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Chemung County was set off from Tioga County March 29, 1836.
These abstracts were copied from the original records at the Court House at Elmira, N.Y. by Gertrude A. Barber in June, 1941. Retyped for Tri-Cpounties by Darla Hogaboom 2005.
Note:  Codicil:  a supplement to a will; a testamentary to alter an already existing will; a clause added to a will.
As I was transcribing them, I had to cross-reference with your site a lot so I went ahead and in the "comments" sections I would put any additional info that I came across (i.e. place of burial, etc.).  So all of the info that is in the "comments" section now is not listed on the will itself. Darla Hogaboom
A 1 Lounsbury, Hector late of Elmira, Chemung Co., N.Y. He died at Erin, Chemung Co., N.Y. on June 14, 1836. Apr. 22, 1836 July 6, 1836 Sister (not named); Joseph McMillan; My brother Ira Lounsbury and his wife Mary Lounsbury; My nephew Axtell Lounsbury; My brother Thomas Lounsbury John McConnell of Elmira, Robert Stewart of Erin, James McMillan of Erin William Neigh, John Graham
A 11 Smith, John of Southport, Tioga County, N.Y. Died May 12, 1836. Buried Fitzsimmons Cemetery, Southport. Rev. War Soldier July 25, 1835; Codicil date: Mar. 3, 1836 July 20, 1836 son John L. Smith; Sally Hoffman wife of William Hoffman; phebe Baker wife of Seneca Baker; Betsey Helms wife of Phineas Helms; My daughter Peggy Smith; Julia Reed wife of John Reed; Esther B. Satterlee wife of Silas Satterlee, decd.; phebe Baker's four children; Edward Baker's child (he was the son of phebe Baker); Julia Adelia Baker Phineas Helms, Hiram Gray, Orange Chapman John C. Sells of Southport, Hiram Gray of Elmira, Benjamin Comfort of Southport
A 17 Beidelman, Samuel of Chemung, Tioga Co., N.Y. Buried Riverside Cemetery, Chemung. Rev. War Soldier Jan. 13, 1836 Sept. 12, 1836 son Christian Beidelman; daughters Catharine Snell, Elizabeth Rhoson and Molly Baldwin; grandson Mark Baldwin; granddaughter Emily Beidelman Isaac Beidelman (son), John Beidelman (son) Asahel Buck, Jacob Beidelman
A 21 McDugh, John
of Veteran, Chemung Co., N.Y. Feb. 19, 1834 Dec. 30, 1836 wife Sarah Ann McDugh; sons David McDugh, Harry McDugh, Cyrus McDugh, John McDugh; and daughter Sarah Ann McDugh None named Allen Kendall of Veteran, David Banks of Veteran
A 29 Chase, Joshua of Catharine, Chemung Co., N.Y. died Dec. 13, 1836 Dec. 5, 1836 Feb. 20, 1837 wife Eliza Chase; brothers Jeremiah Chase, Clark Chase, Lewis Chase; nephew William Knight; Elizabeth Bishop wife Eliza Chase, Guy C. Hinman Abijah Wakeman of Catharine, Milton Ostrander of Ithaca, Samuel Winton of Catharine
A 32 Rickey, John of Elmira, Chemung Co., N.Y. Died Nov. 30, 1836. Buried Marsh Cemetery, Horseheads. Rev. War Soldier Feb. 21, 1836 Mar. 6, 1837 sons Mordecai Rickey, Joseph Rickey; daughter Mary Carpenter Mordecai Rickey (son), John Tenbrook, Stoddard Conklin Stoddard Conklin, Gabriel Smith, Joseph Lindsay
A 39 Bennett, John farmer Feb. 3, 1835 Mar. 10, 1837 wife Sarah Bennett; daughters Deborah Reiser, Hannah Bennett, Jerusha Brace; daughter of my wife Milla Atwood; Horace Pound and his grandfather Benjamin Atwood; sons Miles Covel Bennett, Josiah Bennett, Comfort Bennett, Thomas Bennett, Elias Bennett Comfort Bennett, Frederick Wolcott John Jackson, Joseph Perke, Samuel Hall
A 46 Canfield, Walker of Horseheads, Chemung Co., N.Y. died Mar. 14, 1837 Nov. 21, 1836 Apr. 10, 1837 wife Betsey Canfield; children (not named) wife Betsey Canfield Jacob Westlake, Stoddard Conklin, F. Dumont
A 51 Reynolds, Charles of Big Flats, Chemung Co., N.Y. died Mar. 25, 1837 Mar. 15, 1837 Apr. 24, 1837 wife Lydia Reynolds; children (not named) Samuel Tuthill, William Maxwell, Wilson Reynolds Nathan Reynolds of Big Flats, Theodore North, William Maxwell
A 61 Lowe, William of Southport, Chemung Co., N.Y. not dated May 29, 1837 wife Hannah Lowe; daughters Betsey Lowe, Caroline Lowe; sons John Lowe, Uriah Lowe, Elias Lowe, William Lowe; William Lowe Purdy; Susan Smith Phineas Helms, wife Hannah Joel Jones, David Howell, H. Gray
A 68 Baldwin, Israel of Chemung, Chemung Co., N.Y. Sept. 2, 1837 Oct. 3, 1837 wife Lovina Baldwin; daughters Betsey Briggs, Amanda Baldwin, Polly Baldwin Joseph K. Coleman of Chemung, Anthony Collson of Chemung Asa Crandall of Chemung, Joseph R. Coleman of Chemung, John Coleman
A 74 Mabey, Daniel of Elmira Sept. 4, 1837 Dec. 18, 1837 daughters Anna Mabey, Catharine Griffin; sons Nelson Mabey, George Mabey Benjamin Chidester of Scipio, Cayuga Co., N.Y. and John Searing of Ledyard, Cayuga Co., N.Y. Stephen Estes, John Beers, Francis Bowman
A 83 Lawrence, Samuel of Catharine, Tioga Co., N.Y. Oct. 4, 1832 Dec. 27, 1837 brothers John L. Lawrence, William T. Lawrence; wife and other children; sons Jonathan Lawrence, Samuel Lawrence wife Samuel Winton of Catharine, Henry Stewart of Newfield, William Henry of Catharine
A 90 Rosengrant, Alexander of Catlin, Tioga Co., N.Y. Oct. 22, 1833 Jan. 15, 1838 wife Mariah Rosengrant and children; son John V. Rosengrant son John V. Rosengrant, John P. Cornell Michael Loomis of Catlin, Risely Loomis, Tunie Voorhees
A 96 Swartwood, John of Cayuta, Chemung Co., N.Y. Died Dec. 12, 1837. Buried Rumsey Cemetery, VanEtten. Rev. War Soldier Oct. 1, 1837 Jan. 15, 1838 sons Daniel Swartwood, Isaiah Swartwood, John Swartwood James VanEtten of Cayuta, Jesse Barnes son Daniel Swartwood signed "X"
A 103 Weair, John of Southport, Tioga County, N.Y. Jan. 21, 1834 May 12, 1838 wife Sarah Weair; daughters Mercy Hide, Betsey Griswold, Julie Howell, Nancy Miller; sons William C. Weair, John Weair, Jr. wife Sarah, Jonathan Jenkins William Jenkins, Henry Baldwin, John VanGorder
