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U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards - 1942 registrations in Tioga County, Pennsylvania
The Fourth Registration, often referred to as the "old man's registration", was conducted on 27 April 1942 and registered men who born on or between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897 - men who were between 45 and 64 years old - and who were not already in the military.
3581 Registered
Note from Cheryl Roan who submitted this resource
There are many many errors found on these cards. My own grandfather's birthdate is incorrect. Cards were copied as found but I did make a few corrections in parenthesis when I knew it was wrong.
Wheatley Albert Barkley 7 Jul 1879 Covington, Tioga, Pennsylvania Covington Twp, Tioga Co
Wheaton Alonzo Elsworth 28 Mar 1891 Hector Twp, Potter Co, Pennsylvania Deerfield Twp, Tioga Co
Wheaton Harry Edwin 16 Feb 1894 Sabinsville, Pennsylvania Westfield
Wheeler Cecil Boardman 24 Apr 1894 Tioga, Pennsylvania Millerton
Wheeler Charles Morris 22 Apr 1885 Morris, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Wheeler Chester E 24 Dec 1894 Nelson, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp, Tioga Co
Wheeler Fred Ernest 17 Dec 1891 Alexandria, New York Elkland
Wheeler Harold D 12 May 1889 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Wheeler Ross Elmer 7 May 1894 Brownlee, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania South Delmar
Wheeler Roy 22 Aug 1894 Tioga, Pennsylvania Tioga, Tioga Co
Wheeler Truman Ray 24 Aug 1879 Farmington Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Nelson
Wheeler William 13 May 1888 Morris, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Whitaker Edgar Leon 29 Aug 1879 Sabinsville, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Knoxville
Whitaker Francis Marion 30 Nov 1877 Clymer Twp, Pennsylvania Sabinsville, Tioga Co
Whitaker Justus Martin 4 Sep 1890 Westfield, Pennsylvania Westfield
White Bert 11 Mar 1882 Trowbridge, Pennsylvania Deerfield Twp, Tioga Co
White Bert 10 Jun 1894 Delmar Twp, Pennsylvania Shippen Twp
White Bert M 30 Nov 1884 Crooked Creek, Pennsylvania Crooked Creek
White Fritz Herman 20 Dec 1894 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Rutland Twp, Tioga Co
White Harold C 11 Dec 1879 Troupsburg, Pennsylvania Knoxville
White Joseph B 30 Apr 1884 Norfork, Pennsylvania Lawrenceville
White Tom 16 Mar 1894 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp, Tioga Co
White Walter 15 May 1894 Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Charleston Twp, Tioga Co
Whitehead Ira Davenport 8 Feb 1895 Tyrone, New York Brookfield Twp, Tioga Co
Whitney Alfred Lee 8 Jul 1885 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp, Wellsboro
Whitney Alfred Vernon 19 Sep 1882 Greenwood, New York Tioga Twp, Tioga Co
Whitney Fred Delbert 26 Sep 1893 (Deceased 26 Feb 43) Tioga, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Whitney Harry 29 Jun 1878 Tioga, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Whitney James N 5 Jun 1883 Leetonia, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Whitneyville, N Charleston Twp
Whitney Leroy Erwin 6 Sep 1890 Middlebury Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Middlebury Center
Whitney Lewis Austin 10 Jul 1882 Slate Creek, Pennsylvania Knoxville
Whitney Truman Edwin 29 Apr 1886 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania N Delmar Twp
Whitney William Clarence 28 May 1885 Middlebury Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Tioga, Tioga Co
Whittaker Harry Dean 16 Apr 1888 Richmond Twp, Mansfield, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Whittaker Vincent Ari 13 May 1877 Tioga, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp
Whitteker Wayne Sylwester 1 Sep 1885 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp, Mansfield
Wichtowski Charles Stanley 13 Feb 1893 Fallbrook, Pennsylvania Morris Run
Wickman Carl Albin 1 Apr 1895 Morris Run, Pennsylvania Covington Twp, Tioga Co
