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Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Diaries & Letters of the Tri-Counties
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1854 - Emeline Tracy of Smithfield
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Transcription of Emmeline Tracy's Diary for the years 1854 - 1855

Copied by Ida Pierce Coeyman from the original diary

Photo at left of store and Baptist churh in Smithfield at beginning of twentieth century - some fifty years later than Emmeline's diary. 

1854A 1854B 1855 1857-58

Note from Ida: This is a copy of Emmeline Tracy's diary for the years 1854-1855. Her sister Mary Ellen Tracy Gerould gave me the original copies. By 1943 the ink had become so faded that I feared this sweet, intimate story of the early life in Smithfield Township would be lost to succeeding generations. In the early 1860's the author married Brainerd Bowen of Troy, Pa.

Copied from the Athens Library, Athens, Pa. by Claudetta Wittig Harding.

Typed by Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice December 2008
Continued on Part Two July to December

Hi Joyce,
     This information comes from the book written by Alice W. Edminster, titled Ancestors and Descendants of Nehemiah Tracy
Nehemiah Tracy married Lucy Olmstead:
Their children were:
 James Olmstead, Oramel (Orrie), Aurobel, Buckley, James Gorham, James Gorham II, Benjamin Collins, Sally Lord, Elijah Seldon

Arobel Tracy, 1796-1883 married Elvira Kellogg, b. Nov.15, 1803, d. 1893.  Their children:
1.  Emeline Lucy   b. Sept. 5, 1825   d. Feb. 20, 1871
2.  Seldon    b. 1829  d. 1921
3.  Mary Ellen   b. May 13, 1832  d. May 31, 1934  (age 102)
4.  Laura
5.  John Dorance   b. Oct. 31, 1835
6.  Jerusha
7.  Elvira
8.  Sally

Emeline L. Tracy married Brainard Bowen Nov. 29, 1859.  She is the author of the diary.

I have a copy of the book with this information in it.  The book has several generations of Tracy's and related families. PSR


Jan. 1 This morning at five o'clock we were awakened from our slumbers by a serenade. The singers were Charlie Gladding, Clinton Wood, Almond Seward, Alanson Tracy, Selden and Don Tracy, Victoria, Clara and Martha Phelps and Cornelia Califf. They had been to a number of places before coming here. J. L. Doty and C. H. Phelps called here a few minutes. Our folks all went to Preparatory Lecture and I staid home alone. There is to be a Surprise Party this evening at Dr. Andrus.

Jan. 2 There were about 60 to the party - many of our old friends who have been absent happened to be in town and were present as Wm. Phelps, J. L. Doty, Clara Stockwell, Emily Butler & so on - Mr. Marshall here tonight - pleasant moonlight evenings we are having now. Sleighs are running a little.

Jan. 3 Mr. Corss preached from Hosea 7.8. The Lord's Supper was administered. In the afternoon been to Bible Class. J. L. Doty here to bid us goodbye, returns to Clinton County tomorrow.

Jan. 5 Yesterday was a warm, comfortable day and Mary Ellen and I went to Mr. Mitchell's to stay over-night. This, too, has been a nice day.

Jan. 6 It snowed all night and some today, so that the sleighing is very good. Selden and Aunt Sallie been this evening to Dr. Andrus.

Jan. 7 Weather cold again. Elder Dwire has a donation party today, held at Mr. Niles. Learned last evening that Mrs. Susan A. Cooley of Elmira, a dear friend of mine was buried yesterday. She now lies by the side of Ellen, whom she so dearly loved.

Jan. 8 A beautiful day for sleigh-riding. Charlie Gladding and Clara Phelps here to dinner. Mary Ellen and I rode with them to the Village, as we were going to spend the afternoon at Mr. Rigg's. Clara was invited in. Went to Singing School until recess, then came back to Mr. Rigg's.

Jan. 9 Good Sleighing and pleasant weather. Worked too hard to be decent today. I am very very tired, but many more such days are before me if I live and many such I've passed.

Jan. 10 Staid home alone today but went this evening to the Disciple Church to Elder Thomson's discourse on the subject of baptism. He believes in water regeneration.

Jan. 11 Rained last night and part of the day, snow going off fast. Mr. Thompson' lectures before the Literary Society this evening.

Jan. 12 Still warm. Don came from his school tonight, sick. Rush gone to take her music lesson.

Jan. 13 Mary Andrus here to stay. Mary Ellen going home with her to assist in getting her ready to visit her sister, Fannie, at her new home in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania

Jan. 14 In an Elmira Paper received by this day's mail contains the notice of Mr. Cooley's death. It occurred early in the morning of the 24th. She was fifty-five years old.

Jan. 15 Cold some and some rainy. Sarah Graves here, going to stay until Sunday. Horace Niles and Clara Phelps here to tea. Martha Phelps' birthday - eighteen years old. Has a party this evening.

Jan. 16 Cloudy and unpleasant.

Jan. 17 Cold and rather Blustering. Mr. Niles of Troy preached for us today. Texts John 15 last clause of fifth verse and 10 Ps. verse 15 first clause. Went to Bible Class this evening.

Jan. 18 Selden gone to Waverly. Aunt Sally to Mr. Wilcox's. Mary Ellen to Dr. Andrus'. Cloudy and cold. Have had neither callers nor company, very singular!

Jan. 19 Mary Andrus received a letter from Mr. Bailey today saying she must come to Tamaqua this week and engage in one of the schools there, as she was intending to go there on a visit as soon as her term closed here. She has put Dorrence in her place. He has left his school on the river, being too unwell to teach so hard a school.

Jan. 20 Beautiful weather we are having again. Snow to be seen only now and then in small banks that have not entirely thawn off. Jerusha stays to Mr. Scott's tonight so Caroline, Alanson, Selden, and I have been spending the evening there. Had all the apples and nuts we could eat. A splendid moonlight night.