A 110 Coykendall, Benjamin of Erin, Tioga Co., N.Y. Oct. 2, 1835 June 6, 1838 daughters Catharine Giltner wife of Tobias J. Giltner, Polly Giltner wife of Jacob Giltner; sons Amos Coykendall, Benjamin M. Coykendall, Abraham Coykendall Thomas Maxwell of Elmira, son-in-law Tobias Giltner of Erin, Thomas Welch of Ithaca James Taylor of Elmira, Benjamin Smith of Elmira
A 116 Swartwood, Benjamin of Erin, Tioga Co., N.Y. June 13, 1833 June 10, 1838 Johannes Swartwood, Elizabeth Swartwood, Jacob Lyon son of Jesse Lyon, Caty Decker None named Isaac Swartwood, Jacob S. Swartwood, Emanuel Swartwood
A 122 Mabey, Anna   not dated Aug. 9, 1838 Nelson Mabey, George Mabey, Catharine Ann Mabey, Misa Shute, Catharine Griffin None named Catharine Griffin, Lany Osborn
A 130 Smith, Jacob of Newfield, Tompkins Co., N.Y. Mar. 9, 1837 Feb. 6, 1839 wife Rachel Smith; daughter Anna Smith; son Nathan Smith; grandson Alvin Smith, son of Henry Smith, decd. son Nathan Hiram White, Joshua I. Denmark, Z. F. Chase
A 137 Westbrook, James of Cayuta, Chemung Co., N.Y. Aug. 16, 1838 Apr. 9, 1839 sons Cornelius Westbrook, Peter Westbrook, James Westbrook; daughters Elizabeth Westbrook, Polly Westbrook, Catharine Westbrook, Susannah Westbrook; wife Charity Westbrook wife Charity Charles Catchen of Cayuta, Elijah Simon of Cayuta
A 142 Hathaway, Israel of Veteran, Chemung Co., N.Y. Dec. 23, 1837 Nov. 1, 1839 wife Mary Hathaway; Mary Lattin; sons Israel Hathaway, William Hathaway wife Mary Allen Kendall of Veteran, Samuel Dean of Veteran
A 148 Allen, James A. of Erin, Chemung Co., N.Y. Feb. 2, 1836 Nov. 23, 1839 wife Rebecca wife Rebecca Jacob Linderman, Matthew N. Norris, Thomas S. VanHouten
A 151 Denn, Christopher of Chemung. Buried Riverside Cemetery, Chemung. Died July 28, 1839. Rev. War Soldier May 4, 1839 Nov. 25, 1839 wife Hannah Denn; sons Edwin Denn, Alfred Denn; grandchildren (children of daughter Nancy Coleman); daughters Nancy Coleman and Clarissa Runneld wife of Isaac; grandchildren (children of my daughter Clarissa Runneld) son Edwin Denn, Anthony Colson Phineas Rogers, Heathcoat Floyd, Hudson Goldsmith
A 160 Beckwith, Elizabeth of Elmira Oct. 24, 1838 Jan. 28, 1840 sisters Sarah Ann Beckwith, Zina Amanda Beckwith, Deceased Father two sisters  John McConnell, James Davis, Daniel McConnell
A 165 Greene, David of Dix, Chemung Co., N.Y. Sept. 2, 1839 Feb. 10, 1840 wife Ruth Greene; William Potter wife Ruth, Daniel Baker Philip Geno, Philip Aber, William D, Willcockson
A 173 Pedrick, John W. of Southport, Chemung Co., N.Y. Feb. 7, 1837 Feb. 23, 1840 sons Francis B. Pedrick, Josiah S. Pedrick, John S. Pedrick; daughters Sophia Atkins, Nancy Kelly, Sally Krees; wife Hannah Pedrick Phineas Helms of Southport, Miles Covell R. Covell, Jr. of Elmira, Thomas Perry of Elmira
A 182 Baldwin, Grant B. of Elmira. son of William. Buried Wisner Park Cemetery, Elmira Dec. 13, 1839 Mar. 5, 1840 wife Myrilla Baldwin; Father; Mother; sons James A. Baldwin, Josiah J. Baldwin, Isaac Norris Baldwin; daughters Julia N. Baldwin, Susan E. Baldwin, Azuba Baldwin wife Myvilla, Jonas Sayre, William Maxwell Jonathan Purdy of Elmira, Nathaniel Aspinwell of Elmira, Tracy Beadle, Erastus L. Hart
A 191 Warren, Marcy of Chemung, Chemung Co., N.Y. Feb. 8, 1837 Mar. 10, 1840 sisters Polly Miller wife of Jacob Miller, Martha Forman; nephew Edmund son of Jacob and Polly Miller sisters Polly Miller and Martha Forman Caleb Baker of Southport, Sarah Baker of Southport
A 198 Lowman, Jacob of Chemung, Chemung Co., N.Y. Buried Riverside Cemetery, Chemung. Rev War Soldier Sept. 28, 1839 Apr. 15, 1840 grandchildren Jacob Lowman Brown, George Henry Brown the children of my deceased daughter Esther Lowman Brown late wife of Rev. Daniel E. Brown; daughter Cynthia Everts wife of Dr. Hovey Everts; sons Jacob Lowman, Jr. and George Lowman sons George Lowman and Jacob Lowman, Jr. Miles Covell of Elmira, Guy M. Perry of Elmira
A 208 Hendy, John of Elmira, Tioga Co., N.Y. Died Mar. 15, 1840. Buried Wisner Park Cemetery, removed to Woodlaw Cemetery. Rev. War Soldier June 23, 1829 July 20, 1840 sons Samuel Hendy, Thomas Hendy, John Hendy, Jr.; daughters Rebecca Culp wife of John Culp, Sally Bartlett wife of William Bartlett, Hannah Snow wife of Cushing Snow; friend Benjamin Casey; daughter Elizabeth Rhodes wife of John Rhodes, daughter Polly Beidelman wife of Joseph Beidelman John Hendy, Jr. (son), Caleb Baker, William Maxwell G. B. Baldwin, Elijah Jones, Thomas Maxwell
A 217 Johnson, William of Catlin, Chemung Co., N.Y. Jan. 22, 1840 July 22, 1840 wife Maria Johnson wife Maria Johnson Caleb Allen of Veteran, Watson Cole of Catlin
A 222 Hammond, Mary (VanGorder) of Chemung, Chemung Co., N.Y. Late widow of Jason Hammond (Rev. War Soldier) Apr. 12, 1840 Sept. 7, 1840 sons Robert R. Hammond, Simeon K. Hammond (he gets the Bible), David Hammond, James Hammond; daughter Deborah Ogden; John Smith son of Hopkins E. Smith, decd. Anthony Collson Anthony Collson of Chemung, Paul Whitaker signed with "X"
A 229 Sturdevant, Jonathan (rev.) of Elmira. Died Mar. 3, 1841. Buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Horseheads. Rev. War Soldier Feb. 10, 1841 Mar. 26, 1841 wife Peggy Ann Thorne Sturdevant; brother Elijah Sturdevant Benjamin Carpenter, John Jackson B. McConnell, Eli A. Barlow, David Smith
A 234 Sayre, Ebenezer of Elmira. Died Aug. 20, 1840. Buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Horseheads. Rev. War Soldier Apr. 15, 1840 Apr. 29, 1841 sons Hector Sayre, Bezalael Sayre, James Sayre; daughters Elizabeth Maxwell, Zerviah Sayre Hector Sayre, James Sayre Stoddard Conklin, Vincent Reeder, Jonas Sayre
A 240 Huffman, John of Chemung, Chemung Co., N.Y. Buried Riverside Cemetery, Chemung.  Mar. 9, 1841 July 17, 1841 wife Sally Huffman; daughters Mary Elizabeth Huffman, Emeline Huffman; sons John Huffman, Jacob Huffman, Christian Greatsinger (guardian) wife Sally Huffman, Christian Greatsinger, Joseph Collson Anthony Collson of Chemung, James Nixon