Wickman Isaac Verner 17 Jun 1888 (Deceased 16 Dec 42) Morris Run, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Wicks James Elmer 27 Oct 1883 Ithaca, New York Tioga, Tioga Co
Widger Clark Christophe 19 Mar 1896 Harmontown, Pennsylvania Westfield
Wieczorek Joseph Peter 5 Dec 1877 Oid Country, Poland Blossburg
Wilber Raymond Joseph 5 Jun 1877 (Deceased 10 Oct 44) Ogdensburg, Pennsylvania Westfield
Wilcox Basil Lynn 22 Jun 1896 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Wilcox Carl Holden 28 Nov 1879 Richmond, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Wilcox Charles E 10 Jun 1891 Holliday, Pennsylvania Middlebury Ctr
Wilcox Claude Larcom 2 Sep 1888 Covington, Pennsylvania Covington Twp
Wilcox George Henry 20 Feb 1887 Crooked Creek, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp, Tioga Co
Wilcox Harry Galusha 6 Mar 1881 Delmar Twp, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Wilcox Henry Rue 13 Nov 1896 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro, Tioga Co
Wilcox Herrick Theron 5 Aug 1878 Covington Twp, Pennsylvania Covington Twp
Wilcox Holley Stephen 11 Aug 1885 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Millerton
Wilcox Jesse Ray 7 Dec 1877 Troupsburg, New York Knoxville
Wilcox John Newton 3 Dec 1883 Rutland Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Rutland Twp, Tioga Co,
Wilcox Laverne 25 May 1880 Covington, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Wilcox Lee E 11 Feb 1880 Stony Fork, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Wilcox Linus Levert 11 Jun 1889 Middlebury, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Wilcox Lyle Robert 28 Oct 1893 Delmar Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Wilcox Theron Mahlon 11 Mar 1893 Tioga, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp, Mansfield
Wilcox Vern Dennis 25 Dec 1893 Sand Run, Tioga County Wellsboro
Wilcox William Alfred 24 Oct 1879 Covington, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Sullivan Twp
Wilkinson Homer 26 Jan 1894 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Willard Harry E 28 Jan 1887 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp, Wellsboro
Williammee Arthur Lawrence 1 Mar 1891 Morris, Pennsylvania Morris
Williammee Corliss Blanchard 5 Apr 1893 Morris, Pennsylvania Morris Twp
Williammee Darwin 27 May 1885 Antrim, Pennsylvania Morris
Williammee James Ross 8 Jun 1885 Morris Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Morris
Williammee Russell Walter 18 Jul 1889 Tioga, Pennsylvania Morris Twp
Williammee Walter 28 Jan 1887 Morris, Pennsylvania Morris
Williams Abe 24 Mar 1878 Bradford Co., Pennsylvania Morris
Williams Bert 19 Apr 1879 Antrim, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Williams David 11 Aug 1889 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Williams Evan 19 Jan 1879 McIntyre Twp, Lycoming Co., Pennsylvania Blossburg
Williams Frank 15 Sep 1880 Rutland Twp, Pennsylvania Tioga
Williams Frank 8 Mar 1881 Antrim, Pennsylvania Antrim
Williams Joseph Horton 23 Apr 1888 Wellsboro, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Williams Lewis Austin 7 Feb 1886 Bradford Co Leolyn
Williams Lynn Ananias 4 Jan 1889 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Sullivan Twp
Williams Marshall Fredrick 4 Mar 1885 (Deceased 17 Dec 44) Gaines, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Gaines
Williams Mort 30 Jan 1883 Canton, Pennsylvania Union Twp
Williams Norman Elmer 15 Feb 1884 Jasper, New York Rutland Twp
Williams Seth Bird 30 Jul 1881 Potter Co., Pennsylvania Morris
Williams William 22 Oct 1896 Antrim, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Antrim
Williamson Thomas 28 Mar 1891 Arnot, Pennsylvania Arnot
Willis George Watson 2 May 1879 Belfast, New York Millerton
Willis Leroy 27 Sep 1887 Vineland, New Jersey Covington
Willis Thomas Chalk 16 Sep 1883 Winslow, New Jersey Covington
Willson Roy John 8 Nov 1891 Whitsett Station, Pennsylvania Liberty
Wilson Delos Fletcher 20 Sep 1893 Alder Run, Pennsylvania Jackson Summit
