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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1880 to 1881

from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume ??? .
Date Day/Month   Name Text
1881 27-Sep D Mattison, Ernest R. Died in Charleston, Sep 14th 1881 of typhoid fever, Mr. Ernest R. Mattison in the 27th yr of his age
1881 22-Mar M Mattison, William H. Married at the M. E. parsonage in Gaines Mar 14th 1881 by Rev. J. W. Miller, Mr. William H. Mattison of Gaines and Ellen Roahabacher of Clymer, Pa.
1880 10-Aug M Mayhew, Minnie Married Lawrenceville News Aug 7th 1880. There was a wedding at the Episcopal church here yesterday when Rev. Mr. London performed the ceremony that united Miss Minnie Mayhew and Mr. R. H. Mann
1881 12-Apr D Maynard, Almira C. Died Mrs. Almira C. Maynard, wife of Hon. J. W. Maynard, died at Williamsport on the 2d inst. She was the daughter of Elijah DePui, of this county, and mother-in-law of Peter Herdic.
1881 19-Jul D McAndrew, Mrs. John Died Mrs. John McAndrew who lives at Buck settlement about 6 miles southwest of Bath was accidentally drowned a few nights ago
1880 08-Jun M McCagg, J. W. Married at 83 Plymouth avenue, Rochester, NY., Tues., Jun 1st 1880 by Dr. N. H. Barbour (Church of the Strangers), Elder J. W. McCagg of Niles Valley, Pa., and Mrs. M. A. Cone of Rochester
1880 09-Nov M McCaslin, Chester Married at Osceola Aug 5th 1880 by Morgan Seeley, Esq., Chester McCaslin of Osceola and Miss Hattie Sligh of Wellsboro, Pa.
1881 17-May M McCaslin, Clarence M. Married at the hotel in Westfield May 7th 1881 by Rev. S. W. Jennings, Mr. Clarence M. McCaslin of Marsh Creek and Miss Maggie M. Brooks of Hector, Potter Co., Pa.
1881 03-May D McCaslin, Hattie Died at Westfield Apr 25th 1881 Hattie, daughter of Joseph and Adelaide McCaslin, aged 1 yr 4 mos.
1881 03-May D McCaslin, Nellie Died at Westfield Apr 26th 1881 Nellie, daughter of Joseph and Adelaide McCaslin, aged 3 yrs 1 mo and 8 das
1880 10-Aug D McClelland, Sarah E. Died at the residence of her brother in Granville, Bradford Co., Jul 2nd 1880 of cancer Mrs. Sarah E. McClelland widow of Levi McClelland, late of Charleston, Tioga Co., aged 47 years
1881 22-Mar D McCoy, Bertie Died at Blossburg Mar 14th 1881 Bertie, son of B. N. and Alice McCoy, aged about 5 yrs
1881 13-Sep D McCoy, Eliza Died at Blossburg Sep 5th 1881 of dropsy of the heart Miss Eliza McCoy, aged 47 yrs
1881 20-Sep M McDowell, Burr Married at Wellsboro Sep 15th 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Mr. Burr McDowell of Cohocton, NY and Miss Maria Patterson of Arnot, Pa.
1881 26-Apr D McEntee, Peter Died Peter McEntee who lived with his brother, Hugh McEntee, in Harrisburg Hollow, a locality two and a half miles from Bath, Steuben Co., NY died last Tue. He was a widower and 62 yrs of age
1881 22-Mar M McFarland, William Married at the residence of the bride's mother Mar 9th 1881 by Rev. Geo. D. Meigs, William McFarland of Gunnison, Colorado and Laura A. Hall of Mansfield, Pa.
1881 18-Oct M McGinley, N. T. Married at Bellefonte, Pa., Sep 29th 1881 by Rev. Mr. Pennepacker, John W. Coolidge, M. D., of Carbondale, Pa., and Miss N. T. McGinley of Bellefonte
1880 13-Jul M McInroy, Maggie F. Married at the Baptist parsonage in Charleston Jul 5th 1880 by Rev. De W. T. VanDoren, Mr. G. C. Atherton of Charleston and Miss Maggie F. McInroy of Wellsboro
1881 17-May M McIntire, Ada Married at the M. E. parsonage, Mansfield, May 8th 1881 by Rev. H. C. Moyer, Mr. Frank E. Wheeler of Tioga and Miss Ada M. McIntire
1880 17-Jun D McIntrye, James Died Union, Pa., Mr. James McIntyre died at his residence last week. Burial in Blossburg.
