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Letters of the Frost, Walker and Allied Families 

Julia FROST "Walker" was the recipient of most of these letters
Letters: Frost, Walker Family
Year: 1856 to 1949
Transcribed & Submitted by Wendell Evans
Formatted & Published by Joyce M. Tice

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Hatti to Cousin Delos Walker

Lansing Iowa June 19th 1864
D. H. Walker Esq
 Covington Pa
  Dear Cousin
 I presume you will be somewhat surprised to see a letter date Lansing Iowa. When we came west some more than a year since I had no intention of waiting till this late day before writing to you. My only excuse is that my correspondence has been limited almost confined to our own family and besides having quite variety of business to take my attention. Clerking on Steamboat for a while then a month or two in Post Office again a month in the Bank &c &c but I’ve finally found a situation which just suits me and pays much better than changing from this to that thing. About the 1st of May the Business new of Lansing organized a National Bank with a Capital of $50,000 it went into operation on the 1st of May the Majority of the stock is owned by Uncle W & Thomas (his Partner) The Board of Directors elected Gray Prest. Thomas Cash and your “humble Servt” Teller (or Book Keeper) My salary is $750 which in good times when money was worth a Dollar would do pretty well but tis no by they now. I shall strike for more pay another year if I keep the situation. Our business hours are from 9 to 12 & from 1 to 4. During a busy time we have office work an hour or two earlier or later as the case may be. But most of the time we can close up in time. To give you something of the amount of produce moving through our town I would say that week before last we paid out nearly 50,000$ for wheat and other produce. Lansing never saw so busy a time. Price now are very high for this county wheat 1.25 corn 75 Oats 68 @ 70 and other things in proportion. Our health has been generally very good since we left Canton last. We heard that Father mother were going east on a trip to see the friends. We’ve not heard from home since they left and don’t know whether they went or not. We are glad that Father’s health is good again but fear he will go to deep into business and work himself down again as John Griffin says he has no brake goes to fast. In his last letter he intended that he should buy wool again. I hope not on his own account any way. If he continue to do business for Wilcox and keep out himself. He may get along. What is the feeling about Grants success in your County? He is a great favorite with us. Every one has entire confidence in his ability to perform all he undertakes. What is your situation in relation to the Draft? Out sate is several thousand ahead at present. Can fill another Quota of 300,000 men with out a draft and perhaps more. Our neighbor Minnesota has been taking a dose if Draft which brings the thing pretty near home. Write me all about these and other matters. Tell us what you all are doing. Who is married who aint &c &c. if I dose I would ask you to write soon. But it wouldn’t come with very good grace. If you should happen to I will see that you have an answer back in good time. Lydia & I have talked about you lots of times and have repeatedly promised to write but some thing would interfere. My business is regular now and I can tend to such things better. Our love to Aunt Eliza Uncle James & Mary not forgetting Julia & yourself.
 This from your aff cos as ever Hati

[]  Transcribe January 18, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans []

Albert Melville Whitteker to Delos Walker

Sept 6th 1864
Pontiac Tusday 5 oclock P.M.
Brother Delos:
 I am seated to let you and the rest of the folks know that we arrived here today at 10 o’clock safe and well as could be expected Sarah stood the ride better than I had any hopes of we arrived at Buffalo at 10:50 evening (started from Corning at 3 P.M.) calculated to stay over night in B__ had bought through tickets Suspension Bridge. But found we could go right through on the Grand Trunk Road (which cross by ferry at B) by changing tickets we got a birth in the sleeping car and rested very well we like the look of the place very much it is an incorporated city in an old settled rich farming country there is a great deal of business done here I am going to work tomorrow I shant invest my money just at present although I think this is fine chances such as buying apples at $2 per Bll. And shipping them to Millwauke & Sagandee cities & selling at $6 per Bll. Eaton has bought over 20 Blls. Since I came today after about a week I think of taking horse & going out into the country to contract the way they have been doing we can clear over $1000 in a few weeks if we can only buy enough of them and they seem to be plenty I like Mr Eatons appearance very much what I have seen so far.
 I hope this will find Julia much improved & also the alling ones. The fare is as follows from Covington to Corning $1.15 from there to Detroit $8.75 from there here $1.00 total $10.90 per head two persons can come here for $25 all expenses included if they have a little provision along tell father if he comes west this fall to be sure & come here as it is on the through line from Detroit to Millwauke.
 Give my respects to all folks & write often. We are anxious to her from Julia. I think Sarah will be rested by tomorrow so she will be as good as new you will hear from us often & expect the same from you
 Yours &@
A. M. Whitteker

Direct to Pontiac Mich.

