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Year:  1956
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1956 Diary of Bessie Ackerman Gates

Presented by Barbara

Sunday, January 1.

Pleasant. snow squalls. 26 degrees early then dropped to 18. Sunshines. but cold. Barbara & Dow Coming to dinner. I can not get to church. Car not been driven in 7 weeks. Surprised, Guy, Heaster & Elaine came this evening. Brought us gifts. Had a pleasant evening.

Monday, January 2.

6 above zero this morning Been very cold all day. A cold south wind. 30 degrees at the moment. Hugh bad tonight. Barbara is having some stomach trouble to night. Freem pretty fair now.

Tuesday, January 3.

warmer. 32 this morning cloudy with a few flurrys. Jimmie came up this morning. Sweet & cute as can be. Tonight, Marjorie, Roda and Sarah were here. I did out hand washing to day. My stomach is bothering me again.

Wednesday, January 4.

Moderate temperature 34 icy in spots. I went to Pot luck dinner at the church with Lillian Youmans. I had a good time. Jimmie was up this morning. Barbara was over for supper after school. Hugh real bad. Dr there this morning.

Thursday, January 5.

Continued moderate. No snow, roads bare and mud. It has been a blue nervous day. Leona did not ask me to go with her for groceries and I thought I would go with Katie. She got by before I got out there.

Friday, January 6.

Hugh is very bad. I went over, and I Stayed all night He is helpless and Hard to lift. Very cold Freem getting along good while I am gone.

Saturday, January 7.

Had a very bad night Don brought Barbara over. And she is staying until tomorrow. I slept 3 hours when I got home. John and Marion went over and took bed pan.

Sunday, January 8.

Hugh not so good. Katie hurt her knee. I am going over soon with Don Freem pretty good and keeping fires and I leave him eats. Rev. Johnson over to see Hugh. He has been delirous a good deal today. Hovering around zero.

Monday, January 9.

Hugh rested some last night. I came home today with Norm and Altheda staid with Katie. Her knee is very bad and Hugh no better. I don’t like to leave Freem alone. I could not get back over tonight it is so icy.

Tuesday, January 10.

It is warmer but a glare of ice Bill could not get up here to do chores and had to drive truck up through the field. I am planning to go over to Hughs with Norm. I will almost have to get there some way. I worry about Freem. They are bad over to Hughs.

Wednesday, January 11.

Hugh is failing. Freem is getting along alone only I come home for a little while and fix eats for him.

Thursday, January 12.

Hugh is bad. The ice is awful Can hardly get any place Hugh took water from a spoon at Midnight and that was the last. Unconcious after that until the end.

Friday, January 13.

Hugh passed away at eight P.M.

Saturday, January 14.

Barbara took Katie to Sayre to get a new coat and hat and to Troy at 4:30 P.M. I was over there and Altheda came and staid with me.

Sunday, January 15

Bill and Leona took Freem. Katie and myself over to funeral home. There were a good many friends there and the flowers are beautiful. Hugh looked nice. Clarence Beach is taking us to the funeral tomorrow. Barbara is staying with Katie the whole weekend. Icy and cold but sun shone to day first time in weeks.

Monday, January 16.

Nice day. Sun bright tem. 18. It was a large funeral Francis & Marti and Chester came. Rev. Johnston preached a grand sermon and came over here after the funeral.

Tuesday, January 17.

Cold. We stayed with the children for Bill and Leona to go to Lions for social. Jimmie was sick. It is icy.

Wednesday, January 18.

Warmer. 30 degree’s. Have rec’d 12 sympathy cards. Freem and I both about sick. My back and his lame knee and both had stomach trouble washed windows in Living Room and Kitchen and moped.

Thursday, January 19.

Snowing, cold 26 We are better. I put up cleaned curtains in kitchen,. Cut up hogs head that Florence gave us. want to make head cheese and scrapple.

Friday, January 20.

Cold. I don’t feel good dream such awful things nights. I made head cheese from Hogs head that Florence gave me.

Saturday, January 21.

Fair and cold. Don came over after us Freem stopped to the bank He and Don went to Athens and got ½ ton of coal. When we got home our groceries had come from Essenwines. Barbara took me to see Dr. Genevra Fleagle. I was nervous and blood pressure 150.

Sunday, January 23.

We kept quiet all day Did not sleep. Freem had spell with pain in his arm. Dr says it was muscular trouble. I was worried. Thought it was his heart.

Monday, January 24.

Freem as good as usual. I slept better last night. First time since before Hugh went. I made 3 pans of scrapple today. Will pack pork tomorrow. Cold. about 4 in of snow last night. Very cold thou. Nov. Dec & so far this month.

Tuesday, January 24.

Very cold. I did out a good sized hand washing.

Wednesday, January 25.

Cold. 6 above. I went with Lillian Youmans out to Linnie Wrights to quilt on quilt for Mrs Rev Barretts. The class pieced it years ago when they were on this charge but never got it made. It was an autograph quilt. There were 18 there. I could not quilt on account of my hand but it was nice to be there. Barbara real sick to night. Her throat.

Thursday, January 26.

Real cold and snow flurreys. Barbara had a shot of pennsyln. She feels real bad. Dr did not want her to teach today. Freem about as usual, but none to good. I did not sleep any last night. My nerves do not settle down Jimmie was up. Sweet little boy. How I love him.

Friday, January 27.

