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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
            Mar.                 If Minor If Minor
Date of Rcd Surname First Name Color Sex Age Single Place Birth Occupation Date-Death Place/Death Cause/Death Dur./Illness Buried Date Father Mother
12/16/1893 Evans Henry W M 58 M Bradford Co.,Pa Farmer 8/28/1893 Hollenback Consumption Abt 12 mo Elwell Aug.21    
12/4/1893 Elliott Elisur K. W M 62 M Merryall, Pa. Farmer 8/22/1893 Merryall, Pa Heart Disease 25 da Merryall, Pa 8/25/1893    
12/12/1893 Elliott Marcelus, Sr. W M 69 M Rome Farmer 6/13/1893 Rome Diabetes 15 da Elliott Cemetery 6/14/1893    
12/6/1893 Ellsworth Mary Jane W F 33 M Wyalusing Housekeeper 8/7/1893 Wyalusing Inflamation of bowel 4 da Wyalusing 8/9/1893    
12/12/1893 Eeadmen Davis W M 75 S Germany None 12/7/1893 S. Waverly LaGrippe 3 da Tioga Point 12/10/1893    
12/5/1893 Edmonds George W M 18 S Owego, NY Farmer 9/7/1893 Franklindale Cyclone   Franklindale 9/10/1893 F. D. Edmonds Sarah D. Edmonds
12/5/1893 Elles Helen W F 44y5m M Standing Stone Housekeeper 8/27/1893 Standing Stone Spinal 2 mo Standing Stone 8/29/1893    
12/20/1893 Ellis Helen W F 44 M Standing Stone Farmer   Standing Stone Spinal Disease 2 mo Standing Stone 8/29/1893 Jonathan Vought Hetta? Horton
12/18/1893 Eastabrooks Judson W M 81 M Conn. Farmer 12/16/1893 Owego, NY Bronchial Pneumonia 2 wk Wysox Cem. 12/17/1893    
12/6/1893 Everson Emily W F 71 M Middletown, Orange Co., NY Housekeeper 10/14/1893 Litchfield Cancer of Stomack 9 wk Whites Cem. 10/16/1893    
5/12/1894 Elliott Elmer E. W M 79 S Rome Farmer 12/27/1894 Rome LaGrippe 14 da Rome Boro 12/30/1894    
5/21/1894 Everson George W M 54 M   Boiler Maker 2/14/1894 Sayre, Pa Typhoid fever 9 da N. Rome, Pa. 2/17/1894    
9/5/1894 Eilenberger Julius W M 38 M Durell, Pa. Clerk 5/12/1894 Towanda, Pa. Heart failure 2 wk Oak Hill 5/15/1894 Moses Eilenberger Maritta Eilenberger
5/23/1894 Eply Frank W M 6y10m S Towanda Twp. Attending School 5/9/1894 Towanda Twp. Killed by cars Instantly Riverside Cem. May.11 John Eply Nancy Eply
9/17/1894 Elwin Surrel Lathrop W M 8 mo S Wyalusing   9/15/1894 Wyalusing Cholera Infantum 2 da Wyalusing 9/17/1894 Wm. B. Lathrop Lydia M. Lathrop
5/10/1894 English Dora May W F 6 S Albany   5/4/1894 Albany Unknown 9 hr Hatch Hill 5/6/1894 Geo. English Ida English
4/2/1894 Eagleton Francis A. W M 64 M Peekskill, NY Carpenter 2/4/1894 Monroe Boro Inflamation of bowel 2 da Colis ? Cem. 2/6/1894    
5/23/1894 Eberlen Ella W   30 M Albany, Pa.   5/16/1894 New Albany, Pa. Dropsy 2 yr Overton      
5/23/1894 Ellsworth Sarah J. W F 29 M Orwell, Bradford Co.   2/8/1894 Orwell Consumption 1 yr S. Hill 2/11/1894    
5/19/1894 Eberlin Ellen W F 30 M Albany Twp.   5/16/1894 New Albany, Pa. Consumption of liver 1y7m Reformed Church Cem. 5/18/1894    
5/7/1894 Estell Amelia W F 53 M Monroe Co., Pa. Cooper 1/25/1894 Stevensville Pneumonia 8 da Stevensville 1/28/1894    
12/5/1894 Elsbree Warton V. W M 64 S Ulster Twp. Laborer 12/1/1894 Penn Ave, Athens Paralysis 5 da Ulster 12/8/1894    