A 247 Parsons, Daniel of Veteran, Chemung Co., N.Y. buried Parsons Cemetery, Veteran Township. Rev. War Soldier Dec. 21, 1839 Sept. 20, 1841 wife Eunice Bartram Parsons; daughters Betty Belden wife of Azur Belden, Mary Parsons, Clarissa Banks wife of David Banks, Hannah Olmstead, Lydia Couch wife of Jonathan P. Couch, Eunice Morehouse wife of Zacheus Morehouse; granddaughter Betsey; sons Uriah Parsons, Daniel B. Parsons, Burr B. Parsons, Aaron W. Parsons sons Uriah Parsons, Daniel Parsons, Burr Parsons A. I. Maxwell of Elmira, John A. Gillette of Elmira, W. Maxwell of Elmira
A 256 Shoemaker, John of Cayuta, Chemung Co., N.Y. Buried Ennis Cemetery, VanEtten Sept. 1, 1841 Oct. 11, 1841 wife Phebe Shoemaker; Daniel McDuffee, Catharine McDuffee Zalmon F. Chase Zalmon F. Chase, Emanuel Ennis
A 262 Tubbs, John of Elmira. Buried Fitzsimmons Cemetery, Southport Apr. 5, 1840 Mar. 1, 1842 wife Mary Tubbs; son Kelsey Tubbs; daughters Sally Decker wife of Thomas Decker, Mercy Tubbs, Phebe Tubbs, Lucinda Drake wife of Gilbert H. Drake, Anna Tubbs son Kelsey Tubbs, son-in-law Thomas Decker Archibald Jenkins of Elmira, William North of Elmira
A 278 Meeker, Ichabod of Veteran, Chemung Co., N.Y. Rev. War Soldier Jan. 28, 1835 Mar. 28, 1842 daughters Thankful Daily, Anna Lovell; son Elijah Meeker son Elijah Meeker Walter L. Daily of Veteran, John V. Beebe of Veteran
A 480 Carey, Absalom of Chemung, Chemung Co., N.Y. Died Dec. 30, 1841. Buried Dry Brook Cemetery, Chemung. Rev. War Soldier Nov. 24, 1841 Mar. 1, 1842 sons Abner Cary, Nathaniel Cary, Stephen Cary, Benjamin Cary, Samuel Cary, Absalom Cary, Jr., David N. Cary; grandchildren Benjamin Cooley, Daniel Cooley, Jr. children of my deceased daughter Esther Cooley.; grandchildren Temperance Hill Cooley, David Colley, Mortimer Cooley, Matilda Cary daughter of my son David and Merritt Cary son of my son David sons Abner Cary and Nathaniel Cary A. T. Wynkoop of Chemung, A. D. Smith of Chemung, and Christ. Denman of Chemung
A 296 Kendall, Joshua of Veteran, Chemung Co., N.Y. Rev. War Soldier Mar. 9, 1842 May 2, 1842 son Joshua Kendall and wife Matty Kendall; grandson Joshua Kendall son of Allen Kendall; granddaughters Mary Kendall and Phebe Kendall; son Ephraim Kendall; insane son William Kendall; daughter Sally Babcock and daughter Emily Babcock sons Joshua Kendall and Ephraim Kendall Timothy Couch of Catharine, Pixley Lattin of Veteran
A 293 Hammond, Ezra of Veteran, Chemung Co., N.Y. Buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Horseheads Apr. 6, 1842 Apr. 28, 1842 wife Rebecca Hammond; son William Hammond John Jackson, Aaron W. Rundle Cyrus I. Bentley of Veteran, Timothy Miller of Veteran
A 298 Longstaff, Peter of Elmira Jan. 13, 1842 May 9, 1842 wife Betsey Ann Longstaff wife Betsey Ann Longstaff A. M. Rundle, A. Stanley, Silas C. Rundle
A 304 Ayres, Silas C. of Catharine Oct. 4, 1836 Dec. 12, 1842 wife Zilpha Ayres wife Zilpha Ayres Caleb Hill of Catharine, Joseph Herron of Catharine
A 309 Diven, John of Dix, Chemung Co., N.Y. July 15, 1839 Feb. 20, 1848 sons William Diven, Alexander Diven; daughters Eleanor Diven, Charlotte Diven; grandchildren Maria Louisa Deming daughter of my deceased daughter Margaret Deming; grandchildren John Culver, Clarissa Culver, ?, Sally Ann Culver, ?, David Culver, Charlotte Culver the children of my deceased daughter ? Culver; son John Diven; daughter Elizabeth Washburn sons William Diven and Alexander B. Diven George E. Quinn of Dix, Edward Quinn of Dix
A 315 Baskins, Armstrong of Reading, Steuben Co., N.Y. Feb. 21, 1840 Mar. 13, 1843 daughters Sally Ann Baskins, Harriet N. Baskins, Mary Jane Baskins; sons Robert Baskins, Erastus Baskins; wife Azubah Ann Baskins wife Azubah Ann Baskins William Diven of Reading, Edward Quinn
A 319 Robinson, James of Elmira Dec. 8, 1842 Mar. 29, 1843 wife Margaret Robinson; daughter Emily Robinson, deceased; son George Robinson, deceased Thomas Maxwell of Elmira John Arnot of Elmira, D. C. Maxwell of Elmira
A 342 Biggs, Michael of Elmira Jan. 31, 1842 Mar. 30, 1843 sister-in-law Mary Rathbone; nephew Peter Biggs Thomas Maxwell, William Maxwell, Peter Biggs Simon Rood of Elmira, Thomas Patterson
A 323 Chapman, Joshua of Chemung, Chemung Co., N.Y. Buried Riverside Cemetery, Chemung Apr. 25, 1843 May 11, 1843 sons George Chapman, Robert Chapman; daughters Elizabeth Chapman, Harriet Chapman, Cynthia Chapman, Mary Ann Chapman, Margaret Chapman M. Griswold Daniel D. McDowell of Chemung, Joshua Chapman, Moses W. Wallace
A 334 Chapman, Charles of Erin, Chemung Co., N.Y. Buried Newton Cemetery, Veteran June 21, 1841 May 11, 1843 wife (not named); 8 children-one named-daughter Maria son Charles H. Chapman, Albert S. Chapman Zalmon F. Chase, Guy Hulett
A 339 Paine, ? (unreadable) of New Milford Co., Susquehanna, PA June 28, 184- June 5, 1843 Rachel White wife of Arba White; Anna Barlow; brothers Abraham Paine, Benajah B. Paine, Eli Paine; Mary Ann Barlow; James Barlow; Lorenzo Barlow; Thomas Paine son of Eli Paine; sister Mary Paine Benajah B. Paine of Elmira, William Fitzsimons of Veteran Stephen Estes, Mary Estes, Henry Estes
A 344 Green, Samuel of Chemung, Chemung Co., N.Y. Apr. 19, 1839 Sept. 23, 1843 wife Joanna Green wife Joanna Green, Jacob Batterson, Asahel Buck Asahel Buck, Enoch Warren, Sylvanus Warren signed "X"
A 350 Brunson, William of Veteran. Died July 7, 1843. Buried Millport Cemetery, Town of Veteran July 7, 1842 Nov. 15, 1843 wife Wealthy Brunson; sons Noel Bronson, Samuel Bronson, William W. Bronson, Wallace Bronson, Henry Bronson; daughters Deborah Ferguson, Emeline Locke, Charlotte Bronson, Clarissa Woodward, Helen Bronson, Wealthy Bronson wife Wealthy Brunson, Hiram W. Jackson H. W. Jackson of Dix, G. B. Gainnip of Havana, Chemung Co.
