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Letter - Amanda SOPER "Hulslander" Letters
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Transcribed  by Sandra Hayden-Henry
Year: 1880s
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(Transcriber note:  These first two letters do not have a year cited on them.  But since they are addressed only to Emma, probably before August 1882 when she married Arthur Colegrove.)
Notes from Joyce M. Tice - Amanda Soper (SRGP 03766), daughter of Melinda Rose and Roger Soper, married Peter Hulslander in 1834. They spent all their married lives in Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA. They were the parent of ten children, and the following letters were written to them. 

Tuesday evening     March 2nd

Dear daughter Emma
  Charlie was going to Mainsburgh tomorrow morning so I thought I would write a few lines to you  we are all well as usual   Lottie is here to night  she says she sent your dress yesterday by the stage.  I hope you will get it.  he said that he would leave it at Winfields.  we sugared off yesterday, had 40 lbs.  wish you had some of the molasses.  you must not be disappointed if I dont come over to the entertainment.  I think it doubtful   I suppose you will want some more provisions before next week is gone  if so, write & let us know what you want & we will try & bring it to you.  write & let us know whether you want your things brought home at the end of this term  I am afraid if you undertake to continue on you will study too hard & hurt herself & then your education would not do you much good.  it seems to me better to rest awhile  I hope you will do what is for the best.
Your Mother

Sullivan   May 1st
Sunday evening

Dear daughter Emma,
  It is now two weeks since we have heard from you, but I trust you are well
at least I hope so.  we are all well  Father has gone over to Mr Shepards in Wells so I am alone this evening.  Tom Monroe, Gertie Styres & Mary Cole is up to Charlie's singing this evening  Gertie commences school here tomorrow.  I should like to come over there & bring some things but they have so much to do with the horses at present  we will try to come over after a while  we cant come with (illegible) now,  how do you like your sack  I suppose Tuesday Winfield will know who is Superintendent  I get along with the work very well  have made soap & taken up the kitchen carpet  I am going to whitewash soon  have filled four tubs of butter  Father is doctoring Mr Benedict again  they think he is gaining slowly for the better
  Write & tell us when you want to come home  hoping you will keep well & come out all night.  I will close. ever loving Mother
A Hulslander

(Transciber Note:  sack may refer to an 'opera sack' or jacket? as ref in Edwin's Diary 1865)

Sullivan Tioga Co.        Dec. 1882

Dear Children Arthur & Emma
  We received your kind & welcome letter last Friday evening. I am sorry you have that pain in your shoulder but hope it is better by this time.  we are well as usual.  I have not had that pain in my head any more yet.  George & Nettie has been here ever since they came from Elkland.  to day they have gone down to Elijah Clara had a written invitation to go to Elmyra & sing in the first Presbyterian Church to day, from (Prof. Cramer).  accordingly George took her to Troy yesterday to take the cars.  he said he would give her six dollars & her expenses there  expect she will come back tomorrow at Austinville  they have been expecting to go to Saratoga Co. to have a sing between the holidays but I don't know whether they are going or not. I heard George read a letter from Boston stating they wanted him to be sure & be there by the first of January,  he had a place for him.  you said nothing in your letter whether you was coming home Christmas or not.  well if you can come we would like to see you but if not conveniently, make yourself contented  while you are doing well, remember the time will soon pass that you will have to be confined in school  I would like ever so much to come to see you this winter.  may be if it comes good sleighing we will but you know how hard it is to get Father to go,  we went to Edwin's Thanksgiving  had quite a good time,  Daniel & Mary  George & Lottie  Father & myself were all that was there  I had a letter from Lin  she and Levie expected to come but got hindered by going to Babb's Creek & didn't get back in time  George & Lottie say they are going to see you before long. hope they will. we have a school here  the teacher's name is Mr. Ferguson from A___ been to school at Canton.  so you see he is acquainted with all our relatives in Canton  Charlie is drawing away his buckwheat & barley  gets 80 cts. a bushel.  he has 5 hundred bushels to draw George is helping him  I must close hoping to hear from you soon

your ever loving Mother   A. Hulslander

(Transcriber note:  The following written across top of page, with page reversed upside down.)

