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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Diaries & Letters of Tri-Counties
From Joyce M. Tice's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project
1873 - Daniel Burton of Rutland
Bird's Eye View of Roseville
Postcard  sent in by Creig Crippen

The 1873 Diary of 

Daniel Burton of Rutland Township, Tioga County PA

Transcribed by Joyce M. Tice
Copyright 1999

Diary: Daniel Burton
Township: Rutland Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1873
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1873 - Daniel Burton Diary

Diary transcribed and annotated with genealogical and historical notes by Joyce M. Tice

This is part of the Diary collection of Joyce M. Tice
For her Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project

Tri-County Genealogy Sites of Joyce M. Tice

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1873 - Daniel BURTON (1)

January 1, 1873 - Wednesday - Cleaned up Buckwheat 100 bu. I. B. Wheeler & C. S. Pierce(2) help me.

January 2, 1873 - Thursday - I & Wife(3) went to Troy took 30 bu. Buckwheat to Songs Mill. Sold it to Davis & M. I. Cabe on Erly Benson's Contract for 75 cts per Bu 22.50. Took C. L. Pierce to the Cars to go Back to his work to Wilcox.

January 3, 1873 - Friday - Took 10 bu. Buckwheat to Troy to Songs Mills for Davis & M. I Cabe on Erly Benson's Contract 75 cts per bu. 7.03. Took 16 bu for Mrs. Benson. Clark went with me. Milled 2 bu. Buckwheat 200 Wheat for William Worden.

January 4, 1873 - Saturday - Finished Cleaning up Buckwheat 195 bu in All. Jake & George Chamberlain(4) help me. I went Down and help them clean up thare Buckwheat. Cilled My Beef Cow. Ike Bozworth(5) Cilled it for me charged 75 cts. I & Wife & Jase & Wife(6) went up to Warren Blosses Spent the Eve. Clark Took the Beef Hide to Miron Mills. Waid 61 lbs 8 cts lb 4.88

January 5, 1873 - Sunday - Trist(7) Came Down. We Divided the Beef & Tallow. Jase & Wife Came over & Spent the Eve.

January 6, 1873 - Monday - Shaved Ax handles Made 1 Ax Handle for John Willson Put it in his Ax John & Em & Sarah & Lib & Ellen is hear on a visit.(8)

January 7, 1873 - Tuesday - Made Ax Handles. S. W. Pain Foundry Machines Shop & Store & Other Buildings Burned

January 8, 1873 - Wednesday - Went to Roseville. Bought of C. S. Strait

½ lb. Tea 63

1 ½ Nails 10

1 gal Oil 40

1/4 lb. Pepper 10

Bought of E. Backer

I lamp chimney 10

½ lb Tobacco 40

Paid on Account 60

I & Wife went over to Silas Hollies(9) on a visit this Eve. Jase & Wife went along

January 9, 1873 - Thursday - Paid a note ov 14.11 to S. W. Pain. J. A. Watkins Dr to 2 bu Buckwheat 1.50. (10) shaved Pickhandles. George R. Sherman(11) & Wife is hear This Eve

January 10, 1873 - Friday - Shaved Pickhandles

January 11, 1873 - Saturday - Shaved Pickhandles. Bought ov C. S. Strait 4 lbs Shugar 50. I & Wife, Ja. Watkins & Wife, & Ike Bozworth & Wife went to William Smiths on a visit this Eve. Clark took old John(12) Down to Roseville to Rous & Allin 1.30

January 12, 1873 - Sunday - I & Wife went over to J. Watkins this Eve.

January 13, 1873 - Monday - Old Mrs. Eliza Cory Died found Dead in Bed. Shaved Pickhandles in the forenoon. Loaded 265 Pick Handles 60 Ax Handles 21.20, 15.00. Wife Took me to Mansfield Shiped the Handles to Morris Run. Wife went up to Lewis Halls with the Team. Staid over night. I went up to Bloss on the 5 o'clock Train. Staid Over night to Elisher Nashes.(13) 2 bottles gargling oil, C. S. Straits 50. J. A. Watkins Dr to 6 bu Buckwheat 4.50 Clark Took old Bill to Roseville got him Shod to George Rouse. Sharp & Set 4 Shoes 80 cts.

January 14, 1873 - Tuesday - Went up to Morris Run. Sold my Handles to Nearing for 36.20 Came Back to Bloss. Took Dinner to John Martins. Took the 3 o'clock Train Came to Mansfield. Wife met me thare with Team. Trade to H. Backers

1 Can Oisters 30

2 lbs Crackers 20

2 ½ lbs Chees 42

Bought to the Book Store 1 Diary 75, I Dum(?) Watch 30 then we came Home. Bought to the Harness Store a Bit to Put in My Bridle 30.

January 15, 1873 - Wednesday - Drawed Some Wood Help Wife Some around the Hous Clark help Grand(14) Watkins Thrash with Machine today. Clark help J. Watkins Thrash his Wheat 2 hours. We had Company this Eve. Bloss(15) & Wife, William Wilson & Wife(16), J. A. Watkins & Wife, Isaac Bozworth & Wife(17), Almon, Loretty, Laury Watkins (18) is hear.Bought 5 lbs 3 oz. Butter ov Diantha Watkins & paid 1.40. This is a Vary Icy time.

January 16, 1873 - Thursday - Sawed some Hickory Timber from G. P. Crippens.(19) Ike Wheeler worked with me Split out Some Timber Shaved 2 handles. Rainy Day.

January 17, 1873 - Friday - Drawed Corn of the Hill. Went up to William Wilsons to See Trist about Bootchering My Hog he was not at home

January 18, 1873 - Saturday - Shaved Ax Handles. Snowed enough to cover the Ice. The wether is Colder

January 19, 1873 - Sunday - I & Wife went Over to I. B. Wheelers this Evening. Wife made some Pi for Polly. This is a Cold day.

January 20, 1873 - Monday - Went up to William Wilson's to git Trist to Bootcher my Hog. I. B. Wheeler help me. Peter(20) help Some about Scalding & dressing my hog. J. A. Watkins Bought ov C. S. Strait for me ½ lb Tea 1/ Cr 63 cts. Wife & Clark went up to John Willson's this Eve. Bought 1 bu Potatoes 50 Paid for them 50 J. A. Watkins Dr to Cash 50 I Paid Halsey B. Wheeler(21) My Thrash Bill 11.26. Paid Trist Smith 98 cts Ballance on his part of the Beef hide.

January 21, 1873 - Tuesday - Cut up my Hog & Salted it. I Weighed My Hog 511. I. B. Wheeler & Clark went up to William Wilson's Cut & Drawed 2 Hickory trees for me. Shaved Some Ax Handles in the Afternoon. William Worden Dr to 1 Hogshead & Hunks 1.27 I & Wife went to a visiting Party to J. A. Watkins this Eve.

January 22, 1873 - Wednesday - Shaved Ax Handles. Wife & Clark went over to J. S. Sweets after a load of Timber, J. O. Randall Dr to Cash Paid on Acount 5.00

January 23, 1873 - Thursday - Shaved Ax Handles. Wife & Clark went to Troy to Songs Mill Took

4 bu Wheat 6.00

6 bu Buckwheat 4.50

1 bu Corn .75

January 24, 1873 - Friday - I. B. Wheeler Dr to 1 bu Wheat 1.50. Went to Town Meeting. Shaved Ax Handles.

Sold C. S. Strait 69 lbs Oats 85 cts

Bought Shugar 85

Bought ov E. Backer ½ lb Tobacco 40

Bought 1 ½ Doz Eggs 35

January 25, 1873 - Saturday - Shaved Ax Handles. We have got 158 Made. We are getting More Snow. Snow is quite Deep now.

January 26, 1873 - Sunday - Took a Sparerib over to J. A. Watkins that I owed him Write a letter to C. L. Pierce

January 27, 1873 - Monday - Went to Roseville. Bought ov C. S. Strait ½ lb Tea 63, 3/4 lb Tobacco 30, got Cash & Soda 13. Sold C. S. Strait 3 Ax Handles 1.05 Don of Ax Handles Francis Willson Wife Died this Morning.

January 28, 1873 - Tuesday - Loaded Our Ax Handles & 16 bu Oats. I & Wife went Down to Amos Dans Staid over night. I. B. Wheeler Dr to ½ bu Oats 20 J. S. Sweet Cr by 66 Sticks to Make Ax Handles

January 29, 1873 - Wednesday - I went to Emira Took 6 doz & 3 Ax Handles 17.00 16 bu Oats 6.40 Trade to Amos Dans 2.45 Lymon Burton Dr to Cash 10 cts. Returned to Cook & Co 2 Wood Rasps 1.50 Took in Exchange 1 Pocket Knife 1.25 Cash 25 Came Back to Amos Dans got My Wife went up to Limon Burtons Staid over night. Francis Willson Wife Barried to Day by Elder Mansfield. Preached Theseloneus 4 Chap 13 to 18 virc.

January 30, 1873 - Thursday - I & Wife Came Home. Lyman Burton & Wife Came home with us. I. B. Wheeler Cr by Cash 1.50. I & Wife & Lyman Burton & Wife Stoped to Ike Wheelers Took Dinner. Paid I. B. Wheeler the Money for his Ax Handles that I Sold for him & for gitting Saw filed 17.38 J. A. Watkins Dr to 1 Ax Handle 25.

January 31, 1873 - Friday - Grand Watkins Dr to Cash 5.00 Fransis Wheeler Dr to Cash Paid on Thrash Bill 8.27. Mrs. Benjamin Benson Dr to Cash 7.00. I & Wife, Lymon Burton & Wife went to Lewis Halls Staid Over Night. Called to Mansfield to Horris Backers(22) got 2 Cans Oisters 70, 3 lbs Crackers 30. Took them to Lewis Halls for Supper. Ike Paid half & I paid half. I. B. Wheeler Cr ½ bu Oats 20 cts.

February 1, 1873 - Saturday - I & Wife & Lyman Burton & Wife, Ike Wheeler & Wife went down to Lams Crick(23) to Jackson Smiths on a visit to see Uncle Silas & Ant Milly.(24) Staid over night. Sold 25 lbs ov Chickins to the Mead Market to Mansfield for 3.13 for J. A. Watkins. Lyman Burton Dr to Cash Paid for Oisters last evening to H. Backers 35 cts.

February 2, 1873 - We All Came Home. Called to Mansfield to Horris Backers got 2 Cans Oisters 70, 3 lbs Crackers 30. 5 sticks candy 5. Lymon & Wife Staid over night with Me. J. A. Watkins Dr Cash 13 cts. Calumus Sun Shone Bright all day not a Cloud to be seen.

February 3, 1873 - Monday - Lymon Burton Help me Draw Straw from the Old Barn to the Hors Barn & Cut & Draw 2 drags on wood. Lyman Burton & Wife & Ed Staid overnight with me.

February 4, 1873 - Tuesday - Lymon Burton Dr to 8 bu Oats 3.60. Paid Mrs. Benjamin Benson 1 ½ bu Ears Corn that I Borrowed ov her. Took Lymon Burtons Wife home. Justis Maconnel Wife(25) Died this morning. Snow Melted the fastest to day that I ever new this time year. Water is a foot deep in the road in Some plases. Received 2 Letters from Catherine Pierce

February 5, 1873 - Wednesday - Cut 1 Hickory tree on Grandason Watkins. Split it & Blocked it out. Grand Watkins Cr by 1 Hickory Tree 50 cts.

February 6, 1873 - Thursday - J. A. Watkins Cr by Cash 4.50. Shaved Ax Handles. Sam Sherman Dr to Cash Paid for Ash Timber in the tree 9.50. Went to Skool Meeting up to Reed Shermans to See about turning out the Teacher, Hellin Bentley. Hellin Bentley(26) Staid over night hear with us. Diantha Watkins Cr by 3 -- 1 oz Butter

February 7, 1873 -Friday - Wrote a Remonstance against turning out the teacher. Took it to Roseville gave it to E. Backer. Wife & Diantha & Sew (or Lew) & Hellin Bentley went along. Had Jase Watkins Old john to hitch with my Old john. Took 1 Doz Ax Handles Down to James to Send to his Son Law over to Jobs Corners. Bought ov C. L. Strait 1 qts. Oil 20

February 8, 1873 - Saturday - Clark went to Roseville got Rous to Set 1 Shoe on old john.

C. L. Strait Cr 1 Box Pills 25

½ lb Crackers 5

Dr to 1 Doz Eggs 30

Split out Hickory Timber that I got of Daniel VanZile(27) for Pickhandles. We are having nice wether for the time year. J. A. Watkins had my Sleigh to go to Chandlersburg(28). I & Wife went over to J. A. Watkins this Eve.

February 9, 1873 - Sunday - J. A. Watkins & Wife came Over heare to day on a visit.

February 10, 1873 - Monday - G. R. Sherman Dr to 1 bu Wheat 1.50. Went to Austinville to See Old Daniel Watkins(29) about taking his farm. Went up to the Oar(30) mines to Austinville. Shaved Some Pickhandles. Thay Could not Turn out the Teacher.

February 11, 1873 - Tuesday - Shaved & Blocked Pickhandles. Went to Austinville took 31 Pickhandles to Lyman B. Smith. (31) Warren Smith(32) Cr 4 gallons Sider 60 cts. J. A. Watkins Cr by Cash 6 cts. Jase Took Old Nell hitched in with My Old john went to Austinville with me.

February 12, 1873 - Wednesday - Blocked & Shaved Pickhandles. George R. Sherman & Wife. George Garnet(33), J. A. Watkins & Wife & Ell is hear this Eve. Peter Staid over night with me.

February 13, 1873 - Thursday - Went to Roseville. Took 3 doz Eggs to C. L. Strait 90 cts. Trade 90. Done of Some Pick handles & Shaved Some. Hellin Bentley Staid over night with us. (34)

February 14, 1873 - Friday - I & Wife went to Austinville. Took 43 Pickhandles to Lymon B. Smith for the Austinville Oar Co. 12 Small 1.20, 31 Large 3.87. I & Wife Took Dinner to Lymon B. Smiths. Diantha Watkins Dr to Cash 1.00. Warren Smith Dr to Cash 65 cts. Fetched Back 19 Pickhandles the Blades was to Small for Diging Iron Oar. Had J. A. Watkins Old john to Drive with My Old john to Austinville. He had My Old john & Sleigh & Robe to Take Warren Blosses folkes home. C. L. Strait Cr by 1/4 lb Tea got by Clark. 31 cts. J. A. Watkins & Wife is hear this Eve.

