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Bradford County Marriages - Claffen to Goff

Bradford Co., PA, Marriages from 1840 through 1869, as printed by the Rev. Edward C. Hoagland in his Twigs from Family Trees, 1940. These records were taken from two Bradford County newspapers - the "Bradford Porter" and the "Bradford Reporter". Thanks to John Hoff of Oklahoma for providing this to the Tri-County Local History Site. See also Kelsey Jones list of the Rev. Riggs Marriages

Two letter abbreviations have been used for all Bradford County locations. They are used in the third and sixth columns. A complete list of abbreviations is found at the end of the marriages. Both grooms and brides are listed alphabetically.

Claflen Lucy L.  Russell Hiram 17 Nov 1848
Clark Barney M. Ro Vought Eliza SS 2 Oct 1868
Clark Ephraim M.  Gv Shoemaker Hannah LR 4 Jul 1860
Clark Silas  At Middaugh Polly Rb 19 Mar 1851
Clark T.L. (Rev.) Stacy Maria Louisa Sp 27 Jul 1843 T.L. of Elmira, NY
Clark Elsie Mn Elliott James 1 Jan 1861 James of NY
Clark Laura Br Hall Philander 4 Feb 1844 P. of Owego, NY
Clark Eliza Lv Ranney H.M.  3 Dec 1857 H.M. of Syracuse, NY
Clark Sarah Br Watkins Adolphus  Ul 24 Dec 1862
Clauson E.J.  Tw Harris C.B.  Tw 3 Jul 1864
Cleveland Rufus Ma Lewis Mary Ann Ma 15 Oct 1861
Clover John R.  LaPorte Jane Tw 7 Apr 1864 J.R. of Brooklyn, NY - d/o late John
Cobb Lucy Ann Cl Wentworth Delavan 27 Aug 1849 Delavan of Buffalo, NY
Coburn Francis Gregg Tw Moore Helen Amelia Tw 26 May 1863
Coburn Wilmot SH Lewis Nancy A.  Wy 5 Apr 1848
Coburn Elizabeth M.  Wr Corbin Clarence E.  Wr 13 Oct 1868
Coburn Caroline H.  Wr Frisbie Warren R.  Or 17 Feb 1857
Coburn Widow Wr Tripp Edward Or 24 Dec 1845
Coe Sally Jane Jennings Richard As 1 Jan 1842 Sally of Susq. Co., PA
Coffin S.F.  At Stephens Mary E.  At 2 Jul 1864
Cogswell Tanner E.  Fronat Henry  23 Jan 1859 Both of Jessup, Susq. Co., PA
Cogswell Adelaide M.  Pierce William  Pk 7 Oct 1860 Adelaide of Rush, Susq. Co., PA
Cokensparyer Eliza Mr Miller Washington 10 Jan 1869 Wash. Of Monroe Co., PA
Cole A.J. (Dr.) BC Adams Mary B.  24 Feb 1848 M.B. of Tioga Co., NY
Cole Daniel  Wx Matteson Emily A.  Or 7 Nov 1841
Cole Henry S.  Ro Russell Rosina Ro 1863 Pub. 15 Oct. 1863
Cole Salsbury Mr Chapman Mrs. Sarah Sf 27 Feb 1859
Cole Samuel Dr Bradley Melissa Jane Dr 24 Dec 1851
Cole Solomon As Benjamin Hannah 4 Dec 1862
Cole Sally Fr Gay Ahira Tw 22 Aug 1852
Cole Charlotte Fr Smith Gilbert LR 29 Mar 1857
Cole  H. Elizabeth Sq Wells Sidney B.  16 Oct 1850 Sidney of Dundaff, Susq. Co., Pa
Coleman Nicholas O.  Wy Willson Mary E.  Wy 20 Mar 1861
Coleman Russell Pk Rodgers Frank D.  Hv 3 Mar 1869
Coleman Helen M.  Warner Oliver Tu 1 Nov 1860 Helen of Middletown, Susq. Co. 
