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Letters of the Frost, Walker and Allied Families 

Julia FROST "Walker" was the recipient of most of these letters
Letters: Frost, Walker Family
Year: 1856 to 1949
Transcribed & Submitted by Wendell Evans
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice
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Jackson Minn
June 28-96
Dear Sister
 I got your letter all right was glad to hear from you were still living I had not heard of the death of the Baittys our 3 children are at home Moses the baby is working on the farm Jack is a Vetranary surgeon and has a good practice but cant get much money out [___] out of it Flora is still supert and expects to be recleted next fall Molly is still with us her hair is pretty white we are all in pretty good health Crops here very forward for time of year Silk [boges] to [___] our garden corn the field corn is not much behind we did not get any tornado here and Nat any to [___] [___] I got a letter from Peter saying Father was helpless and had to have some one up with him night and day about them pictures we have none of any of you familys pictures where is Aunt Olive about the next President I cant go  [___} with his single gold standard populist and free silver will give him a sweat before he gets there
 Hope to hear from you often
  Nat Frost

[]  Transcribe January 11, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans []

Thayer Kansas Nov 23d
My Dear Sister Julia
 It has been some time since I recd your letter and thought I reply before this but have been to much ocupied in other ways to write unless it was a case of necessity. I was called to Mo again since I recd  your letter. I did not know how to leave at that time. But got a telegram to come if possible. And when I got there Ace & Nat & one of Nats sons were there. Ace said he was the one that sent for me. That he wanted to see all the brothers and sisters that he could after coming so far. I asked why he didn’t come to Kansas if he wanted to see me, he said he could not spare the time for he had to be back at his work. He reminded me so much of father and looks so much like him. He stayed at Jennies the night before he went away and I did also. I told him when he went away if we should not be permitted to meet again in this world I hoped we would in the better land above. He said he did not know as there was any other world. It was all he could do to live the best he could in this world. He tried to appear indifferent but I am sure he really believes more than he wants to admit. For the tears ran down his face while I was talking to him I said Ace you surely must believe there is a hereafter for all. He said there might be he didn’t pretend to know. Poor old man. Let us pray that he may be brought to accept christ as his Savior. It mad me feel sad to see brother Nat so feeble. He is not able to travel alone. He shakes so he can hardly feed himself and cannot dress alone. I am sorry to tell you that Nat and Jane were very much dissatisfied the way things were settled. Peet proposed to let the will stand just as it read and then divide the money that father let equally which would be $420.00 apiece and said that was all he could afford to do. But Nat said he had paid father all he owed him and father had given him back the notes and told him he did not want him to pay more never and when he was going away father said to him if there was anything left when he was done with it the children should all share alike.
 Peet claims it was back interest that was charged to Nat in the will: I was very sorry that it could not have been satisfactory to all but don’t see as I could help it. Nettie writes me that Jane & Sam I brought Lydia to Kansas City for treatment and left her at the Sanitarium the Dr thinks he can cure her. I do hope he can. This leaves us all about as usual. I would be glad to hear from you and know how you all are and would like to see you so much.
 Your Sister Sarah
  Love to all

[]  Transcribe January 29, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans  []

Lansing, Iowa Mch 7/97
My Dear Cousin:
 I thought may be you might be interested to learn that I arrived home safely about a month ago on the 19th of February, papa’s sixtieth anniversary. I found each member of the family well and looking fine and very glad to see me. Papa was a very happy man to have two of his daughters and his little grand daughter home with him to help celebrate his birthday, sister Emma Garland and little came up with me from Dubuque. I have thought very often, and talked even more, about my little visit with you cousins and papa was especially please to hear of you directly. You may imagine that we have found considerable to talk about, as I had visiting in fifty different families while away. All of whom are either papa’s or mama’s relation and they are very desirous of learning all about them. Though I was gone from home eight months, yet I had to make many of my visits shorter than I chose to do. I was glad to see Bertha and family in Corning, N. Y. but so sorry I could not take time to go and her especially after [arriving] that dear sweet little baby. I do think you may well be proud of that darling granddaughter of yours. I never saw a prettier little baby, I believe. I was in Corning only from Friday until Monday and had two families to visit. The last news we had from grandma, her health was quite good, suppose you knew already that Emma Belle has a little daughter born the third of January last. Papa had a letter from Uncle Oscar the other day and they are visiting their son Houston and daughter in Elgin, Ill. The news was that they were all well. A late letter from Uncle John said that they were well at Cedar Rapids. I met his son Charles in Chicago and staid over night at their home. Charles’s half sister Louise Hnas also there visiting them. I have often thought how lucky it was that cousin Mary was with you & that Houston & family came home while I was with you, as I could not go to visit either of them I remember the dear little boy and would like to get hold of him and have a rolick and play with him. Papa & mamma wish me to extend to each member of your family a cordial visitation to come out west and make us a good visit, this means you & cousin Julia especially. We would enjoy a visit so much & don’t see why you could not come. Now we are going to have fine prosperous times under Pres. McKinley’s administration. We all join in love to each of the Walker family.
 Your loving Cousin
  Lydia L. Hazleton
 Let me hear from you sometime.