[]  Transcribe January 31, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans  []

Albert Melville Whitteker & Sarah M. Frost to Delos Walker

Pontiac Sunday Evening Feb 5th 1865
Brother Delos
 We received your letter some time ago was glad to hear from you again and will try and make a few marks this evening to let you know how we are getting along and to commence with will say that we are able to eat our rations regularly and so far have managed to get them without serious trouble.
 I have delayed writing in order to think of something encouraging to write you to influence you to come west & stop near us and I would not advise you to make a move of that kind without taking into consideration the advantages & disadvantages & report according to the best of my judgment for your welfare and although it would be a great pleasure to have you living near I hope I am not selfish enough to advise you against your own welfare. Business is very unsettled at present and I hardly know what to do myself but think in a short time one can judge pretty correctly about the times for a year to come and if the war goes on and we should both escape being drafted I think I could make it to your advantage to come here but if you were to come here or in any part of the west a stranger you could not get wages enough to more than support your family and if you were to have some sickness get homesick and go back to Penn it is quite an undertaking for one that has always been used to living amongst friends & acquaintances to go where all are strangers and if they happen to have sickness before they fairly settled and aquainted  no matter how good the country may be it would of course looks bad when one gets homesick you may think by reading this that I am homesick or have been but I have not had time to get homesick nor any inclination that way but I have been well & hearty & very busy have however missed kind true friend on Sarahs account she has been quite homesick at one time and no one could blame her under the circumstances but she has got over that now I guess and is getting aquainted with her neighbours. Some but if Julia were here or living close by it would give her great pleasure.
 I like my business well except that it keeps me from home most of the evening I cant tell just how well I have done but think I have made more than a living beside learning a great deal about business that may be very usefull to me I think if I were to farm it this summer my acquaintance with business men & places to market produce would be worth $100 to me.
 I know of a farm near here of 80 acres cleared land & plenty of wood that can be rented for about $200 with lumber waggon harness & farming utensils in the bargain. It is on a Sandy plain & will produce the bigest kind of corn & potatoes & is easy to tend has a good house on & is pleasant around it. If prices would keep up and I could make $1000 off from that next year without working very hard could put in 20 acres of corn and ten of potatoes beside the other crops and tend them with ease as they don’t hoe any on that kind of land.
 I think I am doing well where I am but I don’t really like the shape things are in and it is rather uncertain business in these times as one is liable to lose all they have made in a short time. We have done a business of about $14000 since I came here & if times were only settled there would be nothing to hinder a good business man from making money every year if his capital was not very large. But to do a good business it wants two and one can not always hire help that can be trusted in all places and if two are in Partnership they should have confidence in each other and be strictly honest to make it profitable and agriable to both and if I would sell out where I am I know of no one I would rather trust my interest with than you & would give you a good chance to invest whatever capital you might have to put in if you see fit to come here I will do the best I can to get you in shape to do well at least I could make it more profitable to you than to go amongst strangers. I don’t think you want to go to the far west as it is to expensive to visit ones friends and from here it is but a short trip and not very expensive to visit Penna and there has been but very little agree here late years it is nearly 10 o’clock and Sade & Nellie have been in bed this long time I must close & being this is so short I will write again soon and let you know about prospects here this Jun is a very poor one & the ink don’t show till it has been written some time Sade will write some to Julia tomorrow write often
 Yours &@
A. M. Whitteker

Monday morning 9 o’clock 1865
Dear Julia
 I will try and write a little to you this morning providing Nellie will sleep long enough. She is real good & playful but wants me to play with her most of the time we think she is the sweetest little girl in the world & she is so much like dear Anellir, tell Jane I am not homesick now but would like very much to see my friends (if I should happen to have any) Jule I wish you & Delos would come out here this spring I think we could take a great deal of comfort living near each other: Poor Mary Goodspeed I am sorry for her if things are as you hinted, they will have to move back to mother Goodspeed so she can see that Mary takes good care of the little ones (wont she) I wrote to Mary a long time ago but have not received any answer yet perhaps Mr Goodspeed forbids a correspondence where is this kide I have not recd an answer from her either; Jule I will send you a lock of Nellie’s hair: I am going to have a breast pin made with a flower of hair in the centre; some of the hairs will be Mollies & some Mandy’s & Nellie’s. I can get it made in Detroit, baby has awoke & claims my attention so good bye write very soon & often, Don’t let any one see this scribble
 Sarah W.
[]  Transcribed February 1, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans 

Hannah Kezia Frost (wife of Merrick Seely) and Nathaniel Frost to Julia Frost & Delos Walker

Sunday Evening
Dec 17th 1865
Dear Sister and Brother:
 It seems a long while since I heard from you and although I have no news to write I will scribble a little and see if I can’t hear from you again Jule Merrick says if I should go to Pennsylvania now none of you would know me I am so fleshy but be that as it may I feel well and that is something consoling any how that and Merrick is well in your last you said you had been over in sight of the old house and wished I was there now I think I would enjoy a visit from you as well as you would but don’t never again wish me to Morris Run to live though I would like well enough to be there for a little while but would much rather see you here and all of the rest of my friends too age if those I love could be here I should have no desire to ever see old home again and if they could all feel as much better here as I do it would pay them pretty well to come(I mean in health) perhaps not in money but who would [___] good health for gold not i. But perhaps you will think you have had enough of that so now about that letter you enclosed to Merrick it seems to have come from some cousin but we hardly knew who although Merrick says he has been told that John Larnard near Troy was some relation but is not acquainted with him but it matters but little if she is a corset maker her chance is good for all of us. And now you can tell Uncle Lrike that we are within a hundred miles of anywhere and if he’ll come out here I will go and take out there a visiting and find a conveyance myself for we have a yoke of 2 year old steers that are just right for sleighriding and there never was a better time for that business as there is plenty of snow and the roads needs breaking. Now I want to know what is the trouble with Delos that he never puts in a single word or line has he forgotten how to use a pen or does he want a little scolding if the latter just give him a talking too for me you said he talked of coming west if he comes just you pack up and come with him and when you get started please keep going west till you get to Minnesota. Ma tells me Dad has been out visiting I am glad she could and would be glad to see her too you spoke of Aunt Olive making such a long visit does she seem to be enjoying herself pretty well. I hope so [___] I very glad you had such good luck with your school and glad to know that you were doing so well Brother Nat and family were all well one week ago and I trust they are still will I cant think of anything to write so I will wish you a Merry Christmas and close please give my respect to all inquiring friends and tell them if they want to see some of my scribbling just write to me and I will return the compliment to the best of my ability poor though that may be and you please write often your loving sister Kize