Father says if your shoulder don't get any better you had better come home Christmas & he will try to give you something to help you.  I have tied a comfortable last week.  Nett helped me so we got it off in one day,  & yesterday I picked ten ducks & Nett picked two  Charlie takes them to Troy tomorrow,  Mother

I sold my turkeys got twelve dollars & a half

(Transcribr note:  Emma and Arthur married 23 August 1882 at her mother's)

Sullivan   Jan. 9th 1883

Dear Children
  Sunday morning we received 2 letters one from you & one from Linnie  I thought then I would answer them that evening but before night I was taken sick, so I could not write till this evening
I am feeling better now.  we have all been sick with the same disease.  Charlie whole family except Tommie  Father was taken about a week ago  he is better now & went over to Roswell Crippens to day  the first he has been out  did not come back to night so I am alone  the disease is, well, Dr Bradford calls it Winter Cholera  we are taken with chills, no appetite & looseness & vomiting.  I vomited & I never saw such green looking stuff before.  but shortly after I began to feel better.  nothing very serious as yet however. but it seems strange so many afflicted with it nearby the same time.  Tom, Monroes & Styres's & several the rest of the neighbors  Father thinks it is on account of the low water  Satie Styres Smith has a little girl born the 28 Dec.  they sent for me but I had gone over to Lotties that day & staid all night  so I got out of that job  Mrs. Edgeton has not been expected to live for about 3 weeks, so George & Lott cant get away while she is in that situation  they say they are going to see you this winter  I hope they will  I would like to come to see you but I dont expect to get Father started you must excuse this letter as this is all the paper I have         Mother

Sullivan   Oct. 26th 1884.

Dear Children
  We have been looking for a letter the past week but have received none.  we were very much disappointed in your not coming to the Golden wedding  I am anxious to hear what was the reason you did not come.  hope you are not sick  we had a very pleasant time  they all seemed to enjoy it, about forty here  we invited about sixty  some were sick & some had other important business to attend to.  nearly all brought presents, four pairs of gold spectacles  a nice hanging lamp, a nice table spread, a nice album, gold pen holder & pen, breast pin  nice set of china dishes  12 to the set, & fourteen dollars in gold.  if you & Arthur & George & Nettie had been here I should felt satisfied.  Levie & Linnie are out here yet  Homer Riply & wife, Jess Runsy & wife  George & Lott  Levie & Linnie, all went to Ed & Ellens to day
  Ellen told me she thought Edwin & her would go out to your house next week or the week after.  they were going to take a load of honey or else I would try to go with them.  I packed some butter for you & will send it by Ellen if I can,  about (18 pounds).  Father is very anxious to hear from you to know what was the matter you did not come.  now if you have not written a letter, please write as soon as you get this  I will close hoping to hear from you soon
very affectionately your
A Hulslander

Sullivan   Nov. 16th 1884

Dear Children
  we received your letters in due time  Was very glad to hear from you & that you was well.  I think you took the wisest course in staying at home under the circumstances  I was very glad that Edwin & Ellen went out to your house.  I suppose they told you about things at home more than I can write,  Aunt Sally has been here a week to day  I like to have her here  she helps me quite a little.  she is good company  is going from here to Elijah's
  I have my spinning nearly done  going to weave my cloth soon.  I will fix you some stocking yarn if you want it.  write & tell me how much you want  I gave Aunt Sally enough for a pair of stockings.  Josie has gone to Mansfield  took her trunk  says she is not coming back  cant stay with such bad father,  it makes Robert feel real bad.  she took your waist & wore it to Troy  staid two weeks without asking for it  she sweat it out under the arms so it looks bad.  now says she dont want it   I am sorry I ever had any thing to do with her
  I will try & get Robert to pay for it if I can.  she is a hasty quick tempered, unreasonable creature,  I dont know whether George & Lottie are to your house Thanksgiving or not,  I would like to come but I dont think I can get Father started to go -

  I will close hoping to hear from you soon
your affectionate Mother
A. Hulslander

  tell Arthur I think he wrote a real good letter  hope he will write again

Sullivan    Dec. 7th 1884

Dear Children
  It is Sunday evening, all usually well,  we received your letter last wednesday  glad to hear you are getting along so nicely.  I have been spinning & weaving since the Gol. wedding,  have got twenty yds, about two more days work to finish it.  we have a new stove called the Davis Range, with water tank - I like it very well, easy to cook by.  we had a letter from Nettie lst week  she said she was feeling quite well now.  she is talking of coming down here if she can get some scholars to take music lessons,  Elijah is going to see about it for her so I heard,  Levie & Lin sold quite a number of organs around Austinville & other places & they want someone to give them lessons.  three weeks ago tomorrow I was called down to Lon Smiths about 2, in the afternoon,  soon after arriving there Satie was presented with a fine boy  staid till night, Lon brought me home,  Mrs Styres gave me 4 nice heads of cabbage & Lon gave me $1, cash, & Satie got along nicely & so I thought I was well paid for my services.
  Levie & Lin talk of coming out here about Christmas  hope they will be here when you are here  we shall expect you to come home about Christmas & then we will talk about coming to see you.  Lottie & (I) have been talking of going to see you together - George thinks he has so much to see to he cant come this winter,  I have traded one pair of those spectacles that Findly Furman gave us for a nice castor price 6. dollars -
  Robert has moved away  got a house at Sylvania  Charlie is doing his chores alone yet,  Brace Horton came home to night  they have set the saw mill over back of the hill & are going to saw lumber  Now if we can get word when you will be at Mansfield, Father can come after you.
your loving Mother A.H.