Cold & snow flurrys. Jimmie was all the afternoon. So good & sweet little boy. I love him. Barbara is better I baked 2 pies. Mince & Custard Chocolate Cake.

Saturday, January 28.

Sunshine & frosty. Cold. Barbara better. Freem feels better today. He looked bad yesterday. Hade(?) brought us oil this morning 75 gallons. 15 0/10 per gall. Bill brought me some groceries from Pauls this morning.

Sunday, January 29.

Nice today. Warm. 38 degrees Barbara & Don over for dinner. She brought us groceries. She is so good to us. She has a terrible sore throat. Had two shots of pennsylin and some of tablets to take. Has a rash on her legs. Freem seems fair. Very icy. looks like storm.

Monday, January 30.

rain, sleet. freeze. sunshine. 40 degrees snow squalls tonight and windy. My lameness seems better today now that the storm has arrived. A letter from Alice Daniels they are still in Elmira.

Tuesday, January 31.

Cold and icy. Freem says I went to bed early. I did not sleep any Monday night. They cindered the hill today.

Wednesday, February 1.

Mild but cloudy tonight Leona took us to Dr Fleagle Freem nearly out of medicine. He said his heart was fair and pressure 137. But hardening of the Arteries make him dizzy and sleepy. We went on to Troy with Leona. Freem is tired tonight.

Thursday, February 2.

` Rain, snow and sleet. Not to cold. Around 30 to 40 About 2 in snow. I am not very ambitious today. Freem is about the same Feels better than he did yesterday. It has been so cold and bad roads since Nov 1st . Freem breaths so queer.

Wednesday, February 3

Fair & Warm. About 30 degrees. Freem had a bad night. Seemed to bother him to breath. He is not to good. I made diapers for W.S.C.S. to send to Missionary hospital in Florida. Barbara Crouse Raymond has a baby boy. born this morning. Weather report snow tomorrow. Going to Barbaras tomorrow.

Saturday, February 4

8 degrees this morning. Warmer 30 degrees and rain and sleet. Barbara came after us and we went over for dinner started storming sleet. We came home about 3 P.M. Not slippery. Got groceries at Forest(?). Had pancakes and ham for supper. Ate in living room and watched T.V. I hope Freem rested tonight.

Sunday, February 5

Pleasant and cold. Long day. Barbara took Don to train at Towanda. He went to Auditors Convention in Philadelphia. She is staying alone Juanita Kendall has a baby girl born this morning.

Monday, February 6

Warmer. rain, sleet. Jimmie came up and rained he could not go back and stayed until his Dad came back from work. Jim don’t feel good. Freem slept better last night but he don’t feel good. He looks bad. I feel so worried about him and try to do all I can for him.

Tuesday, February 7

Warm. 38 degrees. Freem about the same. He has taken digitalis every day since last Oct. Don called Barbara about 10:30 from Wysox. She met him at Milan at 11:30. She is coughing awful hard and don’t feel good. Don brought her a lovely pair of ear rings.

Wednesday, February 8

34-36 degrees this morning. nice and Sunny. Seems spring might come. Thawed all day. Barbara coughs so hard. Don’t feel good at all. Freem sleeps so much it worries me. He is not good at all. I washed dinning room windows tonight. They were so dusty and smokey.

Thursday, February 9

Cloudy. Warmer. Tem. 40 degrees. Bert, Florence, Jeanette and Harland, Augie & Girls were here. So glad to see them. Freem appears better. Bert stared working in Cheese plant today. Katie blew up at me this morning, Mad because we had company. Barbara’s cough awful. I am making curtains today.

Friday, February 10

Very nice, Sunshine a little. I cleaned and moped clear throu. washed out some hand washing and am very tired Bill brought us some groceries from Burlington. Barbara coughs awful. Has not been over this week. Freem is not good, remains about the same. Lillian and Katie called.

Saturday, February 11

Snow, sleet, rain, more snow. This evening is raining again. 36 degrees. I baked an orange cake & wine drops. Freem has not felt good today I know by the appearance. Barbara went to Sayre. Feels some better tonight.

Sunday, February 12

I am looking for Harry Acilo(?), Don, Barbara, Katie. They all came. Katie came over with ------. It was a nice day 38 to 40 degrees. Partly cloudy. Barbara talked with Mrs. Hagle and she thinks Dad is not serious. To let him do what ever he wants to.

Monday, February 13

Cold. 38 degrees today. I slept good last night From 7:30 P.M. until 8 A. M. Freem feel fair today. Guess we are both lazy today.

Tuesday, February 14

Warm and fair. 45 degrees. Leona Jimmie & Larry were up this afternoon. Barbara came over for this afternoon. Sara Inman called tonight. Barbara came over for supper We did not know she was coming but roads were good and she took the opportunity. Report say- snow tomorrow. Union Aid at Wetona tomorrow. Hope to go.

Wednesday, February 15

Warm, rain turned to snow. Lillian took me to Union Aid today at Wetona Marian and Katie went with us. Had a nice time and a good dinner. Freem is about as usual.

Thursday, February 16.

Cold & Fair. Snow flurry last night 22 this morning. I have been awful lame hip, leg & ankle. Sewed on Curtains to day. It has been a long day. So lonesome. Freem don’t visit with me.

Friday, February 17.

Warmer. Jimmie came up with Leona--------------------. He was here all day and his mother came after him He was so good and good.

