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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
            Mar.                 If Minor If Minor
Date of Rcd Surname First Name Color Sex Age Single Place Birth Occupation Date-Death Place/Death Cause/Death Dur./Illness Buried Date Father Mother
5/8/1896 Holmes Geo. F. W M 29 M Towanda, Pa. Plumber 3/1/1896 3rd St., Towanda, Pa. Brights Disease 1 yr Riverside, Towanda 3/3/1896    
  Hakes Emma W F 28 M Wysox Housekeeper 4/10/1896 N. Wm. St.   Few hours Wysox 4/12/1896    
5/4/1896 Haight Caroline W F 70 M Burlington Farmer 1/27/1896 Ulster Heart Failure   Ulster Cem. 1/30/1896    
5/6/1896 Hagadorn Wm. H. W M 86 M Saratoga, NY Farmer 4/21/1896 Windham LaGrippe 1 wk Windham Cem. 4/23/1896    
5/6/1896 Hunt Jesse W M 67 M Otsego Co., NY Cooper 2/21/1896 Windham Consumption 3 mo Windham Cem. 2/24/1896    
5/5/1896 Hurley Mary    F 13   Barclay   12/16/1895 Wysox  Consumption 3 mo State Road 12/18/1895 Robert Hurley Kate McGharian
5/5/1896 Hardenstine Peter   M 78 M New Jersey Farmer 1/8/1896 Wysox  Hemorrhage 3 hr Standing Stone 1/10/1896 Michael Hardenstine  
5/10/1896 Hinds John B.   M 79 M Susquehanna Co. Farmer 12/30/1895 Myersburg Catarrh of bladder 4 wk State Road 1/2/1896 Abinoham H. Rachael Vail
12/12/1896 Hested Celestia W F 54 M Albany Twp. Wife of Farmer 9/13/1896 Albany Twp. Brights disease 2 3/4 yr 9/15/1896      
11/25/1896 Howland Orbin W M 61 M Delhi,Deleware Co., NY Farmer 3/6/1896 Columbia, Pa Par. Of heart Nothing 3/9/1896      
Nov.30 Haflett Bessie May W F 5 mo   Granville   June.12 Granville Cholera Infantum 1 da West Granville June.14 George Haflett Mary Haflett
12/16/1896 Housknecht Martha W F   M Albany    10/13/1896 Overton Apoplexy 4 da M.E. Church 10/16/1896    
10/1/1896 Herrick Abbie W F 16 S N.Y. School girl 10/4/1896 Packer Hospital Enteric fever 3 da        
  Higgins David W M 2 da S Sayre, Pa.   12/4/1896 Sayre, Pa Pulmonary collapse   Catholic Cem. 5 Wm. Higgins Rosa L. Higgins
  Hastings Willie W M 4   Ransom, Wyo.Co., Pa   Dec.5 Sayre, Pa Membranous croup 4 da Tioga Cem. Dec.6 Crayton Hastings Ruth Hastings
  Hastings Frank A. W M 2   Sayre, Pa.   Dec.6 Sayre, Pa Membranous croup 3 da Tioga Cem. Dec.7 Crayton Hastings Ruth Hastings
12/4/1896 Horton Mary W F 61 M Orange Co., NY Housekeeper 6/3/1896 Hornbrook Disease of stomach 4 mo Hornbrook, Pa. 6/6/1896    
  Herrick Wealthy W F 24 M Sheshequin Housekeeper 7/3/1896 Trinket, Pa. Dropsy of heart 2 mo Trinket, Pa. 7/5/1896    
  Horton Aansom S. W M 48 M Sheshequin Housekeeper 6/18/1896 Hornbrook poison Sudden Hornbrook, Pa. 6/20/1896    
12/10/1896 Harris Carrie M. W F 34 M Standing Stone   12/10/1896 Standing Stone Consumption 2 1/2 mo Standing Stone 12/15/1896    
12/8/1896 Hogan Bridget W F 60 M Mayo Co., Ireland Housekeeper 11/4/1896 Towanda Twp Heart Disease 1 wk Catholic Cem. 11/6/1896 Dommick Lycrott Bridget Lycrott
  Hoyles Julia W F 8 mo M Troy Twp   9/20/1896 Troy Twp.,Dist.#1 Membranous fever 3 wk Glenwood 9/20/1896 ?? Hoyles Vinna L. Bixby
12/11/1896 Hoos Mary Ann W F 75 M Troy   8/11/1896 East Troy Consumption 20 yr Smithfield Cem 8/13/1896    
12/4/1896 Hickey Edward W M 47 M Geneva, NY Draftman 11/30/1896 Athens, Pa. Consumption 4 mo Tioga Point Cem. 12/2/1896 Rev. Yates Hickey Sarah Ingraham