A 365 Gregg, John of Elmira. Buried Wisner Park Cemetery, Elmira July 27, 1842 Dec. 20, 1843 granddaughter Rebecca M. Gregg; sons Andrew K. Gregg, John H. Gregg, William Gregg; daughters Lydia Stephens, Sarah Slaughter sons John H. Gregg, Andrew K. Gregg Benajah B. Payne, Hiram Gray
A 371 Abby, Amasa of Chemung Dec. 7, 1843 Jan. 15, 1844 sons Benjamin Abby, Nathaniel Abby; daughters Mary Robinson wife of William Robinson, Ruth Abby, Charlotte Abby John Kent, Jonas H. Smith, Isaac Decker James H. Smith, Isaac Decker
A 375 Griswold, Zillah (Miss) of Southport, Chemung Co., N.Y. daughter of Elijah and Lois Griswold. Died in Fairport, Nov. 12, 1842 age 33. Buried Fitzsimmons Cemetery, Southport Aug. 17, 1837 Feb. 20, 1844 sisters Louisa Judson wife of John Judson, Ada Seacotts wife of Philip Seacotts; Minerva Beckwith daughter of Albert A. Beckwith Albert A. Beckwith Caleb Baker of Southport, B. L. Baker of Southport
A 380 Wallace, Moses of Chemung Nov. 10, 1843 Feb. 20, 1844 sons Moses W. Wallace, Alexander Wallace, David Wallace, John Wallace; grandchildren-children of my deceased son Joseph Wallace; daughters Sally Ann Merrill, Elizabeth Stryker, Ellen Thompson, Jane Carpenter, Nancy Wallace; grandchildren Wallace Stiver son of my deceased daughter Margaret Stiver; wife Ann Wallace son Moses W. Wallace, George Landis Daniel D. McDowell of Chemung, John W. Wood of Chemung
A 387 Strait, Moses D. of Elmira. Buried Maple Grove Cemetery, Horseheads Jan. 4, 1843 Mar. 4, 1844 wife Anna Hammond Strait; Betsey Ann Crandall Archibald Crandall, David Lang John Jackson of Elmira, John A. Buck of Erin
A 391 Mosher, Welcome of Veteran, Chemung Co., N.Y. Aug. 11, 1843 Apr. 27, 1844 sons Joseph Mosher, Rufus Mosher, Welcome Mosher, Jr.; daughters Anna Mandeville wife of Francis Mandeville, Marabah Crandall wife of Amos Crandall son Joseph Mosher, son-in-law Amos Crandall Walter L. Daily of Veteran, A. F. Babcock of Veteran
A 397 VanGorder, David of Big Flats, Chemung Co., N.Y. Aug. 21, 1841 May 2, 1844 daughter Sally; grandson George son of daughter Sally; daughter Betsey; grandchildren Sally, David, Catharine, Moody; son David; grandson Harmon VanGorder; wife Mary VanGorder William Maxwell of Elmira Thomas Maxwell of Elmira, H. I. Maxwell of Elmira
A 404 Burt, Morris A. of Chemung. Buried Frost-Owen Cemetery, Town of Chemung. Died Oct. 3, 1838 July 3, 1838 May 30, 1844 mother Eunice Burt; grandfather Thomas Burt, Jr.; brother Uriel John W. Hamilton John W. Hamilton of Chemung, Polly S. Hamilton, Lucy E. Burt
A 408 Bower, Isaac  of Catharine Feb. 2, 1844 June 10, 1844 wife Eleanor Bower; sons Grant Bower, Isaac Bower, Phineas Bower, Oliver Perry Bower; daughter Millicent Decker Hiram W. Jackson, Joseph L. Darling, John G. Henry Hiram W. Jackson of Catharine, Caleb Hill of Catharine
A 416 Parmenter, Stephen  of Catharine Mar. 2, 1844 July 1, 1844 wife Sabrina Stone Parmenter; sons Charles Parmenter, John W. Parmenter, Stephen L. Parmenter; daughter Harriet W. Parmenter wife Sabrina, son Charles Parmenter Daniel M. Agard of Catharine, Eaton I. Agard, Sr. of Catharine, Eaton I. Agard, Jr. of Catharine
A 425 Mead, Henry of Chemung Aug. 10, 1842 July 11, 1844 son Daniel Mead; Jesse Wyck; my sons and daughters (not named) son Daniel Mead, Jesse Wyck Jesse Wyck, Ann Wyck
A 432 Nichols, Mary of Catharine May 25, 1839 July 15, 1844 daughters Amenia Nichols, Fanny Hageman wife of John J. Hageman, Betsey Morse wife of Joshua Morse, Mary Barnes wife of Guy C. Barnes, Dithy Shelton wife of Nicholas Shelton, Millicent Ransom wife of Azariah Ransom Nicholas Shelton I. F. Phelps of Catharine, Almon Beecher
A 439 Buck, John of Ridgebury, Bradford Co., PA. Buroed Buck Cemetery, Ridgebury, Bradford Co., PA May 26, 1843 Aug. 8, 1844 sons Thomas B. Buck, Ahiolab Buck, Benjamin Buck, John C. Buck, William H. Buck; wife Ruth; daughters Margaret E. Buck, Cynthia C. Buck, Eleanor A. Buck, Ruth A. Buck wife Ruth, son Thomas B. Buck, brother Asahel Buck Benjamin F. Buck, Ahiolab Buck, Margaret E. Buck
A 448 Wheat, Timothy of Catlin. Died in Veteran Aug. 4, 1844 age 59. June 24, 1844 Aug. 12, 1844 wife Eleanor Wheat; grandchildren John Smith son of Mary Ann Smith wife of William C. Smith; daughters MahalaHorton wife of John L. Horton, Lucretia Dean wife of John Dean, Jr.; grandchild Timothy Dean son of Lucretia Dean and John Dean, Jr.; daughters Eleanor Jane Frisk wife of Simeon M. Frisk, Emily Wheat, Adaline Wheat; sons Horton Wheat, Alfred M. Wheat; Julia Ann Schofield wife of Daniel Schofield; Rebecca Schfield and Phebe Jane Schofield daughters of Julia Ann and Daniel Schofield wife Eleanor Wheat, Aaron W. Rundle, Daniel Lawson, son Horton Wheat Mordecai Rickey, Joseph Smith, A. D. Smith
A 459 Hoyt, Anna of Catharine Oct. 25, 1843 Aug. 19, 1844 brothers Amos Hoyt, Jared Hoyt; sister Polly Hoyt brothers Amos Hoyt, Jared Hoyt Daniel D. Thompson of Catharine, William Sharp, Anson Hamilton
A 472 Tenbrook, John  of Elmira. (John Ten Brook III) May 11, 1841 Aug. 22, 1844 sons William Tenbrook, Garrett Tenbrook, Cornelius Tenbrook, George V. Tenbrook, John Tenbrook, Andrew Tenbrook; daughters Anna Mead, Catharine Fisk, Allie Livesay, Margaret Tenbrook son John Tenbrook, Mordecai Rickey Mordecai Rickey, William Ross, Charles L. Rickey
A 479 Sherman, Lydia of Catharine July 13, 1844 Sept. 23, 1844 sons Eli B. Sherman, Walker E. Sherman; daughters Betsey Fanton, Jeanette Lyon, Polly Culver, Jane Sherman, Mary Fitzgerald; granddaughter Anna Updike Dr. Herman VanVechten Herman VanVechten of Catharine, John I. Cooper of Catharine
A 488 Beckwith, Daniel of Southport. Buried Fitzsimmons Cemetery, Southport Apr. 23, 1842 Sept. 30, 1844 wife Anna Beckwith; sons John Beckwith, Henry S. Beckwith, Robert Beckwith; daughters Lucy Beckwith, Levina Beckwith, Catharine Havens wife of Thomas Havens; heirs of my daughters; Sally Griswold; Hannah Wain wife of John Wain; Marcus Griswold, Mary Ann Griswold, Robert Griswold heirs of my deceased daughter Sally Griswold wife of John Griswold Thomas Maxwell of Elmira, Henry S. Beckwith Caleb Baker of Southport, William Kenyan of Southport
A 496 Marvin, Snelling of Borfolk, Scott County, Missouri Aug. 24, 1844 Oct. 7, 1844 friend Telemachus Underwood of Scott County, Missouri; brother Anthony of Southport, N.Y.; Julia, Caroline, Jane daughters of Elizabeth Richardson of Scott County, Missouri brother Anthony Marvin David Houch of Southport, Seth Marvin, Thomas Maxwell of Elmira
A 507 North, William of Elmira Sept. 21, 1844 Nov. 26, 1844 wife Juliett North; brothers Theodore North, Henry North wife Juliett North Nathaniel Aspinwell of Elmira, Erastus L. Hart of Elmira