Saturday, February 18

Rain, sleet, snow, and more rain, icy. Don came after us and I went with Barbara to Sayre I called at Wilcoxs. Had a good visit. I got groceries. Barbara had her hair done. It looked nice. Freem feels fair. Barbara bought us a ½ ton of coal and Don bought us back and unloaded coal and did several other things. Cold tonight.

Sunday, February19

Nice day. Katie rode over here with Norm and stayed for dinner and walked home. It is awful sloppy under foot. There was a missionary spoke in our church but I can not go to church any more as Freem don’t drive. Barbara has another cold. I wish she could resist them.

Monday, February 20

30 degrees. Run shines Seems most like spring. Freem feels pretty good. Barbara still has bad cold. She has been sick twice before this winter with colds & sore throat. I went over to Etta Beach with Leona. Bought some of the Wade Jello. We went to DeVoes. John Beach had a 2nd heart attack today. Barbara’s Cold is better. I pray she will be better.

Tuesday, February 21

Cold. 18 degrees, sunshine windy. Barbara’s cold no better. Freem seems pretty good. Had a letter from Mark Gates yesterday.

Wednesday, February 22

Cold and sunshiny. I went to W. Burlington with Leona and little boys, on up to Troy. I got cloth for Barbara new pajama. Into Pennys.

Thursday, February 23.

A little warmer.

Friday, February 24.

30 degrees, warmed up during day. Sleeting tonight I have washed living room windows and cleaned all through. Am very tired. Sleeting hard tonight

Saturday, February 25.

40 degrees rain rain rain. snow all gone Harry & Mark drove in this morning. So glad to see them. I baked pies and doughnuts. Freem don’t feel to good. So short of breath. Wind just terrible. Cooler tonight. Freem burned his arm.

Sunday, February 26.

A nice day. Barbara came over after S. S. Don had a cold and did not come. We invited Katie over she did not come. We invited Frank and we heard nothing from him. The wind has blown all night and all day just terrible. Done terrible damage around us in N. Y. State. Martha Andrus called me.

Monday, February 27.

Nice 33 degrees this morning was 40 all night. Sun shines. Erma Lewis called this morning. Terrible wind to night.

Tuesday, February 29.

4 inches of snow this morning. Cold, Windy. Freem feels pretty good today. I am making pajamas for Barbara. And for first time in 5 years can sew with my right hand. I can embroidery some. Hugh’s Birthday today

Wednesday, February 29.

10 degrees this morning. Sunshine this sewed on pajamas for Barbara Snowed tonight

Thursday, March 1.

Nice day. Snow and ice thawed. Cindered road by here today. Leona took us to Dr.’s Freem burned his arm badly and I was afraid it was not doing well, but Dr. said it was. Nice and warm.

Friday, March 2.

40 degree’s. I think I saw some red winged black birds up in Locust tree. Sun shines warm. Jimmie was up today. He is so good I love him. Leona & Larry came up this P. M. after him. Guess Barbara don’t want us to come over tomorrow. Freem as good as usual

Saturday, March 3.

Nice this morning. Barbara came over and got us. Freem stayed with Don and I went to town with Barbara. She had her hair set. It rained in P. M. snowed over there but rained here. We came home early. Barbara bought us a ham. She is so good. Gets us so much.

Sunday, March 4.

Nice day. We were alone all day. Freem is about as usual. Dorcus Pierce passed away.

Monday, March 5.

Nice day. Up to 50 degrees. I am making pajamas for Barbara. Jimmie was up. Leona after him.

Tuesday, March 6.

Rained hard all night. 70 degrees this morning. I did not sleep any. Arthritis hurt so in my leg and foot. Katie came over today, Barbara came to night We had a boil dinner. We are having a hard thunder shower to night. Vern & Doris have a girl born this morning. As does Alice Hoose(?) a son, Bert Junior!

Wednesday, March 7.

Warm 50 degrees today. Hard rain and thunder showers all night. Sever lightening and some hail. I have not slept for 2 nights. So much pain in my legs. Arthritis. I am cross and Freem & Barbara don’t know how I suffer. I have to sit about 3 hours every night. Saw robin and red wing black birds tonight. Geese went over yesterday.

Thursday, March 8.

Warm. Terrible rains Floods in places. Colder at night and awful high winds. Tuesday night Mr. Laws house burned lost every thing. A shower for them at school house Friday night

Friday, March 9.

Cleared off nicely and warm. I went to Sayre with Leona to get clothes for Jimmie & Larry to be baptised in. Freem is about the same.

Saturday, March 10.

Freem not good this morning. He says he is weak. But he could not get his clothes on alone. It has been a lovely day. Warm geese going north. Was up to Grace Beach for baby shower this P. M. Went with Leona. Barbara came down from there. Verna has a boy.

Sunday, March 11.

Cloudy &windy south wind and warm. 50 degrees. Tonight clear and colder. We moved in to south bedroom last night. It seemed good to get in there. Barbara helped me move. Freem as good as usual today. I hope he feels good now. It worries me so much to have him feel so bad.

Monday, March 12.

Nice day. I did out some hand washing. Freem about the same. I made a batch of doughnuts.

Tuesday, March 13.

Nice and warm. Lots of geese going north. Spring birds are here. Barbara was over from school for supper. Raker told her she was qualified as a good teacher and wanted to know if she would come back another year.

Wednesday, March 14.

3 inches of snow. Snowed, rained and sleet all day. Colder to night. Mail man was in ditch out here and had to have tractor come & pull him up. Made snow man. Freem feels quite good.

Thursday, March 15.