 Good evening Delos why don’t you write you said you would but I never have seen any of your writing since I came to Minnesota and now if you don’t write I will never write again to witch I don’t think will plague much. But enough of this I am well but I suppose ma has wrote all the news and my hand aches and so I am some what sleepy I will stop
 Write wont you
[]  Transcribed February 1, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans  []

Hannah Kezia Frost "Seelye"  to Julia Frost "Walker"

July 15th 1866
Dear Sister
 After this long time I will make an attempt to answer your more than welcome letter and in the first place I did not write because I did not get it as it was sent to Kasota and it was only a happen so our getting it at all as our Mail matter usually comes to Mankato and we never think of sending anywhere else for it and then I thought that I would wait for something to transpire to write about and it has transpired so here goes you have a little nephew in Minnesota which weighed 8 ½ pounds it was born the 10th of this present month at half past 3 oclock in the morning I call its mother pretty smart as she went out in the other room and sat up as much as 4 hours this morning and it is a very pretty featured child and seems well and sleeps most of time Flora thinks it is pretty nice to have a little Brother if Ma will only love her just as well as she did before and she wants his name Jack but I do not know what they will call it. Flora has the whooping cough but she has not coughed quite so much now for 2 or 3 days and we hope it is getting better. She has had it pretty hard but we hope the little one will not have it but do not know of course. We are all well and hope this will find you enjoying the same blessing our crops look splendid now you better believe we have 20 acres of wheat on the ground and there never was wheat that looked more like a good yield and that article now sells for 1,60 dls per bushel I don’t know what it must be worth in Penn do you our Oats too bid fair for a good crop and must soon be harvested we have a good garden have had green peas now most 4 weeks yes and beans too we have some corn nicely silted our onions, cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes are looking finely we have over one hundred tomato plants and beets and other garden vegetables in proportion our melon vines well I wont say anything about them but will wish you could be here to help us show them. Away when they ripen wont you yes and squashes and [turnings] and pumpions, well now I wish I could send you an acre of Minnesota soil to make a garden of at Morris Run I think then it would pay you to garden there how does your garden look by this time I hope it looks as well as mine and as much of it. O! Jule I thought your dresses looked well and when I get a new one I will send you a piece but I prize the pictures more and think when Merrick gets a little through with his work we will have ours taken and if we do you may be sure of something nice to put in your album. Well this is most full so I must stop and scratch down some items for Delos but you may read it all if you can K H Seely

Write real quick direct to Mankato

Direct Nats letters to Kasota Lesueur county

We had a letter from father Seelye folks the other day they are all well and contented write soon

[]  Transcribed February 1, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans  []

Hannah Kezia Frost "Seelye"  to Julia Frost "Walker"

Oct 8th 1866
Dear Sister
 I received your long looked for letter a few days since and was first as glad to get it as though Delos had written but you must not let him get to lazy about writing if you do you will soon be like me that is have all of the writing to do. I have neglected to write sooner because I have had so much to do that I could not get time any day but Sunday and then I wanted to rest. We have been having our threshing done and now there is a man boarding with us so Kize has something to do and she does not have Waltz to help her as much as common this summer as he has to do mans work now. O Jule I wish you could see him he is almost as tall as his Pa and is so fleshy and looks as healthy as any boy you ever see. I think he larger than Pete was when I saw him last. And Kize I have nothing to say about her if you can remember how she used to look when she was a Frost you might know her and you never saw her healthier well to make a long story short we are all well as any one need to be and hope this will find you enjoying the same great blessing perhaps you would like to know what we had to thresh well I will tell you we had 507 five hundred and seven bushels of wheat and should have had considerable more but at the time it ought to have been cut it rained every day and was so wet that we preferred to let it stand rather than cut it such weather and consequence is that it shelled badly in the harvesting but what we got is good. While those that cut theirs had it spoil or nearly so. and we had 168 bushels of Oats but you ought to see our cabbage and squashes turnips and such truck I do not think the like ever grew in Tioga County, and I have picked almost a barrel of cucumber pickles for myself and a half barrel full for Margette Nat Margette and Flora are well but their little Jack Boy as they call him takes the lead of all the babies I ever knew any thing about for strength and flesh combined and he seems as well as a little pig he looks like Uncle James more than any one else that I know but he has the brightest eyes. O I got a letter from Al a short time ago he was given up coming out here this fall for he thinks his family will not be in a condition to travel and goes on to say he hopes he can beat Nat bragging on I have not had a line from her Sade this summer poor girl how I would like to see her. Grandma Root has just returned from Vermont she sold her place there and can’t see how folks can live there these times. Jule will Mary go into the house with Mother Goodspeed to live again if she does and gets her ears boxed I shall say don’t she deserve it who did Arthur sell the other part of the farm to well I guess I shall have to stop as I must write to our friend the Conductor he don’t you think so. please write soon and often from sister Kize.