[] Transcribed on January 3, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans []

Thayer Kansas March 17th 1897
My Dear Brother and family:
 It has been some time since I have heard from any of you [___] so I will take the time this afternoon to scratch a little as I have a little spare time.
 Well how do you all get along by this time. I hear Ike is married. Tell him his Aunt wishes him much happiness, and all kind of good luck. I suppose you have heard that our Daughter Dora & family have moved away off to Los Angeles, California. It seem like a long ways and it seems lonesome without them. They have always lived so near to us, and would come so often, and the children liked to come and eat dinner with Grandma so well.
 Since I began this letter I Recd one from Dora & her little girl. They have got to keeping house and seem to be quite comfortably situated. Alvin went to work the next day after they got there. He is working for man that used to live here. They have a whole sale and retail fuel & feed yards and are doing a good business. Alvin’s live near the folks that went from Kansas, so they do not feel as if they were among strangers.
 Have you seen Joshua lately. I had a letter from him awhile ago. He seemed to think he was pretty badly treated. He said he felt he had been a slave and turned off without anything. He wanted me to write and tell him what I thought and told him he could show you the letter I wrote if he wanted to. But I suppose he thinks Sadi did not have much charity.
 I wrote to brother Nat awhile after I came home but have not heard a word from them I had a letter from Ace soon after he got home and answered it but have not heard again do you hear from them.
 I made a payment of $700 on the farm and there will be $500, to pay the first of Jan. I got a rebate on the commission of 14.00 to be allowed when the last payment is made.
 We have a new man on the place and from all appearance we will have better return than we have for the past 3 years. This one has plenty of help & teams to work it as it shoud be & has the reputation of being a good worker & manager. The one that we did have had no help unless he hired it. And was to poor to hire, and a bad manager for himself as well as for us.
 I have ordered my spring stock and look for a good trade. It will soon be time to be very busy.
 I am looking for Nettie & Jonnie & family about the first of May. I told Nettie I should expect her to stay in the shop and help me trim hats, for a month at least, she said she would and be my little shop girl again
 Well it is getting time to go home so will have to stop. I guess you will excuse this kind of paper as this was all I had here and was to lazy to go to the other side of the street to get more.
 I would like to have some of you write often. Tell Jane I have forgotten how she made her washing fluid and if she will write it down for me I will be very much obliged to her.
 Come down and see us when you can any & all of you
   Love to all
    Your sister

[] Transcribed on December 28, 2003, by Wendell R. Evans []

Oct 26   1899
Mrs. Julia Walker
Dear sister replying to your favor of some time will say look out for sweet Potatoes if thare is no providence preventing will ship you a muss next Tuesday by Express prepaid please eat them and grow fat.
 The friends here are in usual health at present hope this may find you all well it had been very dry here this fall but is raining a little to day what few pigs we have are doing very well but on account of bad weather we lost about 60 of our early ones last spring I took 7 pigs the Big Four Fair held in Cameron and drew 5 first premiums 2 second and 2 sweepstakes have since sold 3 pigs out of sweepstakes litter for $25 each and have 3 more left just as good they was last may pigs have not got time to write if you have let me hear from you
 As ever your Brother
   L. L. Frost

[]  Transcribe January 18, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans []

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