Jan. 21 This has been a fine, sunshiny day. Andrew Seward came to get me to assist him in copying and reading the Luminary. Have agreed to do so.

Jan. 22 At 9 1/2 o'clock Selden, Mary Ellen and I started for Mr. John Bird's to see Jane married to John S. Pease of Wayne County, New York. The guests were Dr. Andrus, wife and Mary; Mr. and Mrs. Ziba Gerald, Jesse Sumner and wife; Enos Califf and wife Luzina; Cornelia, and Ellen; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Brace; Orpheus and wife; James Bosworth; Mr. Corss, who married the couple; Lucelia and Nancy Corss; Selden and Laura, Lark and Mary Andrus stood up with them. An April shower in the morning indicated a lowery day but before noon the sun was shining warm and bright. The ceremony took place a little past eleven and dinner was served at noon, which consisted of chicken pie, tongue, potatoes, turnips, biscuits, butter, cheese, pickles, two sorts of cake, chopped cabbage, exquisite coffee and sweet-meats. About 2 PM Mr. and Mrs. Pease left for Wayne Co. Lark, Mr. Bosworth, Selden, Laura, Mary Ellen, Mary Andrus and I accompanying them to Waverly. It was a muddy yet very pleasant ride and there we bade our dear Jenny a long good-bye. It is with many sad regrets we part with so good a girl. Our society will long miss her. May Heaven's choicest blessings be hers. At 10 1/2 o'clock PM we were back to Mr. Bird's and stayed all night. This morning Lark and Mr. Bosworth brought Mary and me home.

Jan. 23 Our folks dressed twenty geese and hens to send to the city. Abzadee Mitchell here this afternoon and this evening Alanson, Chapin, Jane, Mary and Uncle Bulkley's children Eugene, and Louisa, were at Hiram Carpenter's. We went in a storm of sleet and hail. Mary and Jane staid.

Jan. 24 Attended church. Mr. Corss preached two good sermons from John 5.6 and Jeremiah 2.3. Pleasant, sunshiny weathercontinues. Nehemiah came home with us from church. Has gone back this evening.

Jan. 25 Assisted Andrew Seward in reaind (reading?) the Luminary. 'Twas a good paper and being a pleasant evening the house was filled. Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox here to spend the evening.

Jan. 26 Father, Mother, Uncle Bulkley, and Aunt Bersha visited this evening at Mr. Howie's. William Phelps, Clara, Laura, and Martha, Weyland, Don, Victoria, Cornelia, and Horace Niles were here. Had a pleasant time.

Jan. 27 Mother gone with Uncle Bulkely's folks to Mr. Stockwell's and Mrs. Wheeler's. Cloudy again.

Jan. 28 Just one month today since George H. Harvey died. He was 18 yrs. and eleven months old. "The grass witherith and the flower fadeth." Last evening received intelligence of the death of Cousin Sylvester Cone of Conn. which took place on the 20th. He was goaded nearly to death by an unruly creature which attacked him while he was turning a yoke of oxen into his own barnyard. He died on the next day aged about 75. Received letters from Elijah Tracy today. He is in Philadelphia attending Medical Lectures, also responded to Mrs. Elizabeth L. Tracy's letter, received last evening.

Jan. 30 Attended church yesterday. Mr. Corss preached in the morning from Eph. 3. 14-19. In the afternoon from Isa. 62nd 10th. In the evening wrote to Cousin H. B. Van Horn. Father has sold a twenty acre wood lot to Wallace Scott for $300, and today the writings have been drawn and signed.

Feb. 2 Mary Ellen and I went from the Literary Society on Monday evening to Uncle Selden's where we have been most of the time until last night. Adeline E. S. Phelps died about eleven o'clock on Monday night and was buried yesterday. Mr. Corss preached the funeral discourse, text Isa. 4th 14th "For What is Your LIfe". She was twenty-three years of age. On Tuesday we made calls and in the evening attended a small party at Mr. Gerould's. Yesterday after the funeral Sevellon Wilcox brought his wife here for the first time and Fannie, Mary and Miss Calkins also took tea with us.

Feb. 3 Spent the evening at Anthony Child's. They made a party for Miss Barney of Mass., who is here on a visit. There were about twenty-five persons present.

Feb. 4 Daniel Child and Miss Barney called upon us this morning. Some people think they are married and perhaps they are. He introduces her to the friends as Miss Lizzie, leaving them to decide for themselves as to her other name.

Feb. 5 Alonzo and Harrison have been here, also Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox. Alanson and Mary have been to Uncle Gorham's and Emir's. Attended church today. Mr. Corss preached from Isa. 55th 2nd in the morning and in the afternoon from 1st Peter 2nd 3d.

Feb. 7 Yesterday afternoon Selden, Mary Ellen and myself went to Uncle Olmstead's where we had the pleasure of taking tea with Nehemiah and his lady. It being the first time we had seen them since they were married, which even occurred last Thursday at Chemung, New York. In the evening we visited with a few others at Mr. Bacon's. This evening Caroline, Alonzo, Beebe, and Charley Pierce have been here, and the last three named stay over-night. It is snowing some now and appears a little as if we were going to have sleighing.

Feb. 8 The snow which came last night is fast melting away, so good-bye to sleigh rides at present. The day has been spent in packing trunks and preparing Mary Ellen to start for Williamsport in the morning. Dr. Bullock and wife called today and in the evening Orville and Orion came in to see Mary. Nehemiah and his wife, Mrs. Compton, and Alanson stay over-night.

Feb. 9 This morning Mary Ellen left for Williamsport, wonder how long she'll stay. If I'm not mistaken, she has never stayed from home two nights in succession without I was with her. Have just learned that William H. Phelps arrived in town today. Mother has gone to watch with Mrs. Hendrick. Evalyn stays with us tonight.

Feb. 10 Some prospect of sleighing for the weather has changed and it snows occassionly. Father and Mother have been to see Mrs. Hendrick this evening and found her no better. Wm. H. Phelps has been teaching music in Clearfield most of the time for a year past.