A 512 Coleman, Benjamin of Elmira Oct. 5, 1844 Feb. 24, 1845 brother David H. Tuthill; mother Jerusha Coleman; Thomas Maxwell; sister phebe Brooks; sister-in-law Sarah Ann Tuthill; niece Mary B. Tuthill brother David H. Tuthill I. H. Maxwell of Elmira, W. Maxwell of Elmira
A 520 Garrabrant, Richard of Chemung, Chemung Co., N.Y. Aug. 2, 1842 Mar. 11, 1845 sons William Garrabrant, Richard Garrabrant, James Garrabrant, Nicholas Garrabrant; daughters Mariah Whitaker, Abijah D., heirs of my daughter Leah and Isaac Montany both deceased son William Garrabrant, William Greatsinger James Robinson of Elmira, Emeline Woodard of Elmira
A 529 Whipple, Henry of Big Flats, Chemung Co., N.Y. Buried Mills Cemetery, Big Flats Jan. 20, 1845 Mar. 31, 1845 wife Mahala Whipple; daughter Harriet Smiley; sons James Whipple, Calvin Whipple, Joshua Whipple, Peleg Whipple, Henry Whipple; Welcome Armstrong; daughters Irena Robinson, Lydia Gardner wife Mahala, son James Whipple Silas Mills, James Whipple
A 539 VanDuzer, Adolf (Adolphus) of Erin. Buried Newton Cemetery, Veteran. Rev War Soldier May 17, 1843 Apr. 16, 1846 daughters Deborah Coykendall, Martha Ball, Sarah Horton, Betsey Todd, Julia T. Norris; sons Obed VanDuzer, Benjamin VanDuzer, Samuel VanDuzer, Hiram VanDuzer; grandson Adolf VanDuzer sons Obed VanDuzer, Hiram VanDuzer Sylvanus Smith, Harriet McDowell
B 5 Tuthill, John (Col.) of Erin, Chemung Co., N.Y. Died Feb. 27, 1845 age 84 yrs. Rev War Soldier (Col.). Buried Tuthill Ridge Cemetery Aug. 9, 1844 Mar. 21, 1845 sons Green M. Tuthill, Hiram Tuthill, Francis Tuthill, Edward B. Tuthill; granddaughter Anna Mary Tuthill daughter of Green M. Tuthill; daughters Orpha Johnson, Elizabeth Smith, Millicent Seeley; granddaughter Anna Mary Tuthill sons Green M. Tuthill, Hiram Tuthill Thomas Maxwell of Elmira, Lyman Covell of Elmira
B 15 Bentley, William of Veteran, Chemung Co., N.Y. Jan. 29, 1845 May 5, 1845 daughters Culpina Bentley, Samantha Bentley; sons Romilus R. Bentley, Caleb T. Bentley, William Bentley, Carrington H. Bentley; grandson Mortimer Bentley; daughters Elmira Pomeroy, Sabrina Gray, Harriet wife of Abijah Fisk sons Romilus R. Bentley, Caleb T. Bentley W. L. Dailey of Veteran, William H. Daniels of Veteran
B 22 Shelton, Lemuel of Catharine Feb. 21, 1835 Sept. 2, 1845 daughters Sophia Shelton, Julia Shelton, Mary Shelton; sons George Shelton, Lewis Shelton, James Shelton, John Shelton, Agen Shelton, Nicholas Shelton, Everett Shelton, Joseph Shelton sons John Shelton, Everett Shelton Salmon Sherwood, Walter Lyon, Coleman Olmstead
B 27 Moore, Asa of Southport May 26, 1845 Sept. 15, 1845 wife Mercy Moore; sons Thomas B. Moore, John Henry Moore; daughters Martha Moore, phebe Gillett, Mary Moore, Emeline Moore; Rebecca Brown Hezekiah W. Atkins, wife Mercy H. N. Atkins, David B. Bentley
B 36 Beardsley, Eli of Catharine May 29, 1842 Oct. 23, 1845 sons Hiram Beardsley, Irad Beardsley, Cyrus Beardsley, Asmon Beardsley, Elam Beardsley, Stiles Beardsley; Lydia Sherman; daughters Hannah, deceased, Abigail, deceased; Mabel Beardsley sons Irad Beardsley, Cyrus Beardsley Samuel Winton of Catharine, John Soule of Catharine, Asa Lyon
B 43 Green, James of Chemung, Chemung Co., N.Y. Died age 95 years old. Rev. War Soldier. Last survivor of Wyoming Massacre Jan. 29, 1845 Nov. 3, 1845 grandsons James G. Beckhorn, Daniel Beckhorn; Thompson Beckhorn, Mead Beckhorn, grandson Ezra Beckhorn; Gabriel Beckhorn, John Beckhorn; grandson Dennis Beckhorn; Isaac Dickinson and wife; grandsons Ebenezer Beckhorn, Joseph Beckhorn; Sarah daughter of James Beckhorn; grandson Joseph Beckhorn Hiram Tuthill of Erin, Anthony Collson of Chemung Anthony Collson, Frederick Northrop, Hannah Northrop
B 51 McConnell, John of Elmira Sept. 13, 1835 Nov. 5, 1845 sons Murray McConnell, Daniel McConnell, Dudley McConnell, Francis McConnell, Amzi McConnell, Andrew McConnell, Noah McConnell; daughter phebe Lost sons Daniel McConnell, Francis McConnell John Bathom, James R. Bathom, Andrew Bathom
B 57 Winton, John of Big Flats Nov. 29, 1843 Nov. 10, 1845 daughter Sally Ann Knox; sons George W. Winton, William W. Winton Nathan Reynolds of Big Flats, John W. Dunham of Painted Post H. Gray, S. G. Hathaway, Jr.
B 64 Winton, Samuel of Catharine Mar. 10, 1843 Dec. 1, 1846 wife Ruth A. Winton; Eliza Winton (unmarried); son George Winton; four sons only one named; five daughters none named Guy C. Inman, George Winton Eaton Agar of Catharine, Charles Ovid
B 72 Banks, David of Veteran, Chemung Co., N.Y. buried Parsons Cemetery, Veteran Township July 13, 1845 Dec. 8, 1845 wife Clarissa Parsons Banks; sons Hezekiah Banks, David Banks; daughters Eloisa Banks, Emily Banks, Jane Banks wife Clarissa A. F. Babcock, E. O. Crandall
B 78 Decker, Jacob of Southport. Died Nov. 4, 1845. (Wife Eunice Kelsey was daughter of Abner Kelsey and the first child born in Wellsburg in March 16, 1789) buried Old Baptist Church or Wellsburg Cemetery. Rev War Soldier. Age 109 Oct. 14, 1845 Dec. 29, 1845 daughters Elizabeth Jane Grace, July Ann Decker; wife Eunice Kelsey Decker; daughter Polly Mariah sons Aaron Eaton Decker, Addison Decker, George Decker James Griswold of Southport, Thomas Decker of Southport
B 85 Beidelman, Rosanna of Chemung. Buried Riverside Cemetery, Chemung. Aug. 25, 1845 Jan. 20, 1846 sister Elizabeth Beidelman; Mark (son of sister Polly Baldwin); Rosanna Griswold (10 years old) Asahel Buck, brother John Beidelman Harriet Baldwin of Ridgebury, Bradford Co., PA; Christeny Beidelman of Chemung
B 92 VanOrder, Walter of Catlin Dec. 16, 1845 Feb. 21, 1846 Wife Pina VanOrder; sons Moses VanOrder, Lewis VanOrder, David VanOrder, Nathaniel VanOrder, Levi VanOrder, Henry VanOrder, Harris VanOrder, Norris VanOrder; daughters Mary Middaugh, Catharine Smith, Hannah VanOrder Aaron Edmister, James Davenport Samuel Boyer of Big Flats, N. W. Bennett of Catlin
B 99 Jenkins, Samuel of Elmira. Died March 18, 1846. Buried Jenkins Cemetery, Elmira. Mar. 15, 1846 May 4, 1846 wife Cynthia Jenkins; son Robert Jenkins; daughter Polly Jenkins wife Cynthia; son Robert Jenkins Uriah Smith of Elmira, Ariel S. Thurston of Elmira
B 106 Foulke, Joseph of Chemung age 77 years. Buried Chemung Village Cemetery. Feb. 20, 1846 May 11, 1846 children of my deceased brother William Foulke: Joseph Foulke, Mary I. Cooper, Andrew Foulke, Rebecca Foulke, Catharine Foulke, Lucy Foulke, William Foulke, Eliza Foulke; sister-in-law Anna Buck Joseph Foulke the 2nd, Asahel Buck Wilson Gamage, William Jackson, Jr.
