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U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards - 1942 registrations in Tioga County, Pennsylvania
The Fourth Registration, often referred to as the "old man's registration", was conducted on 27 April 1942 and registered men who born on or between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897 - men who were between 45 and 64 years old - and who were not already in the military.
3581 Registered
Note from Cheryl Roan who submitted this resource
There are many many errors found on these cards. My own grandfather's birthdate is incorrect. Cards were copied as found but I did make a few corrections in parenthesis when I knew it was wrong.
Haxton George Washington 5 Nov 1878 Brookfield Twp Tioga Co Westfield
Hayden Joseph Lord 13 Jun 1885 Saybrook, Connecticut Mansfield
Hayes James Lawrence 22 Apr 1880 Fallcreek, Bradford Co., Pennsylvania Richmond Twp
Hayes John Elvin 27 Jul 1896 Richmond Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Covington
Haynes Harry Percy 7 Sep 1889 Buffalo, New York Arnot
Haynes William Roy 21 Apr 1885 East Glassville, Canada Westfield
Hayward Henry Charles 9 Jul 1878 London, England Charleston
Hazlett Ferris Brennan 25 Nov 1893 Woodhull, New York Sabinsville
Hazlett George Gersham 5 Nov 1891 Elkland, Pennsylvania Nelson
Healy John Daniel 12 Jan 1890 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Heater Charles 1 Jun 1877 Wells, Pennsylvania Millerton
Heath Harold Thomas 25 Dec 1893 Delmar Twp, Tioga Co Pennsylvania Delmar Twp, Wellsboro
Heatley James Griffith 23 Nov 1883 Antrim, Pennsylvania Antrim
Heatwole Russell 31 Aug 1895 Dale Enterprise, Virginia Shippen Twp
Heck Albert Lee 26 Aug 1896 Tioga, Pennsylvania Middlebury Ctr.
Heck Fred George 18 Jan 1887 Tioga, Pennsylvania Tioga
Heck Lewis Wilber 26 Feb 1884 Tioga, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp, Tioga Co
Heck William 5 May 1877 Tioga, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp, Tioga Co
Heffner Simon Andrew 28 Apr 1883 York Co., Pennsylvania Lawrence, Tioga Co
Hegmann John Frederick 13 Nov 1882 (Deceased 20 Aug 1942) Westfield, Pennsylvania Cowanesque
Heichel Jacob A 27 Feb 1878 Centre Co., Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Heidler Elliott Lloyd 9 Apr 1889 Spruce Creek, Pennsylvania Covington
Heinrich Ervin 1 Nov 1894 Potter Co., Pennsylvania Mansfield
Heinrich Lee E 27 Aug 1891 Germania, Potter Co., Pennsylvania Mansfield
Heise James English 25 Nov 1895 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Hemker William Frederick 4 Apr 1879 London, England Charleston Twp, Mansfield
Hendricks Edson D 28 Mar 1884 Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Mansfield
Henkiel John Andrew 3 May 1895 Morris Run, Pennsylvania Morris Run
Henry Frank 19 Apr 1891 Antrim, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Antrim
Herald Earl Lynn 5 Jun 1892 Beeman, Pennsylvania Lawrenceville
Herbison Sam 22 Mar 1879 Sullivan Co., New York Hills Creek, Charleston Twp
Heretsyck John George 5 May 1880 Poland Elkland
Hering Norman Leonard 20 May 1888 North Mt., Lycoming Co. Morris
Herman Albert 18 Jul 1878 Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Ogdensburg
Herman Frank 24 Mar 1890 Ogdensburg, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Ogdensburg
Herman Nathan 3 May 1880 Ogdensburg, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Ogdensburg
Heron James Doumaux 6 Mar 1881 Antrim, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Herrington Stephen Louis 18 Feb 1883 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Herrmann Fredrick 24 Aug 1883 Covington, Pennsylvania Covington
Herrmann Louis 1 Nov 1887 Covington, Pennsylvania Covington
Hewitt Alfred L 13 Oct 1884 Morris Run, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Heyd Lawrence Franklin 6 Apr 1895 Salladasburg, Lycoming Co., Pennsylvania Liberty, Tioga Co.
Heyler Elmer Frederick 24 Aug 1890 Morris, Pennsylvania Morris
Heyler Fred E 14 Feb 1880 Morris, Pennsylvania Morris Twp
Heyler Robert 28 Mar 1886 Morris, Pennsylvania Morris
Heysham John William 14 Jan 1889 Hornell, Steuben Co., New York Nelson Twp, Tioga Co.
