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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
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Date of Recd Surname First Name Color Sex Age Mar.
Place Birth Occupation Date-Death Place/Death Cause/Death Dur/Illness Buried Date If Minor
If Minor
  Isaacs Phillip H. W M 16 mo S Canton Farmers child 5/22/1901 Canton Inf. Of spine 2 wk Park Cem. 5/24/1902 Samuel Isaacs Bertha Isaacs Dates as given
12/7/1905 Irvine J. W. W M 18 M Irvine St. Merchant 10/9/1903 Liberty Corners Heart Failure 3 yr Liberty Corners 10/11/1903 Welsh Irvine    
12/10/1905 Irvine Eunice W F 81 W Overton Twp. Farmers Wife 8/14/1903 Mingos St. Paralysis 3 wk Monroe Boro 8/16/1903 Jacob Haverley    
  Iverson Ann M. W F 70 S Preston, Chenango Co.,NY   5/28/1903 Warren Pneumonia 2 wk N. Warren 5/30/1903      
5/1/1905 Irvine Fred W M 25 S Liberty Corners Laborer 3/16/1905 Glady W. Vir. Accident Killed Liberty Corners 3/20/1905      
5/10/1905 Inghan Harry W M 23 S Sugar Run Agent 9/16/1905 Buffalo Pneumonia 1 da Wyalusing 9/19/1904     Dates as given
5/8/1901 Jackson T. A. W M 64 M Vermont Farmer 3/26/1901 Wetona Pneumonia 9 da Wetona Cem. 3/29/1901      
5/6/1901 Jones Grace W F 22 S Afton, NY None 10/30/1900 Smithfield Typhoid Fever 12 da Smithfield 11/1/1900      
5/18/1901 Johnson George R. W M 81 W Unknown Boarder 4/5/1901 Indian Hill, Pa. Old Age 5 da Lacey St. 4/7/1901      
12/10/1901 Johnston Lockwood W M 53 M Webster, NY Lumberman 11/28/1901 Towanda Heart Failure 8 mo Terrytown 11/30/1901      
12/9/1901 Johnson Willie W M 15 mo S Terry Twp. Carpenter 8/13/1901 W. Burlington Convulsions 2 da County Cem. 8/15/1901 Will Johnson Clary Johnson  
12/14/1901 Jones Lydia M. W F 73 M Troy   12/5/1901 E. Troy Pneumonia 1 wk E. Troy 12/9/1901      
5/29/1902 Johnson Samantha W F 30 M Terry Twp,Brad.Co. Laborer 4/28/1902 Terry Twp. Lung Trouble 9 da Terrytown 4/30/1902 Richard Vanderpool Polly Vanderpool  
5/29/1902 Johnson Ellen W F 6   Terry Twp,Brad.Co.   5/25/1902 Terry Twp. Diphtheria 8 da Terrytown 5/27/1902 James Johnson Maggy Johnson  
5/28/1902 Johnson Nathan H. W M 76 M Germantown, Phila.Pa. Retired Merchant 5/17/1902 Franklin Brights Disease 4 mo Philadelphia 5/20/1902      
5/9/1902 Jones Alice W F 1   Hornbrook   9/5/1901 Ulster Cholera Infartum 1 wk Hornbrook Cem. 9/8/1901 Walter Jones Carrie Jones  
  Jones Jane W F 77 S Wales   12/20/1901 (2?) Warren Pneumonia 4 da Neath        
5/21/1902 Jakway Eliza E. W F 68 S Johnson Dis. Windham Housekeeper 3/17/1902 Montrose Paralysis 2 yr Windham 3/20/1902      
5/24/1902 Jennings Abbie V. W F 47 M Standing Stone Domestic 5/18/1902 Sayre Kidney Disease 6 mo Waverly, NY 5/21/1902      
