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October 23, 2006
It was a very special day for my Sullivan Township Museum when the Chemung County Historians paid a visit. Thirteen visitors all at once is a record for my little presentation. Some brought friends or relatives, too, and they were a fine group of visitors.  Cold as it was in my unheated museum on this late October day, actually the second floor of my barn, none complained and only one shivered visibly. (We TOLD him to dress warm!!)
Visitors examine some of the photos on display and the computer slide shows. Bim Van Etten (Town of Big Flats Historian) and Art Kieffer ( Chemung County Historian)
Pat Wainwright (Curator Erin Museum) and Sylvia DENTON Smith (Town of Ashland Historian) Suzanne MESSING Murphy,(on right) (Town of Erin Historian), brought her husband (not shown) and her brother and sister in law - in photo with her. She also wrote a very nice note afterward - included below. 
Mr. Messing and Zeke Wood . Clayton Murphy and Zeke Wood photograph the rest of us

Dear Joyce,

Thank you for so graciously hosting us at your museum and home.  We ("we" being those from the Chemung Co. Historians Group and Friends) had a wonderful time; I have received several emails and phone calls about it from those who attended.  The general consensus is that we would all like to return, perhaps on a warmer day in the spring, or earlier in the fall.  You have so great a collection and variety of information presented in an organized and attractive and understandable way.  All of the pictures are grand!  My brother was so impressed with all the computer screens with the constantly changing photos, etc.  He said that it was a dream to someone like him.  Art Kieffer was thrilled as well, with the whole trip.  Joan O'Dell gave us a wonderful history over the handhelds that each of us had in our cars, as we traveled to your site.  The "lunchtime," where food and stories and friendship were shared in your kitchen/dining room was a highlight for me.  It gave us all a time to share  personal stories and discover new insight to one another.  What a wonderful land we live in.  May God Bless you in all of your endeavors.

Sincerely - Shalom,  Suzanne and Clayton Murphy
                             Erin, N. Y.  (Where you are always a welcome guest!) 

Well, now I know what I've been missing!  Your 'barn' is so chock-ful of wonderful old things, and I know I didn't see nearly all of it (that means I want to come back when the weather's warmer to take a look at the diaries and scrapbooks you mentioned).

What a great time we had, and I truly believe it brought us Historians closer.  So many of us know each other only through  our meetings, and for the first time, we had time and nearness to get to know the others as 'real people'.....not only at the museum, but in your kitchen where everyone seemed to let their hair down.  Joyce, you were a wonderful hostess/guide, and I'll bet you never got so many questions and observations as last Monday.  How proud you must be of what you've accomplished!

For me, all the exploring was a lot of fun, and I gained new ideas on how to display things that I haven't seen in the few local museums I've visited.....and I came home ever so happy to have visited you.  Many thanks, my friend, for a terrific day!!!

Sylvia         Sat. 10/28/06      1:11 pm

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 20 NOV 2006
By Joyce M. Tice
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