Feb. 11 Have spent the day in domestic affairs. Mrs. Hendrick is very low. In all probability will not live long. Mother has gone to stay with her tonight. How strangely it seems to have Mary Ellen gone especially on Saturday evening, for then we always sit down around the stand so quietly and read until nine or ten o'clock. I think this is the first Saturday night I ever spent at home without her. But one goes and another comes. About an hour since the door opened and in came Elijah Tracy. Dear me! could I believe my eyes. He has been gone four months and eleven days attending lectures at the Medical University in Philadelphia. How glad I am that he has come.

Feb. 12 Mrs. Hendrick entered into rest at 12 1/2 o'clock this morning. How strange to man are the dispensations of Providence. "His ways are not as our ways." Funeral services were attended at 2 o'clock this PM Mr. Corss officiated. Spoke to a large audience upon Romans 8th 18th after which her remains were taken to Coventry, New York. Elijah called and took supper with us this evening. Selden, Don and I went home with him.

Feb. 13 Father, Mother, Aunt Sally, and Selden have gone to Esq. Phelps and Marietta is here - going to stay over-night.

Feb. 14 Mother and Aunt Sally have been to Mrs. Margaret Geroulds and Marietta and I have been alone, finished a letter to Mary, received a valentine.

Feb. 15 Expected a letter from Mary but none came. Been very busy today. Trimmed the plants, Etc.

Feb. 17 E. G. Tracy and Henry Gerould stayed here last night. Selden went to Waverly. Today Aunt Sally and I have visited at Dr. Hill's, called in to Daniel Allen's school where two years since I taught the young idea how to shoot, and eight years since the teacher himself was my student.

Feb. 18 Saturday night again and no letter from Mary Ellen yet. A Valentine came to the office for her today but who from we are unable to decide. Mary Fritcher was married on the 9th inst. to Mr. Samuel Lee of Syracuse. Saw him last October at Athens. It was his first visit to her. Wished them long life and much happiness and prosperity.

Feb. 19 By request of Mr. Hendrich Mr. Corss preached today in the Baptist House and our congregation attended there. Test in the morning Heb. 12th8th in the PM Deut. 18th 15th. This evening finished Solomon Northrup.

Feb. 20 Snows a little today. Lucy King died yesterday. Buried tomorrow. Been this evening to Literary Society. Jane Tracy and Sidney Hale read the paper. Received the first letter from Mary Ellen since her arrival in Williamsport.

Feb. 22 Anniversary of Washington's birthday. Yesterday Elijah called for me to go to Uncle Olmstead with him, and of course I didn't refuse to go. In the evening we went with the crowd to Mr. Hay's Spelling School. On the way home today called at Mr. Bacon's, Uncle Selden's and Emirs. Had a most pleasant time.

Feb. 23 The weather yesterday was warm so that ice thawed considerably, but about ten o'clock last evening it changed quicker than Mother could make a kettle of hasty pudding and today it is tremendous cold. This afternoon Mr. Higgins and lady came. She is going to stay with us awhile.

Feb. 25 Saturday night again. How swiftly the weeks pass by. Last evening attended a small party at the Stockwell's. There were present Elijah, Alonzo, Bebee, Henry, Charlie, William, John, Selden, Jane, Fannie, Mary, Clara, Mary Bacon, Ruth Ann and myself. Had as we ever do, a very pleasant time, only Mary Ellen wasn't there. Got home say about two this morning. Today rec'd a letter from Mary Ellen.

Feb. 26 Awoke this morning and found it snowing violently but it ceased a little, sufficient for us to go to church but a few persons were out. Mr. Corss's text in the morning was Isa. 52nd 3d. in the p.m. Eph. 2nd 10th. This evening Mother, Mrs. Higgins, Jerusha, Selden, and I have been to the Arnold schoolhouse to a Methodist meeting. Mr. Minier preached from Mat. 9th 18th and he spoke so loud and long and exerted himself so much that the perspiration ran down his face and dropped off his whiskers as fast as sap runs from a maple tree on a good sugar day. Quite a number spoke, some that perhaps might as well have kept still. We are led some times to judge of a person's piety by their actions or outward conduct, therefore if a person rises in meeting to tell you how they are and how they enjoy religion when we know that their daily walk and conversation does not in the least correspond; why, of course then the exhortation proves of little benefit to you. Mary Ellen, you are the girl above all others that I want to see tonight.

Feb. 27 Nothing of importance occurred today, been writing this evening to Mary Ellen.

Feb. 28 The last day of winter. One year this morning since our friend, Elmina bade farewell to earth. How quickly it sped! Don has gone to Mr. Bird's to a party. Aunt Susan, Sue, and Aunt Diana have been here today.

Mar. 1 This morning took the horses and carriage and went to the village after Luceia who came and fitted a dress for Mrs. Higgins. Elijah came back with us. Selden has been this evening to take Mrs. Higgins and Lucinda home and Alonzo and I have been to Daniel Allen's spelling school. The children's missionary met here this evening.

Mar. 2 Nancy and Johnny Corss, Esther Kingsley, Evelyn and Lewellyn stayed here last night. Uncle Olmstead and Aunt Anna took dinner with us and Perry and Steven have been here this evening. Father, Mother and Aunt Sally visited this afternoon at Uncle Selden's in company with several others. Oh, dear! I wish I could see Mary Ellen tonight.

Mar. 3 A very pleasant day. The sap run quite well. Dr. Bullock and Harrison called in and Jane Gibson stays tonight.

Mar. 4 Mrs. Harriet Bowen, Miss Fannie Andrus, Jane Tracy, and Charlie Martin took dinner with us today, after which all of us but Charlie went to see Alonzo close his school. Albert got home today after an absence of months. Miss Fannie stays here tonight.