Sullivan   Feb. 20th 1885
Friday evening.  Mrs Parshall & myself are alone this evening  Father having gone over to George's to see a sick horse Lottie's Bigetty,  Otis came over after Father.  I hope it will get well.  Mrs Parshall has been here a week, she staid to Lott's two weeks.  She says she will never go back to the Poor house again.  She says Lawyer Allen is going to get her farm back for her.  we are having very cold weather  thermometer stands at 16. deg. below zero part of the time  it is nice sleighing here now & I should like to come out to see you while it lasts - but you know we could not come comfortable when it is such very cold weather  Lott & I talks of coming on the cars,  she said that Ettie Rose wanted to go with us, but I cant tell when we will go  if we conclude to go that way I will write & tell you  I have not been to see Winfield & Hannie yet  I wanted to go tomorrow but I cant now because Father will not be here -  I would write to George if I knew where his address was.  I had a letter from Nettie  she said her health was quite good this winter
  it is nine o'clock so I will close hoping to hear from you soon -  we received your letter yesterday

your loving Mother
A Hulslander

  Charlie expects to go to Troy tomorow so I can send this
I saw in the Agitator a few lines about the grade school at Knoxville  it spoke very highly for the school

  tell Arthur he must not run that paper any more

Sullivan       Apr. 19th 1885

Dear daughter Emma
  I suppose you are quite disappointed in not seeing us down there, but not any more so than myself.  I certainly expected we should come to see you before this but I must say it is not my fault,  Father said to day that soon as the roads got a little better he should go down to Uncle Jeke's - & I told him I should go with him & take the cars & go up to see you, & he said he should go too,  so you may look for us when we come,  we cant go this week for Linnie sent word by letter that she wanted to come out home & help me weave a carpet for herself.  I expect her tomorrow or next day - so perhaps about week from next Friday we may go -  I have not seen Lottie in over three weeks, they are very busy in the sugarbush now,  we have made about 70 or 80 lbs. of sugar  I have not even been to see Winfield this year, or to Lotts & Ellens but once since last fall,  tell Arthur Father received a letter from him & he said he would do what he could
 write soon

your loving Mother
Amanda Hulslander

  I will write again if I find we are going to see you

Sullivan  Apr. 30th 1885
Thursday morning

Dear Children,  we are doomed to disappointments,  Linnie did not come last week but I got another letter from her saying she would be here to day or tomorrow, but I would not let that hinder me from going if Father would go  the horse that we drive is sick & Father says it wont be able to drive out there this week  so will have to put it off till next or next after  if my health is spared I shall come soon as I can  Dorcas Monro is very sick  is not expected to live  has the pneumonia -  Lottie said she would go with me to see you if I went on the cars  I saw her last Friday so keep up good courage

your Mother
A Hulslander

Sullivan    July 7th 1885

Dear Children
  we received your letter yesterday,  was very glad to hear from you  I write  you to inform you of the sad accident that happened last Friday.  as Father & Charlie was driving from Chandlersburg across the bridge between Ruel Richards & Tom Monros the bridge broke down & the waggon tipt & threw Father & Charlie out some ten or fifteen feet  Father striking on a stump & dislocated his shoulder & bruising him other wise  Charlie was thrown across a log striking on his side.  Tom Monro brought them home  Dr. Main was called  Father was in great distress until the Dr. got his shoulder set then he was more comfortable  he can walk about & carries his arm in a sling  but Charlie was hurt worse  he has been in great distress in his side & bowels but he is some easier now  the Dr. thinks if inflammation dont set in he will get along  I ought to have written before but you see I have had a good deal to do.
  Nett  George is here  came here a week last Friday.  George came with her as far as Syracuse  he is teaching at Amsterdam yet.  talks of coming down here after awhile  George & Lottie is here this afternoon so I thought I would write this & send it by them.  Nett wants to ome to your house some time this summer & also to Lins,  Gertie Styres has a piano & Nett is going down there to practice on it & give Gertie some lessons  Now dont feel too bad over the news, & write as soon as you get this & come to see us when you can
A. Hulslander  

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Tioga County PA
Published On Tri-Counties Site On 04 NOV 2006 
By Joyce M. Tice