Snow melted and was a nice day. We went home with Bill when he came home from work and baby sat for them to go to Anthens to Lions dinner in McDuffy school.

Friday, March 16.

Tem. 14 degrees at 4. A. M. I lighted a fire. Got up at i.45 and it was 2o degrees

By 10.00 A. M. It is snowing hard. I run crochet hook in my wrist. It has snowed terrible since 10.00 A. M. & 10 inches of snow. No roads cleared. And it is hazardous traveling. 20 degree’s Guess we will be shut in for another weekend.

Saturday, March 17.

18 in. of snow. Did not pile up. Bill came in our tractor to do our chores. They have not opened the road 4 snow plows but road not cleared. Barbara went to Sayre today Got a ½ permanent. Dad and I are shut in here. His hair has not been cut since Christmas. First time that ever happened.

Sunday, March 18.

5 above zero last night Basil plowed road last night Just half did it. People trying to travel have to shovel through. Barbara & Don came over this morning and brought us groceries. She did not go to church or S. S. I do wish she would go. I pray she will go. It is snowing again today.

Monday, March 19.

Cold & snow Jimmie was up all day. Went home with Wayne I baked a cake.

Tuesday, March 20.

Fair and warmer. 36 degrees. Jimmie was (up) and went home with Bill when he came from work. I baked Molasses Cookies.

Wednesday, March 21.

Warm. Sunshine. 42 degrees. I wash pillow cases Edith did not half iron my new ones. Cleaned my house through Jimmie came up. He runs away. He has gone back with Wayne. Cute sweet little boy. Barbara is sick. Throat trouble and grippe. She went to Dr.

Thursday, March 22.

Beautiful day but lots of snow. Jimmie was up. I went to Dr. Voes(?) with Leona. Got groceries. Barbara is teaching. There are three teachers out today sick. Katie had load of wood come & could not get up the lane. Could not get wood only part way and it is over in meadow and she has no way to get it home. 4 cord of it. Lane drifted full. Wayne Inman had to go over tractor and pull it out. Jimmie was up today

Friday, March 23.

cloudy, mild. Jimmie has been here all day. We enjoy him. He is such a good little boy. It is snowing hard tonight. They say 3 to 5 in. Barbara feels better. Throat still sore. They have gone to Pancake Supper at Grange hall to night at 5:30 oclock.

Saturday, March 24.

Snowed all night and still at it this morning. stopped storming about 9 A.M. Wind blew awful and drifted roads full. Mail man got here but no further and he had trouble. I have not felt good. My head aches hard. Freem about as usual. I baked creamed pie, elder berry pie and a boil cake. It has thawed all day but quite cold tonight. Bill was in for a few minutes. 8 in snow fall.

Sunday, March 25.

10 degrees this morning. We had another flurry & snow in the night. No roads opened yet in township. Nice sunshine this morning. They opened roads this P.M. Barbara and Don were over for dinner. She brought chicken. They enjoy T.V. Katie blew up at me because the supervisors did not open her Lane.

Monday, March 26.

Nice warm sunshine. Sun was lovely. Thawed all day Jimmie was up. He is so good. Randall was over and brought us 2 qts. of milk 1 lb butter and 2 pork chops. Cold tonight. Freem has had a little bowel trouble. Barbara has white spots on her throat again. 4th time this winter Dr gave her penicellin $3.25

Tuesday, March 27.

26 degrees this morning. Warm but not as warm as yesterday. Jimmie came up was here nearly all day. Barbara feels better. Freem feels weak from bowel trouble.

Wednesday, March 28.

10 and 12 degrees last night but not as warm all day and it thawed but we still have lots of snow. Wind in East tonight. Freem and I went with Leona to Smithfield. Freem went to the bank. I got two chicken pies for supper. Drove up to Nettie Dunbar’s. Got appointment to have Freem hair cut. Friday 2:00 P.M. Leona gets her’s set for Easter. Barbara feels better.

Thursday, March 29:

32 degree’s Mild. A few flurries. Some sunshine. I made doughnuts and banana pie. This A.M. I went with Leona to Sayre and kept Larry in car. Jackie Kendall is in hospital. Katie blew up again to day. Essenwines brought my groceries today. Ed Colegroves called in evening. Came over from Mainsburg They have a baby 4 weeks old.

Friday, March 30.

Snow flurries. 30 to 36 degrees Barbara was over. Brought pork chops, Saurkraut. Rain. other things. Leona & Freem went up to Nettie’s and Freem Had haircut. Leona had a wave. Barbara and I went over to Harry Tracys. Had a nice time. Barbara moped my floors for me. Cold tonight.

Saturday, March 31.

Cold and snow flurries. Barbara’s throat is worse and Don is sick. They went to Doctors. She had a shot of penicilin & had to get a prescription at Athens this evening. Bert, Florence & Jeanette were here in evening.

Sunday, April 1.

Nice Easter Day. I went to Church with Bills folks. Larry was baptised. The church was filled and some in balcony. A lovely service.

Monday, April 2.

Warm & rain. Freem saw 3 flocks of Geese go over. Up to 50 degrees.

Don came and got washing tonight. He is better. Barbara not sure she is or not. They are blood testing today and tomorrow. Freem saw blue birds, robins, black birds and geese yesterday

Tuesday, April 3.

