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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
            Mar.                 If Minor If Minor
Date of Rcd Surname First Name Color Sex Age Single Place Birth Occupation Date-Death Place/Death Cause/Death Dur./Illness Buried Date Father Mother
7/25/1899 Ercanbrack George W M 56 M Homer, Cortland Co., NY Druggist 1/5/1899 Athens Diabetes 10 da Tioga Point 1/8/1899 Jacob Ercanbrack Adeline Ercanbrack
7/30/1899 English Mrs. Amanda P. W F 52 M Wysox Twp. Housekeeper 7/29/1899 Walnut St. Chronic Diarrhea 5 mo Tioga Point 7/31/1899    
5/1/1899 Everett Elan J. W F 39 M Thompson Center, Susq. Co.   3/20/1899 Stevensville   3 wk Balls Cem., Jessup Twp., Susq. Co. 3/24/1899    
5/15/1899 Ely John P. W M 70 W Williamsport, Pa. Millwright 3/11/1899 Wyalusing Boro Gen. Debility 3 mo Wyalusing 3/14/1899    
6/8/1899 Eberlin Martin J. W M 48 M Wilmot Twp. Farmer 4/29/1899 Wilmot Cancer of Bowels 1 yr Eberlin 5/2/1899 Joseph Eberlin Catherine Eberlin
5/23/1899 Eastabrooks Hannah S. W F 69 S Orwell, Pa.   2/4/1899 Orwell, Pa. Heart Disease 3 mo S. Hill Cem. 2/6/1899    
12/5/1899 Eddy Alpha W F 25 M Clearfield Co. Housekeeper 11/15/1899 Piollets House, Wysox Pneumonia 3 wk Terrytown 11/16/1899 Gilbert Bouse Jane Bouse
12/18/1899 Edminston Mary W F 59 M Windham Twp., Pa. 12/14/1898 Milan Cancer 6 mo. Athens Cem. 12/16/1898    
12/9/1899 Edsell Grant W M 64 M Pike, Pa. Farmer 9/1/1899 Pike Tobacco Poison 3 da Stevensville 9/3/1899    
12/1/1899 Ennis   W F 7 da M Rummerfield   7/30/1899 West Valley Cholera Infantum 24 hr Wysox 8/1/1899 Theodore Ennis Ida Ennis
12/11/1899 Eiklor Fred W. W M 14 S Rome, Pa.   7/7/1899 Near Wilawana Accidental None Wilawana 7/10/1899 John A. Eiklor Ida M. Eiklor
3/24/1831? Estabook George L. W M 68 M Orwell, Pa. Farmer 9/18/1899 Glen Valley Fall 2 mo Tioga Point 9/20/1899 John Estabrook Cynthia Estabrook
  Eastmont Frances Louise W F 1m8d       8/18/1899 Troy      Oak Hill Cem. 11/11/1899    
5/8/1900 Edsell Leon Earl W M 11 mo S Prattville   1/30/1899 Prattville, Pa. Pneumonia 10 da Prattville, Pa 2/2/1900 Vern L. Edsell Lucinda Edsell
5/7/1900 Eddy Alfreta W F 26 M New Albna ? Housekeeper 11/15/1899 Wysox, Pa. Diphtheria 6 wk Terrytown 11/16/1899    
May.1900 Eaton Isabell W F 78 W N. J.   11/29/1899 Springfield Gen. Debility 3 mo Leona Cem. 12/1/1899    
May.1900 Elliott George W M 77 W Springville, NY Farmer 4/11/1900 Springfield Paralysis 2 da Checkerville 4/13/1900    
1/14/1900 Ellison Etta W F 24 S New York Domestic 2/27/1900 Hospital, Sayre Heart Disease 24 da Hospital      
5/16/1900 Eberlin Matilda J. W F 41 M Cherry, Sullivan Co. Farmer 5/14/1900 Norconk Consumption 1 yr St. John 5/17/1900 Hiram Kisner Elizabeth Kisner
12/17/1900 Edsell Lucinda W F 23 M Golden Hill Housekeeper 10/14/1900 Prattville, Pa. Consumption 4 wk Prattville, Pa 10/17/1900    
12/10/1900 English Pearl W F 20 S Albany Twp.   11/9/1900 Albany Twp. Peritointis 3 wk Hatch Hill 11/12/1900 Geo. W. English Ida English
12/11/1900 Eastman Lucy A. W F 55 M Orwell, Pa.   10/22/1900 Orwell, Pa. Congestion of Lungs 4 wk Orwell Cem 10/24/1900    
12/11/1900 Eastman Lyddia T. W F 92 W Guilford, NY   10/18/1900 Orwell, Pa. Old Age 2 da Rome Cem. 10/19/1900    
12/15/1900 Elliott Dan'l W M 73 M Sunbury Farmer 7/27/1900 East Troy Shock 3 mo Selins Grove 7/29/1900    


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