Mar. 5 Attended Baptist Church today as Mr. Corss was absent, has gone to take Charlie to Easton College. Mr. Hendrick preached two excellent discourses one from Hebrew 9th 11th and the other from Matthew 11th 28.

Mar. 8 Have company every minute this week. Yesterday Dr. Andrus and wife, Anthony and Marion and some others called. In the evening Elijah, Caroline, Miss Hendrick, Albert, Fannie, Charlie, Jane, William Campbell, Calista Bacon, and Daniel Child paid us a visit. It rained so hard that Charlie, Jane, William, Calista, and Fannie stayed all night. Today Father, Mother, and Aunt Sally and Uncle Orra have been to Uncle Olmsteads. brought a letter from Mary Ellen when they came home.

Mar. 9 Aunt Sally and I went to Anthony's this forenoon and to Mr. Zeba Gerould's this afternoon. Mr. Hendrick is staying at Mr. Gerould's this week.

Mar. 10 This has been a very unpleasant day, rained most of the time. Could not to to Uncle Olmstead's this evening as we anticipated - it is so muddy.

Mar. 11 It is pleasant this evening for the first time in a long while. The moon is shining in all her glory and if I could but see Mary Ellen I should be quite happy. Mother received a letter from her this afternoon. Lucia, Johnny, Elijah, and Alonzo called today.

Mar. 12 It has been a most beautiful day, the sun has shone with all his splendor. Mr. Cross preached today having returned last night from Easton where he has been to take Charles to college. Frederick has gone to Kingston to live with his grandmother, Hoyt so Mr. Corss' family is now small. Text this morning St. John 14 21st verse, in the afternoon Hebrew 10.23. Glad to see Emily Butler at church today, but she returns again to Columbia to stay for a time. Have felt sad and lonely this evening. Wonder if I wouldn't feel better to see Mary Ellen? Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox, Uncle Caldwell, and Aunt Diana have just gone from here and I must go to bed and dream of ---- friends, if I have any.

Mar. 14 Last evening went to the Literary Society, Mary Andrus Editress. After reading of the paper, a Scientific lecture was delivered by Dr. E. G. Tracy, subject - water. This afternoon Aunt Sally and I have been visiting at Uncle Gorham's, when we got home found Elijah and Selden just starting off on some kind of an expedition, going to see some of the fair maidens, I presume. Uncle Orra stays here tonight. Commenced spinning flax today, and the boys commenced boiling sap.

Mar. 15 Another warm pleasant day. The past winter has been a singular one inasmuch as there has been no sleighing, never knew a like winter. Elijah stayed here last night, Dr. Bullock called today.

Mar. 16 Been in the sugar bush today to eat warm sugar, 'twas the first we've had this year. The wind has been blowing a perfect hurricane since noon. Aunt Sally visited this morning at Uncle Buckley's and this afternoon at Mr. Scotts.

Mar. 18 Again has Saturday night come. How swiftly time passes! Yesterday Andrus and wife visited here. In the evening Selden, Don and I went to Uncle Olmstead's, called in at Dr. Bullock's to see Emma but she was not there, saw her little baby however, fat as you please. Just as we left the village the wind began to blow and the rain fall and it rained as hard as it could and the wind blew harder all the way there. The company consisted of Justin, Fannie, Mary, Lark, Laura, Elijah, Clarissa, Miss Shield. The stars shone brightly when we returned, but how the wind did blow and it has kept it up till the present time. A letter from Mary Ellen I found at the office last evening. Oh, I do begin to want to see her. Edmund Fairman left his house yesterday and gone on to the Hale farm to live.

Mar. 20 Yesterday went to church. Mr. Corss text in the morning Is. 54.13. In the afternoon Nos. 22 - 31. After meeting went to Uncle Selden's and stayed over-night. In the evening Charlie, Jane and I went to hear Mr. Apherson preach, he commenced a series of lectures, twelve in number, text Acts 14-38. This morning went to Dr. Bullock's to have Mr. Hyatt fill my teeth which he did. Cost me twelve shillings. Came home afoot after dinner.

Mar. 21 Just been packing a box of things to send to Mary Ellen which will go tomorrow. Newton Wood, Lwellyn and Taylor stayed here tonight.

Mar. 22 Aunt Sallie and I had an invitation to Mr. Scott's this afternoon to a quilting, which we accepted. This evening, Albert, Fannie, Susannah, Seldon, Don, Rush, Alonzo, and I have been to Dr. Andrus. John Tuttle died this morning.

Mar. 23 Mr. Corss and Elijah were here to tea, they had been down to the funeral of Mr. Gilmore's little girl, five years old, who was burned yesterday so badly by setting her clothes on fire with matches, that she lived only about three hours. It is but a few weeks since they buried her sister older, eight years, who died of consumption. Indeed those parents are objects of sympathy. This evening Don received a letter from Mary Ellen and with one to Aunt Sallie and a piece to me. Well, I would kind of like to see the gal anyhow.

Mar. 25 Yesterday morning, which was Friday, Jerusha and I started on a visiting tour. First we called at Mr. Brown's and stayed to dinner, then went to Uncle Buckley's and took tea, then to Uncle Orra's and stayed over-night. Alonzo brought us home, found Mrs. Wilcox and Orville here. Mrs. Luther Adams and Elijah were here to supper.

Mar. 26 Stayed at home from church today. This morning early Mr. Trasks sawmill took fire from coals which were left accidentally there last evening and burned to the ground. The wind being very high, the fire was taken to Mr. Shulenburger's house a few rods distant which was also totally destroyed. The wind has been very strong for more than a week and great damage has been at Albany, Troy, and Boston.

Mar. 29 Monday evening attended Miss Kate Dean's concert which was held in the Disciple Church. Her voice is said to be of the same compass as Jenny Lind's. Dr. Alley accompanied her songs with the violin, the audience were quite well entertained. Stayed Monday night and Tuesday at Mr. Corss. Selden came for me last evening. I shall go and stay with Mariet tonight if I can.