Delos when you write I will send you a specimen of my penmanship

[]  Transcribed February 2, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans  []

Sarah FROST "Whitteker & husband to Julia FROST "Walker

Oct 21st 1866
Dear Sister:
 It is with much pleasure I take my pen to answer you kind & welcome letter which was recd some time ago. We are usually well considering we have another little girl one month old. She seems to be well & grows nicely. But cries a great deal but I am in hopes she will be better ntured after awhile. I suppose we shall move from here in about one week. & you are well aware that is not a very desirable job with two little ones  to take care of Mrs. Eaton has not been over to see the baby yet but I had a line from her last evening saying she would be here the first last of this week. Oh Jule I wish you and Delos could make us a visit it would seem good to see some of my dear sister & have a good old talk. It seems as if I could find so much to talk about. It seems there has been plenty of weddings in your vicinity. Tell Jane I was glad it was not her. Is Mary Walker at home and how does she enjoy life and is Mary Jane married also where does Lewis & Caroline live.
 Have you been to see sister Mary since she moved and are they enjoying themselves well with their nice little girls where do Mr Goodspeed people live. How much did you have to pay for your farm and do you intend to live on it soon. If we were going to move onto a farm I should not dread it so much. But I will try and be as contented as possible and make my family as happy as I can: I would like to come to Pennsylvania & make a good long visit. But I cant this year. But I think some of our friends might come and see us! Well Jule the baby is crying & I will have to take her please excuse poor writing and write soon and tell me all I want to know about everybody there.  Love to all
  Your sister
   Sarah M, Whitteker

Send the baby a pretty name.

 Good evening Julia & D. W. I don’t suppose you care about hearing from me but I will fill out the sheet just to spite you. We have got another very nice girl but she squalls most of the time. Nellie calls her Jennie. We expect to move next week I dread it but shall be glad when I get to doing Business again. Paul Cudworth is going into trade with me at Saranac 44 miles west of here on this R. R. we intend to deal in Book & News Yankey Notions, Jewelry & @ every thing has worked wrong with me this summer but I am not discouraged & think where Paul & I get started we will do well I have given up all idea of ever farming again & I think when Delos tries it now it wont seem as it used to I would ask him to write but don’t suppose it would do any good.
 Good night All
[]  Transcribed February 2, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans  []

Note from Joyce - This child mentioned in the ltetter was named Jennie, and apparently the older child, seemingly named Nellie, did not survive. She is not mentioned in other family records. Jennie is the oldest mentioned and she was born 1866.

Hannah UFFORD "Frost

April the 4th Ad 67
Dear children I see a line from you last night was glad to hear that you ware all well wee are all well at present Budworth has got in a house by himself wee have got our oats and spaing wheat sowed budworth has got his ground plowed wee are having fine weather now it is cated a very backward spring henc our winter heat looks bad but will try to make it up in other crops you spoke about money cend me what you can get at ten per cent interest but keep enough in your ownd hands to pay for your trouble and make yourself good.
 I must tell you a little about heaves as I was so bad when I left you had it bad untill I crosed the missipe river and have not had it since I think this is the right place for mee I wont little Dick here I think he wouldnot have the heaves here tell Mr Hulslander I would like to have him come out and make mee a visit and see the county I think he is the right man for this county he can [___] a [___] [___] wild if he chooses or [___] miles without a stone or noat if an make will finish the scribling please write often Lyman Frost
I forgot about the [___] cend by the Merchants Union Express to Hamilton Mo Direct your letter to Mirabile two or three days before you start the money it will take that time to get from the rail road to where I am as the mail on comes twice a week.
 Dear children I thought I would tri to write to you and let you no that that we have not for gotten you so that I should like to here from you often as you can find more time to write that I can and you most try to improve it we had a letter from Kide they are all well Jane is better the baby is quite smart grows well Ruels people are well Juliis Frost came here and staid a week I took them to Stilmans then since I guess they cannot find anything to suit them in Mo how ever it suits me well enough the birds are coming and sing so nice I wish you could be here to eat nuts with us they would tast better I think we have plenty of nice Apples and to spane we expect a rail rode to go through Mirabile soon last week Pa went prospecting & found some coal it will burn like a candle found from two to 17 inches think thare is enough if he new how to find it if some one would come and ofen a mire they would do well so good night

[]  Transcribe January 18, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans []

A. M. Whitteker to sister in law Julia Frost and brother in law Delos Walker
Sarnac Sunday June 16th 1867
Dear Brother & Sister