I had bowel trouble towards morning real bad, had to wash sheet and night gown. I went with Leona to take Eugene to barber shop at Bently Creek. We went on to Centerville to Thompson Red & White and got groceries. Real good place to shop. Freem has some cold tonight and I worry about him. My throat is sore. Barbara is better

Wednesday, April 4.

Warm. 52 last night all night warm all day. Thundershowers. Snow all gone. Freem feels better and Barbara is better. I went to W.S.C.S. with Leona. Children were good. I had a good time. But I am awful tired.

Thursday, April 5.

A beautiful day. Up to the 50’s.

Freem’s cold seems better. He coughs very little and I hope he wont get at it. I went to Centerville with Leona after groceries. Barbara was over to supper tonight. Jimmie was up this A. M.

Thursday, April 6.

Cloudy and warm. I am awful lame. Have not done much today and it makes my work behind. Freem is better coughs a little. Jimmie was up and tonight. Marjorie and Sara were up. The report is rain tomorrow and my aches and pains feel like it.

Saturday, April 7.

Warm. Barbara came over after us and we had a nice time. I went with her after new shoes. They are invited over to Sigmound to a card party this evening. It started snowing on our way home from town. Don brought us home right after supper. The ground is white and trees bent still snowing hard. Snow, Snow.

Sunday, April 8.

7 inches of heavy wet snow. No electricity. Not much telephone service. Electric off from 10 of ten last night and 9:30 now and just came on. Cleared tonight. No lights over by Katie’s yet tonight. Barbara telephone is out and I have not talked with her since Morning. It has been a lonesome day. Jimmie came up when they did chores.

Monday, April 9.

A beautiful day and most of the snow disappeared. My hip and knee are painful. Did not sleep much last night. It was so painful. Barbara can talk now. Harland, Angie and little girls were here last evening. They don’t forget us even if we are old. Marjorie came in this Morning. Lovely young lady.

Tuesday, April 10.

Don’t feel good. Nice day. Jimmie was up. I made fried cakes.

Wednesday, April 11.

A lovely day.

Freem about the same I don’t feel good can not sleep night. My leg aches so hard. Barbara came over tonight. Leona was up.

Thursday, April 12.

Beautiful weather. I do not feel any better

Friday, April 13.

Cooler and snow flurrys I did not sleep any last night.

Barbara made appointment with Geneora and Lena took me out. She says it is lack of Calcium in my system. Jimmie and Larry had their polio shots. I hope I feel better soon.

Saturday, April 14.

Did not sleep much last night. Hip and leg are so painful. Barbara came after us and I went to town with her. Freem stayed with Don. It was a beautiful day. I got some groceries. She brought us home and Florence and Bert came. They want us down for dinner tomorrow. Coming after us. Barbara stayed all evening to.

Sunday, April 15.

I woke up at 1:30 right leg are paining me. I wish it would be better.

Bert came up after us and we went down for dinner. Chicken biscuit & gravy. Kids home. We had a nice time. Freem seemed to enjoy it. raining this evening. Warm. About 50 degree’s.

Monday, April 16.

Rained all night. 52 this morning. My leg pained me awful from about 2 A.M. It is so painful. Jeanette Parmenter came off bus for Rupper & Florence came up for her. Jimmie and the three Inman children were her to see her. Barbara came over and brought me more doctors medicine. I hope this will help me. Have to take vitamins every day. Leg pains me so at night. Colder to night

Tuesday, April 17.

Snow, rainy. Snow flurry. I don’t feel any better. Leg pains.

Jimmie was up a few minutes. Barbara gone to Wyalusing to teachers meeting with Ellen Bustin. Freem about the same.

Wednesday, April 18.

Cool. Freem went with Katie to Burlington to get a tire. I feel most miserable I talked with Dr. Thinks it is from not sleeping nights but I am tired. Jimmie did not come up today.

Thursday, April 19.

Cold. Snow flurries. Clothes hung on line and froze. Katie called as she went by. Guess I am better but I don’t know.

Barbara came over after school. Brought me a perscription from Genevra. I wish my leg would get better. It is so painful. Just like my arm five years ago.

Friday, April 20.

Very cold. Froze ice last night. Freem let coal fire go out Let it get to low. It was so cold here this morning but I have it going now. My leg pain me awful. Jimmie came up and then Leon and Larry. Tonight Bill Gene(?) and Larry were here. Larry likes it just as much as Jimmie. Cold & snow squalls all day.

Saturday, April 21.

Cool. Rainy. Barbara went to teachers meeting at Towanda. then from Smithfield over after Dad and I. I went to Athens with her after dry cleaning and she got my prescription filled. It cost $5.49. We were over there for supper and then she brought us home and she watched television. She went home about 10.P.M.

Sunday, April 22.

My leg feels better this morning. It does not hurt and I rested all night with no pain pill. It is pleasant but very cold. froze ice last night Don is getting 1000 and 10 eggs a day and has 1800 baby chicks Freem seems to be so sleepy today.

Monday, April 23.

Pleasant day.

We are both feeling as good as usual. Foster and Emma were over and spent the evening with us. We enjoyed it so much.

Tuesday, April 24.

I do not feel to good. Barbara came and got us after school and took us to vote. I feel miserable. Jimmie was up. Cold.

Wednesday, April 25.

We are about as usual. raining this evening. Howard Robins died very suddenly last night.

Thursday, April 26.

Rained all night. Warm this morning. Leona took me to Dr and I went on to Sayre with Leona.

Don and Vern came over and set up our oil heater. Don did everything. He is so good. Howard Robbins died. We gave Jimmie a bible. He was so pleased.

