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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
            Mar.                 If Minor If Minor
Date of Rcd Surname First Name Color Sex Age Single Place Birth Occupation Date-Death Place/Death Cause/Death Dur./Illness Buried Date Father Mother
12/7/1893 Hallock Washington W M 24 S Orange Co., NY Creamery Man 11/19/1893 Wysox 2 Dist Coal Gas Sudden Orange Co., NY 11/23/1893    
12/11/1893 Hollon Charles W M 82 W Chemung, NY Farmer 12/3/1893 Liberty Corners Apoplexy 1 da Liberty Corners 12/5/1893 Jeremiah Hollon Betsey Orcot
12/4/1893 Haines Oscar W M 9 S Monroe Twp., Pa.   8/20/1893 Monroe Twp. Typhoid Fever 10 da Powell, Pa 8/23/1893 Ward Haines Mary Haines
12/4/1893 Harris Lester W M 77 W Wyoming Co., Pa. Blacksmith 9/4/1893 Monroe Twp. Apoplexy 1 hr Powell, Pa 9/6/1893    
12/20/1893 Hodgin Elanor W F 3 mo   Philadelphia, Pa   12/10/1893 Merryall Congestion Lungs 8 hr Merryall 12/11/1893 Children Aid Society  
12/7/1893 Gooker Porter W M 35 M Springfield Twp. Farmer Sept.8 W. Burlington Cyclone 8 hr Leona Cem. Sept.10    
12/29/1893 Havens Carrie W F 16 S Ulster   9/16/1893 Wyoming, Pa. Consumption 2 wk Milan Cem. 9/18/1893 Chas. E. Havens Mary J. Havens
12/4/1893 Harkness S.D. W M 70 M Springfield  Farmer Nov.12 Springfield Heart Failure 2 da Harkness Cem. Nov.14    
12/8/1893 Hosley Norman S. W M 76 M Vermont Farmer Dec.4 Springfield General Debility 2 yr Big Pond Cem. Dec.6    
12/13/1893 Halstead Ralph W M 22 mo S Ridgeberry   8/29/1893 Ridgebury Cholera Infantum 2 da Ridgebury Aug.30 Edmond Halstead Mammie? Halstead
12/3/1893 Hisom George L. W M 35 M Canton, Pa. Bank Cashier 8/3/1893 Canton Boro Drowning   San Bernadino, Calif 8/13/1893    
12/6/1893 Hibard John A. W M 28 M Smithfield, Brad. Co., PA Laborer 10/14/1893 Canton  Heart Failure 9 da Canton 10/17/1893    
12/4/1893 Huntington Chas. Oscar W M 64 M Burnham, Conn. Harness Maker 11/22/1893 10 South Brights Disease 5 mo Tioga Point Cem. 11/24/1893 Asher Huntington Lidia Hyde
12/8/1293 Hasard Jennie W F 30 M Nichols, Pa. Housekeeper 12/5/1893 S. Waverly Hemerage 3 da Nichols, Pa. 12/8/1893 G.W. Mikle Mary Mikle
12/12/1893 Horton Lorinda A. W F 72 S Wysox, Brad., Co. None 12/6/1893 S. Waverly Pneumonia 1 wk Tioga Point Cem. 12/8/1893 Caleb Shores  
12/8/1893 Haines Olive W F 95 W Owego, NY   9/26/1893 Franklindale Old Age 4 wk Liberty Corners 9/28/1893    
12/5/1893 Hammond Hazel W M 3 mo S Columbia   7/3/1893 Columbia Not Known Found dead Baptist Hill 7/5/1893 A.B. Hammond Lora Hammond
12/4/1893 Higgins Chas. R. W M 63 M Ulster, Pa. Farmer 7/9/1893 Smithfield Heart Failure 2 wk Ridgebury 7/12/1893    
12/21/1893 Horton Celestia A. W F 42 M New York St. Farmer 7/16/1893 Granville, Pa. Heart Failure 7 da Granville Cem. 7/18/1893    
12/18/1893 Hitchcock Hannah L. W F 3   Pike Twp., 1st Dist.   June.8 Pike Twp. 1st Dist Typhoid Fever 18 da E. Herrick 6/10/1893 W.W. Hitchcock Mera? W. Hitchcock
12/4/1893 Horton Jason Pa W M 86 M Terrytown, Pa. Farmer 7/1/1893 New Era, Pa. Congestion Lungs Several Days Terrytown, Pa. 7/3/1893    
12/19/1893 Hoover Annie W F 15 S Rienzi, Terry Twp.   12/18/1893 Rienzi, Terry Twp. Typhoid Fever 6 wk Terrytown, Pa. 12/20/1893 Andrew Hoover Eunice Hoover
12/4/1893 Heliman Supory W F 45 M Durell Twp. Housekeeper 6/25/1893 Towanda Twp. Fever & Crazy 4 wk Durell Centre 6/27/1893 Chas. Johnson Polly Johnson
12/5/1893 Hatton Roscoe W. W M 17 S Pembroke, Maine Nailor Inspector 7/19/1893 Towanda Twp. Scalds & Burns 2 da Oak Hill Cem. 7/21/1893 J.L. Hatton Jarusia Hatton