 We recd your letter and hasten to reply I acknowledge that we have been rather careless about writing to you but it has not been because we did not think of you often but Sade has got so much out of practice writing that she hardly ever makes the attempt lately she commenced writing to you yesterday was interrupted and thought she would finish today but she has been to meeting across the river in the grove and being very tired she says she will not finish it that I can write and it will do as well so you see that our correspondence all falls on me and when you take into consideration the number I have to write to and that I am pretty closely confined with business you will excuse me I hope for being a little neglectfull occasionally will however in the [___] try and write as often as you do.
 You have probably heard long before this that Paul had moved away from here & that I had another [___] and a better location & @ so I will not tell you any of the particulars. Trade is dull generally but ones is more than double what it was last winter the deal in paper goods of all kinds also in picture frames & you key notions and musical instruments beside we have quite a good grocery trade. We had a soda fountain put in yesterday got it to running about 3 oclock P.M. have sold 400 glass already it is the only one in town and I think it will pay well the whole thing cost about $75.00 then it cost about 1¢ a glass to make it and it sells for 5¢. We have the telegraph office in our store my partner is the operator now. I paid half the expanse of his learning intend to learn of him when I get time. I understand it pretty well now but have not practiced much we have half it earns & it has earned us enough so far to pay our rent which is $14000 per year & I think it will do better this fall. I think amongst the whole I will get a living and as long as I do that I had not ought to complain although I shall do as much better as I can. My partner is a young man from Vermont was clerking in a store here. I like him very well but he has not had much experience in business and he has to attend to the telegraph pretty close so I have to be on hand most of the time. I though when I was in Detroit this spring it would be very pleasant to slip over into Pa and see what they were all at but I don’t know when I shall have that leisure I don’t want to go back there to live but I would like awful well to see our friends there often. I don’t think as much about it I suppose as Sade does for she has been confined pretty close at home with the babies and being away evenings I suppose she gets pretty lonesome sometimes but not really homesick I told her she could go to Pa this fall on a visit but she says she wont go without I go too and I don’t think I can spare the time or the money if any of our friends think enough of me [___] come and see us she can go back & stay a while if she wants to Sade has had [three] and dripers & a bonnet
 This spring will put in a juice of own it cost 45¢ at whole sale. This paper got soiled after I got most finished and I don’t want to throw my labour away so you must excuse the look I have not said any thing about the babies yet but I am going to. We think we have got the nicest pair of girls there is in this country don’t know what other folks think but if we are well satisfied other folks ought to be Nellie is a solid chunk of a girl and a regular chatter box. She remembers all she hears. Learned her letters fast cointe in a few days she says she would like to see Aunt Jule. Jennie is quite small of her age but sweet enough to make it up is real good natured since her teeth come through which was quite lately it would do you good to see her. Sade is pretty well this summer has done her own work with what I help except while she was cleaning house we had a girl a few days spring was very cold and backward here but it has been warm enough the past few days. Cant you come & make us a visit this fall at least write often & don’t be to particular about which wrote last if this sheet wasn’t full don’t know when I should stop writing presume you are glad it is full
 Affectionately yours
  A. M. Whitteker

[]  Transcribe January 31, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans  []

Sarah FROST & A.M. Whitteker to Julia and Delos

Sarnac March 22 1868
Dear Sister Julia
 After waiting thus long I will make the attempt to answer your long neglected letters we are usually well except Jennie has a very hard cold. We have been out to church this morning it is very pleasant to day but rather muddy water has been very high here but is getting lower. I should think you would hate to have our folks move away from there and you remain for it would seem so lonely & strange to be where you could occasionally see the old home & to see strangers there instead of our parents. But I hope it will be all for the best. Yes we are talking about moving up on the lake. Albert has sold out his goods here & calculates to move as soon as we can get ready. But I hope we will hear from Pa before we move for I should like to go near them so very much if it is for the best. Jule I wish you could come and see little Jennie she is such a nice little lady she is 1 ½ years old now and she can talk just as much and as plain as any one. every time she see little Nellies picture she says she wants to kids little sister Oh: how much company the were for each other and if they could both have been spared how thankful I would been. But I will try and think all is for the best. You said when you wrote last Mary was at your house but did not tell how her little girl was now but I hope she is better. Jule you will see by the looks of my writing I am not in a very good mood for writing to day so I hope you will excuse me until some other time please give my love to all who wants it and write soon
 So good day  Sarah

Dear Bud & Sis
 As Sade has not filled out the sheet I will try and make a few marks for your perusal I was very much pleased to received a good long letter from you and should have answered sooner but was about selling out and thought I would wait until I could tell you something definite about my calculations.
 We have been thinking all winter about going up on the lake shore. In fact we sent some money a month ago to buy a lot and should have moved our goods if we had not solid them. So I consider we were very fortunate to get a chance to sell out at cost as it is quite a chore to move a stock of goods and then a great many good will accumulate that are not very saleable. We finished invoicing last Wednesday have a few little Accts to collect and then we shall be ready to tramp. We got half cash down and the balance by the time we shall want to buy our first stock. I shall have to take another sheet as I have [___] got to going yet

[]  Transcribed January 31, 2004, by Wendell R. Evans  []

