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U.S. World War II Draft Registration Cards - 1942 registrations in Tioga County, Pennsylvania
The Fourth Registration, often referred to as the "old man's registration", was conducted on 27 April 1942 and registered men who born on or between 28 April 1877 and 16 February 1897 - men who were between 45 and 64 years old - and who were not already in the military.
3581 Registered
Note from Cheryl Roan who submitted this resource
There are many many errors found on these cards. My own grandfather's birthdate is incorrect. Cards were copied as found but I did make a few corrections in parenthesis when I knew it was wrong.
Garverick Jesse James 23 Aug 1882 Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania Morris
Gasprich Frank Leo 17 Nov 1888 Fiuma, Austria Arnot
Gee Albert John 7 Oct 1886 Osceola, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Osceola, Tioga Co.,
Gee Amasa C 26 Apr 1880 Delmar Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Shippen Twp, Tioga Co.
Gee Corel Morgan 31 Oct 1896 Woodhull, Steuben Co., New York Delmar Twp, Tioga Co.
Gee George Linsford 19 Sep 1887 Farmington Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Nelson Twp, Tioga Co.
Gee John Logan 27 Sep 1888 Tioga, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp, Tioga Co.
Gee Leander L 17 Jun 1879 Middlebury Center, Pennsylvania Middlebury Center
Gee Olin John 14 Jul 1889 Rutland, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp, Tioga Co.
Gee Walter Frederick 5 Oct 1891 (Deceased 17 Aug 1943) Delmar Twp, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
George Max 24 Feb 1891 Brookfield Twp, Pennsylvania Tioga
Gerould Henry Martin 5 Jan 1883 Covington, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Gerow Floyd Vinton 29 Oct 1888 Charleston Twp, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp
Gerow Gale C 19 Jul 1886 Charleston Twp, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp
Gerow Joseph Denton 8 Nov 1878 Charleston Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Charleston Twp
Giantomasi Antonio 19 Jan 1891 Italy Elkland
Giantomasi Nicola 20 Feb 1894 Italy Elkland
Gilbert Charles Sterrette 3 Apr 1880 Van Buren Co., Iowa Mansfield
Gilbert Jonas 6 Mar 1894 Lycoming, Pennsylvania Morris, Tioga Co
Gilbert Lee Nye 14 Oct 1889 Rutland , Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Millerton, Tioga Co
Gilbert Willard Josiah 27 Mar 1891 Bradford Co., Pennsylvania Mansfield
Giles Ira 31 Dec 1883 Rutland Twp, Tioga Co Pennsylvania Rutland Twp, Mansfield
Giles John Wilson 1 Jan 1881 Tioga Co. Rutland Twp, Tioga Co
Gillespie Wallace Wellwood 8 Sep 1877 Blackwell, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp, Tioga Co
Gillette Glenn Myron 28 Feb 1885 Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Mansfield, Tioga Co.,
Giordano Oreste 10 May 1885 Italy Elkland
Gitchell Gordon Webster 14 Jul 1888 Tioga, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp, Tioga Co.,
Gleason Fred 27 Apr 1885 Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Farmington Twp, Tioga Co
Gleason Fred 14 Oct 1888 Tioga, Co., Pennsylvania Delmar Twp, Tioga Co.,
Gleason Henry William 18 Sep 1878 Tioga, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp, Tioga Co.,
Gleason Louis J 3 Jun 1882 Deerfield Twp, Pennsylvania Lawrence, Tioga Co
Gleason Warley P 27 Dec 1885 Osceola, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Osceola, Tioga Co
Gleckler Edward 21 Jan 1886 Liberty, Pennsylvania Liberty Twp
Glennon Hugh Joseph 17 Sep 1892 Larry’s Creek, Lycoming Co., Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Glennon Owen Meehan 25 Apr 1882 Niles Valley, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Glennon Thomas Leo 5 Jan 1889 (Deceased 24 Apr 1945) Williamsport, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Glennon William Micheal 25 Jul 1886 Larry’s Creek, Lycoming Co., Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Glenwright Fred H 4 Sep 1894 Morris Run, Pennsylvania Tioga, Tioga Co
Goldberg Harry Ernest 22 May 1889 Liberty, Pennsylvania Liberty
Golden Gerald Daniel 15 Aug 1894 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Goodall Roscoe Herbert 10 Dec 1896 Tioga, Pennsylvania Liberty