Colt S.F. (Rev.) Horton Lydia M.  30 Jun 1852
Colwell Edward Cn Rose Kate D.  Cn 1856 Pub. 2 Oct. 1856 - he fmrly Elmira, NY
Comfort Mercy Quick George W.  SC 5 Nov 1856 Mercy of Southport, Chemung Co., NY
Compton Henrietta  Fr Payne O.S.  Fr 13 Dec 1868
Comstock H. Stanley At Kingsbery Clarissa  19 Jun 1844 C. of Elmira, NY
Conant Emery Lent  Juliet Ro 16 Mar 1852 E. of Owego, NY
Condon Louisa P Or Sexton Amasa P.  Or 11 Feb 1869
Congdon Arnold Lf Lathrop Sophia Elizabeth Tw 18 Mar 1846
Conklin Mrs. Lydia Mr Dougherty John As 7 Mar 1849
Conley John Wallbridge Lavina 25 Jan 1851
Connell Annie A.  Mr Smith G.B Mr 11 Feb 1861
Cook Darwin Lewis Adelia  Wy 4 Sep 1849 D. of Tremont, PA
Cook Mrs. Ruth M.  SS McIntyre George G.  Tw 1858 Pub. 7 Oct 1858
Cook Amanda Wh Tuttle L.A. Or 17 Jan 1869
Coolbaugh Absalom Runyon DeLong Emily Mr 11 Mar 1852
Coolbaugh Adelbert Murray Wenck Mary Ellen 13 May 1857
Coolbaugh Benjamin Esq.  Mr Salsbury O.J.  Mr 2 Nov 1846
Coolbaugh Eustice A.  Wx York Harriet M.  Wx 11 Aug 1846
Coolbaugh J.R.  Dana Susan H.  5 Mar 1857 J. of Beloit, WI; S. of Edgerton, WI
Coolbaugh Jefferson Mr Decker Savannah As 14 Jan 1869
Coolbaugh Marvin Cn Granteer Betsey Cn 27 Oct 1841
Coolbaugh Ranson W. Wx Martin Anna Wx 11 Nov 1841
Coolbaugh Sarah E.  Pk McCracken John W.  As 24 Nov 1868
Coolbaugh Sarah Wx Ryan Thomas Esq.  Tw 24 Nov 1863 d/o E.B. 
Cooley Ruth Elizabeth Wx Spalding Israel P.  Wx 2 Dec 1852
Coon Mary Ann Tw Miller Asa Tw 28 Feb 1843
Coons Aaron Esq. Cn Rockwell Martha Cn 3 Nov 1861
Cooper Josephus Green Emma  13 Oct 1868
Cooper Thomas J.  Holcomb Eliza Ro 13 Sep 1862 T.J. of NY
Cooper Susanna Tw Eaton G.H.  Tw 19 Apr 1859 d/o Joseph
Cooper Rebekah T.  Wr Howell Roger B.  Wr 14 Oct 1868
Cooper Mary E.  Morse Willard C.  6 Apr 1853 W. of Painted Post;M. of Coopers Plains
Copasparker George Mr Cranmer Catherine Mr 19 Nov 1842
Corbin Clarence E.  Wr Coburn Elizabeth M.  Wr 13 Oct 1868
Corby Stephen At Allen Sarah At 1 Sep 1850
Corel A.M.  Tw Spafford Eliza Ann 8 Apr 1846 E.A. of Jersey Shore
Corson Isadore Al Robinson Charles Al 25 Oct 1868
Corwin Lydia A.  Tw Allen C.H.  Tw 20 Oct 1862
Costulo Hannah Tw Enis Levi Tw 22 Aug 1864
Covell C.T.  Rb Hinchman Mrs. Sally Rb 6 May 1858
Covell Charlotte Rb Husted C.H.  16 Dec 1861 C.H. of Woodhull, NY
Covell Caroline Rb Husted William 20 Jan 1852 Wm. Of Addison, NY
Cowell Chauncey R.  Dr Bradley Ann Eliza Dr 24 Dec 1851
Cowell Christopher C.  Dr Harmon Rebecca Ft 24 Jun 1846
Cowell Philip W.  Houston Ellen E.  1 Dec 1863
Cowles C.G.  Or Barns Parthena E.  Or 4 Nov 1868
Cowles John Or Morey Hattie Or 31 Dec 1857
Cowles Elizabeth M. Or Beers Charles N.  Or 10 Dec 1862
Cowles A.M.  Or Newell J.J.  Or 31 Dec 1857
Cowles R.A.  Or Sprouts A.B. Esq.  1 Oct 1857 A.B. of Picture Rocks
Crain Jason Br Whalon Sarah Br 2 Mar 1862
Crandal Jennie A.  Pk Dutton J. Russell 8 May 1859 J.R. of Phillipsburg, NJ
Crandall Burdett Bothwell Sarah 4 Mar 1858
Crandall Sarah Ab Pierce Wellington Ab 1853 Pub. 16 Apr. 1853
Crandall Waity G.  Al Thomas Orel F.  22 Jul 1860
Crandall Lydia Ann Ro Towles Smith Ro 4 Jun 1845
Crane S.R.  Wood  Lorinda Sf 12 Sep 1844 S.R. of Wolcott, NY
Cranmer James M. Mr Smith Debby Ann WF 17 Oct 1858
Cranmer James W.  Verbyck M.F.  4 May 1862
Cranmer Henrietta  Fr Browning Eli  Fr 4 Apr 1852
Cranmer Catherine Mr Copasparker George Mr 19 Nov 1842
Cranmer Hattie Tw Harvey William B.  27 May 1864 Wm. Of Fairmont, Luz. Co., PA
Cranmer Charlotte WF Minard J.S.  24 Aug 1858 J.S. of Williamsport, PA
Cranmer E.R. LR Morse C.L.  LR 31 Dec 1868
Cranmer Mary R.  Stone Wesley LR 11 Mar 1863 d/o E.H.