Sarah FROST & A.M. Whitteker to Julia and Delos

May 17th 1868
Dear Sister Julia
 After neglecting to write to you thus long I now take my pen to write a little to you hoping you will readily excuse my negligence as I sure you will when I tell you how busy I have been getting ready to move and moving & we are now in Ludington situated on the shore of Lake Mich. Albert has bought a lot here and is building a store with the intention of living over the store the building is 24 by 40 feet so we will have room enough to make us comfortable we are living in a shanty for the present which we made as we thought it would be cheaper than to board at the hotel and pay 7 dollars per week a piece. I think I shall feel more at home in our own building than I did to rent. The place is just started here I think it will be quite pleasant when we get up stairs to live to look out on the Lake and see the boats come in mornings & afternoon I wish you & Delos could come and live near us I should enjoy it ever so much. But tell Mrs Walker I will not urg you to come if she wants you to stay there, I know you would like to see my little Jennie she is such a nice girl she talks everything and is real good. I have 4 men to do the work for and I hope they will hurry and get our new house ready to live in. I have been to Methodist meeting this afternoon and heard an excellent sermon the Minister lives near to us and I thin they are very nice people I like them much for a short acquaintance. We have been here about 5 weeks. When we received the letter you wrote concerning our going where Father was Albert had fully made up his mind to come to this place and thought he would try his luck here. I should like to be by our folks very much but am willing to do that which is for the best and I hope we will do well here still we cant tell what will take place as this is a world of change and we must try to be prepared to meet the various changes in this life with patience and think all will be well in the end if we strive to do the right in this world. Julia I must take care of my Jennie now so please excuse for the present and write soon and often and will try and write more when we once get settled I presume A will write to D before long please give my regards to all the friends.
 I am your sister
  Sarah M Whitteker

Direct to Ludington
  Mason Co

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Lyman Luke Frost to sister Julia

Hills Borough June 14th /68
Dear sis and [___] I set my self this Sunday afternoon to scratch a few lines to you to let know this is the warmes day I ever saw we have come 227 miles this week I reckon Art making our way west ward as fast as possible Sunday excepted have been to a Methodist Church to day about two hours. Find it rather tedious being on the road so long but like it as well as I can the folks here are well so far as I know hope this will find you the same. We are stopping with one Mr Beves we came into this state at Union City last Wednesday from there to Winchester there through Muncie Anderson Noblesville Lebanon, Shall go from here to Covington then to Danville, Ill from there go south west to Juincy have seen a rite smart of hogs and mules this week from 25 to 100 in a flock wheat looks well through here we have seen folks planting corn almost every day for the past two weeks it has been so wet they have not got through yet have seen more corn since we started then ever saw before but the most of farmers think they are about out cannot hardly spare enough to feed our horses you need not look for any thing more from me until I get to Mo for it is rather discouraging to do so much writing and get no reply write soon I expect to get home one week from next Saturday if the Lord is willing excuse all imperfection from your loving brother
    L. L. Frost

Albert Melville Whitteker to Julia Frost & Delos Walker

Ludington Sunday Sept 6th 1868
Dear Brother & Sister
 We recd your letter yesterday was glad to hear from you again and will try and write a few lines to you this evening and let you know how we are getting a long. We have had pretty tough times and are not entirely through with them yet. We have all been sick for the past six weeks. I was taken first with billious fever and then it took a typhoid form and then congestive chill and Piles and most every thing else you can think of. But I was not confined to my bed but a few days although there was a great many days that I had to take care of Sadi & Jennie that I had ought to have been I bed Sadi and Jennie have both had the chill fever and are not entirely over it yet.
 We have another little girl was five weeks old last Thursday. Only weighed four lbs. and 11 ounces but she is bright as a mud button and has been real good natured until a few days past notwithstanding Sade had the fever for three weeks. We call her Dora Ella. Jennie was taken with fever about the same time Sade was and has had it every other day most of the time since she did get quite smart a few days ago but has had fever again Friday and today it is very hard to doctor her as most every thing we get down her we have to hold her and turn it down. Almost every body has been sick in the place and all along the shore it has generally been very healthy here as we get a breeze from the lake most of the time but we had about a month very warm weather and hardly any breeze. We had not got very much aquatinted here and there being so many sick that we had to rely on our selves and no one came in to see us. It seemed pretty tough to be all sick at once. We had a widow women from Sarnac to work for us that we sent for because she was recommended to be good in sickness. Agreed to pay her fare here and give her three dollars per week expecting she would stay a fall. She got along very well Sade was able to do about half the work and when we were all sick she struck for four dollars a week and finally got homesick and left while Sade could hardly walk across the floor I paid her $28.00 for a little over six weeks work. I hired a horse and looked one day and could not find a girl I could hire under two weeks. Have tried every way to get one but did not succeed so I had to turn cook myself Sade has been well enough to do the baking and was getting quite smart a few days ago but was taken with Cholera morbus one night which left her in bed a day or two she is pretty weak yet. I thought I had my hands pretty near full when both babies were crying at once and Sade vomiting and purging at the same time and it was not morning before I could get any thing to stay on her stomach I have not been in the store but very little for the past six weeks but I have had the business to oversee and all the writing to do as I have always done that and Alexander is yours and not much experienced in business. We got into our new house just before we were taken sick, but did not get things regulated much have got a good place to live when we get things arranged we have a parlor dinning room kitchen, pantry and four bedrooms all plastered and painted and partly [___]. If we had not been sick we intended to have kept about six boarders at five dollars per week which would have made quite a difference in our finances from what they are now but we have to take it as it comes. There is no use in getting homesick over it as it does no good but we have had pretty trying times and if it had. Had time I don’t know but I should have been discouraged. We have got a good store, a nicer one than I can refer you to about there for size and our trade has been very a great many days running over one hundred dollars and on the 4th of July we took in $150.00 mostly for thing we made 100 per cent on.
 I think we will yet make some money here and get a acquainted with people that we will like to associate with and we will enjoy good health I hear it is very sick at Sarana this summer we expect to receive a visit from father Frost the last of this month my few lines have got to be a great many but you know when I get to writing I cant stop until the sheet is full let us hear from you often.
  Affectionately yours
    A. M. Whitteker

