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U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards - 1942 registrations in Tioga County, Pennsylvania
The Fourth Registration, often referred to as the "old man's registration", was conducted on 27 April 1942 and registered men who born on or between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897 - men who were between 45 and 64 years old - and who were not already in the military.
3581 Registered
Note from Cheryl Roan who submitted this resource
There are many many errors found on these cards. My own grandfather's birthdate is incorrect. Cards were copied as found but I did make a few corrections in parenthesis when I knew it was wrong.
Richmond Rell Irwin 20 Nov 1881 Sullivan Twp, Pennsylvania Sullivan Twp, Mainesburg
Ridge Charles Franklin 17 Nov 1889 EastPoint, Pennsylvania EastPoint, Liberty Twp
Ridge Floyd 8 Dec 1885 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Liberty Twp
Ridge William Jordan 20 Aug 1892 Covington, Pennsylvania Covington
Riebe George William 7 Apr 1883 Wellsboro, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp, Wellsboro
Riedinger Roy Francis 15 Jun 1884 Elmira, New York Cedar Run, Letonia, Tioga Co
Riehl Henry Carl 26 May 1891 Port Chester, Westchester Co, New York Westfield
Riekofski William Fred 5 Sep 1895 Johnsonburg, Pennsylvania Elkland
Rieppel John 1 Aug 1882 Clinton Co, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Robakoski George 17 Apr 1896 Arnot, Pennsylvania Arnot
Robakoski John F 6 Feb 1896 Arnot, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Robakoski Stephen 17 Aug 1889 Arnot, Pennsylvania Arnot
Robbins Alpheus Clark 22 Sep 1879 Lycoming Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Robbins Earle Phillips 5 Sep 1883 Spring Mills, New York Deerfield Twp
Robbins George Walter 20 Mar 1882 Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Sullivan Twp
Robena Francis Joseph 18 Sep 1895 Arnot, Pennsylvania Arnot
Roberts Humphrey Curry 18 Jan 1892 Chatham Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Little Marsh
Roberts James Brewster 5 Oct 1885 Wellsboro, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Roberts Ray Victor 30 Jan 1894 Sabinsville, Pennsylvania Clymer Twp
Roberts Samuel Adelbert 26 Aug 1892 Mckean Co, Pennsylvania Millerton
Robertson Frank H 5 Jul 1879 Steuben, New York Morris
Robertson Leon A 21 Jun 1879 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Robertson Purley George 1 Jun 1888 Stony Fork, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Robertson Robert 15 Jun 1881 (Deceased 9 Jan 44) Killibernie, Scotland Antrim
Robinson Harry Morton 13 Jan 1887 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Robinson Joseph Abraham 17 Apr 1894 Canton, Pennsylvania Crooked Creek
Robinson Sanford Ernie 6 Oct 1893 Gaines, Tioga Co Gaines
Robinson Thomas Richard 25 Apr 1894 St Johns, Newfoundland Wellsboro
Roby Paul Revere 21 Jun 1892 Bradford Co, Pennsylvania Roaring Branch, Tioga Co
Roby Walter Martin 3 Apr 1888 Sutton, West Virginia Wellsboro
Rockwell Edwin Hollands 17 Mar 1896 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Rockwell Emory Bailey 1 Dec 1892 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Rodgers Charles William 7 Sep 1884 Runville, Center Co, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp
Rodgers Daniel Sylvester 7 Feb 1879 Stokesdale, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Rogers Amos 10 Nov 1888 Charleston Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp
Rogers Ernest Harold 3 Mar 1896 Covington, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Rogers Harry William 20 Jul 1879 Raymond, Pennsylvania Westfield
Rogers James George 10 May 1885 Troy, Pennsylvania Gleason, Union Twp, Tioga Co
Rogers John 4 Feb 1897 Welsh Settlement, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Rogers Joseph 13 Aug 1891 Charleston Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Rogers William J 17 Oct 1880 Charleston Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp, Wellsboro
Roland James Norman 18 Dec 1883 Delmar Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Romel Stanley Kusty 27 Oct 1886 Morris Run, Pennsylvania Morris Run
