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Joyce's Spare Tire Escapes and heads for the Susquehanna River

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Yes, we are still moving from NY. There is an end to this, but it is not quite yet. The PA house and barn are filling up fast.

While loading my truck at the NY house for the umpteenth time, my neighbor, Vicki, gave the spare tire a nudge to get it out of the way. Incensed, it jumped off the tailgate and rolled down the driveway. I chased after, but not fast enough. It crossed the road and my neighbor's little golf course attempting to make it to the creek which eventually flows into the Susquehanna River. Fortunately, it was captured by some roses on the creek bank from which we extracted it. The tiny blue dot between the red flags, way down the hill, is my neighbor with the renegade tire we pulled out of the rose thorns. I climbed back up that hill, which is considerably longer and steeper than it looks in the photo, and called Karen to bring over her cute little utility truck to give us a lift.
Karen to the rescue brings Vicki and the tire back up the hill. The capture is complete. Bad tire!! Ah, moving is such fun, especially when it is over which it will be SOMEDAY.

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