February 15, 1873 - Saturday - Shaved Pickhandles. I & Wife went to Roseville this Eve. J A. Watkins Dr to Cash 6 cts. Went to Jameses(35) to See him about the Ax Handles. I left thare for Joel Ed Shives (36)to Jobes Corners. He was not at home.

February 16, 1873 - Sunday - Went over to I. B. Wheelers. Took Dinner. Snowed about 3 inches. Enough to cover up the Ice. Elder Mansfield(37) Preached up to the School house on Burton Hill at 2 o'clock.

February 17, 1873 - Monday - Shaved Pickhandles. William Worden Dr to 8 ½ lbs Salt 12 cts. Snowed 3 or 4 Inches more last Evening.

February 18, 1873 - Tuesday - Diantha Watkins Cr 2 1/4 lb Butter 57 cts. Blocked & Shaved Pickhandles. Clark went to Roseville, Bought ov C. L Strait 1/4 lb Tea 37 Dr to Cash 30. J. A. Watkins had my Sleigh & Robe to go to Roseville to Meeting this Eveneing.

February 19, 1873 - Wednesday - Blocked & Shaved Pickhandles. Hellin Bentley Staid over night with us. Went up to William Worden's to see if I Could git him to Husk Corn for me.

February 20, 1873 - Thursday - Settled all accounts with Grandason Watkins up to this date for Due G. Watkins 4.30. Shaved Pickhandles. William Worden Cr 3/4 day Husking Corn. I & Wife & J. A. Watkins & Wife went to Roseville to Meeting. Horris Runnals(38) Dr to 3/4 lbs Ham 4.30 to be applied on a note that I gave him for a Bedstid Due the first day of last janury.

February 21, 1873 - Friday - Shaved Pickhandles & Blocked out Handles. William Worden Cr by 3/4 Day Husking Corn 75. Diantha Came hear & Staid while Jase went to Austinville

February 22, 1873 -.Saturday - William Worden Dr to 12 lbs Pork 1.20. Dr to Hickory Wood 50. Shaved Pickhandles. Clark went to Roseville. Bought ov C. L. Strait

½ lb Shorts Tobaco20

1/4 lb. Finecut Do 20

48 cts worth in Tea48

Paid 3 ½ doz Eggs48

February 23, 1873 - Sunday - J. A. Watkins & Wife is hear to day Took Diner. Vary Cold day. J. A. Watkins Dr to 42 lbs Buckwheat Brand to 1 ½ bu Ears Corn

February 24, 1873 - Monday - Split out & Blocked & Shaved Pickhandles. I & Wife Scraped Pickhandles this Evening. Hulsey B. Wheeler Took Dinner with me.

February 25, 1873 - Tuesday - Went to Roseville. Took C. L. Strait 1 Doz Eggs 25 Dr to Cash 5 cts. Cr 3/4 lb Shorts 30. Miron Mills Cr. By 8 lbs Shugar 1.00. Elmer Backer Cr 3 - 3 oz Butter 89 cts Cr to Cash 89. Grandason Watkins Cr by 2 Gallons Sider 30 Shaved Pickhandles.

February 26, 1873 - Wednesday - Loaded 232 Pickhandles for Myself 105 for Ike Wheeler. I & J. A. Watkins Started for Barkley.(39) Got New Shoe on Old John 40 to Granville. We went to Print Miers Staid Over Night. J. A. Watkins Dr to ½ bu Corn 38 cts.

February 27, 1873 - Thursday - We went up to Barkley with our Handles. We could not Sell them. We Started for Home. Got 1 Shoe put on old John to Granville 40. Stoped to Troy, fed Our Team. Paid out While gone for Expence 2.00(40). Got 4 lb Dried Peaches to Wm. Morgins (41) 1.00. Then we Came home. J. A. Watkins Dr to ½ bu Corn 38 cts.

February 28, 1873 - Friday - J. C. Benedick Cr by 36 lbs 5.70. Mary Benedick Came hear fetched me a cheese. I. B. Wheeler Cr 3/4 bu Potatoes. Charley Teeter Cr for Hors Shoeing 1.20 Clark Took 22 bu Chop Down to War Sm Mill to git Choped. Mary Benedick Staid Over night with us.

March 1, 1873 - Saturday - I & Wife & Ed went over to J. S. Sweets Took Mary Benedick over thare William Worden Cr by 3/4 day Cutting Wood. Cut a Maple down in the field 75.

March 2, 1873 - Sunday - I & Wife went down to Lymon Burtons Staid over Night

March 3, 1873 - Monday - I & Lymon Burton went down to Mosierville to See Ausgood(42) about Taking his Place he had let it. Came Back to Lymans then I & Wife Came home by Roseville. Bought ov C. L. Strait 1/4 lb Tea Paid 31. Receive from Joel E. Shives for 1 Doz Ax Handles 4. 20 Henry Dart Staid over night with Me. This is a Vary Cold Day & Night Blustering & Drifting vary Bad

March 4, 1873 - Tuesday - This is a Vary Cold Day the Coldist day we have had in a good while. I have not Done anything to Day it has ben So Cold. Paje(43) Soper Came up and got thare Colt today.

March 5, 1873 - Wednesday - Went up to Trists awhile. I & Wife went over to J. A. Watkins this Eve. This is a Cold day. Heavy Fire in Blossburg this Evening Burnt 37 Buildings.

March 6, 1873 - Thursday - I & Wife went to Mansfield Sold Pitts 2 ½ Doz Eggs 55. I got Cash for them 55. Got a bite to Eat 18. Went to J. C. Benedick Staid over night I & Wife. J. C. Benedick Dr to 4 bu ov Wheat 12/- 6.00 Cr by 1 Towel 21.

March 7, 1873 - Friday - Went to antrim Took 232 Pickhandles 1/- 29.00 Came Back to J. C. Benedick Staid over night

March 8, 1873 -Saturday - I & Wife Came Home, Stoped to L. Halls for our Team Took Dinner. Stoped to Mansfield Bought of John Medar

1 Box Collars 2.50

1 Spool Black Linen Thread 15

2 Papers of Harville Hors Powders 50

March 9, 1873 -Sunday - I & Wife went over to J. A. Watkins this Eve. J. A. Watkins Dr to Cash 4.50. Peter Wheeler is hear tonight. Old Spot Came in this Morning.

March 10, 1873 - Monday - Went up to Harvy Bensons(44) to git him to come and Doctor My Spotted Cow. Paid him for it 1.00. I & Clark went to Austinville after out grist to War Smiths Mill. Bought ov Watkins & Austin

4 lbs Shugar 50

1/4 lb. Tobacco 20

2 qts. Oil 20

2 Cups & Saucers 25

2 lbs. Crackers 20

Paid Eggs 1 Doz

And Cash 1.35

Bought of Mrs. Benjamin Benson 1 lb Butter paid 30

Benjamin Willson & Wife. I. B. Wheeler & Wife is hear on a visit this Eve

March 11, 1873 - Tuesday - Setled all accounts with J. A. Watkins found Due J. A. Watkins 3.00. I & Wife Spent the Eve to J. A. Watkins.

March 12, 1873 - Wednesday - J. A. Watkins Dr to 13 lbs Cheese 2.08 I & Wife went over to J. S. Sweets. Got some Hickory Timber. Staid over Night. William help me Cut Some Hickory Timber.

March 13, 1873 - Thursday - I & Wife Came home from J. S. Sweets left my Sleigh & Took his Bobs to Bring my Timber home. Bought of Col. Soper ½ & some over bushels Potatoes 6/- 45. Gonny Bacon Came over here from Mansfield to git me to Take his farm. Fed his Hors & Took Dinner with me.

March 14, 1873 - Friday - John Willson Dr to 1 Sider Barrel 2.00 Blocked & Shaved Ax Handles. Ed went to Austinville. Bought of Watkins & Austin ½ lb Tea 50, 2 ½ Doz Eggs Paid 50

March 15, 1873 - Saturday - Shaved Ax Handles & Split out Timber for Ax Handles. Went to Roseville Paid to C. L. Strait on Acount 10.00. Bought of C. S. Strait

1 qt Peanuts 12

3/4 lb Tobacco 20

1 Box finecut 5

Paid Eggs 20

Cash 17

Sent a letter to Katty L. Pierce. Staid to the Lodge.

March 16, 1873 - Sunday - Went up to the School house to hear Elder Mansfield Preach. He did not Come. This is a vary Cold windy day wind in the west.

March 17, 1873 - Monday - Blocked & Shaved Ax Handles.

March 18, 1873 - Tuesday - Blocked & Shaved Ax Handles. William Johnson comenced moving 1 load . Till Norwood Moved it Down Near Mansfield.

March 19, 1873 - Wednesday - Went up to Trists got a Cross Bar Put in my fills Paid 25. Stoped to G. R. Shermans a while. Made a Box to Put Ax Handles in.

March 20, 1873 - Thursday - boxed up 30 Ax handles 1.05. 4 Pickhandles 5. Started to Mansfield got as far as Trists. Snowed & Blowed So we left our wagon & Harness & Buffalow(45) in Trists Barn Came Back Home. William Johnson finished Moveing. Moved 2 loads. I & Clark Killed & Skined a Calf. Clark went up to G. Watkins got 1 lb Honey 10. Wind in South East Changed in the West

March 21, 1873 - Friday - Went up to Trists to git a Fro. He was not at home. Thare is a Election to Day for License or no License all over the State. Clark Took a Deacon Skin Down to Miron Mills to Pay him for 8 lbs Shuger I got thare the 25 of February 1.00. Vary Stormy Day the Snow is gitting quite Deep. Wind in the Shouth West. J. A. Watkins Called in a while.

March 22, 1873 - Saturday - Went to Mansfield Shiped 30 Ax Handles 4 Pickhandles to Antrim Pa. Clark went with me Took Diner to Lewis Halls. Hall has got moved down in Mansfield. The Snow is Drifted vary bad. Sent by g. R. Sherman to Pay for me in the lodge to Roseville 2.00

March 23, 1873 - Sunday - Staid at Home

March 24, 1873 - Monday - Went to Troy Took up a Bank not to Pomeroys Gave anohter Due Six Months from this Date 56.18. Took up a Bill to G. A. Gro 2.00 Bought to Vilies 1 Pint Whiskey 50. Paid for Shugar & Pine Aples 64

March 25, 1873 - Tuesday - Split & Hewed Some Pickhandles. Went to Roseville. Bought of C. L. Strait

5 lbs Shuger 60

½ lb Tea 63

1 Lb Cotton Yarn 40

2 lbs Rice 20

½ lb Tobacco 40

1.2 Do Shorts 20

Paid 7 ½ Doz Eggs 1.35

Cash 88

March 26, 1873 - Wednesday - Blocked Pickhandles . Snowed Vary hard. Snowed one foot deep to day.

March 27, 1873 - Thursday - Blocked Pickhandles. The Snow has Drifted vary bad the Roads is all filled up.(46) Diantha is hear this afternoon. Staid over night the Snow is So deep She Could not git home.

March 28, 1873 - Friday - Blocked Pickhandles

March 29, 1873 - Saturday - Shaved Pickhandles. Raind Vary hard All day till night. Setted the Snow about ont Half turned to Snow this Eve. Snowed Vary hard. I. B. Wheeler is heare Took Dinner

March 30, 1873 - Sunday - Went up to John Wilsons Took Dinner. Lyman Burton & Wife came hear Staid over night

March 31, 1873 - Monday - Lyman Burton Dr to 2 bu Oats 90 cts. Lyman & Wife went home. Stoped to Mits Took Dinner. Went over to J. S. Sweets Staid all night

April 1, 1873 - Tuesday - Came Home from j. S. Sweets. Lyman Burton Came heare Staid over night.

April 2, 1873 - Wednesday - I & Lyman Burton went to Troy Took down a note to Pomeroy

April 3, 1873 - Thursday - Lymon Burton help me Tap 100 Trees on Mrs. Benjamin Benson we Took the Bush to work at the Halves. Jake Soper Drawed the Tubs in the Bush

April 4, 1873 - Friday - Milton & William Sweet Came over after My Horses to Take home with them to Trade of for me. Milton Sweet Dr to 1 Cow 50.00

to 1 Set of Two Hors Harness 35.00

to Pair Hip Straps 1.00

J. S. Sweet Dr to 1 Two Hors Sleigh 35.00

to 1 Hog 8.00

Milton Sweet Cr by Return Harness & Straps 36.00

Lymon Burton Dr to 2 ½ bu Oats 1.13

Lymon Help me Hang the Bush and Start the fire Then he went home

April 5, 1873 - Saturday - Went to Roseville Bought of C. L. Strait

1 Pair Boots Cr 4.25

½ lb Tobacco 25

Dr 3 Doz Eggs 4.80

To Cash 35

Bought of E. R. Backer 1 Bottle of Bitters Vinegar Paid 1.00

Shaved some Pick Handles. We had a Heavy Thunder Shower this Evening. J. S. Sweet Traded my Horses with Mot Soper for an old Mare and his note Due Six Months from Date his Mother Sined with him.

April 6, 1873 - Sunday - Went over to I. B. Wheeler thay was not at home went up to Bill Wordens then Home. Clark & Ed went over to I. S. Sweets after the old Mare thay did not git her Staid over night.

April 7, 1873 - Monday - Went to Roseville Bought of C. L. Strait

7 yds Denaims 2/- 1.75

6 3/4 yds Checked Shirting 2/- 1.69

I Pail 4/- 50

1 gal Oil 18

10 yds Callico 1.25

I Pair Shoes 2.50

Paid Cash 1.35

Exchange of Boots 25

Paid E. R. Backer for 1/4 lb Tobacco that I owed him 20

1 Black Pensil 7

Milton Sweet fetched the Boys home. Staid Over night.

April 8, 1873 - Milton Sweet Took 2 bu Wheat to Shraders Mill for me to git floured. the Wheat was worth 3.00/ Went over home with Milton Took Dinner got my Old Mare then Came home

April 9, 1873 - Wednesday - Went over to C. Howlains to Setle up with G. Rouse's Blacksmith Books. Cornelius Howlains(47) was not at home. Shaved Pickhandles. Went over to C. Howlain he was not at home.

April 10, 1873 - Thrusday - Went over to C. Howlains looked over G. Rouse's Book found Due him for Shoeing My Horses 3.80 Shaved Pickhandles. Went up to Trists got a gug of Sider (48) Made a Bargin with Tristram Smith for to Move in on part of his Hous the Citcheon & Room up Stars & ½ the Barn, ½ the Shop & Gardin by the Month at the wrate of Twenty five Dollars a year. (49)Jase & Wife is heare this Evening

April 11, 1873 - Friday - Shaved Pickhandles J. A. W. & Wife is heare this Eve.