Mar.30 Stayed at Mr. Mitchell's last night. This afternoon Uncle Seldon, Aunt Susan, Susie and Specky came and are staying over-night.

Apr. 1 I must say I am tired. For two days past I have been very busy. Yesterday I prepared for company, which we expected in the evening. Part of them came and it rained so hard they stayed over-night. Viz. William Phelps, Clara, Laura, Susan, Elijah, Alonzo, and Lizzie Child. Mother visited at Dr. Bullock's in company with a number of ladies. About one o'clock this afternoon Thomas Todd and family eight in all came to Uncle Orra's, have been gone from Smithfield about three and a half years. Been in Wayne County. Four of the children are here tonight.

Apr. 2 Attended church today. Mr. Corss preached this morning from Is. 4 5. Communion in the afternoon. Alonzo here this evening. Selden out.

Apr. 4 Yesterday morning Mr. Todd brought the rest of the family here, but before night two of the children went to Emir's, so but five are here now. In the evening went to Literary Society. Miss Lizzie Child, Editress. Elijah, Assistant. C. A. Lyman delivered an oration. This morning I am expecting to go to Troy with Albert and Fannie, wish they would come along if they're going to.

Apr. 6 Returned from Troy this afternoon. Visited at Mr. John McCelland's, Widow McCellend also called at Mr. Bowen's, enjoyed the time exceeding well. The railroad from Williamsport to Elmira is progressing quite fast, being completed and already used as far as Ralston and graded nearly the remainder of the way. Andrew Elliott a young man about twenty who was for a time a resident of Smithfield was killed near Columbia Cross Roads on Monday morning last by a large quantity of earth falling upon him. He was over-seer of the works and went under a bank which his men had been digging out and it caved off striking his head and killing him instantly.

Apr. 8 Oh, what a busy, busy week this has been! I feel so confused that I fear I shall not get my mind composed for Sunday. Frederick Perkins stayed here Thursday night. Friday morning Mrs. Wilcox and Taylor came and stayed till afternoon. In the evening Newton Wood, Mary Bacon, George Campbell, Calista Bacon, Charlie Pierce, Caroline Bacon, Frank Bacon, Miss Shields, Elijah, Orville Kellogg, and lady, A. E. Child and lady were here. Mary Bacon stayed till tonight then Seldon took her to Mr. Christopher Child'. All went into the sugar bush today to eat warm sugar. Got a letter from Mary Ellen yesterday saying she has had a felon on her finger or would have had if she had neglected having it lanced, poor soul, how much she suffers. This morning a stray cat came into the cellar and killed three of our pretty little kittens and Don revenged by taking a gun and shooting the murderer through the head without judge or jury.

Apr. 9 Two months today since Mary Ellen left home and a beautiful day it has been. So warm, and the birds singing so sweetly. Attended church. Mr. Corss text this morning was second Timothy, one nine. In the afternoon 118th Psalm, 7th verse. This evening Uncle Buckley and Alonzo have been here.

Apr.10 The weather is becoming cold again. Well this day has passed and I have not written for the Luminary yet, be patient, Miss Editress, perhaps I'll have a piece after all. Uncle Orra and Harrison have been here today. Heard the bell toll this morning, suppose it was for Newel Wood, who has been very low for a long time.

Apr.11 Mr. Corss, Aunt Susan, Charlie, and Elijah were here to supper. Cyrus, Hulbert called in this evening. Alonzo and I have been visiting at Dr. Andrus.

Apr. 13 Yesterday went to Newell Wood's funeral. The Good Templars in regalia followed the mourners. Mr. Apherson preached on the occasion, text 135th Psalm, first clause of Verse six. A large number were in attendance. Nehemiah and wife and Jane Smith came here and stayed to tea, also Mr. Corss and Mrs. Todd, the latter being here yet. Today have written to Mary Ellen and Jerusha received one from her. Elijah will probably leave town on Monday next for Williamsport to stay several months. Oh, I can not bear the thought, how averse to the feelings of those who have from early childhood associated together and loved so fondly is the idea of separation.

Apr. 14 Today has been like all others - a very busy one. We have had two sugar eats. Mrs. Wilcox was here at the first, and Charlie and Jane at the second. Jane will stay until morning.

Apr. 15 Commenced snowing last night and has snowed quite steadily all day, so that now there is a greater depth of snow than we have had before. It must be a foot deep or more. Mrs. Mitchell and Harrison and Alonzo called today and Elijah stays with us over-night, perhaps the last time for many months as he expects to leave on Monday for Williamsport.

Apr. 16 Went to church today in a sleigh and good sleighing too. Best we've had and it is snowing still. Mr. Corss preached this morning. First Thess. 8 17. In the afternoon 1st Corinthians 6 - 15, 16, 17.

Apr. 17 Continued to snow most of the day and it is now nearly two and a half feet deep. More snow has fallen now than all we have had before put together. Elijah did not go as he anticipated. Starts for Williamsport today on account of bad traveling.

Apr. 18 Said good-bye to Elijah this morning for an indefinite length of time. It is just as G.D.A. once said - "The dearest friends must part."

Apr. 19 Uncle Olmstead and Aunt Anna have been visiting here. Dr. Andrus and wife called, Mr. Todd, wife and four children have also been here, but have gone tonight. The snow is still very deep and traveling bad.

Apr.20 Rained very hard most of the day and the snow begins to waste away. Indeed so great a snow-storm has not been known in this vicinity for several years. Eli Dewey, aged twenty-three years, died last night at Dr. Holmes. He had been suffering for two or three years from consumption and finally dropped away very suddenly. If Elijah has met with no hindrance, he is now in Williamsport.

Apr.21 This morning arose before sunrise and found a very good crust on the snow so Jerusha and I like two little girls went out walking upon it. We finally went as far as Mr. Mitchell's and caught them all in bed, but the old gentleman. Mr. Todd's family left Smithfield this morning for the west.

