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The 1849 Will of Margaret LEE
a.k.a. Margaret Baker of Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA

Transcribed by Joyce M. Tice

This page is part of theTri-County Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice

This page is part of the Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project  by Joyce M. Tice 

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Photo by Joyce M. Tice November 1998 (See description below of the Old Baker Burial Ground) See Also October 2000 start of house and foundation
on the site of the burial ground.

Margaret LEE Baker of Sullivan Township was married to Isaac BAKER


Sullivan April th 21 AD 1849

16 yards of flannel Cloth & 10 fleeces of wooll to be appropriated for my Maria Bakers tomb stones and for her --- own as far as it will go The Desk I want Philander should have The best shawl I want Rebecca should have The rocking chair and one of the Calico Dresses and a piece of dark Calico I want Hannah and Lydia Should have to piece you a bed quilt

This being my wishes X

Marggaret Baker

Myron Rockwell

{Transcribed from the original handwritten copy

(of course, the will wasn't probated!) after being found among Eva L. Garnsey Card's papers circa 1988 by Mary Card Yarnell}

The above photo is of the former location of the Baker burials in Sullivan Township. As late as the 1950s this knoll included many tombstones of the old Baker Burial Ground. The tombstones were bulldozed into the hedgerow and left in broken fragments. At the time of my visit in November 1998, all fragments which had been reported to be there in the hedgerow, had been removed except for a small piece of marble which had been the corner of a tombstone, no inscription remaining. This location is on the north side of Route 6 on the hill above Gray Valley. Margaret LEE, alias Margaret Baker of Sullivan, is no doubt buried in this knoll. The location of a fragment of the tombstone of her husband, Isaac Baker, is known to me, but I do not feel at liberty to divulge it publicly. The people who took it did so in the interest of preservation. Joyce M. Tice
This October 2000 photo shows the start of a house and foundation dug directly into the 
Baker Family Burial Ground. No listing of this cemetery was ever made prior to its first
destruction, to my knowledge. Township officials and probably the family building here,
were unaware that a burial ground was being violated. I informed the land owners, and as of this writing in Spring 2004, they are building a garage directly over the burials. I had notified the township well in advance of the second construciton, so it is a mystery to me how they got a building permit issued for the second building started after the township was notified. 
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By Joyce M. Tice
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