Ronalder Cody 25 Sep 1886 Susquehanna, Pennsylvania Gaines
Ronalder George 5 Aug 1892 Pike, Pennsylvania Gaines
Rood Homer Mortimer 20 Apr 1893 Morris, Pennsylvania Morris
Root Albert Levern Sr. 15 Apr 1886 Stony Fork, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Root Bruce Adam 6 Nov 1890 Liberty Twp, Pennsylvania Morris
Root Harry Hasting 29 Jul 1885 Texas, Lycoming Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Root Homer Wilson 26 Dec 1884 Morris, Pennsylvania Morris
Root Ira Hoyt 28 Dec 1894 South Delmar, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania South Delmar, Stony Fork
Root Leon Leonard 7 Jul 1887 Texas, Pennsylvania Delmar
Root Ray W 15 Feb 1892 Delmar Twp, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp, Wellsboro
Root Walter Anson 22 Sep 1891 Lycoming, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Root Wesley James 23 Jul 1887 Spencer, New York Middlebury Center
Root William Fred 7 Oct 1881 Tioga, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Rose Elmer A 20 Jun 1889 Rutland, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Rose Elmer Nathan 10 Jul 1883 Sullivan Twp, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Rose Harry Lee 8 Oct 1878 (Deceased 16 Nov 43) Covington Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp, Mansfield
Rose Herman Benson 18 Aug 1877 (Deceased 21 Feb 43) Rutland, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Rose Ray 3 Jul 1885 Charleston Twp, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Rose William Talford 1 Nov 1880 Middlebury, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp, Wellsboro
Rosettie Daniel John 13 Feb 1887 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Ross Charles Edward 16 Nov 1878 Lansing, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Ross Charles Waldo 19 Jun 1894 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Roszkowski Benjamin 1 Jul 1892 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Roupp Arthur Gordon 15 Jan 1897 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Liberty Twp
Roupp Francio Calvin 6 May 1883 Liberty, Pennsylvania Liberty Boro
Roupp George Washington 24 Oct 1889 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Liberty Twp
Roupp Grant Orvil 15 Oct 1877 Liberty, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp
Roupp Harry Dayton 8 Nov 1880 Field Station, Lycoming Co, Pennsylvania Liberty Twp
Roupp Mathew Benjamin 28 Sep 1885 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Liberty Twp
Roupp Nathan Andrew 9 Feb 1882 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Liberty Twp
Roupp Paul William 12 Jan 1895 Liberty Twp, Pennsylvania Liberty Twp
Roupp Ross Frederick 18 Jan 1889 Liberty, Pennsylvania Liberty
Rouse Charles Willard 29 Mar 1891 Elkland, Pennsylvania N Delmar
Rowe Edwmund Thomas 3 Jan 1885 Aberdeen, Scotland Elkland
Rowley Albert Benson 25 Aug 1884 Nelson, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Nelson
Roy Harold Giles 15 Nov 1877 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Rucki Bartholomew J 24 Aug 1886 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Ruddy David 12 Nov 1877 Poland Union Twp, Tioga Co
Rudinski Phillip Seeley 1 May 1889 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Rudneski John Stanley 6 Dec 1891 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Morris Run
Rudneski Nast Joseph 15 Apr 1888 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Morris Run
Rudy Amel 4 Jul 1888 Arnot, Pennsylvania Gleason
Rudy John 13 Jun 1881 Arnot, Pennsylvania Morris Run
Ruffo Thomas Lawrence 7 Mar 1890 Boston, Massachusetts Elkland
Rugaber Arthur R 13 Jan 1890 Westfield, Pennsylvania Westfield
Rumberger William Budd 19 Oct 1886 Center, Pennsylvania Farmington
Rumenapp William Lawrence 6 Dec 1890 Corning, New York Wellsboro
Rumsey Clayton Elais 23 Mar 1896 Gaines Twp, Pennsylvania Elk Twp
Rumsey Dean M 11 Nov 1895 Enfield, New York Millerton
Rumsey Fay Harris 26 Oct 1894 (Deceased 24 ? 44) Wellsboro, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Rumsey Frank Henry 18 Jul 1882 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Millerton