12/4/1893 Heath Lura C. W F 51 M Orwell, Brad. Co., Pa. Housekeeper 10/3/1893 Ferry St., Athens Typhoid Fever 3 wk Tioga Point Cem. 10/6/1893    
  Horton Susan S. W F 54 M Ghent, Brad. Co., Pa. Farmer 9/21/1893 Ghent, Brad. Co., Pa Consumption   Hornbrook 9/23/1893    
12/30/1893 Hickey John  W M 82 M County Clare, Ireland Farmer 7/30/1893 Warren Old Age 1 yr Catholic Cem,Warren 8/1/1893    
  Herman Moses D. W M 72 M Delaware Co., Pa. Farmer 5/8/1894 Ridgebury Pneumonia 1 wk Wellsburg 5/11/1894 Steven Herman Elizabeth Depew
  Herman Polly Burt W F 71 M Ridgebury, Pa. Housekeeper 5/8/1894 Ridgebury Pneumonia 1 wk Wellsburg 5/11/1894 John Burt Elizabeth Hermans
12/30/1893 Harris John W M 38 S New York  Laborer 1/4/1894 Robt. Packer Hosp. Pneumonia 6 da Athens      
5/11/1894 Haas Harry W M 29 S Ridgeband, Pa. Fireman 2/17/1894 Sayre, Pa Pistol wound   Tioga Point Cem. 2/20/1894    
5/8/1894 Hubbard Ethel O. W F 10 S Ulster, Pa.   2/17/1894 Smithfield Diphtheria 1 wk Smithfield Cem 2/18/1894 Joseph Hubbard Elizabeth Hubbard
5/8/1894 Hubbard Mamie Jane W F 5 S Smithfield    3/21/1894 Smithfield Diphtheria 1 wk Smithfield Cem 3/23/1894 Joseph Hubbard Elizabeth Hubbard
5/19/1894 Howland Vera W F 3 mo S Elmira, NY   4/30/1894 Springfield Scarlatina 2 wk Checkerville Cem. 5/2/1894 Herman Howland Anna Howland
9/5/1894 Humphrey Esther W F 50 M Ogdensburg, NY   7/30/1894 Towanda  Cancer 6 mo Oak Hill Cem. 7/31/1894 Joseph Russell Sarah Russell
9/5/1894 Haverly William F. W M 74 M Overton, Pa. Carpenter 6/23/1894 Towanda Sun stroke 3 wk River Side June.25 Christian Haverly Hannan Haverly
9/5/1894 Huggins John W. W M 67 M Nunda, NY Farmer 7/7/1894 Towanda Paralysis 4 yr Springfield 7/9/1894 Ira Huggins Valleen Huggins
5/12/1894 Hollister Rachel W F 37 M New York City Housewife 3/25/1894 Towanda Cancer 1 yr River Side 3/27/1894    
5/4/1894 Holmes Harriet H. W F 52 M Bloomfield, N.J. Housekeeper 12/22/1894 Towanda Pneumonia 6 da Oak Hill Cem. 12/24/1893    
5/11/1894 Hawkins Samuel W M 62 M N. Towanda Farmer 1/15/1894 Bradford Co., Pa. Heart Failure 1 wk Towanda 1/18/1894    
  Hamlton Herbert W M 4 mo   Troy   Jan.1 Troy Serofula   Elmira   Herbert Hamitton Annie Hamitton
  Haggerty R.F. W M 29 S   Mason May.3   Blood poison   Troy   John Haggerty  
  Howe Scott W M 54 M     June. 4   Inflammation Bowels   Troy      
  Hunt  `Augusta W F 49 M Troy Twp. Farmers Wife 4/10/1894 Troy Twp Paralysis 3 wk Troy Twp 4/12/1894    
4/18/1894 Hoover Givendolene W F 10 d   Opposition   12/31/1893 Opposition     Opposition 1/2/1894 Geo. Hoover Mary Hoover
9/6/1894 Hakes Anna E. W F 2 S Wells, Pa.   1/18/1894 Wells Congestion of brain 4 da Wells, Pa.   Wm. Hakes Nett Hakes
5/22/1894 Hand William F. W M 84 M County Meath, Ireland Farmer 1/26/1894 Warren Old Age   Little Meadows 1/28/1894    
5/7/1894 Hibbard Alma W F 38 M Rome Twp. Farmers Wife 4/16/1894 Albany Twp. Mumps 4 wk Laddsburg 4/18/1894    
5/13/1894 Harris Not Named W F 1 da   Stimson house   7/17/1894 Stimson House   1 da Tioga Point Cem. 6/18/1894    
5/12/1894 Hadlock Robert Bruce W M 42 S Litchfield, Pa. Laborer 4/23/1894 Athens Boro Consumption 5 yr Hadlock Cem. 4/25/1894 Johnathan Hadlock Elizabeth Hadlock
9/6/1894 Hoose Blanche W F 12 S N.Y. State   9/1/1894 J. Griffin House Inflammation Bowels 5 mo Tioga Point Cem. 9/3/1894 Nichols J. Hoose Augusta Dolphene Hoose


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