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For This part of the History of The Civil War as it affected Tioga County, we will have to rely on our own resources. The 1897 History of Tioga County, which listed the male soldiers who fought in the Civil War, neglected to include any of the women. If anybody can find such a reference in the book, I will be only too pleased to be corrected. I am going to have to rely on the users of this page to inform me of any Tioga County women who acted as nurses or in other roles in the Civil War.

I know of Clymene Rumsey of Sullivan Township and will later add what I know about her.

In my own library I have the following books on the subject:

Women of the War, Frank Moore, orig. pub. 1866, reprinted 1997 - Interesting for the times in which it was written. This is a contemporary account

A Woman of Valor; Clara Barton and The Civil War, Stephen B. Oates, 1994 - Excellent reading.

Sarah Morgan; the Civil War Diary of a Southern Woman, 1991, No one had more fun at the time than the very young Sarah who took it all in her stride.

Yankee Women; Gender Battles in the Civil War, Elizabeth D, Leonard, Norton, 1994 - Haven't read this one yet.

Smithsonian Magazine had an excellent article a few years ago about women who fought as soldiers in the Civil War. It was written by a college professor who wanted to join a re-enactment group as a soldier, but was not allowed to do so until she did the research and demonstrated that women fought. It included recently found letters from a woman in Binghamton who fought in many battles and who was eventually killed. The letters had been hidden in the attic by a family ashamed of her participation. I saved the article but can't find it. If someone with a neater house, better able to find their old Smithsonians would let me know what issue, I'd appreciate it.

Following are two excellent links to related sites: Civil War Nurses and Civil War Women. Don't miss either one of these and they will lead you to more Civil War links also.

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