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U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards - 1942 registrations in Tioga County, Pennsylvania
The Fourth Registration, often referred to as the "old man's registration", was conducted on 27 April 1942 and registered men who born on or between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897 - men who were between 45 and 64 years old - and who were not already in the military.
3581 Registered
Note from Cheryl Roan who submitted this resource
There are many many errors found on these cards. My own grandfather's birthdate is incorrect. Cards were copied as found but I did make a few corrections in parenthesis when I knew it was wrong.
Trickett Alfred Bruce 13 Aug 1893 Colvin Run, Fairfax, Virginia Elkland
Trickett George Wallace 11 May 1892 Vienna, Virginia Elkland
Trifunovic Petke 15 Sep 1886 Yugoslavia Elkland
Tripp George Ervin 10 Oct 1887 Beantown, New York Blossburg
Tripp Harry Manville 30 Sep 1895 Ransom, Pennsylvania Shippen Twp, Wellsboro
Tripp Paul 24 Apr 1893 Tioga, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Trowbridge Bert Mitchell 11 Jul 1883 Tioga, Pennsylvania Sabinsville
Trowbridge William E 14 Sep 1877 Clymer Twp, Pennsylvania Westfield
Truax Arthur James 12 Oct 1894 Sabinsville, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Westfield
Tubbs John Russell 1 Aug 1888 Osceola, Pennsylvania Osceola
Tubbs Lee Smith 1 Sep 1880 Holden Brook, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Osceola
Tubbs Phillip Harold 13 Aug 1892 Nelson Twp, Pennsylvania Nelson Twp
Tubbs Robert James 24 Jul 1887 Osceola, Pennsylvania Knoxville
Tubbs Walter Reed 27 Jul 1891 Woodhull, New York Farmington Twp
Tubbs William Henry 26 Feb 1887 Nelson Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Nelson Twp
Turner John Howard 31 May 1879 Hazleton, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Tuttle Charles Raymond 11 Sep 1878 Westfield Twp, Pennsylvania Westfield Twp
Tuttle Lewis Frank 13 Jan 1892 Pultney Township, New York Brookfield Twp
Twist William Emmett 4 Oct 1881 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Roaring Branch
Tyler David 2 Apr 1896 Covington, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Tyler Harry Olen 5 Apr 1889 (Deceased 9 Jun 42) Freehold, Pennsylvania Shippen Twp Wellsboro
Updyke Chester John 27 Jul 1894 Wells Twp, Pennsylvania Millerton
Updyke Walter G 6 Nov 1882 Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Millerton
Upham Coe John 13 Jun 1888 Farmington, Pennsylvania Farmington,
Upham Jarred Tyler 1 Dec 1882 Farmington Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Osceola
Urell Walter T 26 Jul 1884 Tioga, Pennsylvania Tioga
Utter Dan Price 27 Oct 1877 Decker Town, New Jersey Millerton
Vagianos Elefterios George 26 Oct 1896 Greece Wellsboro
Valenti Pietro M 29 Jun 1894 Italy Elkland
Valentino Joseph Polcfico 23 Jan 1889 Italy Elkland
Vanatta Walter Garfield 13 Mar 1878 Crossfork, Potter Co, Pennsylvania Shippen Twp
Vance Frank Ellis 16 Jul 1887 Rutland Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Mansfield
Vancise Hugh Webster 19 Mar 1889 Lincoln, Nebraska Middlebury Ctr
Vandegrift John 11 Feb 1887 Antrim, Pennsylvania S. Delmar
Vandergrift Harry 5 Sep 1877 Tioga, Pennsylvania Delmar
Vanderhoof Clyde 27 Nov 1888 Middlebury Twp, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Vandruff Frank Benjamin 5 May 1890 Sussex, New Jersey Tioga Twp, Tioga Co
Vandusen Harry 13 Feb 1882 Tioga, Pennsylvania Farmington,
Vandusen Jacob De Vere 20 Jul 1878 Deerfield Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Vandusen Lee 1 Dec 1891 Deerfield Twp, Pennsylvania Cowanesque
Vandusen Mark 18 Aug 1895 Osceola, Pennsylvania Osceola
Vandusen William Burr 27 Nov 1884 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Farmington Twp
Vandusen William Henry 23 May 1880 Westfield, Pennsylvania Sabinsville
Vandyke Merritt Oscar 24 Aug 1877 Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Mainesburg
Vangorden Jesse Sr. 6 Jun 1882 Nelson, Pennsylvania Elkland