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Lyman Luke Frost to sister Julia Frost and her husband Delos Walker

Mirrible Sept 13th 1868
Dear brother and sister
 I now attempt to answer your ever welcom though long neglected letter that I received a short time after arriving here you wish to know how much it cost me to take the horses through more than it would to come on the cars some $40 & think you though I was not sorry when I got home so far as it is concerned I reckon I was not notwithstanding we had a very pleasant journey I saw a considerable very nice country but thinks this suits me as well as eny I have ever seen you wished to know how the horses loked they stood it well look just as they did when in Pa. we have had a warm dry summer here the corn crop is some what shortened other crops are middleing good we have harvested a part of our corn and sowed the ground to wheat it is up and looks well we intend to some about 60 acres this fall wheat one month ago was worth $200 per bu but now is only worth $150 peaches are not very plenty here this year they are worth ten cents, per bu I wish you had ½ of the peachs that has wasted in our orchard this year it would be suficient to do a family in Morrissan you wrote to Frank that you thought that I was home sick the reason that I did not write that is not the case I have no desire to go back to Pa to live and about getting homesick I have had no time for it don’t think I shall as long as peaches last and water runs now for some thing more interesting the folks are usually well except Cudworth he has got a sick tooth and is takeingon like a bured foot I had a letter from Nat the other day he was going out to Jackson to live on his farm this winter and his father and mothe was going out in the spring but he intends to start for your place the 21st but intends to stop with Sadi two day so you will not look for him quite so soon as otherwise if you have not named your boy yet jus name it Grant that is what they call all of the young boys here the blackones not excepted
 Excuse all blunders and write soon from your affectionate brother
  L L Frost

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Nancy Ameda FROST "Allen" to sister Julia Frost and Broeht in law Delos Walker

Mirabile Feb the 18th 1870
Dear Brother and Sister
 H wanted me to write to you and let you know that he received your letter day before yesterday also the one that contained the money all safe and right and he said that he had forgotten to say anything to you about a note shall he send you one by mail. He thinks that if it suites you just as well that he would keep the money two years as if he has good luck it will take one year to get so we can begin to live again it is like commencing new again. H is chopping a follond of five acres he thinks that he can finish in one week longer if he can hold out that long but is he getting pretty well used up he thinks it is harder work to clear land here than it was there for they save everything that will make a stick of stove wood do not intend to burn any of it and they cut it all close to the ground and it makes him so lame that he can scarcely go he intends to plant it to corn early so as to get it off time enough for winter wheat. The children are well but we have took them out of school on account of the measles they are getting quite thick and I do not want to get them at present we are having very warm dry weather we have had no storm in as much as three or four weeks it is cloudy today and looks like storm if it does not keep warm their ground will fit to sow next week. H got his plowed last fall, Lyman has cut his knee pretty bad but it is so he works on it all of the time father and mother are quite well as would be if they did not work so hard but father chops just as long as he can go and then he has to stop while Frank is here to fathers again and Ervin is at work for Rue he gives him one hundred dollars for a years work but I should want the pay to come the other way if I was going to have him around Cudworth has not moved yet has gone to look at a farm about 10 miles from here today I hope for Janes sake that he will do something pretty soon for it is not very pleasant to be moving among strangers at all times she is quite comfortable or seems to be. Alls folks are all well Rue looks as old as father and I do not wonder he works hard but it does not amount to any more than it used to when he was there Sophia is quit comfortable though not as well as she used to be she is growing old write soon yours in last and much love
 N. A. Allen

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Albert Melville Whitteker to  Delos Walker