Friday, April 27.

Cloudy. Looks like rain I have felt miserable. My blood pressure down and I had so much pain in my leg. Freem seems to have some cold. I hope it does not get worse. Altheda was over this morning. 41 boys and girls from Wetona. Big Pond and E. Smithfield went to Loyarsock for week end. Rev. Johnston and 3 mothers went with them It is the Youth Fellowship. Marjorie and Eugene both went. Barbara is coming after us in the morning. Hope I feel better to morrow & Freem too.

Saturday, April 28.

We were over to Barbara’s She brought us home evening in a hard thunder shower. She got my perscription filled again $5.49 for 50 tablets. Thunder shower in night tonight.

Sunday, April 29.

Warm. Shower again this morning. I am pretty bum. telephone line out since Friday night Shower this P.M. Freem don’t feel well either. Did not sleep any and Freem don’t feel good. Sneezed all night.

Monday, April 30.


Freem has a hard head cold and feels pretty Miserable. My leg feels better today. Have felt awful since Sat. night did not sleep any last night Freem sneezed again all night last night. I wrote to Old Age Assistance for pension.

Tuesday, May 1.

Quite warm.

Leona took Freem to Dr’s. He did not find any fluid but hard head cold. Wayne Inman was here about an hour. Wants to buy our old car. Guess Freem will sell it. I hope Dr did not find his heart any worse. Barbara was over to night.

Wednesday, May 2.

Wayne don’t want car. His Mother dont want him to buy it. Frost and Cool.

I did not feel like going to Church dinner.

Thursday, May 3.


Barbara and Don were over this evening.

Katie was here today.

Friday, May 4.

Nice day. Windy. I went to May Festival with Leona. It was real good but I got awful tired. Around 800 there.

Saturday, May 5.

Barbara came after us and we were over there all day.

I was tired. Freem feels bum. Dugs greens.

Sunday, May 6.

Thunder showers and dry spells all day.

Long lonesome day. No one came. My neuritis hurt all day and to night. It is 10:30 P.M. and still raining.

Monday, May 7.

Cool. Fair.

I went to Sayre with Leona. And stayed in car with Jimmie and Larry. Freem is about the same. His cold is better but I can see he is not quite as strong as usual. The D.P.A. lady was here. She will only allow us a little. I feel bad to have Barbara have to take care of us. Barbara was over last night.

Tuesday, May 8.

Cold. 28 degree’s last night. Bright and sunny today. Leona went for chest Xray at school and I went along and sat in car with Larry. Freem and I do not feel good.. Katie went away and did not tell me and I was scared to death and Leona took me over. She went to Ediths and stayed until evening and No one knew where she was. Barbara gone to Towanda to teachers meeting tonight. Don helping Vosburgs sow oats. Froze ice last night.

Wednesday, May 9.

Pleasant day. Freems cold is better. I went to Troy with Leona & Larry to have car greased. We waited at hotel. Wayne Inman and children came up in evening We enjoyed their call very much.

Thursday, May 10.

rained last night and all morning. Wayne came up and wanted me to call Katie to come over and get supper. She did and his mother came & they washed ironed cleaned. Katie enjoyed it. Jimmie came up and he is so cute and good. We love him. Leona & Larry stopped for him but he was not read to go home. Cloudy and cooler tonight.

Friday, May 11.

Cloudy and cool. We dug a few greens.

I went with Leona. The little boys had their 2nd polio shot. We went to Sayre to Laundry & dry cleaners. Freem is better of his cold. Katie is working down to Wayne Inmans in after noon’s. I was awful tired last night. And my right hip and ankle pains me.

Saturday, May 12.

Rained most of the night and is so damp and cloudy this morning.

Barbara came after us to go over and stay all night & for us to be there for Mother’s Day. We are happy to go. We have applied for Old Age Assistance. I hope it is finished soon for it worries me so. Ed Youmans had another operation. Tumor.

Sunday, May 13.

It rained awful hard about Mid night and thundered. It was terrible hot and around 80 degrees to day. Barbara brought us home tonight. We had such a nice time. She went to S.S. Barbara dug me a mess of dandelion greens.

Monday, May 14.

Awful warm.

Jimmie up most of the day. Tonight he & the twins were up tonight cleaning old brooder house for a play house. I have felt awful today. Could not sleep and sat up. My hip to my ankle pained me last night.

Thursday, May 16.

Much Cooler.

I went to Athens with Leona. My feet & Ankles pain me so much to night. Freem is about as usual. George Potter died this morning. Lucena had her operation today. It seems as tho my feet and ankles will never get better.

Saturday, May 19.

Barbara Came after us to go over and stay all night. We had a good time but it was so hot.

Sunday. May 20.

70 degree’s all night we could not sleep. Barbara brought us home tonight.

Monday, May 21.

Very warm. The D.P.A. lady came. Guess everything went through all right. Barbara and Don were over tonight.

Tuesday, May 22.

Much Cooler.

Don came after us this morning to go over and stay all night and get dinner for Glema(?) and himself. We enjoy going

Wednesday, May 23.

Frost & freeze.

Barbara brought us home tonight. My hip pained me so I could not sleep all night. French’s were up with a car to sell Barbara.

Thursday, May 24.

Showers and Cooler. I rested better last night. McClure sent Griff Hubbard over to see a car to Barbara. She was here a minute tonight. Guess they will buy of Jim French. I was a Sayre with Leona and down to Paul’s. I got a crock for flowers for cemetery. Probably Katie will rave.