B 115 Carpenter, Benjamin C. of Veteran Mar. 16, 1846 July 30, 1846 wife Eunice Carpenter; John Alexander; Eliza M. Spencer; brothers Richard A. Carpenter, James Carpenter, John Carpenter, William Carpenter, Thomas Carpenter, Daniel Carpenter, Samuel Carpenter; sister Hannah Whiting wife Eunice, John Carpenter, Stephen Carpenter John Jackson of Elmira, Usher R. Davy of Veteran
B 124 Beckwith, David of Elmira. Died June 24, 1846. Buried Wisner Park Cemetery, Elmira June 22, 1846 Aug. 20, 1846 brothers Timothy C. Beckwith, Peter Beckwith; sister Mina A. Beckwith sister Mina A. Beckwith, brother Peter C. Beckwith L. S. Smith of Elmira, Henry F. Breed, Henry H. Dailey
B 130 Norris, John of Cayuta, Chemung Co., N.Y. Buried Seeley Hill Cemetery, Van Etten. Sept. 26, 1846 Oct. 29, 1846 wife Julia; sons Samuel D. Norris, Orrin T. Norris; daughters Martha A. Norris, Loretta H. Norris, Elizabeth B. Norris, Mary Norris, Malvina Stewart wife of Loring Stewart Alonzo Norris of Erin, Julia Norris wife of Alonzo G. M. Turner of Newfield, S. M. Fish of Newfield
B 136 Bates, Ira of Catharine Sept. 13, 1845 Nov. 7, 1846 wife Fanny Bates; children not named wife Fanny Bates Amos Hoyt of Catharine, Gerry Stone of Catharine, Zalmon B. Frost of Catharine
B 142 Jenkins, William of Southport. Died Nov. 1, 1846. Buried Baldwin-Jenkis Cemetery. Rev. War Soldier May 15, 1846 Dec. 21, 1846 William Jenkins, Jabez Jenkins sons of Jonathan and Nancy Jenkins; Nancy Baldwin Archibald Jenkins, Jonathan Jenkins, William Maxwell S. Bell of Elmira, William Innes of Elmira
B 148 Turner, Harvey of Veteran. Buried Ridge Cemetery, Veteran Sept. 13, 1845 Jan. 4, 1847 sons Harvey Turner, Lester Turner, Benjamin Turner; wife Electa Greenham Turner; daughters Loiza VanDuzer, Lucretia Turner wife Electa Turner, son Harvey Turner Caleb Allen of Veteran, John Turner of Veteran
B 154 Smith, Joseph of Elmira Sept. 13, 1846 Jan. 11, 1847 wife phebe SMith; 5 daughters (not named); sons Hallock Smith, Samuel Smith, Dolson Smith sons Samuel Smith, Dolson Smith, son-in-law Increase Mather Henry F. Breese, Increase Mather, Ebenezer Mather
B 160 St. John, Job of Chemung Sept. 1, 1846 Jan. 18, 1847 wife Jane St. John; 11 children not punctuated in will-Joseph, Josiah heirs of Amina, Sally Ann, Dorothy, Mary, James, Eleanor the heirs of Jane, phebe, Eliza, Almira wife Jane, Horace Melvin Robert Cassady, Samuel Vannorean
B 164 Boyd, Henry of Elmira Nov. 26, 1846 Jan. 21, 1847 nephew Oscar Ostrander; brother Asa of Elmira, brother-in-law Bradley Griffin Bradley Griffin of Elmira Asal Potter of West Troy, Albany Co., N.Y., Otis Rood of West Troy, Albany Co., N.Y.
B 170 Beardsley, David of Catharine June 30, 1846 Feb. 13, 1847 wife Permelia Beardsley; sons Lucius Beardsley, Michael Beardsley sons Lucius Beardsley, Michael Beardsley H. Van Veshten of Catharine, H. Hinman of Catharine
B 176 Hulett, John of Veteran. Buried Newton Cemetery, Town of Veteran Sept. 19, 1840 May 24, 1847 son Benjamin Franklin Hulett; daughter Marcia Turner wife of Charles Turner Charles Hulett of Veteran George Dudley, Julius Goldsmith
B 185 Murray, Alexander of Chemung. Died Mar. 25, 1845. Buried Riverside Cemetery, Chemung. Rev. War Soldier Apr. 1, 1844 June 1, 1847 daughter Emeline Benedict wife of John Benedict, George Benedict and Abijah Benedict sons of Emeline and John Benedict; Abigail B. Murray; Gabriel Williams, Daniel Williams of Wallkill, Orange Co., N.Y.; Elizabeth Williams, Abigail Williams, Martha Williams, Mary Williams the daughters of Daniel Williams, of Wallkill, Orange Co., N.Y.; John Murray and Abigail Murray the son and daughter of George Murray of Orange Co., N.Y. John Benedict, George Lowman George Lowman 
B 192 Griswold, David of Southport. Rev. War Solider. Buried Fitzsimmons Cemetery, Southport June18, 1845 June 1, 1847 sons John Griswold, James Griswold, David Griswold; granddaughters Sally Hatfield, Mary Hatfield; grandsons David Smith, James Smith; granddaughter Sara Smith; son Thomas, deceased and his wife Betsey; wife Jane Griswold sons David Griswold, John Griswold, James Griswold James Griswold of Southport, Elijah Griswold of Southport
B 200 Nixon, James of Chemung, 38 years old. Mar. 17, 1847 June 30, 1847 My three sons: Joseph, 8 years old in June 1846 who was the son of Susan Kimball of Ithaca, N.Y.; Miles, 2 years old in Aug. 1846 son of Jane Drake of Chemung, N.Y.; George about 2 years old in Sept. 1846 son of Jane Stage of Chemung; my wife (not named) William Lowman of Chemung, Daniel McDowell of Chemung David M. Tuthill of Elmira, Daniel G. Hathaway of Elmira
B 208 Pratt, Daniel of Dix, Chemung Co., N.Y. Feb. 24, 1842 Sept. 27, 1847 wife Mary; sons George E. Pratt, Daniel Pratt, Ransom Pratt; daughters Clarissa Pratt, Mary Pratt, Laura Pratt sons George Pratt, Daniel Pratt, Ransom Pratt John Crawford, Alexander Voorhees
B 214 Sparks, James R. of Southport July 13, 1847 Oct. 5, 1847 wife Hannah J. Sparks; sons Perry L. Sparks, John Sparks; daughters Hannah F. Sparks, Elizabeth G. Sparks wife Hannah Sparks John Baldwin, Jr. of Southport, Abraham Stryker of Southport
B 221 Smith, Solomon L. of Southport. Died Nov. 6, 1847. Buried at Fitzsimmons Cemetery, Town of Southport. Rev. War Soldier Oct. 31, 1847 Nov. 29, 1847 sons Orr Smith, Jud Smith, Uri Smith; daughters Emma French wife of Sebra French, Orpha Wells wife of Abner Wells, Hannah Wells wife of Henry C. Wells, Peggy Griswold wife of M. Griswold, Harriet Smith, Fanny Smith, Aurelia Thompson wife of Chadrick Thompson wife Hannah, son Jud Smith Ansel Thurston of Elmira, Uriah Smith of Elmira
B 229 Scudder, Treadwell O. of Southport buried Scudder Cemetery, Ashland Township Dec. 3, 1847 not listed wife Sarah Scudder; sons John I. Scudder, Israel O. Scudder; daughters Mary Jane Scudder, Kesiah Scudder, Julia Scudder; Helen Ann Cox wife Sarah Scudder Albert Seeley of Southport, Jane Strong of Southport
B 236 Marchant, Enoch of Catharine not dated Apr. 3, 1848 sons Larza Marchant, Aaron Marchant, Arbo Marchant, Bixby Marchant; daughter Fanny Marchant; grandchildren Betsey Randall, John Randall the children of deceased daughter Olivia Randall; daughter Charlotte Marchant son Larza Marchant J. L. Darling of Catharine, Elijah Tompkins of Catharine, Daniel D. Chase of Genesee Co.
