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Gardens of our Site Guests
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In Keeping with my usual Spring Fever Obsession with Gardening, I am inviting site guests to submit photos of their own gardens, last year, this year (for those in warmer climates) or whatever. Send in .jpg format. ONE photo per person, please. Include your first and last name and your state.
Appropriately, our first submission came from New Jersey, the Garden State. Peggy Spencer got carried away (what gardener does not) and sent an enormous collage of photos from last year's July  garden. I cropped out the center of the collage before displaying. 
Linda Reese's June 2005 Lupines in Pennsylvania, photographed by me, (Joyce). She also has a great Iris collection, but the photos I took of those are a bit overexposed. This part of her garden is just what "happens" from the excess seeds she throws over the bank. 

Those of us who are local are going to end up with gardens all alike because we are forever trading plants. 

Part of Joyce's August 2005 garden - under construction - in PA . I did ALL the concrete "brick" paths myself and will be doing a lot more of same  in summer 2006. The hard work, and it is, brought my cholesterol level down 36 points. I call it the concrete cure.  I think I used almost 200 bags of concrete last summer. 
Growing our own pineapple is just part of the fun of Florida gardening, the colors of a young pineapple are just as beautiful as the aroma of a fully ripened pineapple.  Just delightful.
Linda Ludwig Mutzer, Florida
Here is a photo of Pat NEWELL Smith's July 31 Moon Flower - a natural deer repellant. I have some of her seeds started in the garden room. Her garden is in PA, just a mere "stone's throw" from my own. 
My miniature Hollyhocks/Sabrina's and Sunflowers last year at the old farm house.
Carol Hoose Brotzman
Tuscarora Township, Bradford County, PA

{note dog face in upper right}

This is the 2005 garden of Don and Jane Stanton in Michigan
These potted petunias are from Linda ZAPF Cracraft in Arizona. She is the only garden photo contributor to date to be able to send a 2006 photo. This photo was taken yesterday (05 APR 2006)
I also heard from Pat SMITH Raymond who confessed that she has lost all her garden photos because she did NOT back up her computer before the last crash. Let's make today File Backup Day in commemoration of Pat's lost garden photos. I am going to do backup today also.
It's already Spring in Jim Duggan's North Carolina garden.

From Jim: Azaleas, Japanese Maples and the first peeking out of the leaves.  (also nice purple ground cover whose name I know not!)

Something for us northeners to look forward to. 

Azaleas in the yard of Sally CLOSE Meabon in Castle Hayne, NC. just NW of Wilmington, NC.  This was taken last year at Easter time, just some of the Azaleas in my back yard, there are many more along with some dogwoods.   The deer have been nipping off the tops of some of the Azaleas this year.  The North Carolina Azalea Festival was just held this past weekend.   It is a very big affair in downtown Wilmington, NC. 
Marlyn sent photos of her azaleas, pansies, Christmas Cactus, and cat way back in late March when I first introduced this page. Somehow they got lost in my email. Here, now, all colorful and bright, are her Florida pansies.
In Florida, of course, something is always blooming.  In December, the Christmas Cactus, then the Pansies in January, and in March the Azaleas, and Wild Blackberries, and just opening are the Amaryllis. 
Best Regards and Happy Spring.

Marlyn Stone,
Bushnell, Florida


Hi Joyce........Wild California Poppies in our backyard, April 2005.  They re-seed themselves from the pods every year.   The pods actually "pop" open and expell thousands of seeds for next year's crop. 
Gwen Mecum Hunt - Templeton, California


Please find attached of photo of the garden at the Salmon Brook Historical Society, Granby CT...
Ken Kuhl
This is my 2005 Catus garden.  The flowers are beautiful and waxy looking.

Roberta DILLIN Sahr   Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin 

Taken about an hour ago - April 29, 2006
Jane Webb
Fort Bragg, CA
This is one of the several very nice gardens and borders around the house and buildings at Kelsey Jones' place. He is in NY but literally a stone's throw from PA - right on the state line.
Hi Joyce,

This rose bush won't be in full bloom until next week, but I waited as long as I could to get these to you in April for the Spring Gardens collection.

What makes the rose bush significant is that it is great-grandmother Merrill's rose bush moved from Ulster in 1987.  My grandmother Bernice Leah Merrill Hulslander carried roses from it in her wedding bouquet May 12, 1923.  Naturally, it blooms earlier down here. 

The pots hold baby jasmine, dwarf lilacs and lillies-of-the-valley.

Suzanne Congdon
Smyrna, Georgia

Suzanne's contribution is very significant because it ties in our common interests of gardening as well as history and family ties. it is a great story and gives me an idea for out next guest participation photo idea. How about for May we do a collection of heritage plants? That would be plants you have in your garden or house that came to you through your family connections. I have a pulmonaria and lemon lilies that my mother got from my maternal grandmother and gave to me. I also have evening primrose that originated from my mother in law's garden in Brooklyn. I take it whenever I move and it always reminds me of her. That's Our NEXT BIG THING!!! I'll start a page for that and be sure to tell us the plant's story along with the photo.
Our enthusastic April gardeners are still sending in photos in May - Nice Ones!
Roberta DILLIN Sahr sent in her Wisconsin tulips of May 2. Her hosta is up more in Wisconsin than mine is in Pennsylvania - and my tulips aren't blooming yet. 
Don Stanton's Beautiful Florida Orchid May 2 - What a knockout.

Thanks to all of you who participated in our April 2006 Gardens Feature. It helped get us through that Spring Fever time when we are itching to go dig in the dirt. Happy Growing.
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