Sunday, May 27.

Walter Daniels preached in M.E. Church and Kenneth Storch brought them over here for dinner and spent afternoon with us

Friday, June 1.

Harry Cecile and Bill were here.

Tuesday, June 5.

Katie came over and helped me. My hip and leg pained me so bad. Edith Brach was over.

Wednesday, June 6.

School was out today. Janet Parmenter got off school bus here. Florence was up evening.

Thursday, June 7.

My hip and leg pain me awful. I can hardly stand it. Freem about the same not very good.

Friday, October 26.

Charley & Almeta Wittie(?) were over here and Erma & Foster. We enjoyed their coming.

Tuesday, October.

Robert Young died

Wednesday, October 31.

I have been sick all summer. Neuritis in my hip and leg. Am better now but so tired and weak.

Thursday, November 1.

Barbara took us to funeral home to see Robert, this evening. We spent the evening with Mildred and Paul. Awful thunder shower coming home

Friday, November 2.

Rained all night and still raining hard and thundering & lightening. Kitchen leaking.

Saturday, November 3.

Barbara came and took me to Dr.’s Freem went with us. I am so much better. Have shots of vitimin B-12. We went to Burlington and got groceries and meat at Waldrons.

Sunday, November 4.

Jimmies birthday. He came up early this morning. We gave him a tinker toy and puzzles. He says I am Happy. Barbara came after us after S.S. And we went over for dinner. sent but cool. She took us for a ride through Saco. Freem feels about as usual.

Tuesday, November 6.

We went to Election with Leona. She voted for first time. Foster, Emma, and Barbara were here in evening. Barbara went home at eleven and the rest stayed until 3 A.M. Eisenhower was elected. Beautiful weather.

Wednesday, November 7.

Beautiful Day

Harry Cecile & Bill came in afternoon.

Harry Campbells came to. We enjoyed it. Harry & Cora are in bad shape. Minds are very bad.

Thursday, November 8.

Cooler. and partly clear. A long day. Barbara went to class at Anthens tonight but called when she got home We sold the car a month ago to Larrie Parmenter. Got $35.00 for it.

Saturday, November 10.

Cold and snowed last night and this morning 28 degrees this morning. Barbara came after us and I went to Sayre with her. I went to see Della Wilcox while she was getting her hair done. I felt the best when I got home that I have in a year.

Sunday, November 11.

A Cold night. My plant s froze in the porch box and the rest of the maderia vine froze. Bill brought Jimmie up this morning and he had a good time. We like to have him come. The weather has moderated this afternoon.

Monday, November 12.

I went to Burlington to Garage with Katie and in afternoon went to Sayre with Leona. She got Larry some new shoes. We stopped at Meat plant in Milan. It was a nice warm day.

Tuesday, November 13.

I did a big hand wash. Washed my new print dress and new apron. I had line on back porch full. It was cold enough so they froze a little. I baked a cake & made geletin salad for supper. Most work I have done in one day for a long time. I am tired tonight. Larry stayed with me while Leona went to Smithfield. Freem went with her to the bank. Larry was so good and cute.

Wednesday, November 14.

Barbara & Katie were here for supper. We had boiled dinner with ham bone I baked a chocolate cake and pumpkin pies.

Thursday, November 15.

I did out quite a washing. My new print dress

Friday, November 16.

` We went with Katie to Burlington to have her car inspected. Went to Waldrous market & I got hamburg and sausage It rained hard all the afternoon. Leona brought me some capsules from Fleagles.

Saturday, November 17.

Beautiful day. nice & warm. Barbara took her dad up to Netties for a hair cut.

I cleaned through the house Ironed my dress and apron Barbara got me some tablets at Fleagles.

Sunday, November 18.

Had a snow flurry in the night and it is cool today. Tem. about 40.

It is a long day. No travel and no ones comes.

Monday, November 19.

Temperature last night was 20. Been quite cool all day. Beautiful sunset tonight. I went to Smithfield with Katie. Got potatoes 49 cents pk. I prepared cranberries for Thanksgiving. Katie stayed for supper.

Tuesday, November 20.

Warmer, 42 degree’s. Cloudy & light shower this morning.

Wednesday, November 21.

rained all day cold & damp. Mark came and spent the day with us. He surprised us. We enjoyed his company.

Thursday, November 22.

Thanksgiving Day. We went over to Barbara s for dinner. Katie went and took us. She had a nice dinner chicken & scalloped oysters. Mark expects to come back to see them tonight. It is cold 28 degrees now only 62 in this room.

Friday, November 23.

Terrible cold. Wind blows awful. Our kitchen stove would not light and as cold as it was Katie took Freem to Smithfield to get wicks. It bothered and he could not get them fixed until eleven oclock. It was pretty cold. Henry Varneys house burned down. No one at home.

Saturday, November 24.

It was 15 degrees this morning but wind does not blow. Fires burn good. I am going to town with Barbara. It was a nice day and we had a good time.

Sunday, November 25.


Long Lonesome day. Jimmie came up and stayed while they were at S.S.

Monday, November 27.

warmer. about three inches of snow. No telephone line since last Tuesday. We miss it.

Tuesday, November 27.

Telephone fixed 24 hours. Warmer thaw yesterday.

Wednesday, November 28.