B 243 Parsons, Aaron of Veteran. Buried Parsons Cemetery, Veteran Mar. 11, 1848 May 5, 1848 mother (not named), brother George Parsons None named W. L. Dailey of Veteran, John Dean of Veteran
B 250 Gardner, George of Big Flats. Buried Big Flats Cemetery. Died May 3, 1848. Rev. War Soldier Mar. 31, 1848 June 5, 1848 wife Mary Gardner; sons William Gardner, Alexander Gardner, Martin V.B. Gardner, Caleb Gardner, George A. Gardner, Nicholas Ayer Gardner; daughters June Hughson wife of Lorenzo Hughson, Marieth Hughson wife of John Hughson; son-in-law William Reynolds; daughters Emily Gardner, Elizabeth Gardner, Catherine Gardner and Deborah Ann Minier wife of Abraham Minier wife Mary Gardner, son Caleb Gardner William Wilson Reynolds, Caleb Gardner
B 255 Boyer, Elizabeth unable to read all information Sept. 3, 184- June 22, 1848 unable to read first four names listed; daughter Catherine Gates; granddaughter Elizabeth Fritchey; sons Philip, Samuel None named ?. Purple, S. McDougal, R. L. Kilburn
B 273 Parshall, Asa of Chemung. Died Mar. 23, 1848. Buried Riverside Cemetery, Chemung. Sept. 10, 1843 June 12, 1848 wife Susannah Parshall; daughters Louisa Parshall, Lemira Parshall; sons Jesse Parshall, Asa Parshall, Isaac Parshall, Amsi Parshall, Benjamin Parshall, Luther Parshall, Thomas Parshall, Ransom Parshall; daughters Mercy Grinnell, Elizabeth Roberts, Susan Roberts, Ruth Inscho sons Jesse Parshall, Asa Parshall John McDonnell of Chemung, Mark Baldwin of Chemung
B 281 Scott, Andrew  of Veteran. Buried Lattin Cemetery, Veteran Mar. 9, 1848 June 24, 1848 sons George Scott, James Scott; daughters Betsey Satterly, Susan ?, Rebecca Scott, Lucy ?; wife wife Allen Crandall, Herman B. ?
B 290 Arlington, Jacob of Cayuta. Aug. 25, 1848 Oct. 9, 1848 wife Sarah A.; daughters Happy L. Arlington, Amelia Arlington, Josephine Arlington, Eliza Ann Arlington, Jane Arlington, Sarah Mariah Arlington, Miami Arlington, Catherine Elizabeth Arlington; sons Daniel Arlington, John Arlington son Daniel Arlington, Elihu Butts of Spencer, Tioga Co., Isaac Lott Peter Ennis, Catherine Ennis
B 302 Fry, Alfred of Chemung Apr. 11, 1841 Nov. 27, 1848 wife Harriet Fry; daughters Delia Antoinette, Mira Jane; sons Albert Collstin, Alonzo Fry Eleazer Owen, Alonzo I. Wynkoop Theodore North of Elmira, William North of Elmira, Stephen C. Owen of Big Flats
B 308 Fritchey, Elizabeth of Big Flats Sept. 11, 1848 Dec. 18, 1848 daughter Elizabeth wife of Sylvanus ? (poss. Colburn, Colson, unable to read) James Hughson George Gardner, William Woodard, William R. Reeder signed "X"
B 315 Sare, William  of Cayuta. Buried Seeley Hill Cemetery, Van Etten Sept. 13, 1848 Mar. 3, 1848 wife Abigail Sare; nephew Thomas son of Robert M. Sare of Ithaca; friend Josiah Hunt; my deceased wife Lydia; Elizabeth Patch Josiah Hunt Elisha Allen of Cayuta, Lovina Stuart of Cayuta
B 323 Beardsley, Philo of Catharine Nov. 25, 1848 Mar. 5, 1849 wife Sophia Beardsley; daughters Elizabeth Beardsley, Rhoda Smith; sons Daniel Beardsley, Roswell F. Beardsley, Harvey Beardsley son Roswell F. Beardsley Moses Cushing of Catharine, Jerome Thompson
B 331 Mitchell, John of Catharine Dec. 12, 1835 Apr. 12, 1849 wife Sarah Mitchell; sons John Mitchell, Jesse Mitchell, Charles Mitchell; daughters Sarah Mitchell, Deborah Mitchell, Ruby Mitchell, Lydia Mitchell son John Mitchell Joshua Chase of Catharine, William Gardner, Samuel Winton
B 338 Decker, Julia Ann of Southport. Buried Old Baptist or Wellsburg Cemetery, Ashland, Chemung Co. Jan. 20, 1849 May 7, 1849 brother Harrison Decker brother Harrison Decker James Griswold of Southport, Thomas Decker of Southport
B 344 Carpenter, Daniel of Elmira Apr. 17, 1848 May 31, 1849 wife Rebecca Carpenter; sons Benjamin Carpenter, James Carpenter, Daniel B. Carpenter, John Carpenter, William Carpenter; daughters Sarah VanSickle, Elizabeth Cook, Rebecca Campbell  sons John Carpenter, William Carpenter Almon Cook of Elmira, Marilla Chapman of Elmira
B 350 Evans, Chester B. of Elmira Dec. 26, 1847 May 30, 1849 father Roger J. Evans; mother Eliza Evans; wife Clara Evans; brother William H. Evans William Maxwell, Dr. I. Hepburn William H. Evans, Mary P. Hepburn
B 363 Landis, Peter of Chemung. Buried Riverside Cemetery, Chemung Township Apr. 28, 1847 Apr. 18, 1849 wife Elizabeth Landis; son George Landis; grand daughter Catherine Elizabeth daughter of George Landis; friend Lyman Covell of Elmira son George Landis, Lyman Covell Samuel G. Hathaway, Jr. of Elmira, Mark Baldwin of Chemung
B 365 Johnson, Anna Maria of Elmira Aug. 14, 1845 Mar. 19, 1849 sons Samuel Johnson, Nathaniel Johnson, Henry Johnson, Stephen Johnson, Napoleon Johnson; daughters Nancy Crosby of Jefferson Co., N.Y., Jane Bentley of Antwerp, Betsey Sayre of Elmira, Pereg Bentley of Indiana; Jane Atherton; Angelica Seymour; granddaughter Anna Sayre; daughters Fidelia Johnson, Caroline Sherman, Josephine Johnson grandson William Johnson Philetus Rathbun of Southport, James Betts of Southport signed "X"
B 372 Brewer, David (Maj.) of Southport. Buried Old Baptist or Wellsburg Cemetery, Ashland, Chemung Co. May 11, 1849 July 9, 1849 wife; daughters Martha Elizabeth Brewer, Harriet D. Brewer; sons John S. Brewer, Dewitt Clinton Brewer, David E. Brewer son John S. Brewer, Joseph Colburn, James H. Webb James Griswold of Southport, Charles Dewey of Southport
B 378 Baker, Caleb of Southport. Buried Fitzsimmons Cemetery, Southport. Rev War Soldier Jan. 17, 1849 July 15, 1849 grandson Gustave A. Goff, granddaughter Laura M. Miller wife of George Miller; daughter Mary Baker wife of Richard Baker; son Brockholst L. Baker; granddaughter Mary Ann daughter of Brockholst L.; grandson Caleb Hamilton Baker; children of my daughter Mary Baker: Caleb Hamilton Baker, Leroy Baker, George Clinton Baker son Brockholst Baker William Maxwell of Elmira, John Arnot