Goodreau Rex Edgar 9 Feb 1886 Delmar Twp, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp,
Goodrich Ervie Paddock 29 Nov 1880 Farming Twp, Pennsylvania Tioga, Tioga Co
Goodrich Hiram George 4 Apr 1894 Lindley, New York Elkland
Goodwin Carl Leroy 17 Aug 1894 Tioga, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp, Tioga Co
Goodwin Clyde Wesley 1 May 1889 Stony Fork, Pennsylvania Delmar Twp,
Goodwin Floyd C 26 Dec 1890 Charleston Twp, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp, Tioga Co
Goodwin John Lester 13 Nov 1885 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Goodwin Oliver Samuel 17 Nov 1891 Bradford, Pennsylvania Millerton
Goodwin Raymond Smith 18 Feb 1895 Jackson Twp, Pennsylvania Millerton
Gorda Alexander 1 Aug 1896 Pruzana, Russia Charleston Twp, Tioga Co
Gott William Ferguson 6 Feb 1878 Rutland, Pennsylvania Millerton
Gould Glenn Edward 6 May 1883 Rutland, Pennsylvania Roseville
Grace Lloyd Ellsworth 12 Dec 1895 Bradford Co., Pennsylvania Jackson Twp, Millerton
Graham James Franklin 30 Jun 1894 Leolyn, Pennsylvania Roaring Branch
Graham Joe Randolph 22 Aug 1889 Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Osceola
Graham Leonard Ernest 11 Apr 1884 Oregon Hill, Pennsylvania Morris
Graham Manford Allen 27 Apr 1893 Oregon Hill, Pennsylvania Elkland
  Merlin Leroy Graham 11 Jan 1886 Lycoming Co., Pennsylvania Morris
Graham William Watson 20 Jun 1887 Morris, Pennsylvania Morris
Grant Herbert 10 Feb 1883 Arnot, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Graves Raymond John 7 Dec 1888 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Tioga Boro, Tioga Co
Gray Frank Hall 2 Mar 1894 Watkins Glen, New York Arnot
Grblanski Adam 15 Dec 1891 Poland Elkland
Greco Andy Andrea 1 Aug 1885 Italy Elkland
Greco Giuseppe 1 Nov 1883 Italy Westfield
Green Andrew Woodson 5 Jan 1893 Ceader Gap, Missouri Ogdensburg, Tioga Co
Green Harry Erie 8 May 1884 San Francisco, California Elkland
Green James Carey 3 May 1881 Cowanesque, Pennsylvania Cowanesque
Greene Chester Morgan 23 May 1880 Tioga, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Greene Lewis John 15 Aug 1881 Tioga, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Greene Percy A 17 Jun 1891 Tioga, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp, Tioga Co.
Greenfield Ralph M 14 Nov 1895 Middlebury Twp, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Greening Edward 3 Aug 1893 Buffalo, New York Mansfield
Greenwalt Clarence William 19 Aug 1896 Williamsport, Pennsylvania Lawrenceville
Greenwalt Oliver Henry 20 Jul 1878 Williamsport, Pennsylvania Alder Run, Tioga Co.
Gregory Raymond John 22 Mar 1889 Nauvoo, Tioga Co. Liberty Twp
Gregson Arthur 26 Jun 1881 Blackburn, England Wellsboro
Grenolds Charles Albert 9 Nov 1887 Troupsburg, New York Tioga, Tioga Co
Gridley Arthur V 29 Apr 1896 Westfield, Pennsylvania Westfield
Griffin Cecil Hoaglin 16 Feb 1895 Clymer Twp, Tioga, Pennsylvania Westfield
Griffin Clark Silas 21 Jul 1878 Sabinsville, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Sabinsville
Griffin Jerry Joseph 25 Aug 1888 Lambs Creek, Pennsylvania Lambs Creek
Griffin Nathan Earl 10 Feb 1879 Clymer Twp, Pennsylvania Clymer Twp, Tioga Co
Griffin Roy Claude 23 Mar 1893 Clymer Twp, Pennsylvania Clymer Twp, Tioga Co
Griffin Walter 18 Feb 1887 Rutland Twp, Pennsylvania Millerton
Griffin Walter Dyer 20 Aug 1883 Sabinsville, Pennsylvania Sabinsville, Tioga Co
Griffiths David John 27 Sep 1887 South Wales, Great Britian Mansfield
Griffiths Morgan Thomas 9 Jun 1893 Mountain Ash So. Wales, England Mansfield
Griggs Henry Everitt 20 Jan 1893 Troupsburg, New York Knoxville
Groover Harry Edwin 27 Sep 1890 Ogdensburg, Pennsylvania Ogdensburg
Grosjean Louis Dean 4 Jul 1883 Delmar Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Delmar Twp, Wellsboro
Gross Robert William 21 Mar 1890 Delmar Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Charleston Twp, Wellsboro
Gruzlewski Frank Joseph 22 Oct 1896 Ralston, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Gubala John J 11 Nov 1886 Mszako, Poland Charleston Twp,
Gublo Joseph Gubla 8 Feb 1879 Poland Arnot
Guernsey Raymond Lawrence 29 Apr 1892 Elmira, New York Blossburg
Guilds Clarence Corbin 17 Mar 1885 Sabinsville, Pennsylvania Middlebury, Tioga Co