Crans Francis Arden At Schouten Mary E.  31 Dec 1868 Mary of Waverly, NY
Crantz Charles T.  Terwilleger Malita H.  SS 29 Aug 1858 C.T. of Smithboro, Tioga Co., NY
Crawford Samuel Pk Camp Serepta Hr 24 Jan 1846
Crayton Russell Scofield Hannah 24 Jun 1846 Hannah of Hepburn, Lycom. Co., PA
Crofut Minerva LR Webber John H.  Fr 5 Dec 1842
Cron Mrs. Catharine SS Biles Miner Dr 30 Jun 1858
Cross Mrs. Rose W.  Goodrich E.S. Esq.  Tw 12 Nov 1844 Rose of Harrisburg
Cross Mrs. Amanda Wy Horton John (Maj.) As 9 Aug 1852
Crotsley John Sq Wells Loisa M. Or 1 Mar 1857
Crowell George Randall Harriet 20 Oct 1842
Crowley Mary Wx Sullivan Edward Wx 4 Mar 1869
Culp Jere (Maj.) Tw Spicer Mary 11 May 1848 Mary of Buffalo, NY
Culp Susan T.  Bull James P.  21 Mar 1848 frmly Tw; Germantown - d/o John S. 
Culp Mrs. Mary  Tw Kirby Job P.  Tw 11 Dec 1862
Culver Aaron B.  Tu Buck Estella Wy 15 Oct 1862
Culver Fayette J.  Sq Patterson Mary J.  Sq 21 Jan 1857
Cummings Juliett Mr Enniss John Mr 24 May 1859
Cummings Citnat Janette Smith James 14 Jan 1852
Curley Julia M.  Bradley Horace S. (Atty) 10 Dec 1856 H. of Mt. Carroll,IL - J. of Waldwick, WI
Curtis Joannah As Scott Simeon L.  22 Oct 1848 Simeon formerly of Springville, Susq. Co. 
Custer Almira Dr Bowman John Tw 24 Oct 1850
Custer Hattie Tw Sherman E.R.  Tw 8 Aug 1868
Daily Daniel S.  Loomis Mary E.  At 3 Apr 1858
Dana Susan H.  Coolbaugh J.R.  5 Mar 1857 J. of Beloit, WI; S. of Edgerton, WI
Darling Hollis Y.  Or Tuttle Sophia H.  Or 12 Mar 1859
Darling Sarah E.  Brown Eugene L.  27 Sep 1868 E. of Batavia,IL - S. of Aurora, IL
Darrow Asa Or Tripp Lydia Or 24 Dec 1845
Davenport Mary Wx Smith George Tw 14 Apr 1863
David Cornelia S.  Mingas Alonzo Mr 25 Sep 1864 Cornelia of Roxbury, NY
Davidson Joseph D.  Rb Middaugh L.  Rb 1850 Pub. 14 Sep 1850
Davidson Fanny Jane Holcomb Charles 3 Jul 1851
Davidson Lucy A.  Tw Jennings Charles H.  Fr 18 Jun 1868
Davies Evan H.  Wr Griffiths Elizabeth  Pk 1 Nov 1860
Davies Samuel S.  Fosburgh Maria D.  26 Oct 1862
Davies William T. Esq. Watkins Mary 9 Oct 1861 d/o Wm. Esq. 
Davies Eliza  Lv Beecher Samuel M.  Pk 13 Oct 1868
Davies Elizabeth W.  At Elliott F.S.  Cn 17 Apr 1850
Davies Anna Wr Howell H.  Wr 28 May 1859
Davies Eloise F.  At Hyde O.P.  30 Oct 1862 O.P. of Groton, NY
Davis Sarah S.  Mercur Ulysses Esq.  Tw 12 Jun 1850 S. of Davisville, Bucks Co d/o Gen. John
Day Charles  At Hawkins Abby C.  At 14 Mar 1849
Day Maria D.  Fowler Franklin D.  Mr 31 Aug 1842 Maria of Providence, RI
Day Cynthia M.  Tw Nelson James Tw 19 Nov 1848 d/o C.T. Esq. 
Dayton James Ro VanNess Mrs. Ruth SS 10 Aug 1858
Dean John Wr Wilson Mary Wr 15 Oct 1868
DeArmond Richard C. Esq. Kellog E.M.  Tw 22 Apr 1845 Richard C. of Philadelphia
Decker George L.  Wx Lent  Mary Sq 23 Dec 1868
Decker Isaac N.  Rutan Mary At 31 Jul 1858 Isaac of Elmira, NY
Decker Lewis Sp Williams Betsey T.  Sp  2 Nov 1848
Decker Savannah As Coolbaugh Jefferson Mr 14 Jan 1869
Decker Martha Jame Dr Stevens Charles SS 8 Jan 1852
Deidritch William Delpeuch Clotilda Tw 20 Oct 1851 William of Philadelphia
Deitrick Philip  Wy Moore Martha Jane 13 May 1868 M.J. of Tunkannock, Wyo. Co., PA
DeLong E.R.  Tw Scofield Abigail Tw 15 Oct 1843
DeLong Emily Mr Coolbaugh Absalom Runyon 11 Mar 1852
Delpeuch Clotilda Tw Deidritch William 20 Oct 1851 William of Philadelphia
Demcy Catherine Tw Laughlin John Tw 29 Jan 1852
Dempsey Margaret Tw Kane John 10 Apr 1851 John of Rochester, NY
Demun Ella I.  Braine Marcus W.  30 Dec 1868
DePew James H.  Wh Allyn Betsey I.  Pk 3 Nov 1860
Devine W.H. Sweatland Mrs. Maria Abt 1850
Devine Mrs. Isabel Fetherly James Pk 21 Mar 1861 Isabel of Rush, Susq. Co., PA
Dewell William H.  Tt Garratt Maria L.  29 Aug 1868 M.L. of Berlin, PA - y. d/o Benj. Esq. 