1881 16-Aug D McIntyre, Hiram H. Died at Mansfield Aug 6th 1881 Hiram H. McIntyre, in the sixtieth year of his age
1881 25-Oct B McLacklin Born in Westfield Oct 13th 1881 to Mrs. E. A. McLacklin, a daughter
1881 25-Oct M McLean, Emma A. Married at Clark's Hotel, Mansfield Oct 20th 1881 by Rev. George D. Meige, Charles M. Jennings of Charleston and Emma A. McLean of Hammond, Pa.
1881 11-Oct M McLean, John A. Married at the Stevens mansion, Middlebury Oct 6th 1881 by Rev. S. D. Merrick, John A. McLean and Ada B. Stevens
1881 01-Mar M McLure, Lyman Married at Roseville, Pa., Feb 24th 1881 by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. Lyman McLure and Miss Helen Benson both of Columbia Co., Pa.
1881 22-Feb D McMillan Died; an Associated Press dispatch from Leadville dated last Fri., says: "A miner named McMillan from Mansfield, Pa., living alone at the headwaters of the Gunnison river, was found dead in his cabin today. His limbs were burned and the body frozen. It is supposed he was a victim of an explosion of a kerosene lamp. Over 300 pounds of gold was found in his truck.
1881 26-Apr M McNeil, Peter Married at Mainesburg Apr 13th 1881 at the house of the bride, by E. E. Morris, Mr. Peter McNeil of Corning, NY and Mrs. Sophia Rumsey
1881 01-Mar D McNeil, Peter S. S. Died Mr. Peter S. S. McNeil, one of the oldest and best known business men of Elmira, died in that city last week Mon. Mr. McNeil was a brother-in-law of the late Silas X. Billings, having married his sister, and was well known in this county. He was 55 yrs of age
1880 19-Oct D McPeck infant Died Brookfield news Oct 15th 1880. On Wed. the funeral of an infant daughter of Mr. Theodore McPeck was held. Burial in the cemetery on Troup's creek
1881 27-Sep D McSparin, Richard Henry Died at Arnot Sep 20th 1881 Richard Henry, son of John and Jane McSparin, aged 6 yrs
1881 01-Feb D Mead, Mrs. Joanna Died on the 2nd Jan 1881 Mrs. Joanna Mead, wife of George A. Mead, died at Tipton, California. Mrs. Meade was one of 8 daughters of Mr. Julius Seely. Mrs. J. M. Kilbourne being the only one surviving her. Joanna was born, according to the old Friends' family record, at Deerfield in Tioga Co., on the 30th day of the 3rd month, 1827. On the 23rd day of Dec. 1855, she left the old home with her husband to try their fortunes in the Golden State, crossing the plains with teams. Her husband survives her. She left no children.
1881 01-Nov D Mead, Mrs. Mina Died news from Chatham dated Oct 26th 1881. Mrs. Mina Mead died at her residence last Tue. Her husband, J. N. Mead died just four weeks ago. Mrs. Mead was a daughter of Mr. George Hawley
1880 22-Jun M Merrell, Hannah Addie Married at Wellsboro, Jun 14th 1880 by Rev. A. C. Shaw, Mr. Robert Thompson of Cedar Run, Lycoming Co., and Hannah Addie Merrell of Liberty, Tioga Co., Pa.
1881 20-Dec M Merrick, Charles S. Married at the Baptist parsonage in Stony Fork, Pa., Dec 17th 1881 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. Charles S. Merrick of Tioga and Miss Hettie E. Butler of Delmar, Pa.
1881 19-Apr D Merrick, Myrtie Died in Chatham Apr 13th 1881 of scarlet fever, Myrtie, daughter of E. C. and A. P. Merrick, aged 9 yrs
1881 14-Jun B Merrill Born at Blossburg Jun 5th 1881 to the wife of James S. Merrill, a son
1881 22-Nov M Mickell, Charles Married at the residence of the groom's mother near Round Top Nov 20th 1881 by Rev. A. D. Finch, Mr. Charles Mickell and Miss Emma Scott both of Charleston, Pa.
