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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
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Date of Recd Surname First Name Color Sex Age Mar.
Place Birth Occupation Date-Death Place/Death Cause/Death Dur/Illness Buried Date If Minor
If Minor
  McCann Bernard W M 16 da   S. Waverly   1/20/1901 Orchard St. Bronchitis 3 da Tioga Point 1/23/1901 James Ellen  
5/8/1901 McCumber B.R. W M 49 M Stevensville Farmer 4/5/1901 Stevensville Consumption 3 mo Camptown 4/7/1901      
9/3/1901 McNamara John B. W M 21 S S. Waverly None 2/19/1901 S. Waverly Consumption year Sayre 2/22/1901      
9/4/1901 McCann Bernard W M 16 da S S. Waverly None 1/24/1901 S. Waverly Cholera Infantum 1 wk Athens 1/26/1901 James McCann Ellen McCann  
9/3/1901 McDowell L. W. W M 30 M Troy Twp. Farmer 7/7/1901 Troy Cancer 11 mo Troy 7/9/1901      
5/10/1901 McCormick Mercy A. W F 68 M Tenbrook, Main Housekeeper 2/25/1901 Towanda Twp. Heart Trouble 3 mo Oak Hill Cem. 2/27/1901 Charles How Jane B. How  
  McKenna William W M 79 M Ireland Farmer 8/28/1901 Herrick Heart Disease 5 da State Road        
  McCarty David   M 11 mo   Ulster   11/30/1901 Ulster Pneumonia 3 wk Ulster 12/3/1901      
12/5/1901 McCabe Infant W M 1 hr   Sayre, Pa.   7/29/1901 Sayre, Pa.     Catholic Cem.Sayre 7/29/1901 Michael McCabe Mary McCabe  
12/13/1901 McMunn Clara W F 32 M Athens   3/1/1901 Philadelphia Cancer/brain Long Ill. Tioga Point 3/4/1901      
12/16/1901 McArdle Mary W F 82 W Ireland Domestic 11/15/1901 Athens Twp. Old Age   Sayre 11/18/1901      
12/5/1901 McDonough John W M 73 M Ireland Farmer 10/20/1901 Elwell Kidney Trouble 1 yr Dushore 10/22/1901 Patrick McDonough Julia McDonough  
  McKean Mrs. Nancy W F 86 M     3/10/1901 Troy Boro Apoplexy            
  McNamara Anna W F 42 M     12/24/1901 Troy Boro Cancer   R.C. Cemetery        
  McPherson James W M 16   Herrick Twp.   1/4/1902 Herrick Twp. Diphtheria 4 da Ballibay   James McPherson Sybilla McPherson  
5/8/1902 McQueen J. Lee W M 23 S Ulster Brakeman 3/16/1902 S. Frankfort, Mich. Pneumonia 1 wk Ulster 3/21/1902      
5/12/1902 McNearney Patrick W M 78 M Ireland Laborer 5/5/1902 Elmira, NY Brights Disease Sudden Sayre, Pa. 5/9/1902      
5/19/1902 McKee Maggie W F 89 M Delaware Co.,NY Farmer 12/23/1900 LeRoy, Pa. Old Age 3 wk LeRoy, Pa. 12/26/1900      
5/5/1902 McDonald John S. W M 49 M N.Y. City Painter 2/23/1902 Sayre, Pa. LaGrippe 2 da Tioga Point 2/25/1902      
5/10/1902 McCracken Andrew C. W M 3 mo   Sayre, Pa.   4/30/1902 Sayre, Pa. Comp.of diseases 3 wk Tioga Point 5/2/1902 J.C.McCracken Jessie McCracken  
  McKanna Margaret W F 22 M Seneca Falls,NY Housewife 4/25/1902 Willard, NY Consumption 3 wk Ovid, NY 4/28/1902      
  McCabe Anna W F 13m21d   Ulster   5/19/1902 Sayre, Pa. Pneumonia 8 da Meshoppen, Pa. 5/21/1902 Dennis Mary  
5/24/1902 McCabe Lottie Adell W F 37 M Rome Twp. Housework 4/19/1902 Rome Twp. Spotted Consumption 22 mo Rome Cem. 4/21/1902 C.O. Russell Charlot Russell  
5/31/1902 McTigue Cathrin W F 76 S Ireland None 3/2/1902 W. Burlington Gen.Debility 3 wk Barclay 3/5/1902      
9/3/1902 McCafferty Claud W M 3 mo S Sugar Hill Farmer 5/20/1902 Sugar Hill Whooping Cough 2 wk Elwell 5/22/1902 Unknown Mertie McCafferty  
12/4/1902 McKee Thos. W. W M 77 M Hunger,Greene Co.,NY Millwright 9/15/1902 Towanda Twp. Kidney Trouble 2 mo Oak Hill Cem. 9/17/1902      
12/14/1902 McKee Hannah S. W F 77 M Harpersfield,NY Housekeeper 12/10/1902 Towanda Twp. Heart Disease 1 yr Oak Hill Cem. 12/12/1902      
12/1/1902 McNeal Wesley W M 50 M Burlington, Pa. Farmer 8/23/1902 Smithfield Neuralgia 6 da Burlington 8/25/1902      
12/17/1902 McCauley Jane W F 86 W Scotland   7/26/1902 Ulster Old Age 3 wk Ulster 8/29/1902      
  McGovern Patrick W M 83 M Ireland Farmer 10/21/1902 Herrick, Pa. Heart Trouble 10 da State Road 10/23/1902      
11/17/1902 McCormick James W M 45 S Springfield Farmer 6/9/1902 Ridgebury Heart Trouble 8 mo Elmira, NY 6/11/1902      
12/5/1902 McGrath Patrick W M 68 S Ireland Laborer 11/10/1902 Kuykendall Paralysis 15 da Owego 11/12/1902      
12/12/1903 McDonough Frank W M 58 M Ireland   11/27/1903 Athens Paralysis 1 yr Sayre Cem. 11/30/1903      
12/9/1903 McCloe Jackson B M 74 M Spring Hill, Pa. Farmer 11/14/1903 Tuscarora, Pa. Typhoid Fever 15 da Skinners Eddy 11/16/1903      
  McCann Lavisa W F 45 M Southport, NY Housekeeper 3/17/1903 South Creek Heart Failure Instant Gillett 3/19/1903      


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By Joyce M. Tice