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35th Regiment
The source of this listing is the 1897 Tioga County History
Transcribed for Tri-Counties by Donna Wert 


This regiment was composed of men who had responded to the call of President Lincoln issued immediately after the fall of Fort Sumter. Upon their arrival at Camp Curtin, Harrisburg, finding it impossible to be accepted for the three months' service, the quota being already full, they re-enlisted for a term of three years, the "Tioga Invincibles," commanded by Capt. Julius Sherwood, becoming Company H, of the regiment, the organization of which was completed June 22, 1861. It continued in the service until June 14, 1864, when it was mustered out at Harrisburg.

The regiment was assigned to the Third Brigade of General M'Calls's Division. Its initial engagement was fought at Drainsville, December 20, 1861, and resulted in a Union victory. The principal engagements in which it afterward participated were Malvern Hill, Gaines Mills,Second Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Wilderness, Spottsylvania and Bethesda Church. In the last engagement, though the regiment was but 150 strong, it captured 102 and buried seventy-two dead rebels in its immediate front.

After three years' service in the camp and on the march, in which it shared the privations and hardships, as well as the glory, of the Army of the Potomac, the regiment, on Jun 1, 1864, started for Harrisburg, where it was mustered out of service on the 14th of the same month. 

The following were the field officers selected at the time the regiment was organized.
Surname First Name Rank   Descendants
Ricketts W.Wallace Colonel Columbia County   
Penrose William Lieutenant-Colonel    
Madill Henry J. Major Bradford County  
M'Kean Henry B. Adjutant Bradford County  

Company H of the regiment was recruited at Wellsboro, the date of its organization being June 22, 1861. It was known as the "Tioga Invincibles." The following is a list of its commissioned, non-commissioned officers and privates:
Surname First Name Rank   Descendants
Allen Marinus N. First Lieutenant    
Atherton Erwin R. Private Died  
Babb Caleb Private    
Bacon  Morgan L. Private    
Bailey W.Frank Sergeant    
Ballard John Private    
Bickel James N. Private    
Blanchard John S. Corporal    
Blanchard P.H. Private    
Bragg Lucien J. Private    
Brown Patrick Private    
Carle James Captain, Subsequently served as colonel of the 191st Volunteers from June 6, 1864    
Carle James First Lieutenant    
Carle James Sergeant    
Carriel Edmund Private    
Christian W.P. Corporal    
Codney Wallace Private    
Cole Campbell Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Cone C.C. Corporal    
Conway Thomas Private    
Coolidge Josiah Private    
Cowden James Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Craus Orlando V. Private    
Curran Ira P. Private    
Dickinson Arnold Private    
Doyle John Private    
Durlacher Simon Private    
Ely Calvin Sergeant    
Ely Clavin Corporal    
Emmick George W. Private    
Emmick John L. Private    
Emmick Thomas L. Private    
Foster Frank Sergeant Killed or mortally wounded  
Foster Frank A. Second Lieutenant,Commissioned second lieutenant Sep 17, 1863, but was not mustered, having died May 10, 1863, of wounds received in action. Post-mortem recognition of meritorious service.    
Gibberd John Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Gibbony John Private    
Goodman James B. First Lieutenant    
Goodman James B. Second Lieutenant    
Goodman James B. Comissary Sergeant    
Gotchins George H. Private    
Grinnell George L. Private    
Gusten Harrison C. Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Harbst George Private    
Harrison John Private Died  
Hazlett James H. Private    
Hinman John Second Lieutenant    
Hinman John Sergeant    
Holiday Darius D. Private    
Huck William Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Husselton A. S. Sergeant    
Husselton A.S. Corporal    
Ives Burke P. Private    
Ives S.S. Private    
Jay Hannibal Private    
Jennings George Private Wounded  
Jennings Jeremiah Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Jones  John D. Private    
Keeney Henry J. Private    
Keeney Luther J. Private    
Kimble Henry Private    
Kriner William Private    
Longbothum Frank Private    
Losinger S.J. Private    
Love Jeremiah Private    
Lyon Abram Corporal    
Macumber Michael Private    
Margraff William Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Maxwell Charles H. Corporal    
Maxwell Charles H. Private    
McClure Thomas K. Private    
Merrick George W. Sergeant    
Merrick George W. Corporal    
Moore James Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Nichols C.R. Musician    
Nichols Chester R. Private    
O'Connell Jerry Private    
Palmer Chauncey K. Private Wounded  
Peet Harry T. Private    
Phillips Oscar J. Corporal    
Pratt Reuben M. Second Lieutenant Killed or mortally wounded  
Pratt Reuben M. Sergeant Killed or mortally wounded  
Ramsdall Joseph D. Private    
Ramsdell Hiram J. Sergeant    
Ramsdell Hiram J. Corporal    
Ripley Hobart Corporal    
Rockwell Silas Second Lieutenant Wounded  
Rockwell Silas S. First Lieutenant Wounded  
Rockwell Silas S. Sergeant Wounded  
Rose John W. First Lieutenant    
Rose John W. Second Lieutenant    
Rumsey Joseph E. Private    
Russell Albert J. Private    
Sando  William Private    
Schieffelin Jacob N. Private    
Scudder A.A. Quartermaster    
Scudder A.A. Sergeant    
Seaman S.R. Private    
Seely Benjamin Private    
Sherwood Julius Captain    
Smith Michael Private    
Stacey S.P. Corporal    
Statts James S. Corporal    
Sullivan John Private    
Swatswood A.O. Private    
Taggart John Private Killed or mortally wounded  
Van Horn William D. Corporal Killed or mortally wounded  
Vermilyea A.R. Sergeant    
Vermilyea A.R. Corporal    
Warren P.R. Corporal    
Warriner Asa Private    
Warriner Hiram Private    
Webb Ransford B. Sergeant    
Webb Ransford B. Corporal    
Weterbee D.W. Private Died  
Wetmore Almond Private    
Wetmore Job Private    
Wilson George R. Private    
Wingate William Private Wounded  
Wisener William H. Private    
Wisner William Musician    
Yahn Charles Corporal    

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 6/8/98
By Joyce M. Tice