  Johnson Laura W F 30 M Lymanvill, Pa. Housekeeper 3/8/1902 Hornbrook Heart Failure 6 da Hornbrook Cem. 3/15/1902      
5/12/1902 Jones Betsy E. W F 80 W Grover Housekeeper 5/4/1902 Grover Paralysis 3 yr Beech Flats 5/6/1902 John B. Crandell Milison Crandall  
8/30/1902 Jennings Caty W F 43 M New Jersey Housekeeper 7/4/1902 W. Burlington Dropsy 1 yr Christian Cem. 7/6/1902      
  Johnston Hazel W F 18 mo   Foot of Plane   4/27/1902 Foot of Plane Pneumonia 2 wk Powell 4/29/1902 Loren Johnston Mayme Johnston  
6/23/1902 Joslin Louis W M 28 M N.Y. Fireman 6/27/1902 Hospital Raymonds Disease 4 da          
  Johnson Jesse W M 18 S Towanda Laborer 11/11/1902 River St. Heart Disease 6 mo Towanda 11/13/1902 Otis Johnson Delila Johnson  
12/1/1902 Jackson Ruey W F 64 M Smithfield, Pa. Postmaster 7/5/1902 Smithfield Dropsy 1 yr Smithfield 7/7/1902      
12/1/1902 Judge Catharine W F 74 S Ireland Housekeeper 8/12/1901 Smithfield Cancer 3 mo Ridgebury 8/14/1901      
12/12/1902 Jones Abigail C. W F 84 W Ulster Farmer 9/21/1902 Ulster Old Age 1 wk Ulster 9/23/1902      
  Johnson Lyman W   74 M Broome Co.,NY   7/26/1902 Marshview Catarrh Stomach 2 mo French Town 7/28/1902      
  Jennings   W M 10 S Student       Scarlet Fever   Canton, Pa. 9/13/1902      
12/20/1902 Johnson William W M   M Bradford Co. Laborer 12/6/1902 Overton Pneumonia 7 da Riverside Cem. 12/9/1902      
  Jennings Mrs. Terressa W F 75 M Canton Twp.,Pa.   6/6/1902 Granville Pa. Heart Failure Windfall, Pa. 6/9/1902      
12/20/1902 Johnson William W M   M Bradford Co. Laborer 12/6/1902 Overton Pneumonia 7 da Riverside Cem. 12/9/1902    
5/12/1903 Jordon Delos W M 65 M Tyrone, NY Laborer 12/18/1903 Athens Complications 4 mo Athens 12/20/1902 Hosea Jaroleman Lucy Jaroleman  
5/14/1903 Johnson J. J. W M   M Terry Twp,Brad.Co.   2/21/1903 Asylum Pneumonia 1 wk Terry Twp. 1/23/1903     Dates as given
5/12/1903 Jaroleman Infant W F 3 da S Col. X Rds   5/20/1903 Col. X Rds Convulsions 3 da Bolhirt Hill   Hosea Jaroleman Lucy Jaroleman  
  Johnson Francis W F 5 mo S Towanda Twp. Single Freeman 1/9/1903 Towanda Twp. Pneumonia 1 wk Coles Cem. 1/10/1903 Henry Johnson Ella Johnson  
12/12/1903 Jakway Thomas W M 72 S N. River, NY Laborer 11/29/1903 County House Gen.Debility 6 da N. Orwell 12/1/1903      
  Jenkins Labina W F 82 M Delaware Co.,NY Wife of Farmer 11/23/1903 Canton Old Age 7 da Leroy Cem. 11/25/1903      
12/14/1903 Jakeway Rachel W F 60 M Warren Housekeeper 11/5/1903 Beaver Valley Paralysis 8 wk N. Orwell 11/7/1903      
12/15/1903 Jakeway Thos. W M 71 S Washington Co.Greenwick Laborer 11/29/1903 Burlington Alms House Gen.Debility 6 da N. Orwell 12/1/1903      


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By Joyce M. Tice