Vanhorn George Morgan 20 Mar 1884 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Vanness Jay Numan 5 Oct 1891 Rutland Twp, Pennsylvania Sullivan Twp
Vanness Manley Benson 23 Dec 1893 Rutland Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp
Vannorman Karl Franklin 17 Jun 1886 Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Vanorder Curtis Le Roy 28 Apr 1894 Landrus, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Vanorder Dewey Duke 15 Jan 1878 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Vanorder Edward Isaac 20 Feb 1880 Tioga, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Vanorder Fred E 18 May 1883 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Vanorder Henry Arthur 10 Mar 1882 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Niles Valley
Vanorder Joe 4 Apr 1889 Landrus, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Vanorder John Henry 17 Jul 1881 Antrim Wellsboro
Vanschaick Lloyd Andrew 3 Dec 1888 Jasper, New York Elkland
Vanskiver Otto 29 Jun 1892 Jasper, New York Deerfield
Vantanoski John 24 Jun 1899 Poland Elkland
Vanvalkner Purley 18 Dec 1886 Mansfield, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Vanvliet Merve D 31 Jul 1881 Delmar, Tioga County Delmar Twp
Vanzandt Jonathan Brooks 1 Jul 1882 Morris, Pennsylvania Morris
Vanzile Arch B 17 Jun 1889 Nelson, Pennsylvania Elkland
Vanzile Eleazer 15 Sep 1886 Steuben Co., New York Elkland
Vanzile George Steven 11 Jul 1883 Candor, New York Wellsboro
Vanzile Herbert 21 Feb 1888 Tioga, Pennsylvania Shippen
Vanzile James Bird 15 Apr 1880 Rutland Twp, Tioga, Pennsylvania Rutland Twp,
Vanzile Stephen 28 Apr 1884 Nelson Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Elkland
Vargeson Onie Leon 24 Aug 1891 Muncy Valley, Pennsylvania Elkland
Vasselin Winfield John 15 May 1883 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Vaughn William Curtis 20 Apr 1896 Fall Brook, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Venturia Joseph 25 Jun 1885 Sicily Island, Italy Wellsboro
Vermilyea William Horace 6 Oct 1879 (Deceased 24 Jun 46) Potter Co., Pennsylvania Mansfield
Vincent Issac Raymond Md. 25 Dec 1878 Watsontown, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Vincent Maurice Marcel 30 Aug 1887 Havre, France Elkland
Volante Tony 4 Oct 1895 Italy Elkland
Voorhees Manley Barlow 30 Jan 1896 Jackson Twp, Pennsylvania Millerton
Vroman John William 13 Apr 1889 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Union Twp
Waddell Matthew 8 Sep 1889 Morris Run, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Morris Run, Tioga Co
Wade Earl Child Jr. 24 Jul 1893 Arcade, New York Mansfield
Wagner Alexander Joseph 3 Mar 1887 Scranton, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Wagner Edward Howland 4 Jun 1880 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Deerfield Twp
Wagner George 30 Dec 1885 Sullivan, New York Crooked Creek
Wainwright Burt S 10 May 1880 Deerfield Twp, Pennsylvania Knoxville
Wakely John Brown 29 Apr 1882 Deerfield Twp, Pennsylvania Covington
Wakley Coral Grant 29 May 1894 Brookfield, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Brookfield
Wakley Howard Ancel 10 Jul 1888 Brookfield, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Farmington Twp
Walbridge Truman Webster 17 Dec 1885 Delmar Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Waldron James Alfred 6 Nov 1882 Arnot, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Waldron Joseph 27 Sep 1877 Liberty Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Delmar Twp, Wellsboro
Wales William Byron 26 Dec 1882 Tioga Co Pennsylvania Millerton
Walker Abram Chester 31 Oct 1895 Charlston Twp, Tioga Co Tioga
Walker Alex Andrew 31 Mar 1890 Landrus, Pennsylvania Arnot
Walker Charles Deyo 2 Dec 1895 Mansfield, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Walker Charles George 2 Nov 1882 Little Marsh, Pennsylvania Chatham Twp, Little Marsh
Walker Earl W 22 Jun 1895 Somerset, Somerset Co, Pennsylvania Cowanesque
Walker Harry A 21 Jun 1882 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Walter Russel Bush 20 Feb 1894 Shawnee On Delaware, Pennsylvania Tioga, Tioga Co
Walters Frederick 14 Feb 1882 Oregon Hill, Lycoming Co., Pennsylvania Elkland