April 12, 1873 - Saturday - Shaved Pickhandles in the forenoon I. B. Wheeler & Wife is heare this Afternoon. Clark help J. A. Watkins Draw Stone to Pay him for Drawing the Sap Things home to Mrs. Bensons. Jake Soper is hear this afternoon.

April 13, 1873 - Sunday - Went over to J. A. Watkins. Staid a while. Went over on Benson Hill got some Slipry Elm Bark for Ed he is Sick with a Bad Cold. G. R. Sherman & Wife is heare thie eve. J. A. Watkins & Wife is heare this Eve. I. B. Wheeler & Wife is heare this Afternoon.

April 14, 1873 - Monday - Clark commenced Work for J. S. Sweet for Ten Dollars Per Month. Went to Roseville. Bought of C. L. Strait 1 Pair Boots 3.12

1 1/4 lb Tobacco Shorts 50

½ lb fine cut 40

2 lbs Crackers 20

Paid 5 Doz Eggs 93

1 3/4 lb Black Raspberries(50) 82

Ballance Due on Trade to C. L. Strait 2.36

I. S. Sweet Came over let him have a Note against Soper Willmut 2.00

2 Ax Handles 70

O. Shraders little Boy got Killed in the Mill This Morning

April 15, 1873 - Tuesday - Went to Roseville Took Back one Pair Boots to C. L. Strait. Thay was to large. Dr to Returned Boots 3.10. Bought 1 lb Soda Paid 1.00. Candy & Peanuts 1.00. Shaves some Pickhandles. Miron Mills Cr by 1 Pair Boots for Ed 3.20. Orrin Shraders Boy is Baried. J. A. Watkins & Wife is hear this Eve. J. A. Watkins Dr to Cash Paid for Sider up to Grandason Watkins

April 16, 1873 - Wednesday - Shaved Pickhandles. Took out My Aples. Had 2 bushels J. A. Watkins Dr to 1 Plow 7.00 Went over to Jase Watkins Borrowed some Tea got some Mustard. Ed is quite Sick with a Bad Cold. Sent J. A. Watkins my Plow Roller and Plow Clevis(51). Rained Turned to Snow this Eve.

April 17, 1873 - Thursday - I am not able to work got a bad Cold my Head ake. I. B. Wheeler is heare Took Dinner with me. Snow fell last about 6 inches. Went over to I. B. Wheelers got Some Corn & Some Peach tree lims for Ed for worms he is sick.

April 18, 1873 - Friday - Went to Roseville Bought of C. L. Strait 1 lb & 1 1/4 oz of Tea. 1.34. 2 lbs Rice 20, Cheese & crackers 7 Paid 3 ½ Doz Eggs 56. 3 ½ lbs Butter 98 Cash 7

April 19, 1873 - Saturday - Erly Benson & Jake Soper Came up we Divided our Straw that we had Left in the Stack. It is to be Divided Equel. J. A. Watkins & Wife is heare this Eve. Went up to Trists got a gug of Sider. Dr. Barden Came up here left medasin for My Wife She is Sick.

April 20, 1873 - Sunday - J. A. Watkins & Wife is over heare this afternoon. Ike & Polly Came over heare A while. Diantha Don up the work

April 21, 1873 - Went over to J. A. Watkins got him to Draw me 1 load of Wood. Snowed vary hard Snow fell over 6 inches. Wife is Sick with a bad Cold Pain in her head Neuralgia. Diantha Watkins came over Don the work for my Wife

April 22, 1873 - Tuesday - Shaved Pickhandles Done Some work in the house. Stormy Day Snow fell 8 or 10 inches. Wife is getting better

April 23, 1873 - Wednesday - Went to Roseville Bought of E. Backer

6 Blank Notes 12

4 Sheets letter Paper 4

4 Invelopes 4

J. A. Watkins Took 1 Bag of Chop ½ bu Corn to O. Shraders Mill got it ground fetched it home I went with him. J. A. Watkins & Wife is heare this Eve

April 24, 1873 - Thursday - Went over in Wells took Dinner to Miltons Went over in the Woods whare William & Clark was sawing wood Went over to See if Bick is going to have My Straw thay Sed that thay wanted all I have got to Spare. Took Supper to J. S. Sweets then came home.

April 25, 1873 - Friday - I & Ed Gethered the Sap Tubs. J. A. Watkins Drawed them home. Let J. A. Watkins have my Ox Sled one that Old jo Gifferd Made for Me. Snowed vary hard vary bad Wether. It has been the Muddyest Spring that I ever Saw.

April 26, 1873 - Saturday - Went to Roseville Bought of C. L. Strait

10 lbs Shoger 1.20

3 lbs Nails 21

1/4 lb Pepper 10

1/4 lb Tobacco 25

Buttons & Thread 6


5 Doz & 9 Eggs 92

3 lbs 10 oz. Butter 1.00

J. A. Watkins Took 1 load of Boards and Boxes up to Tristram Smiths getched Back a gug of Sider

April 27, 1873 - Sunday - William Sweete & his Ma & Alda & Davey(52) & Clark Came over heare Alda Staid with us. John Ingorick & Wife is heare & I. B. Wheeler & Wife. I had J. A. Watkins, I. B. Wheeler, John Ingorick examine Mrs. Bensons Harrow to See how Mutch hay the Horses Et one night I hitched j. C. Benedicks team thare

April 28, 1873 - Monday - Went up to Tristams Smiths Built a Pig Pen. Milton Sweet & William came over here Got 2 loads of Oat Straw 5.00 ½ bu Oats to feed 20. Let Cornelius howlain have what Oat Straw Bill & Mit left & Some Wheat Straw that laid Back of the Barn for Some old Hemlock logs for Wood. Put up Some Buckwheat & Wheat.

April 29, 1873 - Tuesday - J. A. Watkins Moved 3 loads of goods. Worked from half past 10 till half past 5 in the Afternoon. Commenced Moving up to Tristram Smith. Leackey Rights mother Died this Eve at 11 oclock

April 30, 1873 - Wednesday - J. A. Watkins Moved goods for me Commenced at 8 & worked till night. Milton Sweete Came over Moved 1 load then he took the Mowing machine home with him. Moved the Bob Sleighs in the johnson House.

May 1, 1973 - Thursday - I & Tristram Smith built a little room in the woodshed to keep our Meet & Salt. I found Boards & Nails. Took the Old Mare I & Ed went Down got our Democrat Wagon fetched up our Hog troth and Some Timber. Tristram Smith Dr to 5 Hens 4/- s.50

to I Harness 17.50

to I Hip Strap 50

Help Trist thrash Some Beans & Clean & Clean out his Barn. J. A. Watkins Fetched up my Hens & Some Boxes let him have Halter he is to Draw 1 load Timber for it

May 2, 1873 - Friday - I & Tristram took the Box & Springs of My Democrat Wagon Made Bolsters to it for a light Lumber Wagon. Wife went to Austinville with William Willson & Salomy & Eliza Vanocker. Bought of A. B. Austin 2 3/4 yds Calico 34

1 ½ yds Checked Shirting 38

1 yd Drillling 25

Paid 6 Doz Eggs 97

May 3, 1873 - Saturday - Cleaned out the Shop Trist help me. This is a vary Rainey day.

May 4, 1873 - Sunday - Went down to I. B. Wheelers Took Dinner. I & Ike went to the Shop Took down the Stove Pipe then went Down to See My Winter Wheat then we came Acrost to Trists then Came Back home with Ike Wife & Alda came Down to Ikes Wife went Down to See John Lumas.

May 5, 1873 - Monday - Went Down to J. A. Watkins got him to fetch up a little Hay he went on to Mill. Went to Austinville Bought of Bittins 5 Bolts 50, 1 lb Nails 10. To A. B. Austins 1 Spool Thread 7. Bought of S. Slaid 3 Ounces Small Peppers 20. Came Back I & Trist Put My Wagon together

May 6, 1873 - Tuesday - I let Tristram Smith have my Old Democrat Box & Bolts & 1 Seat & 1 bag Potatoes to Pay him for helping Me fix it is a light lumber Wagon & to Pay him for a flote(53) I got of him last fall. Went up to John Willsons got 1 gal Vinegar 30 9 lbs Shuger 1.13. Bought of Wils Hall ½ bu Potatoes 28 Erly Rose(54) I. B. Wheeler Dr to 7 lbs Pork 88. Snow Bank on Pumpkin Hill. Trist Put Some Side Straps on my Wagon

May 7, 1873 - Wednesday - Went over in Sam Shermans Woods Cut 1 Ash Tree. Tristram Smith help me cut the tree & Saw 3 Hours. I am to help him as long. Wife Went over & help me Saw up the Top for Wood After Dinner. Eddy help J. A. Watkins 1 Day Drive Team 38. Went down to I. B. Wheelers got my Saw this Morning.

May 8, 1873 - Thursday - My Corn up over head in the Wood Shed. This a Rainey Day. Tristram Smith Opened an Oar Bed between his house & Wm Willsons in the Road this Side the hill(55). Hiram & Frank Willson & Josiah Hardin help him the vain is 30 Inches Deep.

May 9, 1873 - Friday - Wm. Willsons Frank Drawed me 2 loads of Ash 1 of Timber 1 of Wood. Commenced at 3 P.M. Worked till 6. Went Down to I. B. Wheelers to See him he is Sick with the St Antneys Fire & Irresiplus(56). Rained all last night and this forenoon. Went Down and got my Shaving knife & hand Ax Down whare we Moved from in the Shop.

May 10, 1873 - Saturday - Split out Timber for Pickhandles. Went to Roseville Bought of C. L. Strait 7 ounces Tea 56

1/4 lb Shorts Tobacco 10

Paid 4 Doz Eggs 56 Cash 10

Staid to the Lodge rode up with Frank Sherman. G. R. Sherman Came up with me. Got a letter from Phelps the Pump Man he Claims 6.00 on a Pump

May 11, 1873 - Sunday - Went and ketched Some fish. George & Frank went along. We went on Shraders Pond with the Boat. George let me have most all of his fish. J. S. Sweet & Clark Came over heare. Clark Came after Some clothes. Rained vary hard last Eve. Showery to Day.

May 12, 1873 - Monday - I & Ed help J. A. Watkins Draw Stones of the Side hill above the house All day. I & Wife & Alda went up to George R. Shermans this Eve

May 13, 1873 - Tuesday - I & Ed help J. A> Watkins Draw Stone, Wife Came Down to J. A. Watkins this Afternoon. Alda went to Troy to git Some Dress Patrons(57), 1 Pair Shoes. We got a Heavy Shower. Sold at A. B. Austin 4 1/4 lb of butter 2 doz eggs 1 56 cts

May 14, 1873 - Wednesday - J. A. Watkins Dr to 4 bu Oats 1.60 to 1 Ax Handle 35. Drawed 2 loads of Oats from the Benson Place with the Old Mare 1 load 14 bu 1 load 16 bu. This is a nice Day froze quite hard last Eve. Wind in the west. Our School Commenced on Burton Hill Taught by Rose Daily(58). J. A. Watkins Took 8 bu Chop 4.00 2 bu Wheat 3.50 left it to Shraders Mill.

May 15, 1873 - Thursday - Sowed Wheat for J. A. Watkins this forenoon. Took Oats to John Barden. Bought of C. L. Strait 1 Pair Boots 4.50

4 yds Contucky jane 2.40

4 yds Muslin 30

Oliver Baloo Cr to Set 2 Shoes 3.00

to fix Skane to my Light Wagon 2.00

Went Mill got My grist from Shrader. Rose Daily Staid over night with us.

May 16, 1873 - Friday - Paid Wiliam Smith 2 bu Wheat that I Borrowed of him last fall. Took 2 bu Wheat to Mill for I. B. Wheeler. Oliver Burlew Dr to 1 Set Wagon Springs of My old Democrat Wagon weigh 79 lbs 3.95 to be Paid in Blacksmith work. I. B. Wheeler Dr to 2 bu Wheat 3.50

May 17, 1873 - Saturday - J. A. Watkins Dr ro 27 bu Oats 8.40. Traded My Old Mare Harness & Wagon light wagon with Oliver Burlew for a Note against J. Vedder $50, a Note against O. F. Rose 25. Bought of C. L. Strait 1 Broome 30

1/4 lb Shorts Tobaco 10

½ lb Tea 25

1/4 lb Finecut Tobaco20

Paid 5 Dox Eggs 70

Staid to the Lodge, Moved the wrest of My grain & Stove & Pipe & Bin Boards Leach Tub Cradles & Ashes. Drawed up my Potatoes Cleared the Shop got My things all out This forenoon

May 18, 1873 - Sunday - I & Tristram Smith Geo R. Sherman went and caut Some fish Down to Shraders Pond. I & Wife went Down and Set up with I. B. Wheeler he is Sick with the fever.

May 19, 1873 - Went to Roseville let O. F. Rose have his Old note. Took a new note Due 60 days from date of $26.50. C. L. Strait Dr to O. F. Rose Note 25.50. Came Back home by john Willsons Took a Piece to plant to Potatoes of john. Ed(59) Worked for J. A. Watkins 1 Day 38

May 20, 1873 -Tuesday - Ed help J. A. Watkins Plow to Day. Isaac B. Wheeler had a Plowing Bee(60) to Day he got all of his Plowing Done. Made a Stone Hammer handle for G. R. Sherman.

May 21, 1873 - Wednesday - Went Down to J. A. Watkins to Plow for him Rained then I came home. Blocked Pickhandles Rainey Day. Geo Sherman & Wife is heare this afternoon.

May 22, 1873 - Thursday - Cut at Ash Tree on Sam Sherman. Wife help me Saw it up Went Down to I. B. Wheelers help Hulsey Plant Some Corn. Set up a leach for My Wife.(61)

May 23, 1873 - Friday - Sowed Oats from 6 to 10 for J. A. Watkins Cup Potatoes Commenced Planting Potatoes onJohn Wilson Took 1 Acre to Plant. Henry Came Down and got my Seed. Fed his Horse. Took Dinner with me

May 24, 1873 - Saturday - Sowed 11 bu Oats for George Tanner(62) below the Road he Paid me 50 cts. Finished Planting My Potatoes up to John Wilsons. Planting 1 Acre in his Orchard. John help me. I help john Plant Sone Erly Rose and Some Pease. I. B. Wheeler is vary sick(63) withe feaver

May, 25, 1873 - Sunday - Clark came home with Hors & ?? he was taken Sick with the Congestion on the Brain. Dr. Barden Doctored him came twice. A. Watkins Went After him he was so raving Crazy that it took 4 or 5 to hold him. Warren Smith, Tristram Smith, Geo. Sherman, Will Adams, Wm. Wilson, Orson Smith, J.A. Watkins & Wife., G. P. Crippen & Wife, jule Smith Phidelia. Allin Salinda Sherman , Salome Wilson is here this Afternoon & Evening to help Take Care of Clark.