12/1/1896 Holcomb Frances M. W F 45 S Ulster   5/8/1896 Ulster Ck. Rheumatism 4 mo Ulster Cem. 5/11/1896    
12/14/1896 Hendershot Amanda W F 58 M W. Becket, Mass.   5/11/1896 Orwell, Pa Consumption 1 yr Allis Hollow Cem. 5/13/1896    
12/3/1896 Herrick Abbie W F 16 S Waverly, NY   10/4/1896 Sayre Hosp. Typhoid Fever 1 wk Waverly, NY 10/6/1896 Hugh Herrick Lapett Herrick
12/7/1896 Hallet Willis W M 2 S Waverly, NY   7/29/1896 S. Waverly Cholera Infantum 17 hr Waverly, NY 7/31/1896 Clarence Hallet Nellie Hallet
12/7/1896 Harkness Platt S. W M 14 S South Creek Twp. Farmer 8/4/1896 South Creek Peritonitis  3 da Checkerville 8/5/1896 M.M. Harkness Phoebe Harkness
12/1/1896 Howland G.W. W M 54 M Columbia Twp., Brad.Co. Laborer 9/6/1896 South Creek Cancer stomach 1 yr Columbia X Rds 9/7/1896    
12/4/1896 Hodgw W.R. W M 72 M Handlock, Del. Co. Farmer 6/20/1896 Chemung Bladder trouble 8 mo Chemung 6/22/1896 Jack Hodge Lucy Fish
1/18/1897 Hicks Ida L. W F 30 M     1/29/1896 Troy Heart Failure   Glenwood 1/31/1896    
1/18/1897 Hickox Lenna B. W F 19 S     2/27/1896 Troy Consumption   N.Y.      
1/18/1897 Haggarty Margaret W F 32 S Troy   May.14 Troy Inflamation bowels   Catholic Cem. May.16    
2/23/1897 Hackett Hiram J. W M 19 da   Canton Boro   2/11/1897 Center St., Rome? Pneumonia 5 da Canton Boro 2/13/1897 Fred Hackett Dell Hackett
5/18/1897 henson Ida Elnora W F 28 M Wilmot   4/14/1897 Wilmot Rheumatism 3 mo Elwell 4/16/1897 Simion Foot Caroline Foot
6/8/1897 Howe Arthur W M 5 mo S Ridgberry   3/24/1897 Ridgebury Pneumonia 2 wk East Hill 3/26/1897 James Howe Anna Scott
5/5/1897 Hicks Eve W F 7 da   Athens Twp.   4/21/1896 Athens Spasms  7 da Athens, Pa 9/22/1896 William Hicks Wealthy Hicks
5/171897 Hurry Merriam W F 57y9m16d M Naples, Ontario Co., NY Housewife 1/24/1897 Sayre Internal Hem. 2 da Naples, Ontario Co. 1/28/1896 Sewe? Cleveland Julia Cleveland
5/15/1897 Hoyt Matilda T. W F 71 S Erie Co., NY Milliner 12/21/1896 Athens Boro Pneumonia 10 da Tioga Point Cem. 12/24/1896    
5/12/1897 Hall  Lottie W F 21 M Athens Twp. Housekeeper 3/18/1897 Athens Boro Blood poison 1 wk East Smithfield 3/20/1897    
6/22/1897 Hines Leon L. W M 10 mo S Sayre Boro None 3/11/1897 Sayre B Spinal ??? 1 wk Tioga Cem. 3/13/1897 Lewis Hines Hattie Hines
12/30/1896 Hayward Bertha M. W F 30 M Litchfield Farm work 9/17/1896 Litchfield Childbirth 3 da Whites 9/18/1896    
5/12/1897 Hall Philander W M 74 M Owego, NY Farmer 3/3/1897 Smithfield Heart Failure Instant Luthers Mills 3/5/1897    
5/12/1897 Havens James H. W M 14   Smithfield   1/15/1897 Smithfield Brain Fever 10 da Milan Cem. 1/17/1897 Lemuel Havens Dottie G. Havens
5/12/1897 Hubbard William W M 81 M Middlesex, Con. Farmer 2/13/1897 Smithfield Heart Failure Instant Wetona Cem. 2/15/1897    
5/8/1897 Harron W.P. W M 87 M Saybrook, Essex Co., Conn Ret. Farmer 3/3/1897 Ulster Dropsy of heart 2 mo E. Smithfield 3/6/1897    
  Harisworth Mattie W F 4 wk   Towanda, Pa.   2/18/1897 Towanda Twp Pneumonia 1 da Luthers Mills 2/20/1897 Edward Hainsworth  
5/28/1897 Haverly Myron W M 40 S Overton Laborer 5/28/1897 Overton Twp. Typhoid fever 8 wk Overton 5/28/1897    
5/15/1897 Houser Geo. F. W M 75 S Monroe Co., Pa. Farmer 12/31/1896 Tuscarora Heart Disease 3 wk Lacey Street 1/2/1897    


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