The Art & Humor of
A. Stanley Johnson of Waupun, Wisconsin

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Mansfield, PA
How We Do Things, Second Ed.
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The Art & Humor of     Stanley Johnson of Waupun, Wisconsin

Johnson transported his oversized produce in a variety of motorized vehicles, both automobiles and trucks. I have not seen examples using tractors.

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Apples 1909.10.02 apples
Turnips 1911.02 turnips
Going to Market 1912.04 market
Marketing Potatoes 1918.01 potatoes
This card demonstrates the Feeding the Army variant overprint used in 1917 and 1918. The same card was also printed with the standard How We Do Things motto.
Loading Peas  1918.02 peas
  This is the same truck as above but in a different photo shot. It is interesting to note that something went wrong in the printing of the Albuquerque batch of cards. In every example that I have seen, for all titles, the card's title is cropped off partially or entirely at the bottom.
A Load of Cucumbers 1918.05 cucumbers
A Load of Celery 1918.07 celery

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