Dewers Clara A.  St. John  Andrews A.  St 10 Aug 1862 Clara of Rush, Susq. Co. 
Dewey Henry F.  Ripley Julia L.  Ar 6 Feb 1864 H.F. of Sullivan, PA - d/o A. 
DeWitt J.C.  Br Hicks C.A.  Br 31 May 1860
DeWitt C.A. WB Harrison Rollin WB 31 May 1860
Dibble M.E.  Wh Winnans V.C.  25 Dec 1868 V.C. of Meshoppen, Wyo. Co., PA
Dickens Abel Baxter Eliza Ann Gv 15 Dec 1861 Abel of Potter Co. 
Dickens Stephen E.  Ro Baxter Mrs. Almeda Sq 19 May 1864
Dickens Julia E.  Ro Post James  Sq 4 May 1864
Dickinson Mary Gv Murry Luman Tr 22 Sep 1868
Dimock Lafayette W.  Mr Mason Roxey E.  Mr 26 Nov 1868
Dimock Ella C.  As Mason E.A.  Mr 31 Dec 1868
Dimon Lodema Burnam Ranson Wr 1862 Pub 21 Aut 1862; L. of Middletown, PA
Dimon Matilda Galutia Edwin D.  14 Jan 1869 Both of Middletown, Susq. Co., PA
Dimon Lucy A. Wr Pendleton Henry W.  Wr 8 Oct 1868
Doane William Wh Treadwell M.  Wh 26 Jun 1864
Dobbins Emma Tr Hepburn A.H.  25 Nov 1862 d/o ex-sheriff Dobbins/he RR conductor
Dodd Phoeba Br Hayht Reuben Br 23 Mar 1851
Dodge Dwight Hubbard Marshall Celinda 5 Jul 1864
Dodge John F.  As Elliott Melissa  Wy 4 Jan 1842
Donley Mallery Wy Wells Helen M.  Pk 21 May 1863
Donley Harriet Wy Homet Jonathan  Dr 24 Mar 1851
Donley Mrs. E.S.  Spence H. (M.D.) 12 Jun 1845 H. of Geneva; E.S. of Wilkes-Barre
Doolittle Jerusha Or Potter Dennison C.  Or 18 Apr 1857
Doty E.J.  Hale Emery 11 May 1862
Dougherty Franklin J.  Hr Lenox Minie C.  Wx 25 Dec 1868
Dougherty John As Conklin Mrs. Lydia Mr 7 Mar 1849
Douglas Benj. J. (Rev.) Cl Riley Julia R. 7 Jan 1869 Julia of Montrose, PA - d/o Rev. Henry 
Downing Shelton S.  Seaman Mrs. Mary Tw 6 Mar 1850 Sheldon of Tioga Co., PA
Downing Louisa W.  Perry George H.  18 Feb 1869
Drake Arvilla Ro Elliott Oscar O.  Ro 16 Aug 1868
Drake Jane K.M.  Perry William Sf 3 Feb 1859
Dreslaine Edward NT Harrington Mary Tw 1 Feb 1863
Driefuss Samuel Tw Wolf Mary 2 Apr 1857 Mary of Danville
Drinkwalter Warren Pk Pratt Almira Pk 19 Feb 1845
DuBois Mary Fowler Sevellon L.  Mn 2 Feb 1848 Mary of Tioga Co., PA
Dudley Ruth K.  Tw Mason William J.  15 Nov 1864 Wm. Of chester, OH
Dunbar Alfred P.  ET Smith Sophrone L.  Sp  2 Mar 1864
Dunbar Thomas P.  ET Stiles Jane ET 4 Jul 1868
Duncan James M.  Worden Sarah A.  Pk 1 Mar 1857 James of Rush, Susq. Co., PA
Dunham Mary E.  Mason J.W. Tw 19 Dec 1860 Mary E. of Jamaica, L.I. 
Dunlap O.F.  Tw O'Conny A.S.  1846 Pub. 30 Dec. 1846 - A.S. of Vernon, NY
Dunn Wilson SS Miller Alice E.  As 4 Jun 1868
Dunn Lydia Ann Huntington C.O.  At 26 Aug 1864 Lydia A. of Wayne, PA
Durant Hannah Maria Tw Sergeant Sidney 24 Dec 1862 S. of East Bloomfield, NY
Dutton J. Russell Crandal Jennie A.  Pk 8 May 1859 J.R. of Phillipsburg, NJ
Dwyre W.H.H. (Rev.) Sf Whitcomb Amanda B.  13 Jan 1841 A.B. of Luz., Co. - eldest d/o T.M. 