Warmer. 34 degrees I was having bowel trouble about four oclock this morning, real bad. Had to wash night gown and the sheets besides underwear. Feel better tonight. Jimmie was up this morning. He did not go to school. Did not feel good. Barbara went to class at Athens then to New Albany to social studies class.

Thursday, November 29.

A nice day. Not very cold in the high thirtys. Barbara was over to night for supper. Her stomach was hurting her. I have felt so miserable and tired all day. Leona don’t take me to the store any more. Guess she is sick of waiting on us. I was sick and shit all night again Wish I was better. feel good today. cold and snow flurrys a letter from Elaine.

Friday, November 30.

Cold. 14 degrees this morning. 35 today. Cold tonight. Lillian Youmans called here today. Barbara says we are going to Troy tomorrow. I finished crocheting a dish cloth.

Saturday, December 1.

Barbara took us over to Essenwines and she went on to Troy. We enjoyed it. It is a beautiful winter day.

Sunday, December 2.

Katie was over or dinner. It was a nice winter day no snow.

Monday, December 3.

I have croched 4 dish clothes Nice weather 34 degrees.

Tuesday, December 4.

Nice weather 40 degree’s. I did not rest. My bowels kept me awake. They only moved a couple of times.

Thursday, December 6.

Barbara was over tonight.

Friday, December 7.

Nice day. Florence was up and spent the afternoon.

Saturday, December 8.

rained all night.

Barbara came after us I went to Dr’s. Had to see him as she is in hospital. I am real good only had a little sugar. Blood pressure good. 130. I went to Sayre with Barbara. Did some shopping. It turned cold and started to rain and sleet and we came home before supper.

Sunday, December 9.

snowed all day but has cleared tonight & cold, 15 degree’s.

It has been a long day dreary day. Don goes to Harrisburg tomorrow. Roads are terrible slippery. Mark Shayler died yesterday.

Monday, December 10.

Icy roads. Don went to Harrisburg Barbara had to take load of eggs to Troy in Evening. Helen McQueen went with her. My hip and back and leg pains me real bad.

Tuesday, December 11.

Cindered this road today. And tonight it is mud. Has been up around forty today. Cool south wind. I feel better today. Barbara went to school; at Athens tonight. It has been a long lonesome day. Florence was up and brought us a 3 lb box of cheese from Cheese factory.

Wednesday, December 14.

Ice storm. Trees are white with ice. Not to slippery on the roads. rained all day Tem. 33 degree’s.

Long dreary day. We put a jig saw puzzle to gether. It will be a long weekend as Barbara is busy.

Saturday, December 15.

I cleaned through and am real tired. Barbara came over this P.M. for a little while. They had been to Waverly to a Jewish Confirmation rainy today.

Sunday, December 16.

Rained Awful hard in night. 45 today and pleasant. I suffered awful with my hip and pain in my good arm all night. Katie was over for dinner today. She helped me get dinner. I hope I am not having a siege with my other arm.

Monday, December 17.

Cloudy but warmer. Cleared just before sundown. rec’d 18 cards today. Youth Fellowship sang Christmas Carols to us last night. We enjoyed it very much. Lloyd and Leona Bolster spent the evening with us. My box came today with Marjorys & Eugenes gifts. I sent to Reading and they were over two weeks coming

Tuesday, December 18.

Cooler, about 24 degrees now at five P.M.

I went to town with Leona today. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed it so much. Barbara has gone to class tonight at Athens.

Wednesday, December 19.

Barbara came over for supper. Nice day. She is awful tired

Thursday, December 20.

Cool but nice.

Altheda and Harry were here in the morning. I made a loaf of Cranberry bread.

Friday, December 21.

Warm, rained all night last night and has been 40 degrees all day. warm tonight. Barbara had a nice time at school. Christmas tree and lunch. I have to go to Dr’s in morning. Hope I don’t have sugar.

Saturday, December 22.

Barbara came after us I went to Dr’s. Had no sugar. We went to meat plant at Milan and got our meat. It rained al night and all day rained very hard and thundered tonight. Barbara rec’d lovely gifts from school. She is tired. Katie says she is coming over tomorrow.

Sunday, December 23.

A dark gloomy day. Guys folks and Mildred came this morning. Kati came over for dinner. Barbara came this P.M. This early evening Rev Johnston came. Marian Beach brought a Christmas box to us from W.S.C.S. We have had a lovely day. Barbara got lovely gifts from her S.S. Class.

Monday, December 24.

Nice day. I went to Smithfield with Katie.

Tuesday, December 25.

Christmas day.

Katie took us to Barbara’s for Xmas dinner. We had a nice time and a good Chicken dinner.

Wednesday, December 26.

Barbara was over and took us to Essenwines I get some things cheaper down there. I got bacon, sugar & cottage cheese.

Thursday, December 27.

Snow flurries and colder. 31 degree’s Jimmie came up for dinner and was lots of company. Barbara and Don went to Towanda and Don has gone to St. Johns dinner at Athens tonight

Friday, December 28.

I cleaned the house Jimmie was up. Snowed 3 in deep

Saturday, December.

Barbara came up for us with the truck & chains on. Freem went to Dr's He said his blood pressure was good. I went to Sayre with Barbara and she brought us home early on account of roads.

Sunday, December 30.

Cold and slippery roads. Home all day. Bill brought us a Sunday paper.

Monday, December 31.

Very bad roads.

Barbara was over all day. It seemed so good. She cut out my slips. She brought us oysters for our New Years dinner tomorrow. I wont have any dairy next year.

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