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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
            Mar.                 If Minor If Minor
Date of Rcd Surname First Name Color Sex Age Single Place Birth Occupation Date-Death Place/Death Cause/Death Dur./Illness Buried Date Father Mother
11/29/1899 Fox Mrs. John W F 45 M New Jersey Housekeeper 6/17/1899 Towanda Malarial Fever 3 wk Riverside Cem. 6/20/1899    
11/29/1899 Fox Bevaora? W F 18 S Hillsgrove, Sul.Co., Pa.   8/14/1899 Towanda Heart Disease 7 mo Riverside Cem. 8/17/1899 John Fox Amanda Fox
11/13/1899 Finlan Mary W F 34 S N. Towanda   10/8/1899 N. Towanda Heart Failure 6 mo N. Towanda 10/11/1899 Larry Finlan Mary Finlan
11/20/1899 Fox William J. W M 33 M Terry Twp. Farmer 11/16/1899 Macedonia Paralysis 2 wk Towanda 12/19/1899 Wm. Fox  
11/27/1899 Frutchey Mary W F 75 M Monroe Co.  Housewife 6/15/1899 Asylum] Old Age 1 wk Frenchtown 6/17/1899    
12/9/1899 Frutchey Mary W F 82 W Monroe Co.   4/19/1899 Pike  Old Age 2 da Lacey St.,Wyoming Co. 4/21/1899    
12/6/1899 Finch George M. W M 68 M Windham Farmer 9/24/1899 Windham Cancer Liver 1 wk Nichols, NY 9/25/1899 James Finch Lucy Johnson
12/11/1899 French Harriet Eliza W F     Sayre, Pa.   10/9/1899 Sayre, Pa. Premature Birth   Tioga Point 10/10/1899 Clarence E. French Sarah M. French
12/5/1899 Fritz  Ruben W M 87 S   None 9/4/1899 Burlington Old Age   Athens, Pa. 9/7/1899    
12/6/1899 Flanagan Nora N. W F 55 M Ireland Housekeeper 8/16/1899 Athens, Pa. Brights Disease 3 mo Sayre, Pa. 8/18/1899    
12/7/1899 Fuller Cynthia W F 77 W Genesee, NY   7/18/1899 Ridgeberry Dropsy 3 wk Doty Hill 7/20/1899 Abner Graves Charity Campbell
  Flick Newton S. W M 17   11/9/1899 Troy Shot by Accident          
  Fanning Amos B. W M 73 M                  
  Fletcher Fannie P. W F 76 M   7/19/1899 Troy            
12/12/1899 Friedenberg Mary W F 49 M Wilmot Twp. Farmer 6/7/1899 Wilmot Paralyses 2 yr Lutheran 6/9/1899 George Eberlen Margaret Eberlen
05/08/1900 Ford James M. W M 59 M Ford St., Pa. Moving Buildings 04/20/1900 Ford St., Pa. Pneumonia 1 wk Stevensville 04/23/1900    
05/28/1900 Frost James O. W M 79 M Wilberham, Mass Manufacturer 03/31/1900 Towanda Bronchitis 2 da Riverside Cem. 04/02/1900    
03/28/1900 Ferris Arthur J. W M 24 S Spencer, NY Laborer  05/25/1900 Sayre, Pa. Colra Morbas 20 hr Forest Home, Waverly 03/28/1900 Frank Ferris Emma Ferris
03/28/1900 Fitzwatter Lynn M. W M 12 S Canton Farmers Son 12/14/1899 Canton Heart Disease 8 da Beech Flats 12/22/1899 Mathias FitzWatter Dora FitzWatter
  FitzWater Samuel W M 74 M Jerusalem, NY Farmer 06/26/1900 Canton Paralysis 3 mo Beech Flats 06/29/1900 Samuel FitzWater Mary Fitzwater
  Fennell Nora May W F 10 S Canton Farmers Daughter 07/02/1900 Canton Burned 12 hr Catholic Cem. 07/05/1900 Michael Fennell Honorah Fennell
09/04/1900 Fox Elizabeth W F 55 M Honesdale, Pa. Housekeeper 02/08/1900 Canton Paralysis 1 yr Canton 02/12/1900    