May 26, 1873 - Monday - Went over to J. S. Sweets. Took the Hors & gig home fetch ed Some things over for Alda Sweet. Stoped to Jase W took Dinner. Went to Roseville with Wm. Wilson. Bought of C. L. Strait

1 Hat 1.50

5 lbs Shoger 60

½ lb Tea 63

2 lbs Crackers 20

2 lbs Rice 20

½ lb Finecut Tobaco40

Paid Eggs 5 ½ Doz 77

Ballance Due on Trade 3.06

Sent Wm Wilson 5 cts in C. L. Staits Store

May 27, 1873 - Tuesday - Went Down to Roblier to See if I Can git them to Plow for me. Plowed 3/4 Day for J. A. Watkins. Docter Barden heare to See Clark he is gitting Better.

May 28, 1873 - Wednesday - Sowed Some Grass Seed for Dr. Roblier (64)before Breakfast 2 Hours. Garry Roblier Came and Plowed for me 3/4 Day Back of the Shop. Went Down to Sow Oats for J. A. Watkins. He had got them sowed.

May 29, 1873 - Thursday - Sowed Grass Seed & Plaster for Doctor Roblier. Sowed all day 2 Acres Grass Seed 14 Acres Plaster. I & Wife Set up with I. B. Wheeler. Clark is Getting Better.

May 30, 1873 - Friday - I & Wm Worden Pitched Manure for Doctor Roblier. We Pitched 33 loads.

May 31, 1873 - Saturday - Help John Wilson ½ Day. I & Tristram went up to William Wilsons got a Drag & Corn Mash. Trist Draged & Marked my Corn ground. Went to Rosevile. Bought of C. L. Strait

3 ½ yds Checked Shirting 85

Pins, needles, thread 20

1 Parasal 2.20

1 Shawel 3.20

2 Ounces Beet Seed 15

1 Paper Pease 27

1 Paper turnip Seed 31

1 oz Nutmeg 10

1 Box Matches 10

½ lb Tea 63

Dr to Eggs & Butter 1.80

Bought of Miron Mills 1 Peace Lether 54

1 Paper Nails 17

Sent 1 Bag Oats to C. L. Strait. Cr 1 Pair Suspenders

June 1, 1973 - Sunday - Went Church This Afternoon & forenoon Derlin & Mansfield Preached. Lymon Burton Staid with me Over night.

June 2, 1873 - Monday - Sowed Oats for Wm. Wilson 7 Hours. Sowed Gress Seed for Doctor Roblier 4 Hours. Ed Worked for J. A. Watkins Driving Team 1 Day 31 cts. Clark Planted Corn for Doctor Robliere 1 Day 1.00.(65)

June 3, 1873 - Tuesday - Planted Corn for John Wilson 1 Day. Clark Planted Corn for J. A. Watkins 3/4 Day.

June 4, 1873 - Wednesday - Wm. Wilson Dr to ½ Day work Done By Clark Pitching Manure 50 cts. Grandason Watkins Dr to ½ Day work Planting Corn Done by Clark 50 cts

Split out Timber for Pickhandles. I Planted Some Beans on Tristram Smith. I & Wife went over to J. S. Sweets Staid over Night. Took an Order on C. L. Strait 13.00 Cash .20 to Pay Clark for his Work. Had I. B. Wheelers Horses Bugy to go over to J. S. Sweets.

June 5, 1873 - Thursday - I & Wife Came home. Planted Some Squash Seeds, Some Beet Seed, Some Cabage Seed. Help Trist Plant Some Potatoes & Pop Corn in his garden. Grandason Watkins Dr to 1 Day Work Planting Corn Done by Clark 1.00. Wife went to Roseville Bought of C. L. Strait 5 lbs Shoger 55, ? Yds jackenit 1.13. Dr to Eggs 3 Doz & 4 47 to Cash 63. Ballance Due C. L. Strait 58. J. A. Watkins Cr by Order C. L. Strait 2.37

June 6, 1873 - Friday - Sowed Grass Seed for Wm. Wilson 4 Hours. I & Wife went to Roseville got Robliers Hors & Buggy. Bought of C. L. Strait 1 Pair Boots 5.00

1 vest 2.00

1 Hat 20

1 Pare Suspenders35

1 Suit Clothes 16.50

2 ½ yds muslin 31

2 Spools thread 23

1 ½ lining to Coat 38

4 ½ yds Cloth for Coat 2.70


Dr to Order Against J. S. Sweet 13.00

to Order Against J. .A. Watkins 2.37

Cr to ½ lb Shorts 20

Shaved some Pickhandles

June 7, 1873 - Saturday - Sowed Grass Seed for Wm. Wilson 1 Hour. Sowed Plaster for Doctor Roblier to Day. Wm Wilson Cr by Cash 5 cts. J. A. Watkins Cr by Cash got by Clark Yesterday 8.00

June 8, 1873 - Sunday - Went to Meeting Elder Darling Preached. William Wilson Dr to 18 lbs Salt Pale and All. I & Wife went Down to J. A. Watkins this Eve.

June 9, 1873 - Monday - Frank Wilson went over to John Smiths(66) Got some Hickory timber 1.00. Got back at ½ past 10 A.M. Went to Roseville. Washed Sheep up neare the Mill. Bought of C. L. Strait 1/4 lb Tea 31 Paid Eggs 31. Clark Commenced work for Almond & Lewis Watkins four Months for $15.00 a month. J. M. Barden Dr to 12 bu Oats 4.80.

June 10, 1873 - Tuesday - Blocked & Shaved Ax Handles.

June 11, 1873 - Wednesday - Blocked & Shaved Ax handles, I & Trist went over to Wilson Hollies(67) Got 1 Stick of Hickory Timber & 1 of Butternut.

June 12, 1873 - Thursday - Sowed Grass Seed for Wm. Wilson 4 Hours Cr by Hickory Tree 1.00 Doctor Roblier Dr to ½ Day Planting Potatoes & Ba? 50. Sowed Some Redish and Parsnip Seed. Ed Wheeler & Ed Burton Drawed Some Timber & Wood with Ikes old Mare for me From William Wlsons. William help me Cut the Tree. Split up the Timber. Josiah Harding Cr by 2 Pictures 40

June 13, 1873 - Friday - Doctor Roblier Dr to 2 ½ Hours work Sowing Corn. Blocked & Shaved Ax handles. Drove My Spot Cow to Grandason Watkins Bull. I. B. Wheeler & Wife was here yesterday.

June 14, 1873 - Saturday - Blocked & Shaved Ax Handles. Ed went to Roseville. Bought of C. L. Strait 1/4 lb Tea 31 5 lbs Shoger 55. Dr 2 Doz Eggs 31 Due C. L Strait 55.

June 15, 1873 - Sunday - Went to Church Derling Preached. Bick & Milton & Wife & Mother Sweete Came Over heare to Day. I & Bick & Milton went Down to Seth Crippens Down in Patch hog

June 16, 1873 - Monday - Blocked & Shaved & Done of Ac Handles. Went Down to J. A. Watkins this Eve to See if I could get him to go to Mansfield.

June 17, 1873 - Tuesday - Boxed up 49 Ax Handles & 4 Pick Handles. John Wilson went for Me to Mansfield this Afternoon to Carry my Handles to the Depot. Staid over night to Lewis Halls. Received from Mansfield Hard ware 2.00 for 2 Pair Ox Boes Trist Mad for one half 1.00. Paid Trist 1.00.

June 18, 1873 - Wednesday - Took the Train at 7:20 Shiped My Handles for Antrim. Went to Tioga then to Wellsborough then to Antrim. Recieved from Antrim for 79 Ax Handles 1.00. Came Back to Mansfield. My Fair Going & Coming

to Tioga 60

To Wellsborough 1.20

To Antrim 1.00

Bought to Mansfield 2 3/4 lb Stake 39 Staid over night to Lewis Halls.

G. R. Sherman Cr by Cash 50

June 19, 1873 - Thursday - Went up to Fall Brook Recieved for 20 Sample Pick Handles 1.60. Fair from Mansfield to Fall Brook 60 cts. Went over to Morris Run then Down to Bloss a foot. Took Supper to Wm. Sages Tavern. Staid over night to Sages.

June 20, 1873 - Friday - Took Breakfast to Sages. Paid my Bill to Wm. Sage 1.50 for Supper Breakfast Dinner and Lodging. Went up to Arnot. Made a Bargin for Some Pickhandles. Fare on Cars from Bloss to Arnot & Back 20 cts. Took the Train to Mansfield Fare 35 cts. Went with John Murdaugh to See a Hous & lot on the Holding farms that I Talked of Bying. I am to let him know next Wednesday whether I take it or not. Came home a foot.(68) Almond & Lowis Watkins Cr by 12 ½ lbs Wool.

June 21, 1873 - Saturday - Wife went with me up to John Wilsons I help John ho Corn. Howed out My Sweet Corn by the upper Side of my Potatoes. Wilson Hall Dr to Cash 28.

June 22, 1873 - Sunday - Paid John Smith 1.00 for Hickory Timber. Eva Benedick & Lot Houselander(69) Came here. I & Wife went Down to I. B. Wheelers a while.

June 23, 1873 - Monday - Shaved & Blocked 40 Pickhandles. Howed out Some Erly Rose potatoes below the House. Tristram Smith Cultivated out Back of the Shop. We went to Roseville Bought of C. L. Strait 8 lbs Shoger 88

1 lb Soda 10

2 oa Cream Tartar 20

Paid 3 1/4 Butter 65

2 ½ Doz Eggs 1.18

John Wilson Cr to 1 bu Corn 80

June 24, 1873 - Tuesday - Blocked & Shaved 40 Pick Handles

 - Wednesday - Went to Troy with Hiram Wilson. Bought of Red. Max. Leonard

1/4 bll Mackerel 4.75

10 lbs Soger 11 ½ 1.15

1 lb Tea 1.40

2 lbs Coffee 35 .70

2 yds Muslins 14 5.88

5 yds Calico 1/- 1.88

1 yd Drilling 25

1 Pair Suspenders75

Do 45

Paid Cash 45

Paid Redington, Max, Leonard 13.00

Bill of good got Sep th 23, 72

Paid Herbert & Porter 2.75

Paid Wm Morgin 1.00 for 4 lbs Peaches

Cr by 4 lbs Do 1.20

J. A. Watkins Cr by 18 1/4 lbs Veal

June 26, 1873 - Thursday - Howed my Potatoes up to John Wilsons Henry Plowed them out for Me. John help me how this Afternoon. Wife went up with me to help Cook. Alda & Eva Benedick Went to Warren Roses to Make a Dress.

June 27, 1873 - Friday - Finished Howing my Potatoes up to John Wilsons/ Came Home Howed Corn for Myself. Lewis Watkins Cr by 3/4 lb Tobacco 30

1 Blacking Brush 25

1 Box Blacking 10

John Wilson Cr by 4 qts Corn

June 28, 1873 - Saturday - Finished Howing Corn this forenoon howed Some Squashes. Shaved Pickhandles this Afternoon. Wife had Bee to Pick her Wool. Em & Salinda & G. Read Sherman Salomy Wilson is heare.

June 29, 1873 - Sunday - Went to Church Elder Mansfield Preached. I & Wife went Down to See our Wheat to J. A. Watkins. Diantha & Ed Came home with us.

June 30, 1873 - Monday - Blocked & Shaved 35 Pickhandles. J. C. Benedick Came here. Took Breakfast he Took Eva & Alda home with him.

July 1, 1973 - Tuesday - Blocked & Shaved 21 Pickhandles. Ed went to Roseville Bought of C. L. Strait 1 lb Tobacco 80, Paid 3 ½ Doz Eggs 80

July 2, 1873 - Wednesday - Blocked & Shaved Pickhandles. J. S. Sweete Came over Staid over night.

July 3, 1873 - Thursday - Went down to Frank Wheelers & Down to Roseville with J. S. Sweete I let him have the Neckyoke & things that Belongs to My Mowing Machine. Blocked & Shaved Pickhandles. J. S. Sweete Dr to 7 Mowing Machine Nives 1.40

Lewis & Almon Watkins Cr by Cash 2.00 Paid to Clark to Spend the forth.

July 4, 1873 - Friday - Blocked Some Pick Handles/ Went up to Geo R. Shermons help fire of Anvills. I & Wife went up to J. A. Watkins Et Chickin Pie for Dinner. Clark went to Covington to Spend the forth.

July 5, 1873 - Saturday - Shaved Pickhandles. John Wilson Dr to 4 bu Buckwheat he is to Pay 1/4 bu for the use of it Next fall. J. A. Watkins Dr to 2 ½ bu Buckwheat for the use of it Next fall. Milton Sweete Came over Took Dinner fed his team. I went with him to Take a Mowing Machine Down to Geo Tanners help him Onload it in the Barn. Clark Came home from Covington just Night.

July 6, 1873 - Sunday - I & Wife Picked Some Straw Baries in Sam Shermans Meddow. Wife Made a Straw Bary Short Cake for Dinner. Went over in Bensons Woods got Some Pine Turpentine whare I Boxed a Pine Tree. Came Back across My Wheat Stoped to I. B. Wheelers a while.

July 7, 1873 - Monday - Sowed Buckwheat for Wm Wilson this forenoon. Milton Sweete and his Team Took Dinner with Me. Wm. Wilson Dr to 2 bu Buckwheat he Agreese to Pay 1 Peck on a bushel Next fall for the use of it. Blocked & Shaved Pickhandles. Sally help Wife Do of Pickhandles. Took a Note of Milton Sweete for a cow I Sold him the 4 of last April 50.00

July 8, 1873 - Tuesday - Blocked & Shaved Pickhandles. Rainy Day.

July 9, 1873 - Wednesday - Shaved Pickhandles. Ed Went to Roseville Bought of C. L. Strait

8 lbs Shoger 1.00

1 bottle Ink 10

Paid Cash 1.10

Sold Scott 1 ½ Doz Eggs 72

July 10, 1873 - Thursday - Sowed Buckwheat for Wm Wilson 1/4 Day. Went to John Wilsons helped hime how Corn from noon till haf past five. Rain Stoped us howing.

July 11, 1873 - Friday - Shaved & Baged Pickhandles. Baged up 62 Pickhandles. Frank Wilson Came Down after them.