12/5/1894 Eunice John W M 64 M Monroe Twp. Farmer 8/13/1894 Monroe Twp Catarrh of stomach 20 da Liberty Corners 8/15/1894 Isaac Emmich? Caroline Benjamin
12/19/1894 English Delila W F 81 M Greenfield, Luzerne Co. Laborer 12/7/1894 Monroe Twp Cancer of bowels 8 wk Kellogg Cem. 12/9/1894 John Constack? Fannie Daily
12/5/1894 Eston Lida P. W F 54 M     6/7/1894 Brushville Dropsy 2 mo East Rush 6/10/1894    
12/3/1894 Ellis Joseph E. W M 2y6m M Sayre   9/21/1894 Sayre, Pa Unknown 22 hr Falls 9/23/1894 Hiram Ellis Mary Ellis
12/6/1894 Eaton Theodorus W M 80 M Springfield   9/6/1894 Springfield Paralysis 3 hr Leonards Cem 9/9/1894    
12/6/1894 Elliott Marcha A. W M 62 W Ridgebury Twp.   6/23/1894 Ridgebury Twp. Heart failure Instantly Checkerville 6/25/1894    
12/4/1894 Emery Mary Jane W F 1   Kean Summit   6/28/1894 Kean Summit Cholera Infantum 3 da Kean Summit 6/30/1894 J. K. Emery Carrie Emery
12/15/1894 Estabrook Myrtle W F 21 S N. Towanda Housekeeper 7/10/1894 223 N.Fourth St., Towanda Consumption 10 wk Riverside Cem. 7/12/1894    
5/9/1895 English James, Sr. W M 84 M ???, NY Farmer 5/5/1895 Monroe Paralysis 3 da Kellogg Cem. 5/7/1895 William English  
  Emery?   W F 21 d   Kean Summit   3/2/1895 Kean Summit Cholera Infantum 2 da Kean Summit 5/4/1895    
5/11/1895 English Clayton W M 20 S New Albany, Pa. Laborer 1/15/1895 Jute(?) City, Montana Dynamite Explosion Jute City, Mon. 1/19/1895 Alonzo English Phoebe English
Au. Elsbree Nathen? W M 69 M Windham Lawyer 8/11/1895 Chestnut St., Towanda Appoplexy Few hours Oak Hill 8/14/1895    
11/30/1895 Elsbree Almira W F 66 M Athens Boro, Bradford Housekeeper 10/18/1895 Athens Boro, Pa. Heart Disease Poorly some time Tioga Point   Gersum ? Elsbree  
12/6/1895 Ellis Reuben W M 1m5d S     9/25/1895 Athens Twp. Cholera Infantum 2 wk Tioga Point 9/27/1895 Chas. Ellis Mary Ellis
11/20/1895 Edsall Jerusha B. W F 80 S Rehoboth, Mass   9/5/1895 Columbia, Pa. Dysentery 5 da Sylvan Cem. 9/7/1895 Joseph Gladding Marcee Gladding
12/12/1895 Ennis Nelson W M   M Standing Stone Blacksmith 10/30/1895 Monroe Heart failure 5 min. Liberty Corners 11/1/1895 James Ennis Minerva Ennis
12/5/18995 Estelle Ernest W M 44 W Jamestown Mason 10/4/1895 Stevensville Abscess 4 wk Stevensville 10/6/1895    
10/22/1895 Evans George W M 30 S New York Brakeman 11/6/1895 Robt. Packer Hosp. Typhoid Fever 15 da Athens, Pa.      
  Eastille Mary  W F 1   Buffalo, NY   6/26/1895 Smithfield Brain fever 2 wk N. Waverly 6/28/1895 Thomas Eastelle Mary Eastelle
12/12/1895 Elliott Elizabeth W F 90 W Bradford Co.,Pa   11/22/1895 Terrytown Old Age Few days Terrytown 11/24/1895    
12/13/1895 Evans G. M. W M 69y9m M Luzerne Co. Farmer 7/20/1895 Sugar Hill Blood Poison 6 mo. Eaton, Wyoming 7/23/1895 Unknown Unknown
12/10/1895 Eberlin George W M 77 S Germany Farmer 11/22/1895 Wilmot Old Age 3 da Wilmot 11/25/1895 Unknown Unknown
12/7/1895 Ellsworth   W M 2 da   Wyalusing   12/3/1895 Wyalusing Spasms 2 da Wyalusing 12/4/1895 Wm. Ellsworth Fannie Ellsworth


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