangers met.

Yet friendship our hearts have cast

Her mystic net.

Your Cousin

Cora Riggs.

Feb 12 1880.


The good are better made by ill.

As oders crushed are sweeter still.

Your friend.

Lizzie B. Moody.

E. Smithfield.

Feb 20. 1881.


Dear Annie

Other skies may shine above you

Other scenes may meet your view

But remember one that loves you

Far away but ever true

Your Schoolmate.

Maggie A. Webb

[and written around the edge of the page] "Did you go to a party "ever" Remember the day you was teacher of the reading class up stairs Remember me


Choose not your friends from outward show

The feather floats. but the pearl lies low.

Your friend Truly

Jud Voorhis

May 14. 1882.


Let virtue be thy constant aim

And hapiness(sic) thy lot

May friends prove true Miss Anna to you

And then forget them not

G.S. Huntington

East Smithfield

Sept 30th 1880



Choose not your friends from outward show

The feather floats,-but the pearl lies low.

Sincerely your Friend

Gertie Gervuld

East Smithfield. Oct. 5, 1880

[on inside edge] Christmas Eve 1880 "Sister"


Friend Annie:

May your happiness be deep as the


And your heart as light as its foam.

Your friend

Lettie Tilden

East Smithfield

July 6 1880

[on left inside edge} Remember how I used to come to school


Springfield, May 19 1880

Remember as a friend



Thanksgiving Eve

To Annie:

"Friendship wrote these lines,

Memory holds them dear,

And may They ever bring to mind

The friend who placed them here."

Very Truly your friend,

H. Fausta Jones

E. Smithfield, Pa.

12. 5. 1880.



Many kind wishes

for your present and future happiness

Your friend

Frankie Rowe.

Smithfield, Aug. 26. 1880.


As the ripples follow the waves to the sea

So may Gods blessings follow thee.

Your friend

Mary Strong

(At school) 5-12-1882

[on inside right edge] Don't forget monday night at the

parlor door & who was there


The friends of our youth are far dearer

than any friendship or acquaintance

found later in life.

Your friend.

Cassie S. Beach



Sept 15th 1880


"Take not to short a time

To make a world-wide bargain in"

Yours truly

Ruth Ackley,



Jan 15th 1881

Compliments of

Arthur Tilden

E. Smithfield.


[on inside edge] Anna have you rendered a decision yet.

Anna remember the night of Jan 12 1881

and something that was ask you then

Arthur Tilden Jr.

[small writing on bottom left edge] [?] Elmira B. Colledge


Frank Phillips

E. Smithfield


Aug 4th 1880


When you are old and cannot see

Put on your specs and think of me

Your true friend

Jesse Bird

Smithfield Pa

Nov 27 1880

[on inside edge] Remember my big cousin


Nettie Tracy


Bradford Co.


Aug 24 1880


Don't forget sunday night Sept 17th 1880.

Together down life's rugged tide

Oh safely may our vessels glide

And may we anchor side by side

In heaven.

Is the wish of your friend

Effie Blakeslee. Sept 22nd 1880


My Dear Friend.

Be pleasant, graceful, genrrous(sic),

and dutiful.

For they all adorn the lovlines(sic)

of woman.

Is the Wish of Your friend

May Andrus Oct. 4th 1880


To Annie

To weave to spin knit and sew

Was once a girls enjoyment

but now to dress and catch

a bean is all she calls

enjoyment. May 13th 1882

T. N. Yorkes


Never Flirt[upper left corner]

When on this page your

eye shall fall. Think of

a chap some five feet tall

One in whoes(sic)heart theire'll(sic)

allways(sic) be a kind and

friendly thought for thee.

F. E. Encell

Oct 5th 1880


"May the light of heaven

O'er thy pathway shining

Give to every cloud a silver lining"

Nettie G. Bliss

Feb 13. 1880


[written on left edge] Please stay won't you

[written on top edge] Do you like dried beef

[written on right edge] Liberty

New faces please

But old frinds are true

Eva Gates

May 30th 1882


Your true and sincere friend

Ida Phillips

August 3d 1880

East Smithfield


[written on top edge upside down] "Primary Room"

[written on right edge] "C Grade"

Other skies may shine above you

Other scenes may meet your view

But remember one that loves[underlined] you

Far away but ever true[underlined].

Hattie Joralemon

East Smithfield Pa.

Sept 21, 1880


You have the best wishes of

Your Friend,

Ella Benaselt.

Smithfield Sep 2 1880


[top margin upside down] "History Lesson"

[left margin] Remember the day you thought I was sick

To Anna

"Some friends may wish thee happiness,

Some others wish thee wealth;

My wish for thee is better far,

Contentment, blest with health."

Your friend Geo. R. Woods. Smithfield Nov 6 1880


May one link in the golden chain of memory

gear the naoe of your Cousin

Mattie J. Riggs.

Feb 18.1880


[left margin]"I.O. of P.F. entertainment"

When in a ladys albun(sic) I am asked to write

I feel quite inclined to refuse.

For what should I dare to write

that would a young lady amuse

not wit have I. nor romance for my fancy is tame.

And compliments sound so flat

So I am forced to write merely my name

Your Friend

Wellie And-- (possibbly Andrews)



Friendship is a silken tie

Which binds two hearts together

If we never break that tie

We shall be friends forever

July 18 1880 E. M Howell


J. H. Phillips

E. Smithfield



[left margin] Sister Anna|Burlington


May you always[underlined] be happy[underlined]

Is the wish of

Your friend [underlined]

Fred L. Joraleman

Jan. 17th 1881 East Smithfield Pa


East Smithfield

May 9th 1880

I only chose this

little spot

Where I can write

forget me not


H L. Dup[name goes off the page]


Dear Anna When we hear the music ringing

In the bright celestial dome,

And the sweet and cheerful voices

Gladly bid us welcome home.

Go the land of light and glory

Where the spirits know no care,

In the land of bliss and glory

[the following is underlined]Shall we know each other there.[end underline]

Sincerely your friend

Ida A. Campbell

East Smithfield


Feb 17 1881


[left margin] East Smithfield



[upper right corner] Don't Skate

Time's wing but sumr(sic)in

Stealing o'er to leave you

Lovelier(sic) than before

Your true Friend

Olin B. Joraleman


[top margin & upside down] Remember the sociable(sic) at Springfield.

"A line if sufficient for memory."

Ever your true friend

Nellie Tomkinson

Oct 5th 1880


[left margin] "Anna; when are you going to "Join"

A wish for a friend

Is ofton[sic] given,

My wish for you is

a home in Heaven.

Your friend.

Ruth Pierce.

E. Smithfield, Feb 20, 1881


Your Friend

G. N. Bird

Poverty Hill




Geo. Bleikeslee

Bummertown Pa


Dear Annie In hours of the future, when time will have shattered

Lifes beautiful basket of pleasure and bliss,

How pleasent(sic) the sentiments love will have scattered

As diamonds of thought in a volume like this.

Lovingly your friend

Nora A. Story


Pa. Feb 8th 188?


back inside cover An-- P-------s

[erased entry]

Oct. 28. 880.

[erased entry] [the name was erased as well]

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Dear Joyce,

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