Heysham Samuel Bates 2 Oct 1893 (Deceased 2 Apr 1945) Hornell, New York Nelson Twp, Tioga Co.
Higland Archie Leonard 26 Apr 1890 Morris Run, Pennsylvania Covington
Higley Frank Benjamin 25 Sep 1891 Coudersport, Pennsylvania Covington Twp
Hilboldt Arthur 29 Jan 1889 Tioga, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Hilbolt Clarence Cecil 29 Sep 1882 Delmar Twp, Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Charleston
Hilfiger Guy Robert 9 May 1880 Rutland Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Mainesburg
Hilfiger Harry C 24 Dec 1877 Southport, New York Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co.
Hill Charles Grover 21 Mar 1885 Barrington, New York Roseville
Hill Earl James 24 Mar 1890 Ward Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Ward Twp, Tioga Co
Hill Floyd Melvin 5 May 1890 Dundee, New York Rutland Twp, Tioga Co.,
Hill Frank Conrad 15 Sep 1889 Liberty, New York Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co.
Hill Frederick Edgar 5 Apr 1890 Ansonia, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Hill George Washington 22 Feb 1885 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Hill Harry Bridsel 3 Oct 1880 Fultonham, New York Jackson Twp, Tioga Co.
Hill Harry Dee 21 Jul 1890 Addison, New York Elkland
Hill Henry 4 May 1889 Monroe, Georgia Elkland
Hill John A 24 Oct 1888 Tioga, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp, Crooked Creek
Hill Olen Clayton 5 Feb 1892 Gaines, Pennsylvania Gaines, Tioga Co.
Hill William Edwin 17 Sep 1882 Caton, New York Wellsboro
Hillman Edmund Briggs 11 Sep 1879 Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Elkland
Hills Edgar Thomas 21 Jun 1887 Farmington, Pennsylvania Lawrence Twp
Hillyard Lawrence Calven 20 Dec 1889 Cogan Valley, Pennsylvania Covington Twp
Hinkle Jacob Franklin 2 May 1884 Franklin, West Virginia Delmar
Hitchcock Wilbur 16 Jan 1880 Caton, New York Middlebury Ctr.
Hoadley Louis Blair 14 Aug 1878 Stony Fork, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Hoadley Mayne Wesley 8 Oct 1895 Tioga, Pennsylvania Shippen, Tioga Co.
Hoag Edwin Willis 17 May 1877 White Deer, Union Co., Pennsylvania North Delmar, Tioga Co.
Hoaglin Leroy 23 Jun 1884 Woodhull Elkland
Hoard Donald Victor 12 Oct 1890 Mansfield, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Hodder William Perry 9 Sep 1877 Antrim, Pennsylvania Arnot
Hoffa Charles Raymond 3 Aug 1889 Dushore, Sullivan, Pennsylvania Knoxville
Holbert George W 13 Jan 1888 Knoxville, Pennsylvania Westfield
Holder Thomas Ignatius 11 Mar 1893 Greene Co., Pennsylvania Westfield
Holiday Fred Daniel 9 Feb 1881 Lawrence Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Nelson Twp, Tioga Co.
Holland Robert Cost 27 Oct 1889 Goodland, Kansas Mansfield
Hollenbeck Clarence Burton 19 Oct 1882 Hornell, Steuben Co., New York Wellsboro
Holleran Augustus Lester 11 Aug 1883 Tioga, Pennsylvania Tioga, Tioga Co
Holmberg Edward Nils 5 Jun 1886 Sweden Richmond Twp, Tioga Co
Holmes Clae B 26 Oct 1893 Brookfield Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Brookfield Twp, Tioga Co.