1881 08-Feb M Mickell, Nathan Married at the residence of Mr. A. Starkweather in Duncan, Pa., Dec 22nd 1880 by Rev. S. W. Jennings, Mr. Nathan Mickell of Charleston and Miss Effie J. Dimmick of Delmar, Pa.
1881 14-Jun D Mickle, Myron J. Died Myron J. Mickle of Charleston twp., was killed yesterday by a limb of a tree falling on him. Mr. Mickle and his brother had been at work peeling bark.
1880 08-Jun M Middaugh, H. Married at Morris Run, May 29th 1880 by Rev. D. Savage, Mr. H. Middaugh and Miss Ada Hulslander
1881 22-Feb M Middaugh, Oscar Married at Ogdensburg Feb 12th 1881 by P. B. Harrington, Esq., Mr. Oscar Middaugh of Morris Run and Nora E. Larcum of Covington, Tioga Co., Pa.
1881 12-Jul B Miller Born news from Millerton. There was recently added to the family of Jesse Miller a little daughter
1880 17-Aug B Miller Born in Jackson Aug 9th 1880 to the wife of Orrin Miller, a daughter
1881 15-Nov M Miller, Anna J. Married at the Methodist Episcopal parsonage in East Charleston Oct 30th 1881 by Rev. C. N. Patterson, Mr. Lewis T. Scott and Miss Anna J. Miller both of Charleston, Pa.
1881 25-Jan M Miller, George D. Married at the residence of the bride's father Jan 12th 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, George D. Miller of Athens, Pa., and Josephine L. Coolidge of Wellsboro, Pa.
1881 08-Mar M Miller, Hattie Married at Roseville Mar 1st 1881 by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. Watson Rose of Jackson, Jackson Co., Minn., and Miss Hattie Miller of Sullivan, Tioga Co., Pa.
1880 28-Dec M Miller, Jacob Married at Wellsboro Dec 21st 1880 by A. S. Brewster, Esq., Mr. Jacob Miller of Clinton Co., and Miss Mary Callahan of Lycoming Co., Pa.
1881 11-Jan M Miller, Lily Married at Millerton Dec 27th 1880 by Rev. H. B. Troxel, Mr. Fremont Buchanan and Miss Lily Miller of Jackson, Pa.
1881 08-Mar M Miller, Nelson J. Married in Delmar Mar 5 1881 by A. S. Brewster, Esq., Mr. Nelson J. Miller and Miss Harriet Terrell both of Delmar, Pa.
1881 20-Dec M Miller, Sallie Married at Millerton Dec 10th 1881 by Rev. Paul Smith, Mr. William E. Barnes and Miss Sallie Miller both of Millerton, Pa.
1881 30-Aug M Milliken, Rev. Peter H. Married at Christ Church, Corning, NY Aug 17th 1881 by Rev. W. D. Doty, rector of Christ Church, Rochester, NY., Rev. Peter H. Milliken of Montgomery, Orange Co., NY and Miss Adelaide L., eldest daughter of Charles H. Tomson, Esq., of Corning, NY
1880 20-Jul B Mills Born in Richmond township Jul 2nd 1880 to the wife of John Mills, a daughter
1881 22-Mar M Mills, Aurilla M. Married at the Baptist parsonage in Stony Fork Mar 17th 1881 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. Clarence A. Stewart of Delmar and Miss Aurilla M. Mills of Round Top, Pa.
1880 22-Jun M Minken, Frederick Married at Wellsboro, Jun 18 1880 by I. M. Bodine, Esq., Frederick Minken and Katie Augst, both of Germania, Pa.
1881 21-Jun B Mitchell Born at Wellsboro Jun 15th 1881 to the wife of John I. Mitchell, a son
1881 13-Dec M Mitchell, Alzada E. Married at the parsonage in Aspinwall Nov 29th 1881 by Rev. Hallock Armstrong, Mr. Lysander Hammond of Jackson and Miss Alzada E. Mitchell of East Smithfield, Bradford Co., Pa.
1881 01-Mar D Mitchell, Bertha Died in Jackson, Pa., Feb 24th 1881 of diptheria, Bertha, daughter of Albert and Mary Mitchell, aged 8 yrs and 6 mos
1881 08-Mar D Mitchell, Mrs. Harriet Dartt Died at Tioga borough on the 24th of Feb 1881 Mrs. Harriet Dartt Mitchell widow of the late Richard Mitchell, aged 71 yrs. Funeral services were held at the Baptist church, just three years to a day from the date of her husband's funeral. She was the mother of a large family of children, all but one still surviving her. Her husband was a successful farmer at the Mitchell Creek neighborhood
1881 01-Mar D Mitchell, Mrs. Harriett Died Mrs. Harriet Mitchell, an old and respected resident of Tioga, died in that village last Thu.
