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Gavett Pension Papers
Submitted by Carol HOOSE Brotzman
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 Subj:  gar papers gavett
Date:  6/10/2002 11:16:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Brotzmans)

A few pages of the Civil War pension papers of William A Gavett, a private from East Smithfield, PA.

He was born March 2, 1822 in Boston, Massachusetts and died probably near East Smithfield, PA November 10, 1902. I do not know for sure where he is buried. He may be in an unmarked grave in the Union Cemetery in East Smithfield with his first wife Sarah Gerould Gavett or with other family in the Tioga Point Cemetery with no marker. To William and Sarah Gavett nine children were born. I descend from their first child Sarah Rebecca Gerould who married Charles H Hoose who also served in the same unit in the Civil War as Frederick Hoose. William Gavett was married second to Mrs Helen Wilcox who also preceded him in death



Private William A Gavett of Captain Charles Meacums? Company E of the 141st regiment of the 141st regiment of the Pennsylvania Volunteers in East Smithfield, PA on the sixteenth day of August 1862 to serve three years; he was born in Boston in the state of Massachusetts is forty years of age, is five feet seven inches high, cark (that’s what it looks like) complexion, black eyes, black hair, and by occupation a farmer. During the last two months said soldier has been unfit for duty 66 days. He was wounded October 12, 1863. Sent to Judiciary Square Hospital May 5th 1864. ? He was sent to a Philadelphia Hospital. Thence April 1864 to recover in the hospital.

Station: base hospital in West Philadelphia

Date: February 8, 1865

Discharge surgeon WSH

I certify that I have carefully examined the said Private William A Gavett of Captain Charles Meacums Company, and find him incapable of performing the duties of a soldier because of injuries incurred by a gunshot wound to the right ankle (not the exact wording but that’s what it means) October 17, 1863.

The surgeon signed it T T H (something I can’t read)

Discharged the 6th day of May 1865 at West Philadelphia, PA

This soldier desires to be addressed at the town of Smithfield, County of Bradford, state of Pennsylvania

Another sheet tells that the medical records show as follows: (this paper dated July 7, 1890) number 2879 stamped on it

Wm A Gavett, wounded ankle, severely, at the Battle of Auburn, VA. October 13, 1863:

As Wm Gavett was treated, October 16, 1863 to May 8, 1864. A compound fracture of the tibia.

As William A Gavett,  May 6 to August 19, 1864, Gunshot wound of right ankle joint, August 18, 1864

Department of interior: same paper

All handwritten: Returned to the Record and Pension Department for a full report as to claimant’s military history and hospital treatment.

Alleges affections of right groin while in Judiciary Square Hospital. Washington, DC March 20, 1864. Transferred from same hospital to Summit House, Philadelphia, PA and from there to Satterlee, USA. Geul Hospital, Philadelphia, PA (that’s what the spelling looks like) from which place he was discharged as No 55,32g

William A Gavett


Zaner? B Raum


Same paper July 7 1890 stamped on it, copied in the same broken English.

The claimant is recorded a private on our rolls of Co from Oct 31, 1863 to June 3rd 1864 and severely wounded October 11, 1863. Other military records furnish nothing added bearing before this case that contained in report of Dec 15, 1865 and the above.


Washington D.C. December 16th 1865

I have the honor to acknowledge the honor of your receipt of this office of application for pension, and to return it herewith such information as is furnished by the files of this office.

            It appears from the rolls on file in this office that William A Gavett was enrolled on the 16th day of August 1862 at Bradford PA. in CO. K. 141st Regiment of the Penna. Volunteers to serve 3 years or enduring the war. On the Muster Roll of CO K of that regiment for he months of September and October 1864. He is reported absent wounded October 1863 on the muster roll of that company duties May 28th 1865. He is reported discharged May 6, 1865 because of ? of night of from a gunshot wound need while skirmishing.  Private station October 15, 1863.

I am very respectfully your obedient servant Assistant Adjutant general

The commissioner of pensions Washington DC

Another sheet in the file:

Act of June 27, 1890

Declaration for soldier children who are permanently helpless.

STATE OF Pennsylvania COUNTY OF Bradford, on this 23 day of February A.D. 1903, personally appeared before me a Justice of the Peace in and for the said county and state foresaid Lincoln O Gavett aged 42 years, who, being duly sworn according to the law, makes the following declaration in order to obtain the pension provided by act of congress approved June 27, 1890. That he is the legal guardian of Lydia Gavett ho is at the present time suffering from a shylois of the right hip. She is a cripple and an imbicile. (Spelling as recorded). Which said disability, to his best knowledge and belief is permanent in its character and renders the said war, is permanently helpless, That Lydia Gavett said ward is the legitimate child of William A Gavett who enlisted under the name of William A Gavett at East Smithfield, PA on the 12th day of August 1862 in Company K 141st PA Vol. Infantry and served at least 90 days in the war of the Rebellion in the service of the United States, who was HONORABLY DISCHARGED May 26th 1865, and died November 9th 1902. That left no widow surviving him. Soldier’s wife died June 1, 1875. That mother was married under the name Sarah Gerould to William A Gavett on the 8th day of September AD 1846, there being no legal barrier to such marriage. That no application has hereto been made for a minor’s pension numbered  ______ and a certificate number____ granted. That the declarant hereby appoints W H French of Athens, PA true and lawful attorney to prosecute this claim and receive a fee of TEN DOLLARS. That his post office is East Smithfield, County of Bradford state of Pennsylvania.

Geo. A Hyde                                                            Lincoln O Gavett  (the seal has Pension US Office Mar 4 1903

Nellie Doty

I have the whole file if anyone is interested. There are several affidavits from local folks backing up William Gavett’s story of the hernia he obtained and how he couldn’t work because of it. Hiram Carpenter tells of the long wagon ride home with him and the pain he was in.

Just contact me Carol Brotzman at I would love to share info with a Gavett/Gavette/Gerould cousin.