July 12, 1873 - Saturday - I & Hiram Wilson Started this Morning for Mansfield. Shiped 7 Bags of Pickhandles 43 in Each. Baged for Antrim 30.10 7 Bags 43 in Each Baged for Arnot 30.10 Then Came home. Milton Sweete & Wife & Clarrance & Grace Came over here to Day. Took Breakfast to Lewis Halls. Lewis is Sick. Milton Sweete, Wife & Children Staid over night with me.

July 13, 1873 - Sunday - I & Wife went Down to our Wheat then over to J. A. Watkins Awhile. Bought Wm Wordens Grass for 18.00 Dollars to be Paid next Saturday night.

July 14, 1873 - Monday - Drawed 1 load of wood from Sam Shermans Woods with Wiliams Wilsons Oxen. Tristram Smith Cultivated out my corn. Howed Corn for Myself & My Tomatoes & Vines.

July 15, 1873 - Tuesday - Finished Howing my Corn. John Wilson Cr by Cash 10.00 to be Paid the last of August. Almon Watkins Cr by Cash 5.00. Commenced Cutting My Grass on William Worden. A Man Killed to Columbia Oar Mine. One of the Oar Digers. Oar fell on him & Smashed him. From Mocinaw Sitty(70) his Wife came to the funeral to Austinville.

July 16, 1873 - Mowed & til 5 o'clock for Myself. Mowed & Kaked(71) Hay for J. A. Watkins till Night

July 17, 1873 - May have been skipped when diaries photocopied.

July 18, 1873 - May have been skipped when diaries photocopied

July 19, 1873 -Saturday - Went to Roseville with Clark & Ed to git thare Pictures taken. Recieved a letter from D. S. Higgins Arnot Pa. Opened Some Hay cocks Stirred out Some Hay. Went down to J. A. Watkins Raked Hay 1 Hour. Rain drove us of. Wm. Worden Dr to Cash 17.00

July 20, 1873 - Sunday - Raked & Put up Some Hay. Wife & Clark & Ed went and got some Barries.

July 21, 1873 - Monday - Mowed & Raked Hay for J. A. Watkins 2 Hours. Ed Picked Charies for John Wilson. Picked 24 qts. 72. Wife Picked for Almond Watkins. Picked 32 qts 96.

July 22, 1873 - Tuesday - Mowed & Raked Hay for J. A.Watkins 1 Day. Wife & Ed Picked Charies for Tristram Smith. Picked 32 qts. 96. J. A Watkins Cr by 15 lbs Shoger 1.65. William Sweet came over here fed his Team got Supper. Traded Mowing Machine with Wm. Wilson. Took his old Machine home. William gave ?? Dollars to Boot.

July 23, 1873 - Wednesday - Stired out & Raked Hay for J. A. Watkins from 8 til 6. Wife Picked Charies for Doctor Roblier. Picked 45 1.35 Paid 1.25.

July 24, 1873 - Thursday - Set up a Mowing Machine for George Tanner & Mowed with it. It worked first Rate. Mowed for J. A. Watkins 1/4 Day.

July 25, 1873 - Friday - Took a Note ov William Wilson for ? ? Ball o 1 Mowing Machine $85. Due 2 Years from Date. Cradled my Winter Wheat on Benson. Tristram Smith & Clark Help me cut it. Old Mrs. Updike Died Belle told 65

July 26, 1873 - Saturday - Raked hay for Almond & Lewis Watkins 2 ½ Hours. Went to Roseville Bought ov C. L. Strait 20 lbs Shoger 1/- 2.50

½ lb Tea 63

½ lb Tobacco 27

1/4 Fine Cut 27

1 Box Matches 25

1 Hat 20

1 Umbrella 2.38

Due 6.31

Lewis & Almond Watkins Cr. By Cash 2.50 Rainy Wet Day. Got Clark & Ed Pictures thay left to Roseville. Paid 50 cts.

July 27, 1873 - Sunday - Went to Old Mrs. Updike Funeral to Mansfield Church. Elder Rockwell Preached. Went to Church this Evening a Preacher from Milllertown Preached. Lib Burton & Criss Boy & Stil & Hannah Called here. South west wind.

July 28, 1873 - Monday - Blocked Pickhandles in the Forenoon. Commenced Raking Wheat in the Afternoon. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 3 Hours Raking Wheat. Wet Wether. Wife & Ed Picked 2 by Charies for Tristram Smith. South west w ind.

July 29, 1873 - Tuesday - Blocked Pickhandles this forenoon. Raked Wheat in the Afternoon. J. A. Watkins Cr by Rakeing Wheat Commenced at 2 Worked til night. Rained this Eve. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 2 ½ Hours Work Raking Wheat. South West wind.

July 30, 1873 - Wednesday - Shaved Pickhandles this forenoon. J. A. Watkins Cr ½ Day Rakeing Wheat. The Bensons Run My Cattle of Down Benson Holler. Was a going to Shut them up Done by Erly & Wife. I went and got them. Rose Daly Staid over night with us. South west wind. Sold Scott 6 Doz & 5 Eggs 1.03

July 31, 1873 - Thursday - Finished Rakeing my Wheat. J. A. Watkins Drawed My Wheat Commenced at 10 Worked till night. Divided it in the Bundle. Drawed my Part in J. A. Watkins Barn. Drawed Mrs. Bensons in her old Barn. Rec. A letter from J. S. Higgins for Ax Handles & Sledge Handles. 2 Doz Ax, 1 Doz Sledge. South west wind.

August 1, 1973 - Friday - Mowed for Myself on Bill Worden. South west wind

August 2, 1873 - Saturday - Mowed for J. A. Watkins 1 ½ Hour this Morning. Came Home Stired out Some Hay & Raked it up. J. A. Watkins Came up after Dinner Drawed 2 loads Worked 3 Hours. I Went Down Raked Hay for J. A. Watkins 3 Hours. South west wind. Horris Runnals Mother(72) Died this Eve.

August 3, 1873 - Sunday - I & Wife & Ed & Clark went over to Wells Took Dinner to Milton Sweets. Took Supper to S. Sweets. Frank Wilson took us over. Clark & Frank went to Daget Holler(73). Staid till the next Morning. West Wind.

August 4, 1873 - Monday - Went Down to jase Watkins got my Sithe. Finished Mowing my grass. Horris Runnals Mother was Baried. North wind.

August 5, 1873 - Tuesday - Finished up Haying/ Help J. A. Watkins 1 ½ Hour Rake Hay. Jase Drawed 2 Loads for Me 3 Hours. North wind.

August 6, 1873 - Wednesday - Mowed for Almond & Lewis Watkins to Pay them for Clark to help me Cradle My Wheat. South west wind. Sold Scott 4 ½ Doz Eggs 72. Ed went to Roseville Bought of C. L. Strait ½ lb Tea 63

1/4 lb Tobacco 10

3 lbs Shoger 38

Paid 1.11

August 7, 1873 - Thursday - J. A. Watkins Dr. to 3/4 Day Mowing, Rakeing, Cocking up Hay South wind.

August 8, 1873 - Friday - Lewis & Almond Watkins Cr by ½ lb Shorts Tobacco 20 Shaved Pickhandles. J. A. Watkins Help 3 Hours Rake & Draw Hay. Clark lost ½ Day Not well. N wind

August 9, 1873 - Saturday - Went Down to Prize Dammage that D. S. Robliere Cattle Done in Wm. Wilsons Oats. Cut 3 Hickory Treese on D. S. Robliere. Shaved Some Pick Handles. J. A. Watkins Took 2 Bu ov Wheat to Mainesburgh to Mill for Me. N wind.

August 10, 1873 - Sunday - I & Wife went Down to J. A. Watkins a While . N Wind

August 11, 1873 - Monday - Cut 3 Hickory Treese on D. G. Robliere. Wife help me Saw them. D. G. Robliere Cr by Drawed 1 load of Timber for me from his place, N. Wind

August 12, 1873 -Tuesday - Split & Blocked out Ax Handles. I & Wife Went Down to Ja. Watkins Raked & Pitched Hay 5 Hours. Wife help Rake. S. E. wind. Sold Scott 4 Doz. Eggs 76. Ed went to Roseville bought of C. S. Strait 1 lb Shorts Tobacco 20

3 # Shoger 42

1/4 lb Pepper 10

Balsome Pedler Cr to 1 Bottle Balsome 1.00 Dr to Hors feed & Dinner 50(74)

August 13, 1873 - Wednesday - Blocked & Shaved Ax Handles. Heavy Cold Rain from the East.

August 14

August 15

Saturday August 16, 1873 - I & Ed took Dinner to Lewis Halls. Fed hors. (written up side of page) Baged up 27 Ax Handles 10.80, 12 Sledge Handles 1.80. Went to Mansfield, Shipped them to Arnot to I. S. Higgins. Had Ja. Watkins Hors & Buggy to go to Mansfield. Almon & Lewis Watkins Cr by Cash. Paid to Clark .50. C. L. Strait Cr by ½ lb. Tea .63 got by Tristram Smith. Went to Roseville to the Lodge this Eve. Rode Down with Lewis Watkins.

Sunday August 17, 1873 - Lymon Burton & Wife and Edward came heare Took Dinner Then Went Home. Ja. Watkins & Wife came up heare to Day a While lent Jase my Cradle. S. E. wind.

Monday August 18, 1873 - Shaved Pick handles. Heavy Rain from the S. East.

Tuesday August 19, 1873 - Cut Ash Tree on Wm. Wilsons. Sawed of 6 cutts. Agre to give him 30 Rails. I have Paid him 12 Rails. Cut 1 Ash tree on D. G. Robliere. S. E. wind. Sent a Letter to A. Robertson, Ralston, Pa.

Wednesday August 20, 1873 - Frank Wilson Drawed 3 loads of Lumber, 2 loads from D. G. Robliere, 1 from W. Wilsons. Worked ½ Day with Team. Split out Timber this Afternoon. S. E. wind. Sold Scott 2 dz. 10 Eggs . 51

Thursday August 21, 1873- Finished Splitting out Timber. Blocked & Shaved Pickhandles. N. E. wind.

Friday August 22, 1873 - Shaved Pickhandles. Finished Splitting Timber . N.E. wind.

Saturday August 23, 1873 - Blocked & Shaved Pickhandles. Went to Roseville this Eve with William & Hiram Wilson. Bought of C. L. Strait.

¼ lb. Tea 31

6 lbs Shoger 72

¼ lb. Tobaco 25

¼ Do 10

Paid Cr 138

2 Doz Eggs 36

Cash 102

Dr 138

Cr by 1 Box Herrin(?) 50

Rec. Order from Antrim Pa for Pickhandles. Order from Arnot for Pickhandles

Cold North wind

Sunday August 24, 1873 - Went up to John Wilsons got some green corn. N. wind

Monday August 25, 1873 - Shaved Pickhandles and Josiah Harding Cr by Blocking Pickhandles. Almon & Lewis Watkins Cr by Cash Paid on Clarks work 10.00. Rain South Wind.

Tuesday August 26, 1873 - Shaves Pickhandles this forenoon. D. G. Robliere Dr. to ½ Day work helping Draw oats 1.00. Josiah Harding Cr to 1 Day Blocking out Pickhandles.

Wednesday August 27, 1873 - Josiah Harding Cr ¼ Day Blocking out Pick Handles. Shaved Pickhandles. N. E. wind

Thursday August 28, 1873 - Shaved Pickhandles. S. E. wind

Friday August 29, 1873 - Baged up 400 PickHandles. Went to Mansfield, Shipped 200 PickHandles to Arnot, 200 to Antrim. Wm. Wilson Cr for Going to Mansfield to take me and the PickHandles to the Depo 2.00. Sent I. S. Marshal a Letter, Antrim Pa. Sent P. L. Higgins a Letter Arnot, Pa. S. W. wind

Saturday August 30, 1873 - Blocked & Shaved PickHandles. Went to Roseville to the Lodge.

Bought of C.L. Strait

1 lb. Tea 1.25

5 lbs Shoger 40

½ lb. Tobaco 40

3 Pensils @10 30


Dr 2 Doz Eggs @18 36

Due C.L. Strait 2.14

Clark Lost 1 Day work. Went to ChanlyBurg (Chandlersburg-Elk Run) him & Ed to a Picknick. S.W. wind

Sunday August 31, 1873 - Emmit & Laury Hall is heare. Rain from S. West. Clark & Ed went to Meeting this Eve with Almon Watkins. When he started Home Run up on the bank, turned over the load. Hurt Clark. John Wilson Dr to Cash 10.00 Paid by Clark to the Mansfield Meeting House(75). Sams Frank Wilson to Harm Updike Married

Monday September 1, 1873 - Shaved Pickhandles. Clark is getting over his Hurt. S. west wind.

Tuesday September 2, 1873 - Shaved Pickhandles. S. W. wind.

Wednesday September 3, 1873 - Blocked & Shaved Pickhandles. Clark Comenced Work again. S. W. wind. Sold Scott 2 Doz Eggs 36. Went up to Geo. R. Shermons. Ground My Shaving knife. Odfellow Picknick at Minequaw, Bradford, Pa.

Thursday September 4, 1873 - Packed up 200 Pickhandles. Hiram Wilson went to Columbia X Roads for me. Took me & my handles.Shipped 200 Pickhandles to A. Robertson, Ralston Pa. A Rain from the S. West. Shaved Some Pickhandles. Went Down to J. A. Watkins he was not at home.

Friday September 5, 1873 -Blocked Pickhandles in the forenoon. D. G. Robliere Dr to ½ Day Cradling Oats in the Afternoon 1.00. S.W. wind

Saturday September 6, 1873 - Cut 1 Ash tree on D. G. Robliere in the forenoon. D. G. Robliere Cr by Drawing 1 load of Timber from his Woods. Wm Wilson Dr to ½ Day Raking Oats in the Afternoon. W & N wind.

Sunday September 7, 1873 - I & Wife went up to John Wilsons Took Dinner. Lymon Burton was Thare. S.W. wind. Clark & Ed went & Got some Baries.

Monday September 8, 1873 - Split out Timber for Pickhandles. Went Down to J. A. Watkins to see him he was not at home. N wind

Tuesday September 9, 1873 - Finished Splitting out Timber. Cut 2 Ash Trees on D. G. Robliere and Sawed them up. Thare was a Grate Odfellow Celebration or Picknick at Mansfield S.W. wind.

Wednesday September 10, 1873 - D. G Robliere Dr to 1 Day work Raking & Binding Oats & Drawing Oats & Cradling Buckwheat. 2.00. Ed went to Roseville. Bought of C.L. Strait

½ lb shorts 20

½ lb. Tea 63

Paid Cash 20

wind. Clarinda Judson stayed heare tonight.

