The Art & Humor of
A. Stanley Johnson of Waupun, Wisconsin

presented by The History Center on Main Street,
Mansfield, PA
How We Do Things, Second Ed.
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January 2019
Collector's Checklist by Title


This alphabetic list of Johnson's titles in intended to help you determine what you still need in your collection. After all, the collector wants an example of everything,

[Girl on Goat] 1916 G Who Cares
[Race Cart] 1916 H Who Cares
[Riding Cow] 1916 E Who Cares
[Riding Pig] 1916 D Who Cares
[Riding Sheep] 1916 F Who Cares
A Big One 1910 Hunting
A Boat Load 1917 Fishing
A Bunch of Apples 1911 Fruit
A Bushel of Strawberries 1910 Fruit
A Canoe Won’t Do 1917 Fishing
A Close Shave 1912 Vegetable
A Daisy 1918 Fishing
A Dandy 1913 Fishing
A Good Bag 1910 Hunting
A Hard Pull 1913 Fishing
A Live One 1913 Fishing
A Load of Celery 1918 Vegetable
A Load of Cucumbers 1918 Vegetable
A Meal 1918 Fishing
A Morning Catch 1917 Fishing
A Narrow Escape 1913 Fishing
A Tight Squeeze 1913 Vegetable
Alfalfa 1913 People 
All Together 1912 Vegetable
And Still They Come 1908 RPPC Homecoming
Annie 1917 Cool
Any Old Way (Oshkosh) 1908 RPPC Homecoming
Any Old Way (Waupun) 1908 RPPC Homecoming
Apple Butter 1913 Fruit
Apples 1909 RPPC Fruit, auto
Apples 1911 Fruit
Baby Cowboys 1918 Pioneer
Beating the Coal Trust 1912 Vegetable
Beware of the Water Wagon 1915 Scene on the Road
Big Pike 1910 Fishing
Billy Go To It 1913 Vegetable
Black Bass 1913 Fishing
Black Raspberries 1912 Fruit
Blackberries 1912 Fruit
Boy Scouts 1912 Vegetable
Broke Down 1913 Vegetable
Brook Trout 1911 Fishing
Camp 1912 Fishing
Carp Caughtin Beaver Dam Pond 1909 Fishing
Carrots 1912 Vegetable
Catfish 1910 Fishing
Catfish Caught in Beaver Pond 1909 RPPC Fishing
Catfish Caught in River Ripon 1909 RPPC Fishing
Caught With the Goods 1913 Eggs
Cauliflower 1913 Vegetable
Cellery [sic] 1910 Vegetable
Citron 1911 Vegetable
Come On In, The Water's Fine 1908 RPPC Homecoming
Cutting Cabbage 1909 RPPC Vegetable
Cutting Corn 1913 Vegetable
Dangerous 1913 Fishing
Digging Aspargus (sp) 1910 Vegetable
Digging Out 1918   snow
Dill Pickles 1913 Vegetable
Dinner With K. Y. W. 1926 Camping
Dipping Them Up 1913 Fishing
Dunnar Veter—Vot Iss 1913 Turtle
Early Onions 1912 Vegetable
Enough For Dinner 1912 Fishing
Father Works 1913 Hen/eggs
Fish caught in river: carp 1909
Frits 1917 Cool
Going to Market 1912 Vegetable
Good Morning 1917 x Fishing
Good Shooting 1912 Hunting
GoodBye Old Stone Pile 1923 prison
Grapes 1909 RPPC Fruit
Grapes 1913 Fruit
Green Corn 1913 Vegetable
Green Peas 1912 Vegetable
Grouse 1912 Hunting
Hard Work 1912 Vegetable
Held Up 1915 Scene on the Road
Help 1918 Fishing
Home Sweet Home 1923 prison
Homeward Bound 1915 Scene on the Road
Hope to Meet you Soon in Waupun 1913 Pennant
How Is This 1910 RPPC Fishing
How Much Will He Weigh? 1912 Fishing
Hungry Oh Boy 1926 Camping
I Am Lonesome 1917 x Fishing
I Caught a Few Small Ones Here 1921 Fishing
I remember in '88 1918   snow
Ice Harvest 1918 snow
If My Pole Hadn't Broken 1910 Fishing
I'm Having a Nice Quiet Time Here 1921 Fishing
It isn't Safe Fishing Around Here 1921 Fishing
Jane 1917 Cool
Joe 1917 Cool
Joy Ride 1915 Scene on the Road
Just a Couple 1910 Fishing
Just Look 1918 Fishing
Just Plums 1911 Fruit
Keep Track Clear 1918 snow
Kickers 1913 Frogs
Kohlrabi 1913 Vegetable
Landing a Pike 1910 Fishing
Landing a Submarine 1917 Fishing
Let Go. I'm Not Jonah 1917 Cool