Rumsey Harvey A 11 Jan 1886 Brookfield Twp, Pennsylvania Westfield
Rumsey Howard James Taylor 6 Oct 1891 Sylvania, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Rumsey Manley S 28 Apr 1895 Jackson Twp, Pennsylvania Millerton
Rumsey Walter Benjamin 26 Sep 1892 Mainesburg, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Sullivan Twp
Rumsey William H 6 May 1881 Eldred, Pennsylvania Brookfield Twp
Runyan Raymond Henry 12 Oct 1887 Freeman, New York Elkland
Rupar Angelo Bart 24 Aug 1895 Fiume, Austria Hungary Elkland
Rupert Archie Glenwood 14 May 1890 Lycoming Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Rupert Ralph Augustus 14 Apr 1895 Muncy, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Russell Arthur 29 Apr 1885 Owego, New York Lawrenceville
Russell Edward Clarendon 14 Jan 1892 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Russell Leslie John 11 Dec 1882 Bradford, Pennsylvania Morris
Rutski John Joseph 7 May 1893 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Ryan John A 19 Sep 1893 Wrightstown, Wisconsin Blossburg
Ryder William J 19 Feb 1885 Brookfield Twp, Pennsylvania Lawrence Twp
Ryon Harry 18 Dec 1881 Elkland, Pennsylvania Nelson Twp
Sabins John Luman 6 Nov 1883 Sabinsville, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Sabinsville
Sajdak Joseph 8 Mar 1884 Poland Elkland
Sama Domenick Frank 28 Feb 1881 S Andrew Yonio, Italy Westfield
Sampson Fred R 11 Jan 1884 Covington Twp, Pennsylvania Covington Twp
Sampson James J 1 Dec 1888 Fall Brook, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Sampson Ralph William 19 Mar 1894 Charleston Twp, Pennsylvania Crooked Creek
Sampson Robert David 16 Jul 1880 Charleston Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania North Charleston, Charleston Twp
Sanders Earl James 25 Jul 1880 Millerton, Pennsylvania Millerton
Sanders Edward Leroy 28 Jul 1879 Mansfield, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Sandstrom Anton Ferdinand 2 Jan 1896 Arnot, Pennsylvania Arnot
Sandstrom Charles M 30 Dec 1890 Arnot, Pennsylvania Arnot
Sanford Max Omar 7 Feb 1889 Dix, Schuyler Co, New York Ansonia
Sanzo Angelo 15 Jan 1891 Supino, Italy Shippen Twp
Satterly Leonard Robert 13 May 1878 Tioga, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Saturno Sebastian 7 Jul 1879 Jeusa Mari, Italy Wellsboro
Sawyer Bert Leroy 27 Jul 1881 Brookfield Twp, Pennsylvania Deerfield Twp
Sawyer Harry Vern 26 Apr 1885 Brookfield Twp, Pennsylvania Knoxville
Saxton Archie Develon 2 Nov 1890 Whitney Point, New York Tioga, Tioga Co
Scaife Fred 30 Mar 1887 Morris Run, Pennsylvania Hamilton Twp, Blossburg
Scanlin John A 7 Dec 1887 Buffalo, New York Blossburg
Schaar Ralph Phillip 17 Jan 1891 Potter Co, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Schanbacher Walter Albert 26 Aug 1888 Eastpoint, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Schauers George Alfred 20 Oct 1882 Blossburg Twp, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Scheeley Fred 5 Feb 1882 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Crooked Creek, Charleston Twp
Scheeley Martin 5 Jun 1880 Niles Valley, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Scheerer Fred J 5 Sep 1877 Hawley, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Scheidweiler William Edward 27 Mar 1893 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Schmelzle Oliver Geroge 4 May 1890 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Ogdensburg
Schmouder John Alton 10 Mar 1886 Jackson Twp, Pennsylvania Jackson Twp, Liberty, Tioga Co {Lycoming Co.?}
Schofield Clifford Hewitt 25 Dec 1889 Elmira, New York Millerton
Schofield Judd Raymond 15 Oct 1883 Tioga, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Charleston Twp
Scholz Albert 18 Oct 1882 Brasalu, Germany Liberty Twp
Schonher Vern Russell 19 May 1888 Tioga, Pennsylvania Lawrenceville
Schoonover Bert 14 Mar 1882 Holliday, Pennsylvania Knoxville
Schoonover Elbert F 22 May 1880 Tuscarora, New York Westfield
Schoonover Harry Marshall 18 Jul 1889 Deerfield Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Westfield