Waltz Albert Henry 9 Nov 1882 Tioga Twp, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp, Crooked Creek
Waltz Ernest William 15 May 1896 Tioga Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp
Waltz Paul Jacob 29 Sep 1883 Tioga, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp
Walz Leo Joseph 2 Feb 1887 Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania Lawrenceville
Ward Alva 23 Mar 1884 Columbia Cross Roads, Pennsylvania Millerton
Ward Burley Lee 19 Jun 1879 Lovelton, Wyoming Co., Pennsylvania Charleston Twp
Ward James Tripp 15 Jul 1878 Marshall, Minnesota Delmar Twp
Ward Nelson Quay 1 Oct 1895 Liberty, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Leolyn
Warmus Anthony Z 15 Jun 1895 Knoruv, Poland Elkland
Warnecki Vincent Peter 23 Dec 1888 Dockt, Lithuania Blossburg
Warren Earl M 2 Aug 1882 Chatham Twp, Pennsylvania Middlebury Ctr
Warren Lee Donald 30 Jan 1895 Bozeman, Montana Wellsboro
Warren Roger Osborne 3 Oct 1891 Akron, New York Blossburg
Warriner Charles Luman 18 Apr 1882 Stoney Fork, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Rutland Twp
Warriner George Howard 28 Jul 1884 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Warriner Ralph Roland 3 Jun 1885 (Deceased 27 Jul 44) Asaph, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Warters Alfred Henry 8 Jul 1878 Richmond Twp, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp
Warters Marion Lee 21 Jul 1889 Deerfield Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Wasiski John Stanley 2 Jan 1890 Morris, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Liberty Twp
Wass Arthur Leroy 7 Jul 1890 Little Marsh, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Knoxville
Wass Glenn Alexander 29 Nov 1891 Chatham Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Knoxville
Watkins Dave Ray 18 Apr 1882 Morris Run, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Watkins Edson Squire 7 Jan 1888 Covington Twp, Pennsylvania Covington Twp
Watkins Edward 11 Jan 1884 Arnot, Pennsylvania Arnot
Watkins Ellery Vernard 13 May 1888 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Chatham Twp
Watkins Firm Wayland 27 Mar 1880 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Richmond Two
Watkins Francis Marion 16 Nov 1887 Wellsboro, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Watkins Fred 3 May 1889 Union Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Canton
Watkins Legrand Fay 23 Mar 1892 Morris, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Watkins Leon Erland 3 Feb 1893 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Watkins Ross G 9 Jan 1881 Rutland, Pennsylvania Rutland, Roseville
Watkins Thomas 30 Nov 1879 Morris Run, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Watkins William 7 May 1885 Westfield, Pennsylvania Westfield
Watrous Earl M 30 May 1881 Watrous, Pennsylvania Lawrenceville
Watson D Ernest 5 May 1878 Rutland, Pennsylvania Rutland, Roseville
Watson Thurston Wales 3 Nov 1890 Elmira, New York Westfield Twp
Watson Walter Feriel 24 Dec 1894 Steuben Co, New York Elkland
Watt James Beinard 25 Sep 1885 Hornell, New York Tioga, Tioga Co
Watters William Jay 28 Feb 1881 McIntyre Twp, Lycoming Co., Pennsylvania Roaring Branch
Wattles Seward Howard 2 May 1894 Moravia, New York Little Marsh
Watts Charles Clinton 8 Apr 1892 Salladasburg, Pennsylvania Morris
Watts Joseph Derr 26 Dec 1896 Sullivan Co, Pennsylvania Millerton
Watts Perry Van Fleet 10 Jun 1893 Canton Twp, Leolyn
Watts Saul B 7 Sep 1879 Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Weaver Albert Charles 7 Feb 1879 Knoxville, Pennsylvania Knoxville
Weaver Charles Jay 22 Jan 1893 (Deceased 25 Sep 44) Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Weaver Floyd Dennis 10 Mar 1889 Liberty, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Weaver Willard William 26 Aug 1887 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Millerton
Webster Allen James 12 Jun 1879 Shippen Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Shippen Twp, Tioga Co,
Webster Charles 15 Aug 1890 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Sullivan Twp