Wilson Edward Bert 4 Feb 1888 Tioga, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Wilson Ervin Walter 11 Dec 1885 Richmond, Twp, Pennsylvania Richmond, Twp
Wilson George D 18 Apr 1885 Little Marsh, Pennsylvania Sabinsville
Wilson George Henry 24 Jan 1893 Candor, New York Richmond, Twp
Wilson Harry A 18 Aug 1886 Steuben Co, New York Westfield
Wilson Ivan Leonard 12 May 1892 Delmar Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Wilson James Erwin 23 Nov 1884 Landrus, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Wilson James W 27 Jul 1893 Covington, Pennsylvania Putnam Twp
Wilson John D 9 Mar 1881 Arnot, Pennsylvania N Delmar Twp
Wilson John William 7 Jan 1887 Delmar Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Shippen Twp, Wellsboro
Wilson Mathew Stanley 27 Aug 1877 Morris Run, Pennsylvania Chatham
Wilson Robert W 3 Jan 1892 Covington, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Wilson Roger Erwin 25 Nov 1885 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Wilson Thomas Williamson Sr. 18 Feb 1892 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Wilson Tracy L 15 Mar 1886 Delmar Twp, Pennsylvania S Delmar, Wellsboro
Wilson Verne Arthur 6 Feb 1894 Delmar Twp, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Wilson William Lee 23 Apr 1893 Delmar, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Wilston Linus Harry 4 Aug 1885 Wheelerville, Sullivan Co., Pennsylvania Farmington Twp, Tioga Co
Wingate Clarence Pagyn 9 Jan 1886 Charleston Twp, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Wingate Harry Payne 15 May 1886 Wellsboro, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Wingate Lewis Joel 31 Aug 1888 Wellsboro, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Winner Walter Anson 21 Jun 1886 Colver, Pennsylvania Millerton
Winnie Wallace 11 Nov 1893 Maryland, Pennsylvania Morris
Winslow Ervin D 30 Aug 1881 Westfield Twp, Pennsylvania Deerfield Twp
Winters Austin Benijmen 11 Jan 1886 Hedgesville, New York Charleston Twp, Crooked Creek
Wisniewski Vincent John 3 May 1888 Hotyville, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Wisoski John 15 May 1877 Russia Elkland
Witkoski Clement Stanley 28 Oct 1888 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg,
Witter Llewellyn Howland 6 Nov 1894 Westfield Twp, Pennsylvania Westfield
Witucki Joseph John 14 Nov 1889 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Wivell Harry Linsey 15 Apr 1882 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Wojcik Frank J 29 Jun 1891 Gontial, Poland Blossburg
Wolz Pernell John 6 Nov 1894 Germania, Pennsylvania Gaines
Wood Bert Ellis 24 Aug 1892 Westfield, Pennsylvania Elkland Twp
Wood Charles Henry 18 Mar 1889 Niles Valley, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Wood Floyd 12 May 1891 Tioga, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp
Wood John Olin 17 Oct 1889 Farmingdale, L.I. Richmond Twp, Mansfield
Wood Leon Henry 19 May 1895 Tioga Boro, Pennsylvania Tioga Boro
Wood Leslie H 6 Sep 1891 Gaines, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Wood Orrin S 21 Nov 1891 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Rutland Twp
Wood Robert Earl 11 May 1885 Gaines, Pennsylvania Gaines
Wood Russell Chandler 11 Aug 1894 Deerfield Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Deerfield Twp
Wood Samuel Eveard 31 Oct 1886 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Wood Stephen Romaine 9 Nov 1891 Arnot, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Wood William Arthur 13 Nov 1882 Gaines, Pennsylvania Shippen Twp
Woodard Charles Arthur 26 Jul 1886 (Deceased 8 Oct 43) Morris Run, Pennsylvania Covington Twp
Woodard Daniel Albert 12 Jun 1885 Covington Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp, Canoe Camp
Woodard Frank J 18 Aug 1883 Columbia Cross Roads, Pennsylvania Covington Twp
Woodard Ray Edward 12 Jun 1892 Covington Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp
Woodcock Charles Dan 24 Jul 1888 Elkland Twp, Pennsylvania Lawrence Twp
Woodcock Lynn Hugh 24 Sep 1888 Clymer Twp, Pennsylvania Clymer Twp,
