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45th Regiment
The source of this listing is the 1897 Tioga County History
Transcribed for Tri-Counties by Donna Wert 

This regiment saw service both in the eastern and western armies, and was engaged in the battles of James Island, South Mountain, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Siege of Vicksburg, Jackson, Blue Springs, Campbell Station, Siege of Knoxville, Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Cold Harbor, North Anna, Mine Explosion, Weldon Railroad, Poplar Spring Church, Hatcher's Run and capture of Petersburg. The regiment was noted for its fine discipline and the splendid bravery of its men. after Lee's surrender it took part in the grand review at Washington, D.C., May 22 and 23, 1865, and on July 17, 1865, was mustered out of service.

Companies F & G on Page One BELOW, Companies H, I, on Page Two

This regiment was organized October 21, 1861, with the following field officers:

Welsh Thomas Colonel   Lancaster County
Beaver James A. Lieutenant Colonel   Centre County
Kilbourne J.M. Major   Potter County

Among the field and staff officers of this regiment, the following were from Tioga county

Lill Francis M. Lieutenant Colonel   promoted from Captain of Company I, March 1, 1863
Trout John F. Major   promoted from Captain of Gompany C March 31, 1865
Dickinson Decatur Adjutant   promoted from Sergeant Major and First Lieutenent November 30, 1864

Company F of this regiment, which was recruited in Wayne and Tioga counties, contained the following named officers and privates from Tioga county:

Scudder Geovge P. First Lieutenant Killed or mortally wounded
Woodmansee J.E. Second Lieutenant  
Campbell Adolph D Second Lieutenant Wounded
Van Dusen Gilbert Sergeant Wounded
Hughes John W. Sergeant  
Kilburn Jonas G Sergeant Wounded
Palmer George Sergeant  
Bush John H. Sergeant  
Seely Francis Sergeant Wounded
Bloom Nathaniel Corporal Wounded
Arnold John Private  
Anderson Samuel Private  
Butler Thomas J. Private  
Carl John Private  
Houghtaling Ellis B. Private Wounded
Kennedy James Private Wounded
Kilburn Solomon Private  
Merrick Wheeler O. Private Wounded
Rice Austin D. Private Wounded

Company G, which was recruited in Tioga county, was composed of the following commissioned officers and privates:

Whitney Nelson Captain  
Richards Rees G. Captain  
Ensworth A.L. First Lieutenant  
Fitzgerald William T. First Lieutenant  
Haynes Samuel First Lieutenant  
Rogers John J. First Lieutenant Wounded
Rees John J Second Lieutenant  
Jeffers Ephraim Second Lieutenant Wounded
Davies Thomas J. Second Lieutenant Wounded
Richards Rees G. First Sergeant  
White Jasper R. First Sergeant  
Bacon David L. First Sergeant  
Bowen David E. First Sergeant Wounded
Davies Thomas J. Sergeant  
Rogers John J. Sergeant  
Jeffers Ephraim Sergeant  
Belcher David H. Sergeant  
Beauge Eugene Sergeant  
Kelley Charles T. Sergeant Wounded
Thompson Lyman W. Sergeant  
Cruttenden T.C. Sergeant Killed or mortally wounded
Wilcox David Sergeant  
Reese  William L. Sergeant  
Robbins John H. Sergeant  
Thompson Lyman Corporal  
White J.R. Corporal  
Bacon D.L. Corporal  
Owens W.W. Corporal Died
Robbins John H Corporal  
Rees David W. Corporal Wounded
Johnson John J Corporal  
Rogers Thomas J. Corporal Wounded
Peck William E. Corporal  
Updyke David H. Corporal  
Willard William F. Corporal  
Rogers Samuel R. Corporal Wounded
Tillotson James K. Corporal  
Jennings Joseph R. Corporal Died
Wilday Charles H. Corporal Killed or mortally wounded
Peet Ebenezer  Corporal Killed or mortally wounded
Fenton Henry Corporal Killed or mortally wounded
Smith Richard E. Corporal Died
Rill John H. Musician  
Fenn John W. Musician  
Dockstader Adam Musician  
Ames Horatio W. Private Died
Bockus Eleazer Private  
Bockus Joseph Private  
Brown Daniel Private  
Bell Frank Private  
Butler Thomas J. Private Wounded
Bellinger Peter Private  
Burleigh Morgan D. Private Wounded
Bockus Andrew Private  
Butler Josiah L. Private Killed or motally wounded
Brown Frank Private  
Brewster George W. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Bollinger Joseph Private Died
Bartlett George L. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Bockus George H. Private Died
Bockus Alonzo Private  
Bixby William Private Died
Benedict Orson A. Private  
Bacon George Private  
Bopp Jacob Private  
Curpsman Archibald Private  
Cook Charles D. Private  
Cook John Private  
Caspus Max Van Private  
Campfester Jacob Private Wounded
Coyle Thomas Private  
Culver V.S. Private  
Consadine Patrick Private  
Carr James Private  
Caldwell Alexander Private  
Carpenter Nelson Private Died
Clemens Charles Private  
Conly John Private  
Dickinson James Private  
Dunn John E. Private  
Daugherty Patrick Private  
Douglass James Private  
Deming Hiram D. Private  
Downing William Private Killed or mortally wounded
Derbyshire George R. Private Died
Edwards Charles Private  
Evans Daniel A. Private  
English James S. Private Wounded
Fideal Magnus  Private  
Filmore Herman Private  
Fuller Leroy F. Private  
Franklin James Private Died
Godfrey Lafayette Private  
Griffin Henry Private  
Gettings George Private  
Gill Henry N. Private  
Gill Abram V. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Gronden Joseph Gronden Private  
Hotchkiss Darius H. Private Wounded
Hoefner Frank Private  
Hakes Simon L. Private  
Hoy James  Private  
Humphrey Joseph Private  
Hauber John T. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Hilkert Henry G. Private  
Iseminger William Private  
Jenkins George Private  
Jones Edward P. Private  
Jones William H. Private Died
Jennings Herman Private Died
Johnson Alonzo Private  
Knapp Nelson Private  
Kelley Francis R. Private Wounded
Kelley Patrick J. Private Wounded
Kray Paul Private  
Kinney Simon L. Private  
Kegrise Adolphus Private  
Kelsey Elijah S. Private  
Kephart Andrew J. Private  
Losliere Alexander F. Private  
Lewis Almon Private  
Marshall William J. Private  
Morrison John Private  
Monaghan James Private  
Moyer Evans Private  
Martin John Private  
Morse James Private  
Morgan Martin Private  
Marvin George S. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Mickle William A. Private Died
Munn Washington Private Died
Mickle Willis J. Private Died
Munn Warren Private Died
Moore Thomas Private  
Mickle George  Private Died
Miller Conrad Private  
McMahon John Private  
McIntosh Henry Private  
McMaety Michael Private  
McEnty Michael Private  
Nott Stephen Private Died
Nolan Thomas Private  
O'Connor Mark Private  
Ormsby Edwin Private  
Price Adam Private  
Pettis John Private  
Patterson R.F. Private  
Precit Carl Private Wounded
Porter Erwin E. Private Wounded
Peterson William W. Private Died
Pettis Sumner W. Private  
Pitts Almon D. Private  
Packard John H. Private  
Parke Joseph Private  
Polland Emory Private  
Rosebrock John M. Private  
Rarah Alexander Private Wounded
Rice Henry T. Private Wounded
Robbins Noah H. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Reese Thomas J. Private Died
Rogers Charles H. Private Died
Reese Josiah C. Private  
Soule Orville Private  
Smith Eli Private Wounded
Smith Ezra Private  
Sanders George Private  
Smith James S. Private  
Scott Jerome Private  
Smith Morris Private Wounded
Smith Philander P. Private  
Saxe Jacob Private  
Smith Vincent M. Private Wounded
Sloat Philemon Private Killed or mortally wounded
Smith William Private  
Starkweather J. Private  
Smith Alvan Private  
Squires Jacob Private Killed or mortally wounded
Stratton Horace M. Private  
Terbell Charles H. Private Wounded
Twigg Brice Private  
Thompson Allen Private Wounded
Thornton Almon Private  
Thornton Edward L. Private  
Thompson Moses Private Died
Townsend Thomas Private  
Westbrook Jacob Private  
Willard Joseph Private  
Williams Daniel J. Private Wounded
Wood William P. Private Killed or mortally wounded
Wilson Delmar Private Died
White Charles Private  
Williams John Private  
Wilcox Hiram Private Killed or mortally wounded
Wetmore Chester Private Killed or mortally wounded
Wilday George C. Private  

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 9/3/98
By Joyce M. Tice