Thursday September 11, 1873 - Drawed 2 Loads of Timber from D. G. Robliere Woods in the forenoon. Hiram Wilson Cr by ½ Day work with his Oxen Drawing Out Timber .50. D. G. Robliere Cr by 4 Ash Treese 6.00. Split out timber in the Afternoon. W. wind

Friday September 12, 1873 - Finished Splitting out Timber. Went up to John Wilsons to see Sanf Smiths Thrashing machine work, S. W. wind

Saturday September 13, 1873 - Shaved Pickhandles S. W. & W. wind. Bought of Scott

1 Sack Flour 2.50

1 Do Meal 90

1 Wattermellon 40

Trade 3.80

Paid 4 ½ Doz Eggs 84

Cash 1.90

Paid 2.74

Ballance Due Scott 1.06

Sunday September 14, 1873 - Went over to J. V. Sweets. Took Dinner to Miltons. W. wind

Monday September 15, 1873 - D. G. Robliere Dr to 1 Day Work Cradleing Buckwheat and Sowed Corn & Raking up Buckwheat. 2.00. S. wind. Rec a letter from Ralston Stating My Handles had not Come from A. Robertson. Heavy Frost last Night.

Tuesday September 16, 1873 - Blocked & Shaved Pickhandles. S. W. wind. Ed went to Roseville Bought of C. L. Strait

3/4 lb. Shorts 30

2 ¾ lb Shoger 34


Ax Helve 30

1 ½ Doz Eggs 34

Wm. Worden Cr by Cash 2.00

Wednesday September 17, 1873 -Shaved Pickhandles. Barnum Show to Elmira. Frost last Night. South wind

Thursday September 18, 1873 - Blocked & Shaved Pickhandles. Mother Sweet & Alda & Clarence is over heare on a visit. I. V. Sweete Dr to 20 ½ lbs Broad Side Pork I lent it to him. S. W. wind

Friday September 19, 1873 - Cut 1 Ash tree on Sam Shermon. Frank Wilson Drawed 1 load Timber from Shermons Woods. Let Scott have 2 Doz & 4 Eggs 42. S.W. & W. wind

Saturday September 20, 1873 - Split out Timber in the forenoon. Cut up my Corn in the Afternoon. Almon & Lewis Watkins Cr by ¼ lb. Tobaco 20. Wind n the West.

21 & 22 missing

Tuesday September 23, 1873 - Shaved Pickhandles. S. E. Wind. Rain from the N. Amey J. Burton married Wilcox from Charry Flatts.

Wednesday September 24, 1873 - Went up to John Wilsons I & Ed picked some Peaches. John Wilson Cr by ½ bu Peaches 3.00 by cash .62. W. wind. Tristram Smith Cr by Cash 3.00. John Wilson fetched my Peaches Down to me this Eve.

Thursday September 25, 1873 - Shaved Pickhandles in the forenoon. Made a Rack & Done of Handles in the Afternoon. Rain form the S.W.

Friday September 26, 1873 - Went to Roseville. Bought of Miron Mills

Cr 12 Cans 2.25

Cr 20 lbs Shoger 2.50

Bought of E. R. Backer

10 lbs Shoger 1.25

1 can 25

¼ lb Tobaco 10

Paid cash 1.60

C.L. Strait Cr

1 lb Tobaco 40

` 1/2 Do 40

½ Smoking 20

Packed up 208 Pickhandles. J. A. Watkins Took them to Mansfield. Shiped them to J. L. Higgins, Arnot Pa. J. A. Watkins Cr for going to Mansfield 1.50. W. wind

Saturday September 27, 1873 - Went to Mansfield took Breakfast to Lewis halls. Took the Train to Arnot got Pay fot my Handles 82.20. Came back to L. Halls. Staid over night. W. wind.

Sunday September 28, 1873 - Lewis Hall fetched me Home.S. Wind

Monday September 29, 1873 - Went over to J. L. Sweets Took Dinner got thare Hors & Buggy to go to Troy. Rained then I came home. S. W. wind. I. B. Wheeler Dr to Cash 5.00. Tristram Smith Dr to Cash 3.00.

Tuesday September 30, 1873 - I & Wife went to Troy Got our Rolls. Paid for Carding 21 lbs Rolls 2.00. Tok up a Bank Note to Pomeroys 56.18. a Note to I. W. Pain 6.15. S. W. wind. I & Wifewent over to I. L. Sweets Took the Hors home. Staid over Night to Miltons. Comenced Garding My Cow & yerling & 2 Lams in Trut Smith Pasture

Wednesday October 1, 1873 - Cut 6 Hickory Treese on I. L. Sweete. Help them Take up Sowed Corn. Milton fetched us Home & the Timber. S. Wind

Thursday October 2, 1873 - Finished Splitting out Timber. Blocked out Ax Helves. John Wilson Dr to Cash 3.62. N. Wind. Milton Sweete & Alda Came over heare Took Dinner.

Friday October 3, 1873 - Shaved Ax Helves (Started) Wife went Down to John Dans to get Clarinda Danals to Spin. Had Ikes Old Mare & Wagon. Broke Down near Harm Updikes. Diantha Watkins took the Roals on to Clarindy. Wind.

Saturday October 4, 1873 - Shaved Ax Helves. Went up to John Wilsons. Lymon & Laury was Thare. Went to Roseville. Bought of C. L. Strait ½ lb Soda 5, 1 Spool Linnen Thread 15. Paid Cash 20. Rode Home with John Wilson. S. Wind

Sunday October 5, 1873 - Lymon Burton & Wife & Ed came heare Staid over night. Went Downto I. B. Wheeleres awhile. Milton & Clarrance Came over heare to git some Peaches of John Wilson. Did not git enny.

Monday October 6, 1873 - Shaved 53 Pickhandles. I. B. Wheeler Cr by ¾ Day Blocking Pickhandles 75. L. Burton & Wife went Home. N. wind.

Tuesday October 7, 1873 - Shaved 64 Pickhandles. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 1 Days Work Blocking Pickhandles 1.00. Scott Cr by 1 Sack Flour 2.50. Paid Eggs 3 & 3 .65. N wind

Wednesday October 8, 1873 - Shaved 54 Pickhandles. Ed Picked up Aples for John Wilson .38. Bought of C. L Strait. Cr ½ lb Tea 63. Got by William Wilson. N. Wind. Seth Crippen Died This Eve in Patch hog.

Thursday October 9, 1873 - Shaved 48 Pickhandles. Ed worked for John Wilson .38. N wind

Friday October 10, 1873 - Shaved 66 Pickhandles. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 1 Days work 1.00. Wm Wilson Dr to ½ Day work Thrashing Buckwheat. Done by I. B. Wheeler .50. Ed worked for John Wilson .38. Seth Crippen is Barried on Hill. G. P. Crippen. S. W. wind.

Saturday October 11, 1873 - Shaved 45 Pickhelves. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 1 Day work 1.00. I went up to William Wilsons to a Husking Bee for Josiah Harding this Eve. Wife went to Clean Aples for Mrs. Wilson. S. W. wind.

Sunday October 12, 1873 - I & Wife went Down to I. B. Wheelers a while. I. L. Sweete Came over Staid over night with me. W. wind.

Monday October 13, 1873 - Shaved 45 Pickhandles. Buck Sweete went home. W. wind. Justis McConel Hous Burnt this Eve.

Tuesday October 14, 1873 - Shaved 28 Pickhandles in the forenoon. Went to Roseville for Election. Voted for Robert Bowin for Sherif. Bought of C. L. Strait

Cr to ½ lb Tobaco 40

to ½ Shorts 20

to 1 Box Matches 20

to 9 ¾ lb Codfish 78


Clark Stoped Work for Almon & Lewis Watkins. W. wind

Wednesday October 15, 1873 - Baged up 400 Pickhandles/ Boxed up 27 Ax helves. Went to Mansfield. Shipped 200 Pickhandles 27 Ax Helves to J. L. Higgins, Arnot Pa., 200 Pickhandles to I. L. Marshall, Antrim Pa. Took Dinner to L. Halls. I. B. Wheeler Cr to 1 Day Digging Potatoes 1.00. toHors & Wagon to go to Mansfield. W. wind. Shoe (Show-entertainment) to Roseville.

Thursday October 16, 1973 - I. B. Wheeler Cr by 1 Day Digging Potatoes 1.00. Tristam Smith Cr by 1 Day Digging Potatoes 1.00. Clark help me dig Potatoes. William Crippen Died this forenoon at 10 & 20 Minutes. W. wind. Cut one dog.(76) C. Watch.

17th 18th missing.

Sunday October 19, 1873 - I & Wife went Down to I. B. Wheelers Took Dinner. Loid & Filena was thare. N. wind

Monday October 20, 1873 - Shaved 40 Pickhandles. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 1 Day work. Blocking Pockhandles 1.00. Snowed last Eve. Heavy Rain from the N. East.

Tuesday October 21, 1873 - Shaved 41 Pickhandles. I. B. Wheeler, Cr by 1 Day Blocking Pick Handles 1.00. Clark & Ed came home. Mrs. Roblier and Saloma Wilson came heare on a visit S. wind.

Wednesday October 22, 1873 - Shaved 40 Pickhandles. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 1 Day work Blocking Pickhandles 1.00. Ed went to Roseville. Bought of C. L. Strait ½ lb Tyea 63. S. wind. Scott Dr to 4 Doz Eggs / 1.00. Clark Comenced work for Almon & Lewis Watkins ¾ Day.

Thursday October 23, 1873 - Shaved 27 Pickhandles. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 1 Day work 1.00. Dantford Robliere Dr to 1 ¼ Day work Pitching Sowed Corn Done by Me & I. B. Wheeler. 1.25. S. Wind. Lewis Watkins Married to Mansfield to Eliza Tanner.

Friday October 24, 1873 - Shaved 66 Pickhandles. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 1 Day Shaving Pickhandles 1.00 Clark finished working out his 4 month Time for Almon & Lewis Watkins. Almon & Lewis Watkins Dr to 4 Months Work Done by Clark. 60.00 N. Wind.

Saturday October 25, 1873 - Shaved 20 Pickhandles. Almon & Lewis Watkins Cr by 10.00 Cash Dr to 1 Day work Done by Clark. I & Wife went Down to L. Burtons. Ellin Came after us. Staid over night. W. wind.

Sunday October 26, 1873 - I & Wife Spent this Day to L. Burtons. Staid over night thare. Wm. Sweet Came and got Clark to work for them. S. W. wind.

Monday October 27, 1873 - I & Lyman went to Elmira - Came back to Lymans Staid over night. S. Wind. Went to Elmira to git Some Shaving knives. Thare was none thare that I wanted.

Tuesday October 28, 1873 - Sam Cripses (?) Sam fetched us over as far as Mill Crick home. Shaved 10 Pickhandles. Went to Church this Eve. Elder Briggs Preached. S. W. wind. Protracted Meeting Commenced to the Mansfield Meetinghouse.(77)

Wednesday October 29, 1873 - Shaved 41 Pickhandles. Went to Church this Eve. S. W. Wind

Thursday October 30, 1873 - Shaved 61 Pickhandles. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 1 Day work Shaving Pickhandles 1.00. Dr to 1 Halter 1.75. Cr by 49 Gallons of Sider 4.50. S. E. wind.

Friday October 31, 1873 - Cut 2 Ash Treese D. G. Robliere. D. G. Robliere Cr by 2 Ash Treese 4.00. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 1 Day work Cutting & Sawing Timber 1.00. J. A. Watkins Cr by Drawing 2 loads Timber. S. W. wind. I & Wife went to Church this Eve.

Saturday November 1, 1873 - Shaved 56 Pickhandles. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 1 Day work Splitting out Timber & Blocking out Pickhandles. 1.00. I. L. Sweete Cr by 1 Pare Boots for Clark 4.25. Dr to 1 Weak word Done by Clark. I. L. Sweet Came over fetched Clark home. S. W. wind. Went to Church this Eve I & Wife.

Sunday November 2, 1873 - I. L. Sweete came over fetched Clark & Edd home. S. W. Wind. Went Prare Meeting to Day. Went to Church this Eve. Clarinda Came heare with John Dan fetched our yarn that she had ben Spinning.

Monday November 3, 1873 - Shaved 66 Pickhandles. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 1 Day work Blocking Pickhandles 1.00. Clark Pulled 7 Baskets Turnips for D. P. Robliere. Ed Drove Team for J. A. Watkins to Plow. Elder Briggs Staid over night with us. S. W. Wind.

Tuesday November 4, 1873 - Shaved 62 Pickhandles. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 1 Day work Blocking out Pickhandles 1.00. Scott Dr to Cash 4.35. Clark worked for John Wilson ¾ Day. Ed worked for J. A. Watkins. Pedler left a Sewingmachine here, Scott Cr by 1 Sack flour 2.50, 1 Sack Meal 1.00. S. W. wind. Went to Church this Eve, I & Wife.

Wednesday November 5, 1873 - Shaved 70 Pickhandles. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 1 Days work. 1.00. Ed went to Roseville. Bought of C. L. Strait

½ lb Tea 63

¼ lb Chewing Tobaco 25

¼ lb. Shorts 10

3 Sh paper, 3 invelopes 6

Paid Cash 1.16

2 lbs Nails 12

I & Wife went to Church this Eve. N. E. Wind

Thursday November 6, 1873 - Packed up 204 Pickhandles, Baged 96. Shipped them to I. L. Higgins, Arnot Pa. Baged up 100 Shiped them to F. B. Coal Co., Antrim Pa. I. B. Wheeler took them to Mansfield for me. 1.00. Shaved 16 Pickhandles. Clark worked for Frank Wilson ¾ Day helping him Thrash for John Wilson. I & Wife went to Church this Eve. N. W. wind

Friday November 7, 1973 - Shaved 102 Pickhandles. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 1 Day work Shaving Pickhandles 1.00. Clark Got Turnips up to D. P. Robliere. Clarrinda Staid over night heare. I & Wife went to Church this Eve. S. wind.

Saturday November 8, 1873 - Shaved 33 Pickhandles. Went to Church this Eve. Clarrinda Danals Staid here over night. W. wind. Frank Wilson Drawed 1 load Wood from D. G. Roblieres Woods Ash tops.

Sunday November 9, 1873 - Went to Church to Prayr Meeting this forenoon at 11. I & Wife Went to Church this Eve.

Monday November 10, 1873 - Shaved 36 Pickhandles. It is Cold wether it is freazing hard. N. wind. I & Wife went to Church this Eve.