Apr.22 Young Dewey was buried today, thus within nine days have two of our young men been consigned to their long resting place. Ah, who will be called next is a hard question to answer. Received a letter from Mary Bingham of East Haddam, Conn., saying the friends are all well, especially her grandmother Cone, now 84 yrs. of age. During the past year she has knit eighty-four prs. of stockings thirty four prs. of socks, and made upwards of forty cheese besides taking much care of her little great grandson, a boy some eighteen months old. Had letters from Mary Ellen, well and in fine spirits.

Apr. 23 This morning we found the snow had pretty much disappeared from the field but quite a depth still remains in the woods. Did not attend church today. This evening have been writing Elijah and Mary Ellen.

Been to hear the Luminary read. Miss Hendrick, Editress, Mr. Hendrick, Assistant. A most excellent paper it was. Dr. Bullock delivered an address, subject "State of Affairs in the East". I am appointed next Editress.

Apr.25 Commenced cleaning house. Oh, dear, how I dread it! The two feet of snow which was on the ground a week ago has disappeared from the clearing. It went rather slowly so there will not be a flood, as was apprehended by many.

Apr. 26 Been all around town, to Mr. Orrin Scott's, Dr. Andrus, the Village, Mr. Wilcox's, Uncle Caldwell's, Mrs. Gerould's, Christopher Childs, and A. E. Childs. The sweet April showers come down so gently. I love to hear the pattering on my chamber roof, it soothes my spirit and lulls me to sleep, so quietly, so peacefully.

Apr. 27 April showers quite plenty, until this evening-they have turned to hail, or coarse snow. Received a letter from Elijah and Mary Ellen. Harrison, Griffin, Mr. Corss, and Steven have been here. Steven Califf stays tonight. No prayer meeting on account of the bad weather.

Apr. 28 Snow about three months deep. How discouraging to farmers. Written to George Trace and Elijah and Mary. Uncle Orra took dinner with us. He is lonely at home and loves to come here often.

Apr. 29 Nothing of moment occurred today. Has rained most of the time. It is very disagreeable weather. Jerusha finished her first piece of lace embroidery and it looks extremely well.

Apr. 30 When will pleasant weather return? The rain continues to descend in copious showers. Tomorrow is May Day, a very unpleasant one it will be, I imagine. Attended church. Mr. Corss preached this morning from Psalms 76 10. In the afternoon from St. John 1 12. Oh, how many many sermons have I heard and how little do I profit by them! Should the time ever come that, by some misfortune I shall be deprived of these great privileges I now enjoy, with what regret will I look back upon this misspent time and condemn myself for not improving it better.

May 1 Ah, sweet lovely May! We gladly welcome thee with thy burden of fragrant flowers. Today the sun has shone quite brightly and I sincerely hope our unpleasant weather is over. Seldon has been to Waverly after a load of goods for Uncle Seldon. Dr. Andrus and Fannie called on their way to Ulster and Jane Gibson spent the afternoon here. Jerusha commenced going to school to Susan Phelps.

May 2 Been cleaning house until we are all tired. How I wish houses never would get dirty.

May 3 When will pleasant weather come! It commenced raining again last night and has rained hard most of the day. Aunt Sally has got Mrs. Wilcox' piece onto the loom. Now I will see how long it comes off. Jerusha stays to Uncle Orra's tonight.

May 4 Pleasant again today. Expected a letter from Mary Ellen, but none came. A large number came to prayer meeting this evening. Susan Phelps stays here tonight.

May 5 It is eighteen years today since Cousin Sally Tracy and myself left off the use of tea, and during that time we have not tasted it to our knowledge. Commenced embroidering a lace cap for Mary Ellen. Dr. Doty took tea with us and Dr. Bullock and wife are staying here tonight.

May 6 Received letters from Elijah and Mary Ellen. Well and happy.

May 7 Alonzo 27 yrs. old today. Been to church. Mr. Corss preached this morning from Psalms 46 10. In the afternoon Matthew 15 38. (The field is the world). He spoke on the subject of missions, the great need there is of more laborers in the field and asked the question "Who is willing to go forth and engage in this great work?" Would I be willing? I am afraid not.

May 8 Commenced writing my paper. Wrote also to the friends in Williamsport.

May 9 It is three months today since Mary Ellen left home. It doesn't seem possible. Abzada has been here for the first time since Mary went away.

May 10 Luceia, Nancy and Johnny came this morning and stayed till night. Harriet spent part of the afternoon here and Susan stayed with us tonight.

May 11 Wallace Scott paid father $50. today for the land he sold him. Rec'd a letter from Elijah and Mary Ellen. It was directed to Aunt Sally, East Smithfield, Pa. Elliott Hulburt was married yesterday. I suppose to Miss Jane Wood. Susan and Victoria are here tonight.

May 12 Been busy all day with the Luminary and ought to have been this evening, but Lark and Jane came to see us, so, of course everything was laid by. In starting to go home their horses broke the tongue of the carriage so they took our carriage and left theirs. Aunt Sally and Alonzo have gone to Uncle Caldwell's.

May 13 Saturday night. This is Mary's birthday. Twenty-one yrs. old. Ah, Mary, the sweetest portion of life, the part most free from care, has fled--gone to return only in memory. What a thought--growing old!

May 14 Attended church today. Mr. Corss spoke for an hour and a half this morning upon capitol Petera, the Capital of Ancient Edeon. He took no particular text, the discourse was very interesting. This afternoon it was Psalms 56 3. At four o'clock Seldon, Don Susan and I went down to the South Sunday School.

May 16 Last evening I read the Mental Luminary. Seldon, Assistant to the largest audience that has met there for the like purpose before, the room was nearly full. Newton Allen delivered an oration, subject "Moral Courage". Today am quite dull after having spent nearly a week in preparing the paper. Mrs. Compton came yesterday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox here today.

May 17 Marietta came this morning and I have been assisting her about a lace cape. She stays here tonight.

