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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname First Name Color Sex Age Single
Place Birth Occupation Date-Death Place/Death Cause/Death Dur./Illness Buried Date If Minor
If Minor
  Young Reuben W M 79 M R.I. Farmer 11/10/1893 Ghent,Brad.Co. Tumor of Stomach 3 mo Hornbrook 11/12/1893    
May.17 Youmans Myrtie W F 20 S E. Troy, Pa. Farmer 5/12/1894 E. Troy Consumption 6 mo Troy, Pa. 5/14/1894 E.A. Youmans J.E. Youmans
12/16/1894 Yeomans John S. W M 64 M   Farmer 11/27/1894 Armenia Twp. Consumption 4 mo Armenia 11/29/1894 Samuel Yeomans Hannah Yeomans
5/9/1895 York Carrie ? W F 27 M Sheshequin Housekeeper 4/1/1895 Wysox Consumption 6 mo Wysox 4/4/1895 George Ott Diantha Barnes
5/9/1895 York Carrie O. W F 26 M Sheshequin   4/1/1895 Wysox Consumption 1 yr Wysox 4/4/1895    
12/4/1895 Yarington Catharine A. W F 60 M Bath, NY   11/2/1895 Herrickville Heart Trouble 10 wk Herrickville 11/5/1895    
12/7/1896 Young Not named W M 2 da S Wysox 2nd Dist.   9/15/1896 Wysox 2nd Dist. Sick from birth 2 da Pond Hill 9/17/1896 Reuben Young Frances Young
5/4/1897 Yountz John M. W M 39 S Standing Stone Laborer 5/6/1897 E. Towanda Depo kille? Inst. M.E. Church 5/8/1897    
4/4/1898 Young Edward F. W M 2 da S Monroeton   6/1/1898 Monroeton Heart Trouble 2 da Monroe Boro 6/2/1898 Edward F. Young Cecil Young
5/10/1898 Yontz Lillian W F 2 m S     5/8/1898 Sayre, Pa. Spasms 3 da Nichols, NY 5/10/1898 W. B. Nellie
12/6/1898 York M. M. W M 77 M Wysox Farmer 10/21/1898 Wysox Paralysis 2 wk Wysox 10/23/1898 Amos York Harriet Hinman ?
12/6/1898 York Louisa W F 74 M Rome Farmer 9/13/1898 Wysox Old Age 1 wk Wysox 9/15/1898 James Lent Chloy Park
11/11/1899 Young Anna W F 93 M Ireland   10/22/1899 Terrytown Old Age 3 mo Towanda 10/24/1899 Patrick Daugherty  
5/7/1900 Young Miss Mary W F 80 S Ireland Invalid 3/27/1900 Rome Boro Pneumonia   Danville, Pa. 3/30/1900    
  Young John W M 59 M Columbia   7/6/1900 Troy Heart Disease   Oak Hill Cem. 7/8/1900    
12/13/1900 York Andrew W M 88 S Pike Twp. Laborer 5/9/1900 W. Burlington Old Age 3 wk Co. Cemetery 5/12/1900    
5/7/1895 Zeller Almet M. W M 2 hrs   Sayre   3/12/1893 Sayre Birth   Tioga Point 3/13/1893 Alfred Zeller Hattie Zeller
12/11/1897 Zoltowski Joseph Chas. W M 19 yr S S. Waverly, Pa Laborer 11/12/1897 S. Waverly LaGrippe 2 wk Waverly, NY 11/15/1897 Alexander Zoltowski Maria Zoltowski
5/6/1898 Zaner Stephen W M 51 M Wyoming Co. Farmer 12/18/1897 Albany Twp. Consumption 6 mo   12/20/1897    
12/9/1899 Zaner Isaiah W M 70 S Salem,Luzerne Co. Farmer 10/28/1899 Albany Twp. Paralysis 1 wk Laddsburg 10/30/1899    
  Zellar Harold W M 11 wk S Sheshequin   4/15/1900 Sheshequin Pneumonia 2 da Trinket 4/17/1900    


Published on Tri-Counties Site on 7/2/2005
By Joyce M. Tice