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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
Date of Rcd Surname First Name Color Sex Age Mar./
Place Birth Occupation Date-Death Place/Death Cause/Death Dur./Illness Buried Date If Minor
If Minor
12/7/1893 Ingham Mary M. W F 5 mo Single Auburn, NY   9/10/1893 221 Poplar St. Cholara Inf. 3 da Athens, Pa. 9/8/1893 Martin J. Ingham Luella Ingham
12/3/1893 Ingham Fred W M 34 Mar. Monroeton, Pa Merchant 7/15/1893 Canton Boro Brights Disease 1 yr Canton Boro 7/17/1893    
7/24/1894 Ingham A. M. W M 63y10m Mar. N. Y. City M. D. 6/10/1894 Burlington Boro Cancer of Stomach 3 mo Mountain 6/12/1894    
5/21/1895 Innman Watkins W M 78 Mar. Unknown Farmer 2/16/1895 New Era, Pa. LaGrippe 2 wk New Era 2/18/1895    
12/9/1896 Irvine Samuel W M 56 Mar. Liberty Cor., Pa Farmer 9/8/1896 Liberty Cor., Pa. Heart Disease 3 yr Liberty Cor., Pa. 9/11/1896    
12/21/1896 Ingliss Augustis W M 28 Single Savannah, Georgia Barber 12/18/1896 Athens, Pa. Killed by cars   Jersey City 12/20/1896    
5/12/1897 Invine Lyman W M 55 Mar. Monroe Twp. Farmer 12/17/1896 Liberty Cor., Pa. Paralysis 2 yr Liberty Cor., Pa. 12/19/1896    
5/10/1897 Ingham Mary M. W F 66 Mar. Wyalusing Farmer 11/4/1896 Sugar Run Catarrh 3 mo Wyalusing 11/6/1896 George Taylor Unknown
5/1/1897 Irving Mrs. Jessie W F 73 W Scotland   1/27/1897 Ulster Paralysis Abt. 1 yr Ulster 1/30/1897    
5/12/1897 Isbell Philemon W M 86 Single Eaton, NY Farmer 8/9/1896 Burlington Twp. Old Age   Luthers Mills 8/11/1897    
11/14/1897 Ingham Lewis W M 11   Case St.     Case St. Nervis pro? 5 yr Granville Nov.22. O. J. Inghram Emma Baxter
12/14/1897 Irvine William W. W M 85 Mar. Northumberland Co., Pa Farmer 10/22/1897 Liberty Cor., Pa. Stomach trouble 6 mo Liberty Cor., Pa. 10/24/1897    
5/4/1898 Irving Mary  W F 38 Single Greenwood   2/23/1898 East Towanda Consumption 2 wk N. Towanda Cem. 2/25/1898    
  Irvine Mary W F 70 Single Monroeton, Pa Milliner 4/5/1899 Canton, Pa. Pneumonia 5 da Canton  4/8/1899    
09/04/1900 Irvin Thos. G. W M 84 W Norwich, Maine Milliner 03/10/1900 Canton Old Age 1 yr Canton 03/13/1900    
10/24/1900 Innman Alberta W F 30 Mar. South Creek H. K. 09/26/1900 South Creek Consumption 6 mo Checkerville 09/28/1900    


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