May 18 This day of the month of May will ever bring with it sad memories of the past. Eight years since Dear Ellen died. One year since Dr. Andrus died. Griffin thirteen years old. Spencer Forrest called upon us today, just returned from Ohio. Dr. Bullock called, rec'd a letter from Mary Ellen.

May 19 A busy day. We are alone again. Mrs. Compton left this morning. Harrison has been in this evening. Mary, come home--I am lonely.

May 20 Mr. Williams' steam mill was raised today by Temperance people, principally.

May 21 Went this morning to church. Mr. Corss morning text Proverbs 23 - 7. In the afternoon Proverbs 30 12. Been to Sunday School down South again, have an interesting school.

May 22 Attended to matters and things in general, put a letter in the office for Mary Ellen. Mrs. Mitchell called in and Susan and Chapin are here tonight. Have just read in the last paper that the great poet, James Montgomery, died April 30th, aged eighty-two years. Truly a great and good man has gone.

May 23 Mrs. Lawrence Gerould, Mrs. Ziba Gerould, Mr. McGougal, and Mrs. Brown visited here this afternoon. This evening Aunt Sally and I went to Uncle Orra's. Alanson came home with us.

May 24 Mother went this forenoon to Mr. Edward Childs and this afternoon she and Aunt Sally visited at Mr. Christopher Childs. Our men folks were at work down on the other place and Jerusha was at school, so I was at home alone, a circumstance that seldom happens.

May 25 Pleasant showers have fallen today. Received a short letter from Mary Ellen tonight. She and Elijah were keeping house.

May 27 Returned this afternoon from Uncle Seldon's, where I have been since yesterday morning. At about four in the afternoon the sun was shining, eclipsed, in an hour it became quite dark, a gloomy darkness that almost caused a shudder to creep over one when looking out upon the green fields and wood. A darker green never clothed the landscape than when the sun as if in anger veiled his face from human sight. This eclipse will be remembered by thousands and thousands to the close of their lives. Little children who can not now understand anything about it will cherish in their memory faint glimmerings of what transpired on the 26th day of May, 1854, and in future years will rehearse to other generations many little incidents connected with this event. And I will not forget those that constituted our group standing in the front yard at Uncle Seldon's. Last evening called upon Mrs. Hughes who has for three or four weeks past been deranged. Saw Gersham Smith and lady. They were married on Tuesday morning. Today I have been at Uncle Seldon's. It is again Saturday evening. Perhaps three weeks from tonight I shall be in Williamsport with my bonnie Mary.

May 28 Attended church today. Mr. Corss preached this morning from 36th Psalms 2nd Verse, in the afternoon from Matthew 13 44. Went to the South Sabbath School again. The room was full and the exercises very interesting. Learned today that Mary Dietrick has a little daughter born last Sunday, May 21st. Orpheus has a son born on the 26th.

May 29 Marietta came down this morning and stays over-night. We are at work on her lace cape. Father and Mother have gone to watch with old Mr. Durfee who is very low--disease a cancer on his lip.

May 30 Elijah is 29 yrs. old today. I can not realize it. Time's wheel moves rapidly. Aunt Sally and I have been visiting at Emir's this afternoon. Mr. Durfee died this morning, one and another of our old people are dropping away--but few remain.

May 31 Went to Mr. Durfee's funeral. Mr. Apperson preached from Revelations Second, last clause of the 10th verse. It is but little more than a year since his wife died. Uncle Olmstead, Sally, Lucy and Lois came and ate supper here tonight. Had chicken pie and the accompanying fixins.

June 1 Cold weather for summer.--We have all been busy today. I went to Mr. Mitchells this morning. Mother visited this P.M. at Mr. Carpenters and Aunt Sallie went to Uncle Caldwells on an errand--Dorrance and Stephen have been to Elmira. They purchased eight dollars worth of Sunday School books for the South School. Victoria and Susan are here tonight.

June 2 Sewed most of the day. A letter from Elijah and Mary Ellen today. M-- was sick last Sunday. Hope she is well again now. Harrison called in and spent an hour.

June 3 Aunt Sallie went to the village this afternoon. Got Jerusha's new bonnet. I came home by Mr. Mitchells; the girls have finished their lace capes and they are beautiful. Mr. Crowell spent a few hours here today.

June 4 Been to church today. Mr. Corss text in the morning was: John 9th 40th. In the afternoon Mr. Corss preached by invitation in the Baptist church; Mr. Hendrich being too much indisposed to speak. Our congregation met with them. Text Ephesians 4th 32nd. At half past four went to the South Sunday School, which is now held in the church instead of the schoolhouse. Both old and young seem to be much interested; and sincerely do I hope that "good seed will be sown, which shall spring up and produce a hundred of old". Harrison has been in this evening.

June 5 Been at work on Mary's lace cape all day. Finished a letter to Elijah which I commenced on the 30th day of May. Wrote some to Mary Ellen and a note to the Editors of the Childs Paper.

June 6 Went early this morning after Lucelia to do some sewing for Jerusha and myself. Had a delightful ride, everything in nature is so lovely. Dr. Bullock, Mr. Farnsworth, Spencer, Mr. Williams and Alanson called today. Susan is here tonight. It rains now and is very acceptable for the ground was getting very dry.

June 7 The Baptist-association met today at the village. Emir brought little Elmir here for mother to take care of so Ann could go to meeting. Anthony and Marion were here this afternoon. It is a year today since they were married. Hannah Scott, Chapin, Clinton, Harrison have been here this afternoon. Clinton stays over night--. Lydia Berry was married this morning to Mr. Grover--a widower.

June 9 Left home yesterday morning went to Mr. Mitchells and left some sewing for the girls and then went to the centre to the Baptist-association. Heard a sermon from 2nd Cor. 9th 8th and Mr. Sprat from 2nd Timothy 2nd, both excellent discourses. A large number of strangers were there. Came back to Mr. Mitchells and staid until tonight to sew. Mr. Jonathan Hall died last night of consumption aged 44 years. His sister Mrs. Warren Allen died of the same disease on the 11th of Feb. last-- Selden went to Elmira yesterday, is getting ready to start again. It is 11 o'clock at night and I have been sitting up to wake him. Rec'd letters from Elijah and Mary.