Webster Elmer Claton 29 Apr 1883 Farmington Twp, Tioga Co Middlebury Ctr
Webster Floyd William 24 Apr 1894 Morris Twp, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp, Wellsboro
Webster Harry Emery 1 Dec 1880 Morris Twp, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Webster Jesse Grant 17 May 1891 Morris, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Webster Leon C 10 Feb 1888 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp
Webster Luther William 20 Jul 1894 Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co
Webster Maurice Clinton 24 Jan 1890 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Sullivan Twp
Webster Myron Edward 6 Aug 1892 Rutland, Tioga, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Webster Willard D 18 May 1895 Morris, Pennsylvania N Delmar Twp, Wellsboro
Weeks Frank Marion 18 Jun 1877 Potterbrook, Pennsylvania Westfield
Weiskopff Cornelus H 5 Sep 1883 Steam Valley, Tioga, Pennsylvania Elkland
Weiskopff David Stevesn 2 Jun 1885 Liberty, Pennsylvania Liberty Twp
Weiskopff Devillo William 17 Feb 1890 Liberty Twp, Pennsylvania Covington Twp
Weiskopff John Alton 29 Feb 1885 Lycoming Co, Pennsylvania Morris Run
Weiskopff Lewis Augusta 14 Oct 1881 Liberty, Pennsylvania Liberty Twp
Welch Charles F 14 Jan 1881 Niles Valley, Pennsylvania Middlebury Ctr
Welch Fred Miller 5 Oct 1888 Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Sullivan Twp
Welch Harry 14 Jun 1889 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Welch Jesse D 29 May 1887 Westfield, Pennsylvania Westfield
Welch Louis Warren 27 Oct 1884 Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Mainsburg
Welch Mirrell Augustus 29 Mar 1896 Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania
Welch Vern Duane 31 May 1892 (Deceased 9 Feb 44) Covington Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Sullivan Twp
Welch William Ray 22 Feb 1887 Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Sullivan Twp
Weller Roy William 10 Oct 1890 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp, Wellsboro
Welliver John Calvin 6 Jun 1879 Columbia Co, Pennsylvania Morris Twp
Wells Samuel D 24 Mar 1889 Richmond Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp
Werkheiser Edward Edgar 29 Aug 1889 Lopez, Pennsylvania Duncan Twp, Antrim
Werline Herbert Franklin 28 Feb 1887 Liberty, Pennsylvania Liberty, Twp
West Charles Delbert 24 Feb 1896 Middlebury Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Nelson
West Charles Millard 26 Mar 1892 Lycoming, Pennsylvania Charleston, Tioga Co
West James Morris 21 Jul 1893 Middlebury Twp, Pennsylvania Nelson Twp
West John Alan 15 Jun 1892 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Morris
West John Frederick 19 Feb 1886 South Delmar Twp, Pennsylvania South Delmar
West Joseph Sr. 15 Jun 1880 Keeneyville, Tioga Co Middlebury Ctr
West Nathan Talmage 11 Jan 1890 Middlebury Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Lawrence Twp, Tioga Co
West Orren Adelbert 12 Apr 1889 Holliday, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp
West Philander A 14 Dec 1890 Middlebury Center, Pennsylvania Middlebury Ctr, Tioga Co
West Rufus Briggs 28 Apr 1883 Middlebury, Pennsylvania Middlebury
Westlake Edward Knox 6 Jul 1881 Deerfield Twp, Pennsylvania Knoxville
Westlake Reginald Winfield 16 Oct 1889 North Tonawanda, New York Millerton
Westmiller Guy 23 Sep 1888 Knoxville, Tioga, Pennsylvania Putnam Twp, Tioga Co
Wetherbee Dana Lafayette 14 Nov 1878 Tioga, Pennsylvania N Delmar, Tioga Co
Wetherbee George Wright 13 Sep 1879 Delmar Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp, Tioga Co
Wetherbee Harold Cowles 2 Jan 1891 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp
Wetherbee Ray Delos 22 Jun 1891 Delmar Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania
Wetherbee William Jarvis 1 Nov 1880 Delmar Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania
Wetmore Kenneth Arthur 12 Aug 1896 Antrim, Pennsylvania Elkland
Wetmore Lynn M 30 Jun 1884 Tioga, Pennsylvania Gaines
Whatton William Joseph 17 Jun 1889 Grove City, Pennsylvania Wellsboro

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 9/25/2006
By Joyce M. Tice