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Tioga County Military Rolls

Typed for Tri-Counties by Pat Raymond

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      Mansfield, Pa        
Bailey, J. O. Wright 1877-1949   Bailey, Ralph J     Colony, George  
.     O'Connor, James         
      WORLD WAR I        
      Mansfield, Pa
(Richmond Township)
Allen, Leigh 1896-1984 y Dorsett, Lewis S. 1899-1961   Maynard, Earl T. 1890-1966
Austin, Rozell 1898-1966   Dowson, Hubert W.     Miller, Raymond 1890-
Ayres, Charles D. 1893-1963   Dyke, Willis P. 1891-1920   Miller, Warren L. 1899-1982
Bailey, B. Mart 1880-1945   Earley, Percey C. 1896-1977   Mosher, Joseph L.  
Bailey, Dwight 1893-1968   Forrest, Walter 1895-1959   Myers, George J. 1894-1966
Bailey, [P.]  Edward 1897-1950   Fowler, Wellwood G. 1899-1922   McConnell, Lewis 1894-1928
Bailey, Gordon L. 1900-1919   Gardner, Chauncey 1892-1979   McConnell, Ernest V. 1894-1977
Bailey, J. O. Wright 1877-1949   Gardner, Walter F. 1888-   Nickerson, Hiram N. 1894-1964
Bailey, [W.] Llewellyn 1895-1977   Gillette, Townsend 1899-1948   O'Dell, Kenneth 1897-1970
Bailey, Leo J. 1894-1988   Goodall, Roscoe 1897-1973   Osborne, Herbert 1895-1943
Bailey, Raymond 1897-1961   Goodall, Wade T. 1899-1953   Palmer, Robert R. 1896-1968
Bailey, Ross B. 1897-1979   Grace, Randolph B. 1891-1984   Plank, Ellis W. 1895-1987
Baldwin, J. A. 1899-1983   Harvey, Howard R. 1891-1958   Plank, Raymond S. 1887
Bartle, Manderville 1899-1956   Hatfield, John N. 1897-1974   Harold I. Richards 1893-1982
Bartlett, Victor 1892-1964   Hayes, Richard 1893-1985   Ripley, Keith F. 1898-1983
Beach, Stephen H. 1895-1961   Hertle, William G. 1894-1980   Ross, Charles W. 1894-1949
Beach, Robert 1899-1982   Hitchcock, Russell 1900-1960   Root, Carl 1896-1954
Bedenk, Frank 1894-1980   Hoard, Donald V. 1890-1966   Russell, Edward C. 1892-1956
Bedenk, Fred J. 1897-1978   Inscho, Frank H. 1891-1963   Shaw, Nelson B. 1900-1957
Benson, Hiram 1894-1982   James, Morgan W. 1899-   Smith, Rayburn F. 1895-1986
Bogardus, Raymond B. 1895-1966   Judge, Wade W. 1893-1943   Smith, Anson 1898-1962
Bolt, Edward F. 1895-1981   Jupenlaz, August 1876-1928   Smith, Ray T. 1899-1958
Borden, Arthur [Robert] 1899-?   Jupenlaz, Charles 1896-1974   Sours, Glen 1896-
Briggs, Harry E. 1891-1936   Jupenlaz, Fred A. 1898-1978   Spencer, Fred A. 1899-1968
Bryan, Arthur     Jupenlaz, Wilfred 1898-1952   Sherman, Lyle B. 1897-1972
Brown, L. Guy 1890-1971   Keeney, Ransom I. 1889-1945   Sherman, Oscar 1900-1990
Bunn, William F. 1895-1974   Keeney, Harold S. 1899-1983   Stilwell, Albert J. 1895-1937
Burnham, Frederick B. 1898-1968   Kelly, Harry B. 1890-1961   Stilwell, F. Richard 1899-1964
Clark, Lee E. 1894-1968   Kelly, Lee     Strait, Harold G. 1898-1983
Cleveland, Alfred J. 1895-1957   Kelly, William H.     Strait, Walter W. 1889-1963
Cleveland, Roy, G. 1895-1957   Kelly, Gerald L. 1898-   Swan, Charles J.  
Cleveland, Wayne 1896-1984   Kilgore, Faye 1896-1984   Taylor, Harry A. 1896-1950
Cogswell, J. Bryce 1890-1924   Knapp, Delos H. 1900-1974   Thompson, John B.  
Cole, Harry 1877-1934   Kutz, Harry C. 1886-1948   Tomlinson, Floyd R.  
Conklin, Elmer 1890-1974   Lamb, Fred B. 1887-1955   VanNess, Preston O. 1895-1985
Cook, Andrew 1899-   Lamphier, Cass 1894-1965   VanNess, Manley B. 1893-1967
Coveney, Asa A. 1896-1957   Landon, Francis M. 1899-   Welch, Benjamin L. 1897-1977
Coveney, Lawrence G. 1898-1981   Leach, Walter 1892-1955   Whittaker, Fred  
Cox, John F. 1899-1918   Lent, F. Emerson 1890-1948   Whittaker, Claude 1887-1973
Crossley, Robert C. 1894-1951   William R. Longstreet 1897-1983   Wilson, Floyd C.  
Dillon, G. Ray 1898-1979   Love, Harry 1899-1972   Wilson, Walter  
Doane, John H. 1887-1967   Lowe, Wayne L. 1896-1968   Osgood, Harold S.  
Dorsett, Ernest M. 1870-1944   Matteson, Clayton 1893-1972      
Avery, Charles     Johnson, Frank W.     Nelson, Ernest  
Cleveland, Verne     Kiley, John     Nelson, Claus  
Cleveland, Sanford F.     Kiley, Ross     Olney, D. Harold  
Cole, Frank     Knowlton, Leon     Owens, Edward T.  
Doud, Wayne     Kowiak, George Jan     Redfield, Scott  
Douglass, Andrew     Kroll, John     Redfield, Harry  
Frost, Eldred     Managan, H. Vaughn     Richards, Arthur  
Frost, Charles     Marvin, Ora     Rogers, Ernest  
Gardner, Leon E.     Marvin, Radford G.     Wilson, Robert W.  
Herman, Lewis     Moore, John     Webster, William  
Hutcheson, Lester     Nelson, Richard     Weiskopff, James  
      RUTLAND TOWNSHIP        
Allen, Ray A.     Nye, Sylvene A. (Nurse) 1880-1923   Webster, Myron  
Armstrong, Albert     Seeley, Lewis     Weiskopff, Leroy  
Jenkins, Colie     Sweely, David        
Myers, Donald     Webster, Carl        
Austin, Gerald N.     Fields, Clyde A.     Schucker, Merle V.  
Austin, Jesse L.     Fields, Colie     Schucker, Morris  
Bryan, Ross E. Sr.     Howard, Elwin F.     Seymour, George W.  
Chamberlain, Earl     Kizer, Charles     Smith, Glen I.  
Chamberlain, Ernest     McConnell, Lester     Squires, George B.  
Cleveland, Earl     McCann, George     Steele, Raymond  
Connelly, Howard     McNeal, Herman     Welch, William R.  
Connelly, William J.     Nash, Roy     Welch, Harold  
Fethers, Grant     Palmer, Lewis L. (10284)     Welch, Mirrill A.  
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 07/15/1999
By Joyce M. Tice

March 2017, I am adding birth/death dates in prpearation for the upcoming book under preparation about the people on this memorial - JMT