12/12/1900 Farrer Myrtle B. W F 3 mo S Masontown, Pa.   09/01/1900 Monrontown?, Pa Cholera Infantum 4 wk Powell 09/03/1900 S. W. Farr Marion Farr
12/07/1900 Farrer Clarence D. W M 7 mo Cortland, NY   09/03/1900 Sayre, Pa. Cholera Infantum 12 hr Cortland, NY 09/06/1900 John H. Farr Helen A. Priest
05/14/1900   Lillian Girtrued W F 1 da Sayre, Pa.   07/18/1900 Sayre, Pa.     Tioga Point 07/22/1900 Burton Fittle Estella Fittle
05/14/1900 Fassett Philo W M 89 M Vermont Farmer 04/10/1900 South Creek Heart Failure 1/2 hr Doty Hill 04/13/1900    
12/19/1900 Fox Ellen W F 66 M Ireland   11/26/1900 Terrytown Twp. Brights Disease 2 wk Towanda 11/28/1900 Patrick Barnwell Mrs. Barnwell
  Forrest Achsah W F 90 S Killgne Carr Housekeeper 02/06/1900 Smithfield Dropsy 7 mo Smithfield 02/08/1900    
  Forrest Francis E. W M 45 S Smithfield Laborer 10/07/1900 Smithfield Consumption 6 mo Smithfield 10/09/1900    
  Ford Eliza A. W F 69 S Smithfield Housekeeper 05/26/1900 Smithfield Dropsy 5 mo Smithfield 05/27/1900    
12/13/1900 Fowler Francis E. W F 76 W Unknown None 06/29/1900 West Burlington Gen. Debility   E. Canton 07/01/1900    
Dec.1900 Ferrington Stephen F. W M 30 M Asylum Twp. Farmer 11/18/1900 Rummerfield Suicide   M. E. Church 11/20/1900    
12/19/1900 Fuller R. J. W M 51 M Herrick, Brad.Co. Merchant 12/15/1900 Camptown Consumption 3 mo Camptown 12/18/1900    
12/06/1900 Frisby Rosa Bell W F 3 mo M Pike   10/13/1900 Pike  Brain Fever 5 wk Standing Stone 10/15/1900 James Frisby Jean Frisby
12/18/1900 Farrer DeWi8tt W M 70 M Cortland, NY Farmer 10/04/1900 Wilmot Heart Disease 6 mo Norconk 10/07/1900 Othmel Farr Naorm??Farr
12/15/1900 Farmer George M. W M 38 S E. Troy Farmer 08/21/1900 E. Troy Heart Failure 2 mo E. Troy 08/23/1900    
05/09/1901 Finner Lucy J. W F 49 M Asylum Twp. Carpenters wife 04/12/1900 Asylum] Pneumonia 6 wk Durell Centre 04/15/1900 Turner McNeal Harriet McNeal
05/13/1901 Fairbanks Harry  W M 19 S LeRoy Farmer 01/17/1901 Franklin Strangulated hernia 6 da LeRoy 01/20/1901 B. C. Fairbanks Emma Fairbanks
05/17/1901 Faucet James W M 68 S Unknown Laborer 02/11/1901 W. Burlington Heart A 3 wk Philadelphia 02/14/1901    
05/18/1901 Forbes George L. W M 8 S Rome Twp.   03/19/1901 Rome Twp Pluirisy 5 da Rome Cem. 03/21/1901 Lester G. Forbes Charlotte Barnes??
05/11/1901 Forker Harry W M 16   Herrick, Brad.Co. Lived on farm 04/22/1901 Herrick Twp. Pneumonia 24 da E. Herrick 04/25/1901 C. E. Forker Amanda Forker
05/20/1901 Fleming Joanna W F 67 W Thinks Vermont Lived with son B. Fleming 04/22/1901 Granville Diabetes 1 mo. Granville, Pa. 04/25/1901    
06/06/1901 Fleming Walter W M 21 S LeRoy Farmer 02/15/1901 LeRoy Consumption 6 da LeRoy, Pa. 02/17/1901    
06/03/1901 Farnsworth Ulysses A. W M 66 M Smithfield Painter 06/03/1901 Athens Boro Heart Trouble from Gunshot wound 1 yr Tioga Point 06/04/1901    


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