Eames Robert Rb M'Cracken Martha A.  Mc 1 Jan 1861
Eastabrook Willfred NT Chaffee Nettie L.  Sq 3 Jul 1868
Eastabrook Frances C.  Tw Loveland Willard G.  Tr 27 Jan 1864
Eastabrooks Harriet E.  Wr Ross Leonard B.  31 Aug 1862 Leonard of Middletown, Susq. Co., PA
Eaton David H.  Andrews Caroline 1 Nov 1862 Both of Smithboro, Owego Co., NY
Eaton G.H.  Tw Cooper Susanna Tw 19 Apr 1859 d/o Joseph
Eaton Charlotte H.  Tw Seaman J.M. 26 Aug 1858 JM of Addison, NY-d/o late Col Edmund
Eaton Hattie Gv Tillotson William LR Pub. 14 Jan 1869
Eddy Aaron H.  Wx Hinds E.A.  Wx 27 Oct 1868
Eddy R.W.  Tw Biles Fannie 8 Jan 1862 Fannie of Bath, NY
Edminstel Nathan Ul Snell Sarah Ul 30 Dec 1840
Edsall Aaron J.  SB Chapman Minnie E.  Al 18 May 1868
Edsell Myron H.  Pk Ford Amanda H.  Pk 3 Aug 1861
Edsell Mary E.  Pk Warner L.D.  1 Dec 1868 L.D. of Middletown, Susq. Co. 
Edwards Bradley W.  Stevens Electra J.  St 19 Apr 1868 Bradley of Laceyville, Wyo. Co., PA
Edwards Mary Honey S. Robertson  12 Oct 1868 S.R. Cpt USA - d/o A. frmly of Towanda
Eggett Mary Kinney O.H.P. Esq.  19 Jun 1844
Egnew John Pk Taylor Betsey Pk 3 Feb 1859
Eiklor Daniel  Ro Roe Wealthy Ann Ro 24 Aug 1843
Eilenberger S. Bacon Dr Chamberlin Matilda M.  As 3 Jul 1863
Eilenberger Elizabeth As Homet Seth Wy 4 Mar 1864
Eilenberger Maria E.  Means John W.  Tw 26 Dec 1860 s/o Col. Means; d/o Hon. P.F. 
Eliott Maria  Ul Rose Loyd Ul 30 Dec 1848
Elliot George W.  Wy Taylor Adaline SH 16 Sep 1844
Elliott F.S.  Cn Davies Elizabeth W.  At 17 Apr 1850
Elliott J.M.  Ro Gaylord Mary E.  12 Oct 1868
Elliott James Clark Elsie Mn 1 Jan 1861 James of NY
Elliott Oscar O.  Ro Drake Arvilla Ro 16 Aug 1868
Elliott Oscar S.  Ro Aldridge Mrs. Sarah H. or A. 18 Nov 1868 Sarah of Barton, NY
Elliott Melissa  Wy Dodge John F.  As 4 Jan 1842
Ellis Simeon LR Smith Sally LR 4 Dec 1845
Ellis Allena Niles Samuel 1868 Pub 17 Sep '68; Binghamton;Shepard Cr.
Ellis Joanna Cn Wilcox George LR 4 Nov 1857
Ellsberry Charlotte Wh Newell Josiah J.  Or 29 Dec 1852
Ellsworth Edwin T.  Pk Goodwin Mary Jane Hr 17 Oct 1858
Ellsworth Griffin Wh Bradley Martha M.  As 13 May 1868
Ellsworth Wilson L.  Pk Ford Phebe A.  Pk 1 Aug 1858
Ellsworth Polly J.  Pk Hutchinson Charles Pk 20 May 1860
Ellsworth Fronia S.  Or Lee Henry J. Esq.  16 Mar 1869 Henry of Fremont, NE
Elsbre Emily W.  Lenox James 20 Oct 1842
Elsbree William Ul Estabrook Amelia NT 7 Oct 1858 d/o Wm. 
Elsbree Mrs. Caroline C.  Wr Bronson Samuel M.  19 Sep 1861 eldest d/o Samuel C. Lyon Sr. 
Elsbree Della Wh Shoemaker Lott Wh 20 Apr 1869
Elsworth James B.  Wh Vought Helen  Ro 25 Nov 1868
Elwell Edward Fowler M. Ellen Mn 31 Jan 1844 Ed of Tunkhannock, Wyo. Co., PA
Elwell William Esq.  Tw Thayre Mary A.  Tw 19 Sep 1844
Elwell Clementina Tw Smith P. Henry 8 Oct 1861 d/o Wm. Esq. - Henry of WI
English Almon Al Little Phoebe A.  Al 13 Dec 1868
English Louise Mr Mericle Lyman C. As 26 Mar 1864
English Martha Al Wilcox James M.  Al 7 Sep 1868
Enis Levi Tw Costulo Hannah Tw 22 Aug 1864
Ennes F.A.  SS Ingham Mollie L.  Wy 5 May 1869
Enniss John Mr Cummings Juliett Mr 24 May 1859
Essenwine George  Tw Strevy Betsey Ann Ov 10 Sep 1868
Estabrook Amelia NT Elsbree William Ul 7 Oct 1858 d/o Wm. 