Thayer April 26th 1872
Brother Delos
 As Sadi has been writing to Julia I will write a few lines to you. I was in hopes to have had that money to send you by this time but have failed to get it yet. I traded a horse for a yoke of cattle last fall thinking they would sell more readily for money in the spring as there had been good demand for cattle but I tried all winter and spring to sell them for a low price but failed to do so and I could not plow with them without hiring a man to drive and my mares were not able to do all my plowing and raise colts so I traded to cattle for a horse again got a large 7 year old horse worth $25.00 more than the one I traded for the cattle my mares have a fine pair of colts again. I am trying to put out crop enough to raise something to sell next fall I have planted 12 acres of corn and intend to put in as much more have the ground partly plowed I sowed 5 acres of oats and have 6 acres of fall wheat but it looks poor as the winter was very hard on wheat. I will send you money as soon as I can sell anything to raise it. It is expected a rail road will be built through here during the summer if it is I can earn at least a portion of it working on that.
 I think things will change after a while and if I can get a good crop this year it will relieve me very much and I suppose I ought not complain as there are hundreds in the country a great deal worse off than I am and some are hard up for money that came here with 6 or 7 thousand dollars it is hard getting started in a new country but if one has patience it will all come right after a while I have been quite discouraged some times but I am getting over that and if it was not for the money I owe you I should feel quite comfortable but pretty old and lame as I have worked very hard this spring I make garden and such things while my team is eating and my planting nearly broke my back as I had to do it with a hoe think I shall get a planter for the balance
 Let us hear from you
  Yours &@
   A. M. Whitteker

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Mary FROST "Goodspeed" to Julia and Delos

June 19th /70
Dear Brother & Sister
 I will now try & pen you a few lines it seems a long time since we say you. We have been looking for you down for a long time we are usually well except Art he has got a cold & does not feel right well we received a letter from mother dated June 5th & she wrote they were all usually well & she had been to see Jane. She has a little boy three weeks old. She said she was quite smart. I want to see you so bad can not you come down & stay till after the 4th come down Friday or Saturday & stay till after the 4th if you can. if you can come write & let us know & we will meet you at Covington. I hope little Katie has got well before now. Blanche & Wilber are playing & making so much noise I can not half write. Cythina has got a girl 5 weeks old she is here to day the wooping cough is up the creek, a most all of the children up there. have got it & one of Mr Catlins children died with it. We keep our little ones close at home for fear Blanche will get it. She is getting along real well now & we hope she will not get any full back. I heard that Uncle Lewis Walker has finally departed this life I suppose he has suffered a great deal. I hope he is at rest. I think it will be very lonely for Aunt Isabelle now. Arthur has been pealing bark & he is drawing it out of the woods now we have 2 men to work here now. Art has taken a job building a bridge a cross Elk Run, down on our land. He will commence it before long. Now write to us soon & let us know if you are all well & tell us if you will come down, let us know soon. I can talk & tell you more than I can write
  Good bye for this time
   Yours truly M. S. Goodspeed

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Nancy FROST "Allen" to sister Julia FROST "Walker"

Mirabile Mo Aug the 24th 81
Dear Sister
 I will say a few words in reply to your letter that was gladly received and to thank you for your pictures I shall prize them. Father is quite poorly and so discontented Arthur was there the other day and grandpa told him if he got so he could walk about a little he was going back to Pa, it makes me shudder to think of it and yet I know he is very lonely, I have tried to have him come here and make a visit but he thinks he cant so he stays alone days and one of the boys stay at night
Has not able to go Peets for 3 weeks they carry his food to him and probably do the best they can for him but it seems hard when one is old and feeble to be alone so much I wish it was different. Leila came home 2 weeks ago and stayed a week she is in poor health has a babe 6 months old that weighs 14 lbs. We took her home and it was so hot for so long a ride that I have not been well since but have been having it very cool for 3 days the [___] down to 40º 2 mornings but the wind is in the south again and looking like rain, I never saw so much rain as we have had since Feb corn is very backward and if we have frost to kill in four weeks it will not be [___] crop wheat very light and oats hardly worth cutting, grass heavy but put up in bad condition on acct of rain I was at Cudworth about 6 weeks ago Jane looks bad Lydia was better in some ways but still helpless and O what a life to live I wonder if I am thankful enough for what we have to enjoy, Have you seen Aunt M yet she did so much for father I shall not forget her I hear that [___] March is sick in Wellsboro do you know anything about her there is considerable  sickness here. I must go and see father just as soon as I can. 25th Harmon took me to see father this morning he fell on the floor last night and had to lay there until Ike went up and he helped him up. He has no appetite I carried him some grapes and he seemed to relish them carried peaches when I was there before he ate some I asked him this morning if he was not more comfortable when Aunt was there and he said he was and would like to have her here if she wanted to come. Why cant you come out with her if she is willing to come back it would take a burden off my mind if she was with father he is not fit to be alone Peets baby has been quite sick and looks bad yet. Let us hear right away

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Ella Jane FROST "Cudworth" to sister Julia

Rockford, May 27th 1883

Dear Sister & family
 I will once more take my pen to try & answer your welcome letter of April 2nd I rec’d your letter the same day I did  a card from Lyman saying Father was so sick we went up there but he had got better & we have all been sick except Burt nearly ever sin are some better now but not very well yet, we have had the dryest spring until the middle of this month that I ever saw & now it rains every day or two we planted 19 acres of corn about the middle of April but it was so dry it did not come very good what did come has frose off twice so if it ever gets dry enough I guess we will have to replant. The children are all going to school when the Creeks aint to high except May she has to stay at home to mind the baby he has been sick nearly all the time so it makes my hands pretty full as it is getting late. I will let Lydia finish Brother Reuels address is White Rock
 Elko County New
Love to all the friends & a share to your self from your sister Jennie

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