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Obadiah Gore Letter 1779

Obadiah Gore wrote this letter 7th of March 1779, about the plight of his Brothers at the Wyoming Massacre 3 July 1778. Asa, Silas, & George GORE; and his two brothers who survivors Samuel & Daniel GORE.

I do not know who owns the original of this letter, but I have a photocopy. Some of the writing is very difficult to read so there may be some mistakes.

Obadiah GORE & his brother Samuel lived in Sheshequin Twp, Bradford Co, PA; the surviving brother Daniel Lived in Luzerne Co, PA.

Pat Gore :) Palmer, Alaska

Obadiah GORE * WYOMING MASSACRE 3 July 1778*; Wyoming Valley Pennsylvania.

Westmoreland 7th March 1779

Sir: I have been in the Continental Service Ever since the beginning of August 1776 and was at the White Plains when the Emeny _ist* off this place last July. You doubtless have heard the particulars of the Action in Which I lost three of own brothers. viz: Silas, Asa, and George, and two brothers in law Timothy Pierce and John Murphy --- Daniel and Samuel was in the battle but escaped, --- Our families were all drove out from this Settlement without the help of horses and cattle, and with no more than what they could carry out throught the wilderness on their backs. And our buildings all burnt and our household Furniture and clothing all carried away or destroyed, but we have got the possession again and have about 140 Continental Soldies here, besides a number of Inhabitants that has returned, and we have a very strong fort with Artillery and provisions plenty ....... Father moved back his family in Nov. Last and he took the small pox of which he died the 10th of January last. --- Mother and the children has had it by inoculation and recovered and now live with me. Daniel and his family & Silas widow and her children are here, --- Asas, widow and her child is a Preston, Hannah and her children is at Plainfield, Lucy and her children are at Canaan*.... It is a healthy time with us at present. We have no news or nothing, nor nothing new happened here since the 10th of last month when a party of Indians came down & and killed 3 men, and wounded another who has since recovered. The Indians lost one killed dead on the spot and two others badly wounded as apparent by the blood, but we could not catch them ---- I desire to be remembered to Annl* and all my cousins. Mother desires to be remembered to you and your family.

I remain yours, Obadiah Gore