Tuesday November 11, 1873 - Went to Roseville. Bought of E. R. Backer ¼ lb Shorts Tobaco, 10, 1 Box fine cut, 5. Shaves Some Pickhandles. S. W. wind. I & Wife went to Church this Eve.

Wednesday November 12, 1873 - I & Clark help Thrash with machine for William Wilson toDay. S. Wind. I & Wife went to Church this Eve.

Thursday November 13, 1873 - thrashed my Wheat and Santford Smith Cr by thrashing 17 bu Wheat 1.00. I & Clark help J. A. Watkins in the Afternoon Thrash. S. Wind

Friday November 14, 1873 - I & Clark help J. A. Watskins With thrashing this Afternoon. J. A. Watkins fetch up my Wheat and Drawed me a load of Wood from D. G. Robliere Pasture, Hickory tops. D. G. Robliere Dr to ½ Day work to help thrash 50, to ½ Day for Clark 50. W. wind. I & Wife went to Church this Eve.

Saturday November 15, 1873 - D. G. Robliere Dr to 1 Day work thrashing. Done by Clark to help Thrash for George Tanner 1.00. Went to John Wilsons, Took Dinner. Pedler Took his Sewing machine Away. S. W. wind.

Sunday November 16, 1873 - I & Wife went to Church this eve.

Monday November 17, 1873 - Baged up 425 Pickhandles. J. A. Watkins took them to Mansfield. Shipped 200 to Antrim Pa, 225 to Arnot Pa. Staid over night to L. Halls. J. A. Watkins Cr by going to Mansfield with me to Bring my Handles 1.50. Paid I. B. Wheeler 2 bu Oats for 1 Hemlock tree in his Woods.

Tuesday November 18, 1873 - Had L. Halls Hors & Wagon to Drive to J. I Benedicks. Staid over night.

Wednesday November 19, 1873 - Went to Wellsborough took the train to Antrim. Went to get pay for My Handles. Did not get it thate. Valt was Closed thay Could not get in. Rec. from I. L. Marshall from Antrim Pa for Handles 10.00. Came up to I. ? Benedicks. Staid over night. Clark & Wife came to L. Halls. Staid over night.

Thursday November 20, 1873 - Came to L. Halls Staid over night. Sent a Dispatch for my Bags thay was at Laurenceville. Wife & Clark went Home. I & Lewis & Emmit Hall went to Prayer Meeting to Mansfield this Eve to the new ?? Church. Lewis & Almond Watkins Cr by Cash 15.00

Friday November 21, 1873 - I & Emmit went up to Bloss Put out our Hors to Wm. Hayes. Received from Arnot for Pickhandles & Ax Helves 84.53. Came Back to Bloss, got up our Hors Came to Mansfield Staid over night to L. Halls. Clark went to Roseville last Wednesday Bought of C. L. Strait

11 lbs Shoger 1.21

½ lb Tea 63

1 ¾ lb Tobaco 70

½ lb Pepper 20

2 qts Molasses 20

Paid 9 Ax Helves 2.50

Cash 20

Saturday November 22, 1873 - Came Home from Mansfield afoot. Fetched home 10 Bags left 7 Bags to L. Halls. Got 2 ¼ lb Tea while I was gone 2.00. Got to Ross & Williams Bank to Mansfield 1 Silver Dollar, 4 Half Dollar Pieces. Paid 3.22 for them.

Sunday November 23, 1873 - I & Wife went to Prayr Meeting this forenoon at 11. I & Wife went over to Roswell Crippens to a Prayer Meeting this Eve.

November 24, 1873 Monday - John Wilson Cr by Tub Butter 50 lbs 35 17.50. Dr to Cash 20.25. C. L. Strait Dr to Cash 20.00. 4 yds ticking 1.00. Paid Aaron Wood My Taxes 2.00. Charley Sherman Dr to Cash 2.50. Paid D. Watson on Account for Blacksmith Bill that C. L. Teeter had against me 2.87. Pieter Wheeler Dr to Cash 50. John Wilson Cr by 2 bu Buckwheat. C. L. Strait Cr by ¼ lb Tobaco 20 Paid Cash 20.

Tuesday November 25, 1873 - Bought 2 Maple Treese ov Wm Wilson Paid 2.00 John Ingorick Came heare Drawed 1 load of Hickory tops from D. G. Robliere Pasture, Staid over night. I. B. Wheeler Dr to Cash 15.00

Wednesday November 26, 1873 - John Ingorich Cr by 1 Day Drawing Wood from off Wm. Wilsons Woods 2.00. John Wilson Cr by 14 ¾ lbs Pork. Drawed 4 loads Manure on my Potatoe Hole. Vary Cold Day . N. Wind

Thursday November 27, 1873 - John Ingorick Cr by 1 Day work Drawing Wood 2.00. Finished Drawed from Wm. Wilsons Woods. Commenced Drawing wood from D. G. Roblieres Woods 1 Log. He gave me 1 Large Maple Tree. Ed went to Roseville. C. L. Strait Cr by 1 Rope 25. To 1 gal Oil 25.

Friday November 28, 1873 - John Ingorick Cr by 1 Day Work Drawing Wood from D. G. Robleieres Woods 2.00. C. L. Strait Cr by Cotton Yarn 2.40, 2 ¼ yds Shirting 1.01. Paid for 2 lbs Crackers, 5 Pair Shoe Strings 25. Trade got by My Wife. Josiah Harding Cr to Cash 1.50. I & Wife went to Prair Meeting to the Schoolhouse.

Saturday November 29, 1873 - John Ingorick Cr by ½ Day work Drawing out Timber & Wood from D. G. Roblieres Woods 1.00. Clark help John Wilson Bank his Seller. I went to Roseville Bought of M. Mills 1 Can Oisters 35, 2 lbs Crackers, 20, Paid Cash 55. Bought of C. L. Strait 1 Can Oisters 35, 6 Sheets letter Paper 6 Invelopes, 10. Paid Cash 45. Went to the Lodge to Roseville. Paid my Dues 3.00.

Sunday November 30, 1873 - Went to Church this forenoon at 11. Paid Josiah Harding Cash 1.00. I & Wife went to Prayr Meeting up to the School House this Eve.

Monday December 1, 1873 - I. B. Wheeler Dr to 1 Load of Wheat Straw 2.00. Hulsey B. Wheeler Drawed 1 load of Straw for Me frm J. A. Watkins. Snow from the East. Cold wether. Diantha Watkins Dr to Cash 30 cts. D. G. Robliere Cr by 2 Ash treese 4.50. The Small one he ses I May Pay him what I think is Right for that 75.

Tuesday December 2, 1873 - Went to a Wood Bee to git Wood for the Church on D. G. Roblieres. Went to Prayr Meeting to the Schoolhouse this Eve. S. Wind.

Wednesday December 3, 1873 - Went Down to J. A. Watkins after him to Draw Timber did not git him he had to go away. Bought of an Irish Pedlar 1 pair Tableclothes, 1 Oil Cloth, 1 Handkerchief, Paid Cash 5.12. Drawed with John Ingorick Oxen 2 Drags of Wood from D. G. Roblieres. Prayr meeing to G. P. Crippens this Eve. S. wind

Thursday December 4, 1873 - I & Clark Sawed 1 Load of Timber over on D. G. Robliere. John Ingorick Drawed it for me. Went to Mansfield. Received by Express from F. B. C. Co. Antrim Pa. 70.10. Staid over night to Lewis Halls. Ed went to Roseville. Bought of C. L. Strait Cr 2 lbs Rice 20.

Friday December 5, 1873 - Took the train went up to Antrim to See I. L. Marshall Did not find him at home. Came back to L. Halls. Staid over night. Fare on the Cars 2.80. My Dinner 40.

Saturday December 6, 1873 - Trade to Mansfield 1 Linnen Handkerchief 40, 12 U. ? Invelopes 40, 1 Bag ?? Tobaco 10, Caps & Powder 50, 2 lbs Beef Stake 30. Took Dinner to L. Halls. Came Home with John Wilson & Em.

Sunday December 7, 1873 - Went to Pryer Meeting to the Church this Morning at 11 o clock. Went to the School House this afternoon at 2 o'clock to Hear Elder Mansfield Preach/ Went to the School House this Eve to Prayer Meeting.

Monday December 8, 1873 - John Ingorick Dr to Cash 2.00 Paid to Lafe Havens. Shaved Some Ax Helves. Wm. Worden Dr to 1 Ax Helve & Out it in his Ax 50. G. R. Shermon Dr to 1 Ax Helve 40. Settled all Accounts with Lewis & Almon & Grandason Watkins. Found Due D. Burton 7.92. Received & Paid by Lewis Watkins Cash in full 7.92. Our School Commenced. Kept by Joseph Tanner.

Tuesday December 9, 1873 - Went to Roseville. Bought of C. L. Strait

1 Box Collars 25

1 Spool Linnen Thread 15

6 Yds Denams 1.50

8 Shirting 45 3.60

½ lb Chewing Tobaco 40

2 Books 50

2 Slates 31

1 ½ Drilling 24

Pens & Pencils 8


Dr to 7 Ax Helves 2.45

Due C. L. Strait 4.58

Bought of E. R. Backer

5 Pains Glas

2 lbs Putty 50

of C. L. Strait

1 ½ lb Cheese 27

2 lbs Nails 16

Paid 43

Went to Prayr Meeting to the Skool House

Wednesday December 10, 1873 - Split out Timber for Pickhandles. The Baptist Meeting house is Dedicated to Day to Roseville(78). Clark went this Eve. Clark went over this Morning to Rosel Crippens after my wood Saw. Paid for Filing 50. Went a Hunting. Cilled a Gray Squiril just at night.

Thursday December 11, 1873 - Blocked out Pickhandles. Puteyed in 1 window. S. W. Wind.

Friday December 12, 1873 - Blocked out Pickhandles. Puteyes in 2 Windowes 1 up Sares 1 Below. Havey Rain from the East. It is vary Muddy.

Saturday December 13, 1873 - Blocked out Pickhandles. Went to Roseville. Bought of C. L. Strait 4 ½ yds Ticking 2.81

1 Doz Buttons 25

Dr to Cash 5

Due C. L. Strait 3.00

Received a Letter from Antrim Stating thay had Sent me Money to Mansfield. Received a Letter form C. L. Pierce Stating thay are Coming out here Christmas. Stoped Raining Turned Cold. Wind in the West. Paid E. R. Backer for the putty. 2.00

Sunday December 14, 1873 - Went to Church this Morning at 11. Sermon from Elder Briggs. I & Wife went Prair Meeting this Eve. Went Down to I. B. Wheelers a while.

Monday December 15, 1873 - D. G. Robliere Dr to Cut 6 Cords of Wood Board myself 6 / Per Cord 4.50. I. B. Wheeler Cr by 1 Day work Cutting Wood 1.00 Dr to Cash .50. Wm Worden Cr by 1 Day work Cutting Wood 1.00. Warm nice Day S. Wind. Daniel Doty Died this Eve Between 11 & 12.

Tuesday December 16, 1873 - Went to Mansfield. Received by Express from F. B. C. Co., Antrim Pa. For Pickhandles $30. Took Dinner to L. Halls then Came home. Rode home with Peter Hulslander as far as Tearses.

Wednesday December 17, 1873 - Went to Daniel Doty Funeral at 11 A.M. Elder Briggs Preached. Baried in Odfellow Stile. Bootchered My Hog. Trut Smith help me. Paid Dallas Robliere for 4 Bushel Turnips 1.60. Bought and Paid George Tanner for 1 Hog Shote 4.00. Wm. Wilson Cr by 8 bu. Buckwheat to pay for 4 bu. Of Wheat he Borrowed of Me 1 year ago last Fall. Cr by 2 ½ bu Buckwheat he Borrowed of Me last Summer.

Thursday December 18, 1873 - Cut up & Salted my Hog. Went to Roseville to a Church Trial Between Elder Briggs & Wallace Bentley. Found Bentley not guilty. I was 1 of the Committee. Staid on Trial till after 1 o'clock. Staid over night to Elder Mansfields. Wm. Worden Dr to Cash .50. Paid Trut Smith for helping Me Bootcher my Hog .50.

Friday December 19, 1873 - Bought of C. L. Strait 5 lbs Shoger 55

7 Hanks Black Thread 25

1 lb Soda 10

Paid Cash 90

Made John Wilson 1 Ax Helve, Put it in his Axe.50. I. L. Sweete Dr to Cash 50.00 to be Aplied on a Note given for a Mowing Machine Due the 4 of Feb 1874.

Saturday December 20, 1873 - I & Wife went to Troy. Bought of ?? Leonard

1 Over Coat 17.00

1 Do 8.00

1 Pair Shoes 3.50

1 Pair Gloves 2.25

1 Do 1.00

15 yds Alapaca 10.31

1 yd Drillin .25

10 yds. Calico 1.00

4 yds. Toweling .80

2 Bosoms .50

1 Stick Brade 10

1 Nubia 1.00

5 ½ yds Muslin .83

1 Hat 1.00


Paid Cash 10.00

1 Hat 2.00

2 Boxes Collars .50

1 lb Crackers ½ lb Cheese .19

Paid Cash 2.69

Hulsey B. Wheeler Dr to Cash 2.50 Cr for Going to Troy with Team.

Sunday December 21, 1873 - Went Church to Prair Meeting at 10 A.M. to the Skoolhouse to hear Elder Mansfield Preach at 2 P.M. to the Skoolhose to Prair Meeting in the Eve.

Monday 22, 1873 - Went to Roseville. Bought of C. L. Strait

1 Pair Gloved for Ed 1.10

1 Bed Cord 35

½ lb Shorts Tobaco 20


Paid Cash 5.10

Dr 3.45

I & Clark & Frank Wilson went Down to Lymon Bvurtons. Staid over night.

Tuesday December 23, 1873 - Went to Elmira. Bought of Rozenburgh 1 Coat and ! Vest 13.50. 2 Pen Holders & Pens .45. 5 Papers of Sage 9. Came Back to Lymon Burtons Staid over Night.

Wednesday December 24, 1873 - Came Home. Frank Willson went with me with his Team to Elmira. Vary Bad H??y going.

Thursday December 25, 1873 - Ed Went to Roseville. Bought of C. L. Strait

2 lbs Cheese 36

2 qts Oil 13

Cr Due 41

C. L. Pierce & Wife came heare to Day Brought 3 Trunks. Went a Hunting a little wile then help wife around the House.

Friday December 26, 1873 - G. R. Shermon Cr by 1 bu Aples .50. Hulsey B. Wheeler Cr Cash 2.50

I. B. Wheeler Cr for Hors & Wagon & Bag to go to Mill. Milled 5 bu Buckwheat, ½ bu Corn. John Ingorick Came heare Staid over night.

