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Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
Do You Know that you can search just the Death Records and  Death Clippings on the site by using the Deaths button in the Partitioned search engine at the bottom of the Current What's New Page? Be aware that you will also find some death notices in the Clippings partition and the three county level Obituarysections.

Along with Birth and Marriage records, Death records of many kinds are part of the essential vital records that we need to define the existence of our predecessors and genealogical research subjects. This page is a listing of all or most potential sources on this site of those records. It includes Court House records, newspaper items, family Bible records, church records, cemetery inventories and mortality schedules for the three counties represented on this site. 

Hi Joyce,
     You might want to post this to your site.

We are trying to get the Pennsylvania state death certificates that are at least 50 years old (currently that means from 1906-1957) available online similar to how several other states like Arizona, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, Utah and West Virginia already have done.  For numerous other states there are online indexes for their death records.  We are sure many of you have experienced the frustration of having to provide several pieces of information (including when and where the person died) when quite often the very information you are asked to supply is the very information you are looking for and the very reason for your wanting the death certificate.  Probably many of you have either been told the death certificate couldn't be found or sent the wrong certificate.  In general, because of the many burdensome and paradoxical restrictions the public has not been able to use these historic records as much as they should be able to.  Worst of all these restrictions are true for all state death certificates regardless of how long ago the person died.
     Because the only way this is ever likely to happen we are asking you, including out of state residents, to contact certain Pennsylvania State officials, preferably in writing or in person since it will have the most impact, but at least by phone or e-mail.  If you live in Pennsylvania please contact both your state senator and your state representative in person, by letter, by phone or at the very least by e-mail.  Everyone, including out of state residents, should write, phone or e-mail the Governor and even the Division of Vital Records.  Naturally the more letters and other forms of contact that are made and the more people involved the better.  Do nothing and nothing will get done.
     Addresses, FAQ, sample letters, forms, links and considerably more information can be found at:
     If you have any questions please contact the spokesperson for PaHR-Access:  Tim Gruber 610-791-9294 or

I picked up this information at the BCHS last week, and was going to send it to you.
            Pat Raymond

All Three Counties Bradford County Tioga County Chemung County
Cemetery Listings BC Deaths 1840-1869 TC Births, Marriages, Deaths 1852 - 1855 CC  Deaths 1860-62
Obituaries by Cemetery BC Deaths 1893-1905 TC Court House Death records  1893-1896

TC Court House Death records  1897-1899
CC Deaths 1867-1881
Project started - not completed- be patient
Newspaper Obituaries J. W. Parsons, M.D. Journal of deaths 1880 to 1907 Other years will be published here when available., Elmira Deaths 1889
Church Records 1881-1882 Deaths published in Bradford Star 1916
Bible Records Deaths Reported in Canton Sentinel 2011
Bastian-Maneval Funeral Home Records
.Mortality Schedules [by Township]
Mortality Schedules were included on each of the Federal Censuses and listed those who died that year. We are presenting them here by township.
Bradford County Tioga County Chemung County
N. Towanda
Sylvania Borough
Mansfield Borough
Ward Twp Mortality - No deaths listed in 1850,1860,1870 & 1880

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Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 04 APR 2008
By Joyce M. Tice
Email: Joyce M. Tice