Woodford Joseph Hudson 14 Jun 1882 Rutland, Pennsylvania Jacksom Twp, Tioga Co
Woodhouse Norman 6 Dec 1881 Tioga, Pennsylvania Morris
Woodhouse Rennie Horace 15 Feb 1886 Morris, Pennsylvania Morris
Woodin Don Herold 17 Dec 1894 Granville Twp Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Woodward John Daniel 24 Sep 1889 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Ward Twp
Woodward John Vanderbelt 5 Sep 1879 Leolyn Leolyn
Woodward Sumner Eugene 29 Apr 1885 Jasper, New York Elkland
Wooster Carlyle Chester 23 Sep 1892 Leroy, Bradford Co. Leolyn, Tioga Co
Worthington Amos Elwood 12 Apr 1894 Nordmont, Sullivan Co, Pennsylvania Star Route Canton, Tioga Co
Worthington Donald Price 1 Jan 1895 Muncy, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp, Tioga Co
Wright Charles 11 Jun 1890 (Deceased 13 Jun 42) Titusville, Crawford Co. Lawrence Twp
Wyatt Solomon Anderson 10 Jun 1881 Alpina, Randolph, West Virginia Elkland
Wylie James 4 Jan 1886 Liberty, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Wynkoop Loyd Austin 13 Oct 1896 Marion Center, Pennsylvania Elkland
Yaggie Adam Clarence 1 Apr 1891 Williamsport, Lycoming Co, Pennsylvania Roaring Branch, Tioga Co
Yale Lee Charles 2 Mar 1889 Sabinsville, Pennsylvania Sabinsville
Yaudes Manie Leory 18 Jun 1885 Liberty, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp, Wellsboro
Yessa Stephen Joseph 9 Jul 1878 Stokesdale, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Yoggy Andrew Martin 28 May 1895 Ridgway, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Youdas Walter Edward 29 Nov 1883 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Youmans Frank Herbert 4 Apr 1894 Tioga, Pennsylvania Charleston
Youmans Fred Porter 8 Aug 1878 Covington, Pennsylvania Covington
Youmans Herbert 30 Nov 1881 Arnot, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp, Wellsboro
Youmans Mark Albert 4 Sep 1878 Richmond Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp, Tioga Co
Youmans Roy John 28 Apr 1885 Covington Twp, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp,
Young Allan Kirkwood 19 Jun 1884 Antrim, Pennsylvania Antrim,
Young Floyd Louis 26 Jun 1893 Farmington Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Farmington Twp, Tioga Co,
Young Julius Marquette 4 Oct 1883 Franklin, Vermont Knoxville
Young William Thomas 26 Apr 1889 Antrim, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Antrim
Youngs Elbert 2 Nov 1881 Mills, Pennsylvania Westfield
Youngs Emery Nelson 13 Jun 1879 Mills. Potter Co, Pennsylvania Little Marsh, Chatham Twp
Youngs Fred 29 Oct 1888 Sunderlinville, Pennsylvania Gaines
Youngs Roscoe 11 Feb 1893 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Gaines
Zabiega Andrew Mike 16 Nov 1879 Ulster, Poland Blossburg
Zapf Willard Amos 1 Nov 1893 Bellevue, Pennsylvania Knoxville
Zarvis Gus T 21 May 1894 Sparta, Greece Wellsboro
Zarvis Michael Thanestokles 15 Aug 1884 Neata, Greece Wellsboro
Zeigler Albert Milton 3 Mar 1879 Lycoming Co, Pennsylvania Liberty
Zeigler Herman Brady 26 Jan 1889 Proctor, Pennsylvania Leolyn
Zeigler John Dayton 30 Dec 1892 Cascade, Pennsylvania Leolyn
Zenger Simon Ferdinand 11 Feb 1879 Un Ters Tock, Switzerland Covington
Zielewicz Joseph Enoch 1 Jul 1887 Morris Run, Pennsylvania Morris Run
Ziglin John 24 Jun 1889 Poland Elkland
Zimmer Floyd Elisha 24 Oct 1881 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Covington Twp
Zimmer James Garfield 13 Aug 1881 Wellsville, New York Knoxville
Zimmer Mead L 3 Jun 1887 Covington Twp, Pennsylvania Covington Twp,
Zinck Melvin James 1 Jul 1883 Liberty, Pennsylvania Liberty
Zremski Michael 24 May 1888 Poland Elkland
Zuchowske Joseph Martin Jr. 28 Apr 1883 Antrim, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Antrim
Zuchowski Frank Micheal 23 Feb 1885 Antrim, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Zuker William Henry 11 Jan 1880 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Westfield
Zurfluh William W 21 Oct 1896 Arroyo, Pennsylvania Westfield

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 9/25/2006
By Joyce M. Tice