Holmes Earl Bush 19 Apr 1888 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Westfield
Holmes Merle Howard 25 Dec 1881 Wilson. Niagara Co., New York Gaines
Holton Jacob Stelle 22 Jul 1888 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Millerton
Holton James G 23 Aug 1888 Rutland Twp, Pennsylvania Millerton
Hoover Richard Ervin 14 Sep 1890 Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania Bloss Twp
Horam William Leslie 12 Mar 1885 Catawissa, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Horka Charles John 24 Feb 1895 Arnot, Pennsylvania Arnot
Hornsby Edwin 31 Jul 1892 Little Marsh, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Westfield
Hornsby Owen 26 Jan 1878 Little Marsh, Pennsylvania Little Marsh
Hornsby Theodore Edmond 4 Dec 1878 Chatham, Pennsylvania Chatham
Horton Darwin Francis 18 Aug 1891 Campbell Twp, New York Lawrenceville
Horton Donald Bartles 28 Feb 1896 Tiadaghton, Delmar Twp, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Horton Ed George 17 Jan 1885 (Deceased 4 Jan 1944) Shippen Twp, Tioga Co Shippen Twp, Tioga Co
Horton Edgar Albert 30 Jun 1885 Brockport, Pennsylvania Elkland
Horton Ervin Samuel 30 Aug 1878 Shippen Twp, Pennsylvania N Delmar Twp
Horton Fred Mayhew 25 Aug 1891 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp, Mansfield
Horton Lowell Hiram 25 Feb 1881 (Deceased 16 July 1942) Tioga, Pennsylvania Elkland
Horton Willard S 2 Feb 1879 Bath, New York Lawrence Twp
Hotelling Charles Henry 6 Sep 1896 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp
Hotelling James A 19 Aug 1891 Middlebury, Tioga Co Ansonia, Shippen Twp, Tioga Co
Hough Martin 19 Mar 1892 Mayo, Ireland Blossburg
Houghtaling Charles A 14 Apr 1891 Woodhall, New York Lawrenceville
Houghtaling Charles Clinton 10 Nov 1879 Stuben Co, New York Potter Brook, Tioga Co
Houghtaling Ervin B 24 Apr 1882 Middlebury, Pennsylvania Middlebury Ctr
Houghtaling Wilbur Williard 28 Dec 1884 West Union, New York Potter Brook, Tioga Co
House Arthur David 14 Feb 1880 Sayre, Pennsylvania Morris
Housel Claude Rollins 15 Nov 1896 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Housel Frank Raymond 9 Aug 1895 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Housel Hoyt Henry 2 Jul 1892 Round Top, Pennsylvania Morris
Houser Henry Earnest 9 Oct 1887 Jackson Twp, Pennsylvania Liberty Boro
Houser Hugh Charles 24 Nov 1894 Bentley Creek, Pennsylvania Millerton
Houser Joseph Franklin 15 Sep 1885 Lycoming Co., Pennsylvania Liberty
Howard Charles William 30 Apr 1887 Niles Valley, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Howard Philip 1 Nov 1879 Osceola, Pennsylvania Deerfield Twp
Howe Charles Robert 9 Sep 1886 Middlebury, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Lawrenceville
Howe Elmer 28 Nov 1893 Tioga, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp, Tioga Co
Howe Fred Maurice 23 Mar 1893 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Howe Jerome B 12 Aug 1888 Nelson, Pennsylvania Lawrenceville
Howe Ross 29 Jan 1888 Tioga Twp, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp, Tioga Co
Howe William Henry Sr. 12 Mar 1888 Middlebury, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp, Tioga Co
Howell John ? May 1892 Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Howell Thomas Everett 26 Jun 1880 Charleston Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Howell William James 10 Jun 1885 Antrim, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Antrim
Howey James Frederick 11 Sep 1877 Niagara Falls, New York Wellsboro
Howland Harry Wagner 29 Jan 1882 Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Gaines
Howland James Fay 18 Sep 1894 Westfield, Pennsylvania Westfield Twp
Howland John S 3 Apr 1890 Westfield Twp, Pennsylvania Westfield
Hoyt Waldo Judson 19 Mar 1890 Farmington Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Tioga Boro
Hryczyk Joseph Frank 20 Aug 1888 Onodaneca, Poland Westfield
Hubbard Ansel Hiram 25 Jul 1889 Troupsburg, New York Tioga, Tioga Co
Hubbard Earnest Nathaniel 12 Aug 1889 Brookfield Twp, Westfield, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Westfield
Hudson James Dunnier 20 Aug 1878 Carbon Co, Pennsylvania Liberty Twp
Hudzinski Stanley Joseph 26 Oct 1887 (Deceased 4 Dec 1944) Gorzyce, Poland Blossburg
Huff James D 23 Jul 1888 Bald Eagle, Clinton Co., Pennsylvania Morris
Hughes Alfred Garrett 8 Jul 1895 Tioga, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp, Tioga Co
Hughes Benjamin 16 Dec 1885 Morris Run, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Hughes Frank 21 Feb 1882 Covington Twp, Pennsylvania Covington
Hughes Fred Acy 20 Apr 1891 Tioga, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp, Tioga Co
Hughes Frederick John 17 Sep 1877 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Hughes Maurice Armon 29 Sep 1896 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Hughes Oliver Bardon 26 Nov 1892 Tioga, Pennsylvania Tioga
Hughes Robert B 28 Mar 1885 Tioga Twp, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp, Tioga Co
Hughes Vine Bauldin 4 Oct 1881 Tioga, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp, Tioga Co
Hughes Wells Sunderlin 1 Sep 1884 Tioga Mansfield
Hulslander Burt Washington 15 Jan 1885 Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co.