Guinnip David H 4 May 1892 Wellsville, New York Elkland
Guisewite Raymond A 17 Oct 1895 Woodward, Centre Co., Pennsylvania Lawrenceville
Gunn Orrin L 10 Jul 1882 Troopsburg, New York Westfield, Tioga Co
Gunn Otto S 3 Apr 1889 Tioga, Pennsylvania Westfield, Tioga Co
Gustafson Andrew 29 Jan 1895 Hautsdale, Pennsylvania Morris Run
Guy Harry 24 Aug 1885 Liberty, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Guy Raymond Francis 14 Apr 1888 Liberty, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Guy William David 19 Oct 1887 Sebring, Pennsylvania Morris
Gwinn Clyde Wallace 30 Nov 1879 Greenville, West Virginia Tioga
Hackett Allie H 2 Jun 1883 Brookfield, Pennsylvania Westfield Twp
Hackett Archie Daniel 13 May 1893 Little Marsh, Pennsylvania Elkland
Hackett Arthur J 30 Dec 1895 Tioga, Pennsylvania Shippen Twp, Tioga Co
Hackett Claude 24 Oct 1878 Westfield Twp, Pennsylvania Clymer Twp
Hackett John Findley 2 May 1890 Roaring Branch, Pennsylvania Lawrenceville
Hadley Phillip Henry 26 Mar 1888 Fallbrook, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Hagar Claude Lyle 30 May 1879 Ward Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Hagedorn Hervey Martin 4 Nov 1894 Rochester, New York Westfield
Hager Charles Mark 14 Feb 1886 Bradford, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Hager Harry Dudley 17 Sep 1887 Troy, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp
Haight George Louis 3 Mar 1895 Dincan Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Haines James F 20 Nov 1886 Potter Co, Pennsylvania Sabinsville
Hajiconstanti Christ George 25 Aug 1889 Rodi Island, Greece Wellsboro
Hakes Arthur Carpenter 15 Sep 1889 Delmar Twp, Tioga Co Middlebury Center
Hakes Charles Milford 20 Apr 1884 Delmar Twp, Tioga Co Middlebury Center
Hakes Fred Luther 12 Sep 1877 Richmond, Pennsylvania Mansfield
Hakes Fred Warren 11 Jul 1895 (Deceased 30 July 1943) Middlebury Twp, Pennsylvania Middlebury
Hall Burr 29 Aug 1891 Farmington, Pennsylvania Osceola
Hall Charles Lee 5 Jul 1880 Delmar, Pennsylvania Charleston, Wellsboro
Hall Charles Rowland 18 Sep 1885 Maysville, Kentucky Westfield
Hall Charles William 12 Jun 1881 Spencer, New York Tioga, Tioga Co
Hall Clarence Edward 29 May 1887 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Hall Floyd Buckbee 26 Jun 1886 Tioga, Pennsylvania Tioga
Hall Frank Asle 11 Aug 1885 (Deceased 8 Aug 1944) Troupsburg, New York  
Hall Frank Dartt 22 Mar 1891 Arnot, Pennsylvania Arnot
Hall James Franklin 8 Dec 1879 Troupsburg, New York Westfield
Hall Rev. Jesse Albert 24 Jun 1887 Baltimore, Maryland Wellsboro
Hall Lee 6 Mar 1886 Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Knoxville
Hall Leon W 22 Sep 1896 Roseville, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp
Hall Lewis George 10 Aug 1890 Jackson Summit, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp
Hall Lynn George 30 Apr 1883 Cherry Flats, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Hall Ray Morris 7 Sep 1891 Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Mansfield
Hall Raymond Lloyd 31 Jul 1884 Elmira, New York Millerton
Hall Thomas Dickson 18 Aug 1893 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Hall Verne Pearl 19 Aug 1885 Cherry Flats, Pennsylvania Elkland
Hall William Egburt 16 Jun 1887 Wales, Great Britain Ogdensburg
Halleck William Lyman 11 Mar 1878 Canisteo, New York Nelson
Hallock Fred Tyrus 6 Aug 1886 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Hallock Sherman Dean 9 Feb 1897 Troupsburg, New York Elkland
Hamblin Paul Devier 24 Sep 1890 Brookfield Twp, Pennsylvania Farmington Twp
Hamilton Albert Gale 21 Dec 1880 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Hammond Frank 15 Aug 1877 Elkland, Pennsylvania Elkland
Hammond George 21 Oct 1887 Tioga, Pennsylvania Brookfield Twp
Hammond Keith Calvin 15 May 1879 Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Hammond Leroy 12 Sep 1891 Brookfield Twp, Pennsylvania Brookfield Twp
Hammond William Edgar 7 Sep 1893 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Charleston Twp, Wellsboro
Hancher Harry C 17 Apr 1888 Liberty, Pennsylvania Covington
Hancock Claude Lawrence 11 May 1883 Westfield, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Westfield, Tioga Co.