Estell H.J.  BG Nurss Pamelia BC 2 Feb 1857
Fairbanks Abigail Fr Garrison David R.  23 Aug 1846 David of Owego, NY
Fairchild Geraldine Fr Wheatley William Fr 21 Dec 1868
Fairchilds John A.  Wr Chaffee Helen L.  Wr 23 Aug 1868
Fairchilds Addie Fr Fowler D.A.  Gv 9 May 1869
Fanning Sarah Ellen WB Beach James M.  WB 8 Sep 1868
Fanning Wealthy  Wy Wildrick Samuel Wy 9 Oct 1845
Farnsworth Fanny A.  Randall Charles 5 Jul 1857 Fanny of Nauvoo, Tioga Co., PA
Farrar Eliza A.  Or Matthews Zenas U.  Lv 28 Jan 1863
Fassett Lucinda R.  Ford Edwin  Pk 9 Jan 1861 Lucinda of Rush, Susq. Co., PA
Fassett Julia M.  Wright William R.  Wl 25 Jan 1869 Julia of Windham, Wyo. Co. 
Fee Martin Wy Jones Martha L.  Ty 4 Jul 1864
Fee Richard V.  Forsyth Nancy 30 Mar 1859
Felton Stephen Tw Bingham Emily Tw 3 Jul 1849
Ferguson David  Lyon Lemira Or 9 May 1869 David of Owego, NY
Ferguson Emma Hb Frost John Oscar NT 18 Aug 1862
Fessenden Henry F.  Taylor Eunice Pk 1844 Pub. 3 Apr 1844 - H. of Susq. Co., PA
Fetherly James Pk Devine Mrs. Isabel 21 Mar 1861 Isabel of Rush, Susq. Co., PA
Field Mary Fowler Hiram 23 Sep 1846
Fields Maggie Smith Levi P.  19 Dec 1868 Both of Barton, NY
Finch Lana A.  Stowell Delos B.  3 Nov 1868 d/o Ira Esq. 
Fish Louisa M.  Hooker Charles C.  Sp 25 Mar 1863 Louisa of Tioga Co., PA
Fish Elvira Sq Smith Oscar 31 Jan 1849 Oscar of Bath, NY - eld. D/o Jabez Esq.
Fisher Emile (Dr.) Kingsberry Rowena Tw 2 Dec 1858 E. of Phila. - d/o Burton Esq. 
Fisher A.J.  Mn Owen Ella L.  Mn 20 May 1868
Fisher James Or Andrews Sarah Jane Or 26 Feb 1863
Fisher Aveline Mr Knapp Merritt 6 Sep 1847 Merritt of Lackawanna
Fisher Lemira Mr Lyons William L.  Mr 25 Apr 1845
Fisher Laura M.  Tw Mace Abram A.  Tw 22 Feb 1848
Fitch Daniel H.  Cn Smith Lydia M.  Gv 6 Jun 1857
Fitch F. Ellery Tr Burt Julia A.  Sp 9 Feb 1864 youngest d/o C.S. 
Fitzwater Ella V.  Cn Schwab Charles 28 Jun 1868 Chas. Of Springwater, NY
Fleming Ida J.  Fr Kilborn H.B.  Fr 16 Nov 1868
Fletcher Eliza I.  Pk Pratt Daniel L.  Pk 13 Feb 1869
Fletcher Martha Taylor Nelson Tw 10 Sep 1840
Flitcher Maria  At Harder Jacob At 15 Jan 1851
Folts Cyrus Thomas Helen M.d/o Chester 4 Jul 1860 frmly Chambersburg,PA; Auburn, K.T. 