Saturday December 27, 1873 - John Ingorick Dr to Cash 2.00. Made Sausage this Eve. Charles W. Pierce & Wife help Me Make Sausage. Snow Storm from the East.

Sunday December 28, 1873 - Went to Church this Morning at 11. Elder Briggs Preached. Went to Church this Eve to Prayr Meeting. I & C. W. Pierce went up to John Wilsons to See Sarah Wilson Hall. She is Sick. Snow Storm fell about 6 inches.

Monday December 29, 1873 - Went to Dan McClures to See him About Hiring the Worden house. Did not hire it. He ask 50 Dollars a year. C. L. Pierce went with me. Went to Roseville. Bught of C. L. Strait 2 qts of molasses 50

½ lb of fine cut 40

½ lb of Shorts 20

3 oz of Indigo 45

Due C. L. Strait 1.55

Cold Blustering Day. Wind in the S. west.

Tuesday December 30, 1873 - Went to Troy. Took the train to Ralston Pa. Staid over night to the foot of the Plains to a Boarding house. Bill .95. Fare on the Cars 1.00. Vary Cold night. N. Wind. Bought to Troy 2 yeast cakes .20, My Dinner .35.

Wednesday December 31, 1873 - Rode up the Plains to see about gitting Pay for My Pickhandles then Rode Back on a Coal Car. Then took the Train for Columbia X Roads then Home. Fare from Ralston to

In the 1875 Atlas Map at left, Daniel and Eliza probably lived in 1873
at the E. Benson property north east of the Sherman School. The
Sherman School corners is now called Burton Corners and no remains of the old schoolhouse are visible. Later in the year, as mentioned in the diary, they moved down the road into part of Tristam Smith's house. 

Jason Watkins and Diantha Smith, lived just north of Daniel & Eliza and were close friends. Their house, the Grandason Watkins house is still in use and the road now extends on down to meet the road below. 

Others shown on the map and mentioned in the diary are Tristam Smith just south of the Sherman School, William Worden, just north of the school, and many others. The Mrs. Tice in the blue area is Amanda (probably Sutton) widow of Philip Tice and my great great grandmother. 

The road with S. E. Howland on it is now abadoned. In autumn 1998, Kelsey Jones and I travelled this still very visible, though leaf covered, and hard packed road through the woods to the Howland burials.

1. Daniel and his wife and two boys apparently lived very near J. A. Watkins. In the 1875 atlas, a J. Watkins lives at the end of a dead end road which is an extension of the road that passes the Tanner farm and the Rutland Hill Methodist Episcopal Church. An E. Benson place is next door and that may be where Daniel and his family were living in the early part of the diary. The school closest is called the Sherman School in 1875. Some of these roads are no longer open. The map above is an excerpt of the southeastern corner of Rutland Township, bordering Sullivan Township in the south and Columbia Township in Bradford County on the east. In the diary, Daniel travels by train to many communities, particularly mining communities, to deliver his pick and axe handles which were his business. He was killed "by the cars" in 1876, just three years after this diary was written.

2. Isaac Benedict Wheeler, also called Ike, married Polly Burton, Daniel's sister. Daniel's handwriting is excellent. It is a form of calligraphy, so some capital letters are difficult to interpret. This ic C. S. Pierce or C. L. Pierce.

3. Daniel's wife, Eliza, lived 1837-1916. Daniel never refers to her by name. Eliza was daughter of Benjamin Sweet and Susan. Eliza and Daniel had two sons, Edmund and Clark. Daniel typically does not refer to women except as " & wife." I know I promised in an earlier footnote not to comment on this demeaning treatment of women whenever it occurs, but I assure you , it is difficult.

4. George Chamberlain, son of Ulysses Chamberlain and Charlotte Benson. Jake is probably George's brother, John.

5. Isaac Bosworth

6. Jason Watkins and Diantha Smith - Son of Grandason Watkins & Jerusha, Daughter of Joshua Smith and Lydia Clark.

7. Tristam Smith, brother in law of Daniel and uncle to Emerson Smith. Married to Sally A. Burton.

8. John Wilson, Emily Burton, sister of Daniel, their daughter Sarah.

9. Silas Holly was brother to Joe Holly whose 1880 diary is included here. Silas was married to Sophia Smith whose ancestry I do not know at this time.

10. Daniel uses the Dr abbreviation for debit in the accounting use, and Cr for credit.

11. George R. Sherman was born 1847. I do not know at this time who his wife was.

12. Old John, the horse, went for new shoes.

13. Elisha NASH married Matilda SMITH "Til" sister of Emerson SMITH. I am not sure whether this is this Elisha or his father, also named Elisha, who kept a store in Blossburg. Elisha and Til lived next to Emerson later. Warren NASH has some of the ledgers.

14. Grandason Watkins, father of Jason A.

15. Not real sure on interpretation of this name. It is Blo?? and I believe follows Daniel's pattern for a double s.

16. William Wilson, 1823-1891 maried Salome Howe.

17. Isaac Bosworth, 1843-1917 married to H. Anna Davis.

18. Almon and Laura are children of Grandason. Loretta is Almon's wife.

19. George P. Crippen, 1812-1883, son of David Crippen and Elizabeth Worden.

20. Lewis Peter Wheeler, born 1854, son of Isaac and Polly.

21. Halsey Wheeler, son of Isaac and Polly.

22. Horace Backer, son of Peter Backer and Louisa Rose was brother of Capt. E. R. Backer who raised a Civil War company. Apparently at this time, Horace was storekeeping in Mansfield and E.R. in Roseville.

23. Lamb's Creek in Richmond Township

24. I suspect that Daniel's mother, Rachel, and Milly who married Silas Smith are both daughters of Jonathan Wood. Jonathan had daughters the same age as these women whose first names we do not know. This would account for their burial in the Wood Cemetery. Daniel referring to Silas and Milly as aunt and uncle adds support to the theory. Both Rachel and Milly were born in Connecticut, further supporting the theory.

25. Hannah Bryant, wife of Justus McConnell.

26. Helen Marr Bentley apparently teaching at the Sherman School which was the closest to Daniel.

27. Daniel VanZile, born 1846, son of Daniel VanZile who died 1872, and Prudence Moore.

28. Chandlersburg is the earliest name for the area later called Elk Run or Bungy.

29. Daniel Watkins, born 1795. Son of Benoni Watkins and Hannah Peet.

30. There were a large number of iron ore mines around Roseville and Austinville. We have a photo of the hole that remains of the Austinville mine. It is barely visible under a tree root. It could only be found if one knew exactly where to go. Ray Robbins showed June Mickley and Joan Odell its location in 1995.

31. Lyman Burton Smith, son of Tristam Smith and Sally Burton, nephew to Daniel.

32. Warren Smith, brother of Tristam, both sons of Jesse Smith and Annis Worden, uncles of Emerson whose diaries are transcribed later in this collection.

33. Name is probably Gernert.

34. The teachers typically stayed with the families of their students, sometimes by the week or night. Sadie Monroe lived close enough to home to stay at home when she taught. Joe Holly's 1880 diary describes taking his daughters to their schools every Monday morning and picking themup on Friday afternoon. One of them taught at the Burton Hill School and another ar the Oldroyd School just as Helen did at the Sherman School.

35. Probably his brother, James Burton.

36. Joel Sheive, 1843-1915, of Jobs Corners in Jackson Township.

37. Amos Mansfield was founder of the Rutland Hill Methodist Church about 1842. I do not know why they held church services at the school when they had a church building. Maybe easier to heat or to get to in winter.

38. Horace Reynolds, b 1845, son of Mathuen Reynolds and Melissa Gray.

39. Barclay was a coal mining community, now extinct, in Bradford County.

40. Wow! A business trip now costs me $1500 to $2000. Sounds like a bargain.

41. There are several William Morgans in files of SRGP. Can not determine correct one.

42. Osgood

43. Not certain of first letter of this name.

44. Harvey Benson, 1827-1906, son of John Benson and Phoebe Harris.

45. Buffalo Robe

46. Until the 1930s the banks of the road were higher than the road so that the would fill up with snow. In the 1930s the design changed so that the roads were graded higher than the banks so that the snow would blow off better. What worked for horses and sleighs was not suitable for automobiles. My father remembers when the roads were like bowls.

47. Cornelius Howland.

48. Jug of cider

49. Tristam Smith's house was just south west of the Sherman School on the same road as the J. Watkins and E. Benson property in the 1875 atlas.

50. Out of season in April. How preserved?

51. Not sure of word.

52. Not certain of this word- Hard to read.

53. Not certain of this word.

54. This is in the same paragraph as the potatoes, so it may be a variety of potato rather than a person.

55. The 1875 atlas identifies and labels many sites of Iron Ore but does not show this one between Tristram's and William's houses.

56. St. Anthony's Fire and erysipelas are a skin inflamation that is gangrenous in nature. A person's skin is bright, shiny red. The illness is a staph infection and can kill the victim. Ike lived from 1822-1901, so he apparently survived this.

57. I believe he means patterns.

58. Rocelia Aurelia Dailey was daughter of Dr. Willis Dailey and Fidelia Ferry. She married Clinton Adolphus Mudge, older brother of my great grandfather Menzo Mudge, in 1876. This makes her aunt of Mildred Mudge whose letters appear later in this collection. My father remembers Clinton from his childhood. Even though an old man, when he would come to visit, he would walk wherever he went at top pace, many miles, as from Mansfield to Troy or whatever. When very old, he badly burned his legs trying to stomp out a grass fire on Uncle Harold Mudge's farm. He was told he would never walk again, but he recovered through sheer determination and walked.

59. It is interesting to note that Ed who occasionally works out was born in 1865 and so would have been eight or nine years old in 1873. Clark, who was sent to work for Eliza's brother, Milton Sweet, was fourteen in 1873.

60. Note: Becuase of Ike's illness, the neighbors got together and did his plowing. See also the Lee Tice/Mildred Mudge letters in 1921, where Lee was in the hospital in the autumn and the neighbors got together for his harvest.

61. A leach was used in soapmaking with lye and ashes and tallow.

62. George Tanner, son in law of Rev. Amos Mansfield, lived near the Rutland Hill Church.


64. Dr. David Sanford Roblyer, 1813-1889. Son, Elbridge Jeremiah Roblyer, called Garry, also mentioned in Lee Tice diaries.

65. Note: The standard wage for a day's labor was $1.00 for many years, even decades. Clark at age 14 was deemed worth a 'man's wage,' while little Ed at only 8 or 9, made less. My father still tells of the time in the 1930s when he helped Tommy Smith all day as did Benny Rumsey and some others. My father was about 14 at the time and was a robust, healthy boy. At the end of the day, Tommy paid all the men their dollar but suggested to my father that since he was only a boy he should be satisfied with only fifty cents. My father was humiliated. He knew that he had outworked most of the men and had earned as much as they. He took his fifty cents but harbored that indignation forever even though Tommy was one of his favorite people and he spent a lot of time with Tommy when he was an old man. Tommy died abut 1964. My father, still living in 1996, has never forgotten it.

66. John Smith, son of Jesse Smith and Annis Worden, father of Emerson Smith whose diaries are included later in the collection.

67. This must be Joseph Wilson Holly who called himself J. W. And whose 1880 Diary is included in this collection.

68. It is approximately 8 or 9 miles from Mansfield to Rutland Hill.

69. Eva HULSLANDER Benedict was wife of E. D. Benedict whose journals also appear in thie collection. The Hulslander name is very frequently mispronounced as Huslander in that area. Lottie was her sister, Charlotte, who married George E. Robbins in 1879.

70. Name of the City is difficult to read.

71. Cocked Hay - upright for drying.

72. Horace Reynolds' mother was Melissa Gray, daughter of James A. Gray, Jr. and Parthenia White.

73. Wells Township, Bradford County, and Daggett Hollow, now called just Daggett, in Jackson Township, Tioga Conty.

74. A Peddler of Balsam sold them one bottle for $1.00 and they reduced the price for the horse feed and dinner the peddler took.

75. 75 This refers to the Rutland M. E. Church founded by Rev. Amos Mansfield on his own property in Rutland Township, not to a meeting house in the town of Mansfield which is in Richmond Township.

76. 76 Castrated.

77. 77 Rutland M. E. Church founded by Amos Mansfield.

78. 78 Rev. Mansfield and Rev. Briggs were Methodist ministers and the Mansfield Meeting House was Methodist.

Hi Joyce,  Just read Daniel Burton's diary, enjoyed it very much. I recognized the dialect. The preposition "at", is apparently not in their vocabulary, everything is "to". When I talk to my kinfolks in that area I hear it.
   The May 6,1873 entry he is talking about a float,(don't know if that is the proper name for it but it is the one which was used in the area.) In those days most of the sowing was broadcast rather than by grain drill. When grain is sowed by hand it lays on top of the ground and the custom was to use a float to cover the seed and smooth the field. The floats were home made by fastening several plamks together to make a flat surface, this was dragged over the field after sowing.
    Daniel tells about using a cradle which is something you don't see any more. In 1934 John Benson, one of our neighbors had a problem with a wet field below the woods on his place. He couldn't sow it with a drill so he hired my father to broadcast it, that is an art also. Then in the fall it was too wet to use a reaper so he had Dad cradle the piece. It was a small piece of oats, about three acres. I remember watching my father use the cradle. It looks easy but I learned that it is extremely
hard work  You discover muscles that you never knew you had. It takes a lot of practice to learn to hold the cradle level and take just the right size swath so you cut the maximum amount of grain each stroke and don't leave any standing.
   The G.P. Crippen he mentioned was George Pine, my great grandfather. His wife was Louisa Watson, daughter of John Watson and Sophronia Rose.    The Seth Crippen and William Crippen who died in Oct 1873 were sons of Asa, grand sons of David.  Their mother was Betsy Backer.  According to one of my father's stories they died of yellow fever about a week of each other.  Asa, Betsy, Seth and William are all buried in the Crippen Cemetery  on Burton Hill.  William was my greatgrandfather on my mother's side of the family.
   The entry of July 4 tells of firing the anvils. I have heard Jonah Stout tell about that. Jonah was a blacksmith, I guess he was about 10 years older than my father. Jonah's father was Josephus "Seph" Stout. The way Jonah told it some anvils have a hole on the bottom of them, the idea was to fill that hole with black powder, put in a piece of fuse, set the anvil on a stump, light the fuse and "run like hell."  The explosion would throw the anvil several feet in the air and make a very satisfying noise. A proper form of male entertainment at that time.
     Thanks very much for another interesting and entertaining entry in a web site which is filled with such pleasures.
   Creig B. Crippen
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