June 10 Been to the village again this P. M. Got my bonnet which Miss Emily has been doing over--Mother and Aunt Laura visited at Mr. Ziba Gerould. Harrison and Nehemiah called here. It is the first time Nehemiah has been here alone since he was married. Mr. Hall buried today.

June 11 Sunday night. Been to church. Mr. Corss preached from Gallations 6th 9th and Isaiah 8th 20th. Was too tired to go to Sunday School this P.M.

June 12 Selden and I have been spending the evening with Orville and Orion at their new home--the first time we have called upon them. They are very comfortably and pleasantly situated. Mrs. Compton is here tonight.

June 13 Went to Mr. Mitchells this forenoon and while I was gone Mr. Higgins brought his wife here and then he came for her tonight. Mrs. Stephen Califf, Mrs. Harry Durfey, and Mrs. Dr. Hill have also been visiting here. Selden got back from mill a little after dark and brought an old straggler with him who asked leave to lodge in the barn, so there he is on the hay with a buffalo for a blanket, and do not believe I can sleep quietly for I am afraid of him. Who knows who and what he is?

June 14 Our beggar slept quietly till morning and after eating his breakfast left for some place, he nor anybody else doesn't know where. Mother has been to Mr. Mitchells all day and I've been ironing preparatory to going to Williamsport which place I intend start for next Monday when I shall again see Mary Ellen. Thunder showers yesterday and today in abundance.

June 15 Dr. Bullock brought Aunt Polly and little Mark here this morning and left them until night. Mrs. Compton is here again and Susan and Victoria. I called a few minutes just at night at Mr. Geroulds and Arnolds. Rec'd letters from Elijah and Mary and one from Mollie Bacon who is in Elmira.

June 16 Went to church meeting. Susannah B. Tracy aged 14 years was examined with reference to her fitness of becoming a church member, and she now stands profounded for admission at the next communion.

June 17 Saturday evening. Have just finished getting ready to go to Williamsport. I fear I am anticipating too much to have it all, but I do enjoy travelling so much!

June 18 Heard Mr. Corss preach today from Lev. 10th 3d and John 6th 38th. This eve Albert and Alanson have been here. Tomorrow morning I expect to start for Williamsport.

June 22 Left home last Monday morning between 8 o'clock. Reached Troy about 1 o'clock P.M., going through Leonard Hollow on our way. The stage not being ready to go out I went to Mr. Bowens and spent an hour. While there a hard thunder shower visited the village, after which I returned to the Troy House; calling upon Mrs. Spalding by the way. Left Troy at just 4 P.M. and reached Canton before dark. Mr. Tiff from Owego, Mrs. Derby from Elmira, and Miss Case of Troy, a gentleman from Cattawissa or thereabouts, and a lady with two small children with Dr. Bullock and myself made a stage about comfortably full. Dr. and I called at Mr. McDougals in the evening. At half past 2 A.M. we were called up and started again for Ralston 15 miles from Canton and Canton is 10 miles from Troy. It was a fatiguing ride from there to Ralston and the boldest mountain scenery I ever beheld was during the whole distance constantly before my eyes. When within 1/2 mile of Ralston Miss Case and myself left the stage and walked there on the Rail-road track meeting a train, by the way taking iron up to be used on that part which is not yet completed. Ralston is a most romantic spot hemmed in on every side by high ridges of mountains. The valley in the widest place cannot exceed 1/2 a mile. There is but one building that is anything at all and that is the Ralston House, three stories high and as much as 70 or 80 feet in length. At ten minutes past ten we went aboard the cars and reached here about noon, a distance of 25 miles. Elijah, Sarah and Mary Ellen were at the depot waiting for us. How glad I was to see Mary Ellen for it was 4 months and 10 days since she left home. In the evening Dr. Bullock, Elijah, Mary and I walked out around the village. Yesterday Dr. and I went down to the canal and river and then went all over the village to see how it looked. After dinner he took the cars for home. Today we have been sewing as fast as we could all the time.

June 23 Sewed again all day. Had a very heavy shower accompanied with hail.

June 24 Saturday Evening. Sewed til late, then Elijah, Mary Ellen and I went a walking. It was very pleasant, but as we must occasionaly have some bitter with the sweet, so I lost my gold pin that mother gave me--how sorry I am.

June 25 Sunday evening. Went this morning to the new school Church. Heard Mr. Sterling preach from Matthew 17th first 5 verses. In the afternoon attended the Bible class. This evening have been to hear Mr. Sterling again. Text-Luke 9th 61st. I am very well pleased with Mr. Sterling-he uses good language in speaking and borders on eloquence. As far as I have been able to make observations, I like Williamsport exceedingly.

June 27 Yesterday sewed hard until sunset, then Sarah, Mary & I called down to Mr. Sterlings--the new school Presbyterian minister's. They live near the bridge that crosses the West Branch. This brodge is about 1300 feet long. A railroad bridge is now being constructed a short distance below, and yesterday a man who was at work on some of the huge rocks, which are to be used about it, had his leg broken, and foot smashed; and today a man was drowned near that place. It has been an excessive hot day. Called this morning at Mrs. Graffins's and went into a number of stores. Purchased each of us a silk apron.

June 28 An excessive warm day. This evening Mary and I have been to call on Mrs. Samson, found her pleasantly situated and with all a very pleasant woman.

June 29 Haven't been out today, the wind blew the dust too badly. We have all an invitation to attend a picnic on the 4 th over the river--Think we shall attend.

June 30 Sewed till sunset, then Elijah, Mary and I took a walk back on the hill which overlooks Williamsport and we enjoyed it much.
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