Schoonover Hiram Clyde 15 Dec 1889 Brookfield Twp, Pennsylvania Knoxville
Schoonover Lee 25 Apr 1880 Brookfield Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Brookfield Twp
Schoonover Lee Melvin 24 Sep 1895 Clymer Twp , Pennsylvania Shippen Twp
Schoonover Lewis Andrew 14-May-41 Troupsburg, New York Brookfield Twp
Schoonover Robert Mansel 31 Jul 1891 Elkland, Pennsylvania Elkland
Schoonover Thomas Jefferson 28 Sep 1895 Knoxville, Pennsylvania Farmington Twp
Schultz Alfred William 24 Nov 1892 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Schultz Andrew John 11 Apr 1884 Cohocton, New York Wellsboro
Schultz Arthur Herman 21 Jan 1895 Morris Run, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Schultz George Walter 5 May 1892 Annapolis, Maryland Elkland
Schultz Louis Edward 13 Jun 1894 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Schwab John Alexandar 13 Jun 1880 Switzerland Wellsboro
Schwab Robert Emil 11 May 1883 Siselin, Switzerland Mansfield
Schwarz Philip Anthony 7 Oct 1893 Harrison Valley, Pennsylvania Elkland
Scofield Roy Lyman 29 Oct 1889 Jackson Twp, Pennsylvania Millerton
Scott Alfred 22 Jun 1881 Antrim, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Antrim
Scott Arbanna Dadas 13 Feb 1885 Morgan Co, West Virginia Sullivan Twp, Mainesburg
Scott John Avery 8 Feb 1885 Dagett, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Scott Leland Griffin 2 Nov 1893 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Westfield
Scott Lester Winfield 20 Aug 1896 Sabinsville, Pennsylvania Clymer Twp
Scott Myrt Nye 15 Jun 1890 Millerton, Pennsylvania Millerton
Scott Walter Adin 21 Oct 1895 Troy Twp, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Scudder William Walter 12 Feb 1879 Charleston Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Seagers Carl Allie 17 Sep 1885 Westfield, Pennsylvania Elkland
Seagers James Darwin 27 Jul 1886 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Westfield Twp
Seaman Frederick Duane 11 Jan 1895 Oswego, New York Charleston Twp
Seaman William Augustus 18 Sep 1884 Morris, Pennsylvania Morris
Seamans Harrison Israel 2 May 1893 Farmington Twp, Pennsylvania Deerfield Twp
Seamans Orrie Gerald 15 Aug 1877 Tioga, Pennsylvania Westfield
Seamans Sam R 12 Apr 1883 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Searl William 14 Aug 1890 West Union, New York Elkland
Sechrist Frank Ellsworth 17 Apr 1892 Elmira, New York Liberty
Sechrist Levi Arthur 4 Sep 1878 Lycoming Co, Pennsylvania Roaring Branch, Tioga Co
Sedinger Max G 21 Jun 1887 Millerton, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Jackson Summit
Sedinger Stanley Vickers 11 Jul 1892 Jackson Twp, Pennsylvania Millerton
Seeley Arthur Lewis 16 Aug 1888 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Westfield
Seeley Elmer 6 Feb 1889 Lindley, New York Tioga
Seeley Frederick Coates 5 May 1877 Knoxville, Pennsylvania Osceola
Seeley Herbert Leigh 6 Sep 1878 Deerfield Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Deerfield Twp
Seeley Lewis Vanness 28 Oct 1894 Rutland Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Rutland Twp
Seeley William 22 Feb 1893 Trowbridge, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp
Seely Harry Frazier 14 Aug 1878 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Middlebury Center
Seely Merl Coates 10 Jan 1884 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Osceola
Seely Samuel Allen 27 Mar 1883 Osceola, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Osceola
Seely Tylee White 12 Mar 1896 Rutland Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Millerton
Seelye Clifton 15 Jul 1892 Deerfield Twp, Pennsylvania Knoxville
Segur Leon Vernet 23 Jan 1888 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Ward Twp, Tioga Co
Sellard George Enoch 19 Mar 1886 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Union Twp
Sepiora Andrew 4 Sep 1894 Biecr, Poland Westfield
Sereno Frank Mossi 10 Nov 1889 (Deceased 9 Nov 1944) Wellsboro, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Elkland
Seveno Joseph Paul 3 Apr 1896 Hancock, New York Elkland

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 9/25/2006
By Joyce M. Tice