Hulslander Charles E 7 Aug 1893 Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania Lawrence Twp
Hulslander Harry Peter 19 Jan 1881 (Deceased 10 Mar 1943) Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co.
Hulslander John Hayes 5 Jun 1877 Covington Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Covington Twp
Hulslander Morton Benjiman 11 Aug 1888 Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Sullivan Twp, Tioga Co.
Hummel Jesse Edward 12 Mar 1884 Clearfield Co., Pennsylvania Morris
Hund Walter Delus 12 May 1881 Kane, Illinois Lawrenceville
Hunt Asahel Nesley 4 Apr 1887 Brookfield Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Westfield
Hunt John 26 Jan 1888 Steuben Co, New York Rutland Twp
Hunt Laurence Griffin 12 Jul 1894 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Brookfield Twp, Tioga Co
Hunt Lester William 1 Feb 1897 Brookfield Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Brookfield Twp, Tioga Co.
Hunt Niram Curry 23 Apr 1896 Galeton, Potter Co, Pennsylvania Elkland
Hunt William Thomas 31 Jan 1896 Fairfax, Virginia Tioga Co
Hunter Albert Charles 15 Oct 1892 Champion, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Hunter Alexander 12 May 1881 Barkley, Bradford Co., Pennsylvania S. Delmar Twp
Hunter Floyd 30 Jul 1879 Westfield, Pennsylvania Chatham Twp
Huntington Harrison Haven 9 Mar 1878 North Bingham,Potter Co, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp
Hurd Victor N 21 Jun 1891 Millerton, Pennsylvania Millerton
Hurd Walter Benedict 7 Oct 1888 Woodhull, Steuben Co, New York Lawrence Twp
Hurlbert George 24 May 1879 (Deceased 12 Sept 1944) Gaines, Pennsylvania Watrous
Hurlbert Walter Eugene 30 Apr 1886 Gaines, Pennsylvania Gaines
Hurlbert Winfred Charles 30 Jun 1893 Gaines Twp, Pennsylvania Gaines
Hurlbutt Asaph Parmenio 28 Sep 1879 Chatham Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp, Tioga Co
Hurley Jacob John 17 Jul 1877 Switzerland Westfield
Hurley Michael Joseph 25 Jul 1881 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Union Twp
Hurst John Barber 11 Aug 1887 Toronto, Canada Elkland
Hussey John Edward 29 May 1894 (Deceased 30 Oct 1944) Troy, New York Wellsboro
Husted Archibald M 24 Nov 1878 Morris Run, Pennsylvania Morris Run
Husted Lee Daniel 19 Jun 1887 Deerfield Twp, Pennsylvania Deerfield Twp,
Husted Leonard L 29 Aug 1885 Morris Run, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Hutcheson Alexander 30 Oct 1878 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Hutcheson Benjamin 29 Oct 1891 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Hutcheson Charles 21 Mar 1893 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Covington Twp
Hutcheson Fred Foster 29 Aug 1883 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Covington
Hutcheson Ralph Bingham 11 Jan 1884 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Covington
Huyler Ward Leslie 29 Sep 1885 Brookfield Twp, Pennsylvania Brookfield Twp
Impson Ralph 7 Apr 1879 Stony Fork, Pennsylvania Tioga, Tioga Co
Impson Roy Lee 2 Oct 1880 Millerton, Pennsylvania Millerton
Ingalls Charles Aaron 5 Jan 1886 Mansfield, Tioga, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Ingalls Herbert 16 Dec 1880 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Richmond Twp
Ingalls Thomas Herman 12 Oct 1884 Covington Twp, Pennsylvania Covington Twp
Ingerick Ross Andrew 22 Sep 1885 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp
Ingraham Harry Edward 26 May 1895 Galeton, Pennsylvania Clymer Twp
Inscho Fred Dee 22 Apr 1890 Gibson, New York Wellsboro
Irving Robert Scott 3 Dec 1882 Ogdensburg, Pennsylvania Union Twp, Ogdensburg
Isban Albin Paul 28 Sep 1890 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Isban Jacob Nekodim 28 May 1885 (Deceased 22 Apr 1945) Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Ives Guy Leon 23 Apr 1891 Charleston Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Jabrez John J 7 Feb 1882 Germany Wellsboro
Jack Howard Milton 26 Dec 1890 Eldred, Pennsylvania Gaines Twp

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 9/25/2006
By Joyce M. Tice