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42 nd Regiment
The source of this listing is the 1897 Tioga County History
Transcribed for Tri-Counties by Donna Wert 
This famous regiment was at first commanded by Col. Thomas L. Kane, and was organized June 12, 1861. As its history is well known it need not be repeated here. Each man wore a bucktail in his cap, which became the emblem of the regiment. After seeing much hard service the regiment was mustered out June 11, 1864, having served three years. "The old bunting, " says Bates, "which had floated over the rafts on which the original Bucktails were borne down the Susquehanna in April, 1861, and which had been carried by them in all their campaigns, was borne in procession in Philadelphia on the 4th of July, 1866, by the scarred veterans who survived, and delivered up to the governor, amid the loud acclamations of the multitudes, as they recognized the familiar emblem that surmounted its staff."

William T. Humphrey, of Osceola, who went out as assistant surgeon of the regiment, was promoted to surgeon of the 149th Pennsylvania Volunteers, November 1, 1862.

Company A of this regiment was recruited at Lawrenceville, the roster being as follows:

Companies E, F, G are on next page

Holland Philip Captain Killed or mortally wounded  
Harrower John G. Captain    
Harrower John G. First Lieutenant    
Kinsey Neri B. First Lieutenant    
Leonard Edwin B. First Lieutenant    
Kinsey Neri B. Second Lieutenant    
Leonard Edwin B. Second Lieutenant    
Orcutt Daniel Second Lieutenant Killed or mortally wounded  
Leonard Edwin B. Sergeant    
Sayles Ariel K. Sergeant    
Hunt Edmund J. Sergeant    
Hawe John Sergeant    
Boardman Daniel S. Sergeant    
Godfrey Andrew Sergeant    
Steele John M. Sergeant    
Vanarsdale A.V. Sergeant    
Rumsey William N. Sergeant    
Stebbins Orrin M. Sergeant Killed or mortally wounded  
Millsworth Samuel O. Sergeant Killed or mortally wounded  
Wakeley John B. Corporal    
Smith Almond J. Corporal Wounded  
Stevens Horace A. Corporal    
Seeley Albert A. Corporal Killed or mortally wounded  
Arnold Eili S. Private    
Buck Francis Private    
Baker Albert Private Wounded  
Brimer Uriah Private    
Bowman George W. Private    
Bogart Wallace Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Babcock Thaddeus Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Bruce Edwin T. Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Beeman Seymore Private    
Card Simon B. Private    
Colgrove Orner Private    
Cobel Norman K. Private    
Cady Alpheus Private    
Cowells Henry S. Private    
Counselman Washington Private    
Clark Charles W. Private    
Chase William H. Private    
Conklin Joseph Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Cole, Jr. James Private Died  
Crockett John Private    
Doyle George K. Private    
Durkes Levi Private Wounded  
Dougherty George Private    
Davis Samuel S. Private    
Davidson James K. Private Wounded  
Dorcy Henry S. Private    
Drummond R.B. Private    
Dreifuss Solomon Private    
Davis Leroy P. Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Drummon Eben B.  Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Drier Charles Private    
Edgarton Wilton Private    
Evans Michael Private    
Freeland Samuel Private    
Freeman Freedom Private    
Grover Reuben S. Private    
Gorton Farnsworth Private Wounded  
Goodel Abner Private    
Goonough Willard Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Guyer Charles Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Gee George H. Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Heyler Frederick M. Private    
Herrick Pierce Private    
Harvey Hiram W. Private    
Hill John Private    
Harrower Gabriel F. Private    
Hardy Michael Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Impson Benjamin E. Private    
Impson Joseph C. Private Died  
Kemball George Private    
Kinsey Niles V. Private    
Kriner Joseph Private Died  
Lewis William J. Private    
Lyon George E. Private    
Lewis Lewis O. Private Killed or mortally wounded  
McFall Alexander G. Private    
McClure Perry Private    
Magee Hugh J. Private    
McCort Patrick Private &nbwp;  
Miller Joseph Private   Miller James H. Private    
Moorehouse Adon Private  
Newcomer A. Private Died  
O'Dell Henry Private    
Olin Edward Private    
Phinney Benjamin F. Private    
Phillips S.D. Private    
Rowley Seeley B. Private    
Roher Silas Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Reed Tip Private Killed or mortallly wounded  
Rowley John R. Private    
Seaman Eli B. Private Wounded  
Self William E. Private    
Smith Cornelius J. Private    
Sweet Aser Private    
Seeley William R. Private    
Stanley Levi Private    
Sullivan T.W. Private    
Stewart Thomas P. Private    
Stebbins Samuel Private    
Seeley William G. Private    
Sullivan Richard B. Private    
Taggart Henry H. Private    
Turner James C. Private    
VanVlet Isaac Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Vastbinder James Private    
Wiles Allison Private    
Wright William D. Private    
Walker James Private    
Webster Homer D. Private Wounded  
Wiles Luther Private    
Wakeley Samuel S. Private    
Webster James Private    
Willoughby G.W.R. Private Died  
Wakeley Mortimer S. Private    

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By Joyce M. Tice