Bonnie Kyofski Storytelling

September 28 - Heritage Day -2 PM at the Museum of Us (61 N. Main Street) - Bonnie Kyofski Telling Stories.

Bonnie Kyofski is a member of several Tioga-Potter county pioneer families – all devoted to our beautiful region and addicted to storytelling. Mostly farmers, loggers, and teachers, this early generation shared their access to the history of the region through songs and stories.

Recruited as an English and Education professor to the Louisville branch of the University of Kentucky, Bonnie joined into the Corn Island Storytelling Festival and was stunned to find relatives of her grandmother’s stories as features in this southern Appalachian spin-off of the National Storytelling Festival.

Those “Grandma” stories had been recognized earlier by the Pennsylvania Folklore Society, and when she returned to Tioga County three years later, they became the basis for her involvement in several statewide heritage appreciation groups as well as many occasioning classroom appearances and several publications.

Sharing the stories has remained a source of happiness for her many years knitting together her own heritage with the experiences of forty years of teaching in other cultures and in learning more about our own.