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1889 Flood in Monroeton
My apologies to Benny for taking so long to respond to his email that his email address was no longer valid - Thanks for the photos.
Dear Joyce,

I recently came across some old photographs from the 1889 flood in Monroeton, Pennsylvania which I believe occured simultaneously to the infamous Johnstown flood of 1889. I stopped in the little town of Monroeton on July 30, 2007 and after a few hours of diligent research and speaking with several townspeople (most notably Reva Shaw and Karen Troup), I was able to identify the scenes in these photographs which I have attached for your perusal.

Apparently, my great-grandfather Charles Edward Benjamin (my father's namesake) was living in a house on Cottage Avenue which cornered with Main Street during this ordeal. The photographs (I'm assuming taken by a professional photographer who more than likely returned at a later date to sell images to the residents as I'm most certain my family was too poor to own a camera) show three different scenes. The first is a photo of my great-grandfather's home which shows two men and three women in aprons standing on a small porch. The second photo is of a view 180-degrees opposite of the first depicting the school which my grandfather attended in 1886 and which is today the town's City Hall/Public Library. The only thing missing today is the bell tower on the roof, but the school bell is now mounted in the front lawn of the building. The third photo is a look down Main Street showing the aftermath of the flooding and clearly depicting the debris spread throughout the community. According to Mrs. Reva Shaw the house in the photograph is the house which sits beside her home today. Her home was the former Cramer Coal Company home which still has remnants today of its existence and was apparently the home that butted against my great-grandfather's back yard.

It was Karen Troup the town librarian which pointed out to me your website and I have been attempting to garner further information on my ancestry, but the only thing I have found thus far were census records from 1880 which listed my great-grandfather and my grandfather (Horace Benjamin who was only age 1 in 1880).

I intend to further investigate this ancestry, but I have a feeling that my family was only in this part of Pennsylvania for a short while and I believe they later moved to Sullivan County, PA as my grandfather's two wives were both sisters from the Brown family of said county.

I hope this interests you and you are more than welcome to share any and all information I have discovered with whomever you choose. 

Charles E. Benjamin

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Published On Tri-Counties Site On 17 JUNE 2008 
By Joyce M. Tice
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