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Update on the MOVE - First of all, don't do it. Don't move. Stay where you are. That's my best advice.

Yesterday my seven foot Podocarpus (Chinese Evergreen) made the move from the NY house where it has spent most of the past 25 years, to the house in PA where we are relocating. It took about half the truck for space. Way back about 1975, I bought three rooted cuttings in a single pot, 4 inches tall, at Woolworth's for 75 cents. I divided them into separate pots, and by the time I moved from Apalachin to Marathon NY in 1977, the two survivors were about three feet tall. In short order they grew to ceiling height and I had to dispose of one. The remaining one I shear with the clippers every few years to keep it within reasonable bounds, and it needs it again before it can come into the house here. It moved to my New Jersey apartment with me in the 1980s while I worked there and back to the house in Marathon after that. The husband and both dogs who moved with me 25 years ago have died, but the Podocarpus endures. It will probably outlive me, too. It froze once when the electricity went off when we were away from home - No problem. It's a tough thing. Anyway, it is now in PA, so this must be home. The movers will bring the big things on the 17th to 19th and, in the meantime I am shuffling back and forth with the rest. Home is where the cat, the dog, and the indestructible Podocarpus are. Another of life's transitions is underway.

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 09/06/02
By Joyce M. Tice

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