Haner Earl Amzy 24 Jan 1895 Gaines, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Gaines, Tioga Co.,
Hannah Fred William 10 Nov 1896 San Salvador, Bahamas Blossburg
Hanson Arthur M 23 Mar 1895 Beverly, Massachusetts Lawrenceville
Hanson George 17 Apr 1889 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Hanson Walter 22 Oct 1895 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Harding Clinton Carpenter 25 Jan 1884 Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Harding Roy M 25 Mar 1881 Delmar Twp, Tioga Co Delmar Twp, Tioga Co
Harding Walter Raymond 1 Jun 1886 Blossburg, Pennsylvania Blossburg
Harer Edward 14 Sep 1885 Liberty, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Covington Twp
Harer George Washington 22 Apr 1889 Tioga, Pennsylvania Liberty
Harer Robert Andrew 27 Oct 1893 Liberty, Pennsylvania Liberty Twp
Harnas Thomas John 21 Dec 1892 Stara Bistrca, Austria Covington Twp
Harrington Fay 25 Nov 1886 Troupsburg, New York Chatham Twp
Harrington Shirley Park 22 Apr 1893 Middleport, New York Mansfield
Harris Edward Alonzo 18 Dec 1888 Altay, New York Knoxville
Harris George Leo 19 Sep 1894 Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Delmar Twp
Harris Harry Edward 18 Jul 1890 Tioga, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Harris Lloyd Sterling 15 Oct 1886 Bangor, Michigan Morris
Harris Robert Ben 2 Jul 1895 Canandaigua, New York Morris
Harris Varne Elmer 7 Mar 1889 Round Top, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Mansfield
Harrison Ernest T 3 Dec 1884 Steuben Co, New York Lawrenceville
Harrower John Lilburn 21 Mar 1878 Farmington Twp, Tioga Co, Pennsylvania Tioga Twp, Tioga Co
Hart Herbert V 2 Jun 1887 Rutland, Pennsylvania Rutland, Twp, Mansfield
Hartley Ernest Sylvester 10 Apr 1884 Gouverneur, New York Osceola
Hartsock John William 30 Apr 1895 Hepburn Twp, Lycoming Co., Pennsylvania Liberty
Harvey Fred C 6 Apr 1888 Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Harvey Harry Rockwell 9 Jan 1888 Richmond Twp, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Richmond Twp, Tioga Co.,
Harvey Isaac Winner 13 Jan 1893 Morris Run, Pennsylvania Rutland Twp
Harzinski Andrew Francis 11 Nov 1892 Arnot, Pennsylvania Arnot
Harzinski John 19 May 1880 (Deceased 28 Dec 1942) Germany Arnot
Hasker Carl Bernard 10 Jan 1889 Delmar Twp, Tioga Co Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Haskin Marion M 9 Nov 1878 Potter Co., Pennsylvania Westfield
Haskins Dan V 22 Dec 1892 Potter Co., Pennsylvania Westfield
Hassinger Aaron S 28 Aug 1895 Vicksburg, Pennsylvania Lawrenceville
Hastings John Winfield 25 Aug 1881 Meadow Run, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania Charleston Twp
Hatherill George Thomas 14 Jul 1890 Fallbrook, Pennsylvania Morris Run
Hatherill John Louis 30 Nov 1881 Fall Brook, Pennsylvania  
Havens Alvin 30 Jan 1891 Sunderlinville, Pennsylvania Elkland
Haverley Foster William 23 Apr 1891 Tioga, Pennsylvania Covington
Haverley John Garrison 17 May 1887 Cherry Flats, Pennsylvania Putnam Twp
Hawk Erwin Cecil 28 Jun 1888 Richmond, Virginia Wellsboro
Hawk James Martin 15 Mar 1888 Gilberton, Pennsylvania Wellsboro
Hawley Charles Howland 6 Jul 1888 Little Marsh, Tioga Co., Pennsylvania Mansfield

Published on Tri-Counties Site on 9/25/2006
By Joyce M. Tice