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57th Regiment
The source of this listing is the 1897 Tioga County History
Transcribed for Tri-Counties by Donna Wert 

This regiment was organized at Camp Curtin in December, 1861. It participated in the siege of Yorktown and the battles and skirmishes of Fair Oaks, Charles City Cross Roads, Malvern Hill, Second Bull Run, Fairfax Court House, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Mine Run, Auburn Creek, Kelly's Ford, Locust Grove, Widerness, North Anna, Cold Harbor, Hatcher's Run, Weldon Railroad, Fort Steadmand and Sailor's Creek.

Over two-thirds of this regiment re-enlisted December 24, 1863. In January, 1865, having been greatly reduced in strength by the severity of the summer campaign, it was consolidated into a battalion of six companies, and the Eighty-fourth Pennsylvania Volunteers consolidated with it. It was mustered out of the service at Alexandria, Virginia, June 22, 1865.

Company D of this regiment was recruited in Tioga county. Its roster is as follows:

Caulkins H.W. Captain  
Moore James D. Captain  
Etz Charles O. First Lieutenant Killed or mortally wounded
Mattison William O. Second Lieutenant  
Slavin Cyrus P. Second Lieutenant  
Joseph S. Sergeant  
Bristol Perry C. Sergeant  
Brooks William Sergeant  
Christ Levi Sergeant  
Hayne Albert Sergeant  
Pew Albert P. Sergeant  
Hay John Sergeant Wounded
Shields Samuel Sergeant Died
Labar John T. Sergeant  
Westbrook H.F. Sergeant Killed or mortally wounded
Managan Richard P. Sergeant  
Holmes Daniel Sergeant  
McCormick Adam Corporal  
Lutes Jacob Corporal  
Kennedy Charles B. Corporal  
Torner John Corporal  
Hill Somerville Corporal  
Harrison George W. Corporal  
Barzoni Louis Corporal  
King Marion Corporal  
McCartney S.H. Corporal Wounded
Babcock Harry W. Corporal  
Eillis Baker D. Corporal  
Douglass Henry R. Corporal  
Goodrich Edwin C. Corporal  
Ingalls Seymour Corporal  
Maynard Charles Corporal  
Hill Robert C. Corporal Wounded
Crull Henry Musician  
Downey Daniel Musician
Lambacks W.S. Musician Died
Anderson John W. Private  
Andrews Milton M. Private Died
Brest David Private  
Breakman Jackson Private  
Brest Lewis F. Private  
Bostwick William Private  
Burns William A. Private  
Beeman Stephen S. Private  
Brobst Jonas Private  
Brooks John Private  
Break James H. Private  
Booth John Private  
Baddif David Private  
Brannon E. Private  
Bailey Albert Private Died
Bowman David Private  
Butler Charles Private Wounded
Christ Elias Private  
Christwell Joseph Private  
Creighton William J. Private  
Christ Harvey T. Private  
Cubbison John Private Wounded
Clair Hiram Private  
Coyle Patrick Private  
Clouts Joseph Private  
Conger H.A. Private  
Cox David A. Private  
Catlin Philemon Private  
Christ William Private Wounded
Cubbison Harvey L. Private Killed
Curtis William H. Private Wounded
Childs Perry Private  
Card Benjamin Private  
Culver P. Private Wouned
Christwall Joseph Private  
Dewey Theodore F. Private Died
Dobson John Private  
Dunmire John Private  
Dickey Bruce Private Wounded
Delong Hiram Private  
Dewald Henry Private  
Douglas George W. Private  
Derr Jacob Private  
Dougherty John Private Wounded
Davidson Harrison Private Died
Donohue John S. Private  
Davidson William W. Private Died
Davidson Robert Private  
Drake John Private Killed or mortally wounded
Dimmick  Addison Private  
Dickey Thomas Private  
Evans Evan Private Dmed
Evans James Private Died
Furl Jonas Private  
Forrest John Private Wounded
Fesser Lewis C. Private  
Freear Dubois Private Died
Ginher William Private  
Gaston Joseph Private  
Gitchell Robert S. Private  
Green Miles S. Private  
Granger George T. Private  
Guish Winfield Private Died
Grant James Private  
Gibbons, Jr. Thomas Private  
Gaskill Abram Private  
Gearhart Elias Private  
Hood Washington Private  
Hamilton Alexander Private Wounded
Harrison Jesse Private  
Hill Washington P. Private  
Hill James Private Wounded
Hagey William Private Wounded
Howard S.M. Private  
Humison C.W. Private  
Harrison John J. Private Died
Hollabaugh Isaac Private Died
Hunter Alexander R. Private  
Hanna Arthur Private  
Hay  David  Private Killed or mortally wounded
Jones Henry Private  
Johnson Richard Private  
Johnson William K. Private Wounded
Johnson George  Private Killed or mortally wounded
Johnson W.P. Private Died
Johnson Oliver G. Private  
Kellogg Henry N. Private  
Kelts A.H. Private Wounded
Kent Henry Private  
Knox Anthony Private  
Kentch Morris S. Private Wounded
Lillie Merrit Private  
Lemon Jason Private  
Love C. Private Wounded
Lightcap William E. Private  
Lytle A.G. Private  
Little William J. Private Died
Luton Miles  Private  
Martin Robert H. Private  
Mattison Benjamin Private  
Mattison Lafayette Private  
Mattison Silas B. Private  
Markel Nathaniel Private  
Medows James Private  
Magner William Private  
Magner Michael Private  
Mateer James F. Private Died
Millison David Private  
Maxiona Charles Private Died
McLain Thomas B. Private Died
McCloud Henry Private Killed or mortally wounded
O'Keefe Partick Private Wounded
Parks John R. Private Wounded
Patton George Private  
Piper John W. Private Wounded
Pew Joseph V. Private Wounded
Parker Joseph W. Private  
Raybuck Amos Private  
Riley Edward Private  
Richards William T. Private  
Rogers Elias Private  
Row Henry Private  
Redman Lewis Private  
Scott Charles W. Private  
Spear John Private  
Scott E.D. Private Wounded
Shick Christian Private  
Shouts John Private  
Schenck John Private Wounded
Smith Charles E. Private  
Sticker Joseph Private  
Slaven Walker Private  
Sharp James Private Died
Silliman Elijah B. Private  
Stage Aaron Private Died
Stage George Private  
Streeter George D. Private Wounded
Simon Samuel Private Killed or mortally wounded
Snow William Private  
Thomas Thomas D. Private  
Thompson Elijah Private Wounded
Thompson John Private  
Tyler James M. Private  
Thatcher Edward Private  
Vanderpool William Private  
Vanderpool, 2d James Private  
Vanderpool Jerry Private  
Vanaman Francis Private Died
Vanderpool Henry Private Killed or mortally wounded
Vangilder John Private  
Vanderpool, 1st James Private  
Williams Samuel Private  
Wilsoncroff Joel E. Private  
Weiser George Private  
Weiser Henry Private  
Woods Samuel M. Private  
Waltz Thomas Private  
Wells Robert M. Private  
Woods Joseph Private Died
Wykoff Thomas C. Private Died
Young Marion Private  
Zalmizer Valentine Private Died

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 9/3/98
By Joyce M. Tice