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Mary's Autograph Album
Mary's Autograph Book
Township: Smithfield? Township, Bradford County PA
Year: 1889
Transcribed by Kim Rossiter
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Mary's surname is not know to us, but several people who identify themselves as her cousins have signed. She is also called May and Cora, or Cora may be another person? Can anyone identify her based on that information? Thanks, Joyce M. Tce
From the personal album of Mary

To Mary,

The Earth can boast no further tie,

No brighter richer gem No jewell of a lovelier dye Than friendships__________ Then may this ray of light divine Never from our bosoms fade But May it on our pathway there Till Death our hearts invade Lovingly your friend,

Georg W. Heath

Burlington, May 4th 1890

When days are dark and friends are few,

Remember me and I will you.

Edna Cole

May 12th 1891

Compliments of your friend E.B. Dickinso, West Burlington, May 21st 1889

Miss Mary McKay, Wetona, Pa, February 1, 189_

H.C.Senard, E. Smithfield, Pa., February 1, 189_


When after years and this you see

I wonder what your name will be

Your friend,

Effie Weed

East Smithfield

August 23, 1890

Dear Friend,

I’d tell you to be good

I’d tell you to be true

But I’m so very bad myself

I’m afraid it wouldn’t do

Your friend and schoolmate,

Glennie Wood

December 28, 1889


To Cora.

What’s the use of always fretting

As the trials we shall find

Every strewn along our pathway

Travel on and never mind

Your friend,

Grace Campbell


Compliments of J.W. Campbell

Burlington, Pa.

Mar 25 1899

A Complements of Herbert Darfert Haflet, Pa

In this book so pure and white

Set only friends presume to write

And with each though in friendship given

Direct the readers thoughts to heaven

Your cousin

Clarence Fletcher

February 3, 1891

This world is full of beauty

Like the other world above

If we but do our duty

We shall meet in heaven above

Your cousin,

U.G. Fletcher

Feb 2, 1891

Dear Mary:

"Count that day lost

Whose low descending sun

Views from they hand

No worthy action done."

Truly your friend,

Bird Gerould

Nov. 16, 1890

Copliments of your friend, Minnie Wood

Dec. 2, 1889

Friend May,

When Far Away and

Friends ar few think

Of me and I Will


Delor Rathbun

July 21th 91

Compliments of

Benj L. Goff

Canton, Brad. Co.,

July 18, 1891

Remember the winder of 1890

Every your friend and schoolmate

Merit Wood

E Smithfield


Dec 4th, 90

Dear Mary,

May your life be long and happy

Is the wish of your friend,

Francis Cramer Hoblit

As ripples follow a ship at sea,

So many God’s blessings follow thee.

Emma Camp

Wyalusing, Pa

May 21, 1889

Complements of your Cousin

Bertha Waldon


Feb 7. 1889

To May

Complements of your Friend Mrs. Lillian Robert

Horse Heads


June 8.=1890

To Cora,

Learn to make the most of life,

Make glad each passing day,

For time can never bring thee back

The chances swept away.

Your friend

J. Herbert Campbell,


Tioga, Co.Pa.


Compliments of

Mrs. J. W. Campbell

Burlington Pa.

Aug. 10, 1890

Dear Mary

When far away and

Friends are few

Remember me and I will you

Your Friend

Mary Beach Hoblet.

Dec 8. 1890

To Mae.

When in the kitchen

Washing dishes

Think of me and my best wishes.

Every your Friend

Mae Keltz

Canton Pa.

To May,

May you My friend to Ever blest

With friends selected from the best.

And May you in turn Extend

The gift of love to Every friend.

Your Friend

Mrs. _______ Cole

Hoblet June 29th 90

May havens protecting arm

Guard you my friend from

Every harm may heavens richest

Blessing be they lot is all I ask

Forget me not

E L Beach

June 16th 1889

When days are dark and

Friends are few Remember me.

And I will you.



C.A. Beach

June 9 1889

Complements of

Your Friend

Lizzie Fate

June 25 1889

East Burlington Pa.

Friend Mary.

Remember me as a friend

W.C. Dubert



April 3th 1889


May 20. 1889

May Your joys be added

Your Sorrows Subtracted

Your frieds multiplied

Your enemies devided

Jonnie Scheeler

The following is written on the last page of the book:

To Cora April 15th 1887

On the last page

Of your life may the

Angels write Peace

Franklin Haight

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