Load of Cabbage 1909 RPPC Vegetable
Loading Cabbages 1909 RPPC Vegetable
Loading Peas 1918 Vegetable
Long and the Short 1923   prison
Lunch 1913 Pig
Lunch) I am at Waupun but not in the pen 1913
Main St. 1918   snow
Marketing Potatoes 1918 Vegetables
Melon Party 1911 Fruit
Musk Melons 1911 Fruit
My First One 1921 Fishing
My First Strike 1910 Fishing
My Treat 1912 Vegetable
No Dust 1918 snow
No Limit Here 1917 Fishing
No Room for Passengers 1917 x Fishing
On Our Boat Landing 1917 x Fishing
On Time 1918   snow
One at a Time Please 1917 x Fishing
One of the Squash 1910 Vegetable
Onion Harvest 1911 Vegetable
Onions 1909 RPPC Vegetable
Oshkosh or Bust 1908 RPPC Homecoming
Our Ball Team 1923 prison
Our Barn is Full 1912 Vegetable
Our Corn 1909 RPPC Vegetable
Our Cucumbers 1910 Vegetable
Our Hero 1917 Cool
Our Kind 1911 Fruit
Out For Air 1923 prison
Overloaded 1912 Vegetable
Peaches 1911 Fruit
Peanut Crop 1913 Vegetable
Pears 1911 Fruit
Pickerel 1910 Fishing
Plenty Potatoes 1912 Vegetable
Pork is Going Down 1921 Fishing
Potatoes 1909 RPPC Vegetable
Quick Returns 1913 Fishing
Rabbits 1910 Hunting
Red Raspberries 1912 Fruit
Red River Carp 1909 fishing
Rock River Carp 1909 Fishing
Rock River Catfish 1909 fishing
Rolling Them In 1913 Vegetable
Sauerkraut 1913 Vegetable
Scene on the Road [the A Card] 1916 A Who Cares
Shooting the Shoots 1913 Vegetable
Six P. M. 1917 x Fishing
Sleet Storm 1918 snow
Sliceing Tomatoes [sic] 1913 Fruit
Some Class 1913 Fishing
Some Ducks 1911 Hunting
Some Road Lice Here 1916 Who Cares
Some Style 1913 Fishing
Some Tomatoes 1909 RPPC Vegetable
Spearing Catfish 1910 Fishing
Squashing the Record 1913 Vegetable
Still They Come 1918 x Fishing
Strawberries 1912 Fruit
Strawberry Express No. 1 1913 Fruit
Street Scene 1918 snow
String Beans 1910 Vegetable
Strong Combination 1913 Vegetable
Sugar Beets 1909 RPPC Vegetable
Summer Squash 1912 Vegetable
Sunshine 1917 Cool
The Buck Fever 1910 RPPC Hunting
The Cider Mill 1913 Fruit
The Merry Widows Are On Time 1908 RPPC Homecoming
The Merry Widows Were Caught in the Rain 1908 RPPC Homecoming
The Milky Way 1915 Scene on the Road
The Old Boys Are Coming Home (Oshkosh) 1908 RPPC Homecoming
The Old Boys Are Coming Home (Waupun) 1908 RPPC Homecoming
The One That Got Away 1917 x Fishing
The Pace Will Be Fierce 1908 RPPC Homecoming
The People We Met 1915 Scene on the Road
There's Some Fishing Around Here 1921 Fishing
They Bit Right 1912 Fishing
They Look Fierce 1913 Fishing
This is No Dream 1913 Fishing
This is No Place For a Nervous Person 1921 Fishing
This is the Kind I'm Catching 1921 Fishing
This is the Life 1926 Camping
Tomatoes 1912 Fruit
Tough Birds 1923 prison
1913 Fishing
Track Is Clear 1918 snow (Same as Keep Track Clear)
Triplets 1917   Cool
Turnips 1911 Vegetable
Two Hours Catch 1910 RPPC Fishing
Up To Date 1910 Transportation
Was Game [He Was Game] 1910 Fishing
We Nearly Lost Him 1910 Fishing
We Never Stop 1915 Scene on the Road
We Stopped Here 1915 Scene on the Road
Welcome to Our City 1923   prison
White Grapes 1913 Fruit
Who Cares For an Auto 1916 B Who Cares
Who Cares For an Auto [pig]  1916 C Who Cares
Whoop With Us 1908 RPPC Homecoming
Who's Caught 1917 Fishing
Wild Geese 1912 Hunting
Will Be With You Soon 1923   prison
Will It Go In? 1911 Vegetable
Winter 1918   snow
Winter Squash 1911 Vegetable
Working Up An Appetite 1926 Camping
#mine 1913 Fishing
You Are To Blame 1921 Transportation
You Have Had Enough 1913 Vegetable