Forbes Andrew Ro Cannan Mervil Ro 24 Dec 1863
Forbes Charles Ro Winterfield Susan J.  Ro 4 Mar 1864
Forbes Preceptor Ro Barnes Harriet Ro 17 Jun 1851
Forbes Amanda Ro Barnes Elijah F.  Ro 1843 Pub. 21 Mar 1843
Forbes Elizabeth Hart Lanning 8 Feb 1848
Forbes Sally Jane Ro Parks Charles W.  Or 6 Jan 1869
Ford Edwin  Pk Fassett Lucinda R.  9 Jan 1861 Lucinda of Rush, Susq. Co., PA
Ford Amanda H.  Pk Edsell Myron H.  Pk 3 Aug 1861
Ford Phebe A.  Pk Ellsworth Wilson L.  Pk 1 Aug 1858
Ford Ellen W.  Pk Pierce S.W.  Pk 15 Nov 1857
Forrest Fannie H.  Sf Landon Cornelius Sf 8 Oct 1868
Forsyth Nancy Fee Richard V.  30 Mar 1859
Fosburgh Maria D.  Davies Samuel S.  26 Oct 1862
Foster J. (Rev.) Wx Fox Brunette Tw 19 Oct 1840
Foster Philonzo J.  Sheldon Lucy A.  Pk 1 Jul 1860 P.J. of Carbondale
Foster William B. Esq.  Smith Elizabeth Burnette 22 Sep 1842 E.B. of Brooklyn, NY - d/o Abijah
Foster William H.  Tw Alloway Matilda  Tw 7 Apr 1842
Foster Caroline Tw Albee Alfred Tw 17 Jul 1860
Foster Lucinda Br Lucas Daniel Br 27 Oct 1846
Foster Delphine Cn Walter Charles 10 Jul 1858 niece & adop. D/o Maj. Jed. Hunt, Cn
Foulke Rebecca Baldwin R.C.  Tw 20 Sep 1849 R. of Chemung, NY
Fowler D.A.  Gv Fairchilds Addie Fr 9 May 1869
Fowler Franklin D.  Mr Day Maria D.  31 Aug 1842 Maria of Providence, RI
Fowler Hiram Field Mary 23 Sep 1846
Fowler Sevellon L.  Mn DuBois Mary 2 Feb 1848 Mary of Tioga Co., PA
Fowler William Mr Miller Eliza Mr 8 Jan 1851
Fowler M. Ellen Mn Elwell Edward 31 Jan 1844 Ed of Tunkhannock, Wyo. Co., PA
Fowler Adeline Mr Kellogg Lewis C.  31 Dec 1856 eldest d/o Russell
Fowler Mrs. Marion E.  Mr Ormsby S.R.  Mr 12 May 1868
Fowler Carolne Cn Wright Charles Cn 4 Jun 1868
Fox Eleazer T.  Tw Homet Lydia S.  Tw 7 Feb 1847
Fox Hiram C.  Tw Taylor Lizzie 10 Sep 1857 d/o John Esq. 
Fox Annie E.  Barstow D. Henry 23 Dec 1863
Fox Brunette Tw Foster J. (Rev.) Wx 19 Oct 1840
Fox Electa C.  Mr Willett James J.  Mr 17 Sep 1850
Francisco J.  Tw Tuttle Sarah L.  Tw 30 Sep 1846
Franke Jennie Ov Osthaus Francis W.  Ov 17 Dec 1861
Franklin Naomi Wy May Henry Wy 12 Aug 1862
Franklin Rosaltha McVicar Charles E.  8 Aug 1862
Frazer P. Jennie Wy Chamberlain William Jr. Wy 1 May 1861
Frazier Sarah A.  Wy Smith Augustus B.  15 Oct 1868 Augustus of Elmira, NY
Frear Mary Ann Tw Bingham John K.  14 May 1850 J.K. of Byron, IL
Frederick Harriet  At Chapman Thomas At 24 Dec 1868
Freelove John Tr Avery Martha Tr 17 Jun 1853 He 70, she 63
Freeman Mrs. Lydia T.  Anscomb Allen 28 Jul 1868 A. of White Hall;L. of Dalton, MI
French William W.  Fr Schrader Mary Fr 12 Jan 1857
French Martha Harrigan Martin 20 Sep 1863
Fretss Elizabeth Sq Brink Danill Jr. Sq 16 Oct 1844
Fretts Nelly M'Affee Benjamin L.  17 Jan 1844
Frisbie Warren R.  Or Coburn Caroline H.  Wr 17 Feb 1857
Frisbie  E.M.  BC King Charles S.  22 Feb 1864
Frisbie  Catherine C.  Or Line Stewart M.  Or 4 Jul 1850
Fritcher Joanna Martin Charles K.  17 Jan 1850
Fronat Henry  Cogswell Tanner E.  23 Jan 1859 Both of Jessup, Susq. Co., PA
Frost E.M.  Ro Thompson Sallie W.  Ro 18 Nov 1868
Frost John Oscar NT Ferguson Emma Hb 18 Aug 1862
Fuller Edgar S.  Ct Camp Amanda M.  Ct 27 Oct 1868
Fuller Lina I Ct Lewis Luman Pk 27 Oct 1868
Fuller Mary C.  Ct Wells Lewis Lv 27 Oct 1863
Furnam Albert D.  Andrus Sarah E.  LR 30 Oct 1860 Albert of Bloomfield, IL
Gai Mrs. Ann Jane Patton William Esq.  Tw 3 Feb 1842 Ann J. of Phila. 
Gale John C.  Mr Terry Zeptha Tt 3 Dec 1862
Gale Mrs. C.A.  Howard O.  30 May 1868 Both of Owego, NY
Galutia Edwin D.  Dimon Matilda 14 Jan 1869 Both of Middletown, Susq. Co., PA
Gamble John M.  As Vaughn Harriet Wy 17 Feb 1846
Gamble M.D. (Dr.) Fr Blake A.L.  Fr 30 Oct 1861
Gardner L.A.  At Middaugh Miamma Rb 7 May 1851 s/o David Esq. 
Gardner Lysander B.  At Wood Marietta At 3 Dec 1857
Garratt Maria L.  Dewell William H.  Tt 29 Aug 1868 M.L. of Berlin, PA - y. d/o Benj. Esq. 