B 389 Thompson, Daniel D. of Catharine Jan. 19, 1843 July 30, 1849 wife Avia Thompson; brother Austin Thompson; children of my brother Bradley Thompson; children of my brother Lewis Thompson , deceased; half sister Lydia wife of Noble Smith; sister Denise wife of Daniel Morgan; nephew Mills D. Lowell son of my sister Abby, deceased; brother Lewis Thompson, deceased wife Avia Thompson Nathan Beers of Catharine, Gerry Stone
B 399 Gregg, Rebecca M. of Elmira. Buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira. Feb. 14, 1845 Sept. 24, 1849 Harlan Page Peck; Solomon L. Gillett; E. R. Paine Solomon L. Gillett Harlan Page Peck, E. R. Paine of Elmira
B 421 Mathews, Charles of Catlin. Buried Old Marsh Cemetery, Horseheads July 24, 1848 Nov. 12, 1849 friend John Lean; mother Mary Mathews; son William Mathews; Bridget Howell John Howell, Samuel M. Hastings Mordecai Rickey, Joseph Rickey, Munday Pulling
B 25 Swartwood, Elizabeth of Cayuta Oct. 17, 1849 Dec. 3, 1849 daughter Hannah Wood; Hiram Swartwood; Perry Swartwood; Burrett Swartwood; Catherine Swartwood; John Swartwood; Ira Swartwood; Lucinda Swartwood; Clarissa Swartwood; Charles Swartwood None named L. Wood, Benjamin Brown
B 435 Everett, John of Chemung July 16, 1848 Feb. 10, 1850 wife Catherine Everett; daughters Dannon (?), Catherine A.; sons Wilmot Everett, Isaac B. Everett, John Everett, James B. Everett; children of my present wife Gabriel Sayre of Chemung, Thomas J. Brook of Tioga Daniel Brown, A. G. Robbins
B 442 Wilcox, Roland of Elmira Dec. 25, 1849 May 1, 1850 sons Henry Wilcox, William R. Wilcox; wife Louisa Wilcox wife Louisa Wilcox James Dunn of Elmira, J. Hoffman
B 458 Dewitt, Stephen of Elmira Mar. 20, 1849 June 10, 1850 sons Jacob Broadhead Dewitt, William Henry Dewitt; daughters Rachel Margaret Dewitt, Wyntje Dewitt, Susannah Lawrence wife of Whitehead Lawrence, Maria Elizabeth Roblzer wife of Andrew Roblzer, Harriet Sadler wife of Timothy Sadler sons William H. Dewitt, daughter Wyntje Dewitt, Peter J. Cantine of Ulster Co., N.Y. Thomas Maxwell of Elmira, Stephen Hauxhurst of Elmira
B 464 Beckwith, Henry of Elmira Nov. 19, 1849 June 21, 1850 wife Martha Beckwith; sons Henry Beckwith, Isaac G. Beckwith, Richard Beckwith; grandsons Daniel Beckwith and Mathias Beckwith sons of Daniel; daughters Elizabeth Beckwith and Mary Rhodes wife of Nathaniel Rhodes; grandson Christian B. Rhodes son of Mary and Nathaniel; daughters phebe Beckinson, Azubah Crence wife of William Crence, Sarah Carr wife of Samuel Carr son-in-law William L. Crence and daughter Elizabeth Beckwith C. Brown of Elmira and F. North of Elmira
B 480 Giles, Samuel of Southport Sept. 6, 1849 June 24, 1850 wife Sarah Ann Giles; sons Henry Giles, Samuel Giles; daughters Rachel Stryker, Mary Ann Baker, Sally Baker wife Sarah Ann Giles, son Samuel Giles Redcliff Albertson and Ebenezer Colson
B 487 Lyon, Jesse of Catharine Feb. 27, 1849 Sept. 1, 1849 wife Lucy Lyon; Walter Lyon; Nancy wife of Walter Lyon; Miss Martha Sherwood; Asa Coe; Brother Walter Lyon Walter Lyon, Asa Coe Thomas L. Fenton of Catharine and Jerome Thompson of Catherine
B 495 Starks, Amos of Big Flats. Died Mar. 21, 1850. Buried Whitney Cemetery, Big Flats. Rev. War Soldier not dated July 13, 1850 wife Elizabeth Starks; Mary Whitney; Aaron H. Starks; Benjamin Whitney; Charles Hulett Benjamin Whitney son-in-law Josiah Bennett of Big Flats, Horace Bennett of Big Flats, Charles Hulett
B 500 Harding, Jonathan of Elmira. Buried Old Baptist Cemetery, Breesport May 17, 1849 July 23, 1849 wife Pamelia Harding; daughters Sarah Helm, Eliza Jane Harding; son David Harding wife Pamelia Harding Israel Kellar of Elmira
B 502 Peppard, Francis unable to read all information July 26, 1849 Mar. 5, 1850 wife Jane Peppard; sons Isaac Peppard, Nathaniel Peppard, Charles Peppard, Benjamin Peppard; Angeline Corey; daughters Jane Lamphear, Susan Cook, Emily Quick, Martha Peppard, Mary Peppard, Mahala Peppard wife Jane Peppard John G. McDowell
B 506 Hathorn, Richard M. of Elmira Jan. 29, 1850 May 13, 1850 wife Louisa Hathorn; father John Hathorn; brothers (not named); sisters (not named) father John Hathorn, brother James F. Hathorn Garret B. Post of Elmira and William Wiggins of Elmira
B 508 Mix, Titus T. of Catherine Sept. 18, 1849 June 28, 1850 wife Hannah M. Mix; daughter Minerva Mix; sons Sylvester Mix. Henry Mix, Samuel Mix, Emmet Mix; daughters Alma Mix, Clementine Lee (?), Sally Mallory, Minerva Fidelia, 9 children wife Hannah Mix, son Sylvester Mix Eaton Agard of Catharine, Eaton Agard, Jr. of Catherine
There is a lot of good info in: 005 Chemung County Will Abstracts 1836 to 1850. Thanks for posting it last month.
Among the first settlers in the Town of Veteran was my G+++ GF, Rev. John Mc Dougle. At least that is how he spelled his name, as evidenced by the attached picture of his stone in the Parsons Cemetery. Our branch became Mac Dougall.
Doing the probably difficult transcription, he became McDugh, not McDougle. All the family members are there, so it is the right person. His spelling evolved into several variations as the branches grew, but no McDughs.
It makes no nevermind to me, but perhaps adding a note indicating John McDugh was John McDougle would help folks who might be researching the family.
Walt Samson
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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