Garrison David R.  Fairbanks Abigail Fr 23 Aug 1846 David of Owego, NY
Gates H.C. Ro Salmon Clarke (Rev.) 1864 Pub. 28 Apr 1864 - C. of Espy, Col. Co.
Gay Ahira Tw Cole Sally Fr 22 Aug 1852
Gay Ellen Fr Bird Lark Sf 31 Mar 1852
Gaylord N.J.  Wy Lewis Julia M.  Wy 13 Oct 1862
Gaylord Mary E.  Elliott J.M.  Ro 12 Oct 1868
Gaylord Lucretia Wy Hines Theodore Wy 21 Sep 1852 See Hines, Thodore above. 
Gaylord Sarah V.  Parks Robert W.  12 Oct 1868 Robt. Of Russell, MA - d/o Henry
Gazlay James F.  Ul Adams Adeline E.  Sf 19 Aug 1848
Gazlay Sarah J.  Ul Rumsey William S. (Dr.) 14 Mar 1847 Wm. Of Painted Post, Steuben Co., NY
Geer Benjamin Neglee Delphine 3 Sep 1861 B. of Tioga Co.,PA - d/o Samuel C. 
Gerould Abel J.  Sf Cass Mrs. Anjelia 11 Sep 1862 Anjelia of Richmond
Gerould Marcus B.  Sf Bingham Mary E.  Tw 9 Dec 1846
Gerould Emma Ann Sf Barton W.E. (Col.) Sf 15 Jan 1841 d/o James Esq.
Gerould Betsey Sf Bullock J.E. Esq. 22 Oct 1851 d/o Ziba
Gerould Mrs. Mary Phinney H.S.  Mr 24 Apr 1850 Mary of Covington, PA
Gibbs Elijah B.  Or Gibson Sarah Eliza Sq 8 Oct 1862
Gibson Sarah Eliza Sq Gibbs Elijah B.  Or 8 Oct 1862
Gifford Mrs. E.J.  LR Stores J.F.  Gv 4 Apr 1869
Gilbert Richard E.  Ft Hammon Harriet Ft 24 Jun 1852
Gilbert Elizabeth Tw Haynes John Fr 9 Apr 1850
Gillett D.P.  Calef Isabel 26 Dec 1840
Gillett Samuel  Orvis Susan 1848 Pub. 3 May 1848 - Susan of Sullivan,PA
Gillett  Laura L.  At Kimball Mark M.  At 24 Dec 1868
Gillett Martha C.  Sq Towner Frank M.  Ro 17 Nov 1868
Gillson James M.  Tw Moody Mary J.  Tw 21 Jun 1841
Gilmore Mary Tw Rehbein Henry Lewis Tw 24 Mar 1869
Glazier Joseph B.  Ridgeway Jenett C.  Mr 15 Dec 1863 J.B. of Glastonbury, CT
Gleason D.J.  Gleason Lucy A.  28 Jan 1869 Cherry Tree, PA; Tioga Co., PA
Gleason Lucy A.  Gleason D.J.  28 Jan 1869 Cherry Tree, PA; Tioga Co., PA
Gleason Jennie NR Sanders J.C.  NR 24 Dec 1868
Goble Ruth Ann Lf Prince Charles W.  Ro 17 Jan 1864
Goff Hiram Mr Horton Catherine Mr 24 Dec 1843
Goff Lewis Ro Taylor Charlotte Ro 27 Feb 1842
Goff Warren W.  Mr White Roxy Mr 19 Sep 1848
Goff Delia M.  Ro Yontz William Tw 16 Aug 1868

Ab Alba  NO North Orwell
Al Albany NR North Rome
Ar Armenia NT North Towanda
As Asylum Or Orwell
BC Bradford Co.  Ov Overton
Bc Barclay Pk Pike
Br Burlington Rb Ridgebury
Bt Browntown Rm Rummerfield
Cl Columbia Ro Rome
Cn Canton SB South Branch
Ct Camptown SC South Creek
Dm Dimock Sf Smithfield
Dr Durell SH Spring Hill
EH East Herrick Sp Springfield
ES East Smithfield Sq Sheshequin
ET East Troy SR Sugar Run
Fd Franklindale SS Standing Stone
Fr Franklin St Stevensville
Ft Frenchtown SW South Warren
Gv Granville Sy Sylvania 
Gw Greenwood Tr  Troy
Hb Hornbrook Tt Terrytown
Hi Highland Tu Tuscarrora
Hr Herrick  Tw Towanda
Hv Herrickville Ty Terry 
LC Liberty Corners Ul Ulster
Lf Litchfield WB West Burlington
LH Lime Hill WF West Franklin
LM Little Meadows Wh Windham
LR LeRoy Wl Wilmot
Lv LeRaysville Wm Warrenham
Ma Merrall Wr Warren
Mb Myersburg Ws Wells
Mc Macedonia Wt Washington
ML Mountain Lake WW West Warren
Mn Monroeton Wx Wysox
Mr Monroe Wy Wyalusing
Ms  Masontown
Mt Middletown
MT Mill Town
NB North Branch

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