1881 26-Jul D Mitchell, Mrs. J. B. Died the wife of Mr. J. B. Mitchell of Plainfield, Wis., died at her home last Tue., the 19th inst. She leaves 4 children, the youngest being only 3 yrs of age. Mr. J. B. Mitchell is a brother of Senator Mitchell
1880 28-Sep D Mitchell, Mrs. Jane E. Died at Mitchell's Creek Sep 17th 1880 Jane E., widow of the late William K. Mitchell, aged 63 yrs. She was born in England Apr 10 1817. She was the eldest daughter of the late Thomas S. Sheardown, well known in the early history of NY and PA. Mrs. Mitchell came to this country with her mother and infant sister, now Mrs. Eliza Dillistin of Tioga, when about 3 yrs of age, the father Elder Sheardown, having preceded them in the journey by about 1 yr. Mrs. Mitchell was married to William K. Mitchell Sep 1835 and settled in the Mitchell's Creek neighborhood, where nearly all her married life was passed. She was the mother of fourteen children, ten of whom survive her, besides numerous grandchildren. (Names of children were not given) Funeral services were held at her late residence, conducted by the pastor of the Baptist church. She was a member of the Baptist Church in Tioga, Pa.
1881 01-Mar D Mitchell, Mrs. Richard Died; news from Tioga dated Feb 26th 1881. Mrs. Richard Mitchell, died at her residence on Broad Street, Thur.
1880 16-Nov D Monroe, Henry Died last Wed., night near Brown's saw-mill at Bardel City, McKean Co., a number of men were burned to death. Their names were Elliott, Brown, Healey and Hyde. Also Joe Donnock, Henry Monroe, Frank Walsh and another are dead or not expected to recover (d
1880 21-Dec D Mooney, Annie Died at Wellsboro Dec 19th 1880 Miss Annie Mooney of Morris Run aged 28 yrs
1880 09-Nov D Moore, Asa B. Died Mr. Asa B. Moore, well known as a former resident of this borough, died at Troy, Bradford Co., last Tue.
1880 07-Sep M Moore, Celia Married at Morris Run Aug 25th 1880 by Rev. F. T. Evans, William Ramsey and Celia Moore both of Morris Run, Pa.
1880 19-Oct D Moore, Grace J. Died in Delmar Sep 28th 1880 of diptheria Grace J., daughter of Charles Adelbert and Eleanor J. Moore aged 8 yrs 4 mos and 7 das.
1881 08-Nov M Moore, Henry Married at Mitchell's Creek Oct 30th 1881 by Rev. G. S. McKinney, Mr. Henry Moore of Mitchell's Creek and Miss Elizabeth Herrington of East Troupsburgh, NY
1881 16-Aug M Moore, R. F. Married at Canoe Camp Jul 29th 1881 by M. R. Goodall, Esq., Mr. R. F. Moore and Miss Jennie Agney both of Canoe Camp, Pa.
1880 28-Sep D Moore, Thomas J. Died in Delmar Sep 23rd 1880 of diptheria, Thomas J., son of Adelbert and Eleanor Moore, aged 3 yrs 3 mos and 11 days
1881 12-Jul M Morgan, Clarinda Married in Alba, Bradford Co., Pa., at the Union House Jul 3rd 1881 by Rev. C. H. Crowl, Mr. D. S. Peters of Mainesburg, Tioga Co., and Mrs. Clarinda Morgan of Armenia, Bradford Co., Pa.
1880 17-Aug D Morgan, DeWitt Died in Sullivan Aug 10th 1880 of consumption, Mr. DeWitt Morgan, aged 63 yrs.
1881 14-Jun M Moriarty, Nora Married at St. Peter's Church, Wellsboro Jun 12th 1881 by Rev. J. C. McDermott, Mr. William B. Sullivan and Miss Nora Moriarty both of Wellsboro, Pa.
1881 30-Aug M Morse, Herman S. Married in Westfield Aug 11th 1881 by Rev. J. Knapp, Mr. Herman S. Morse of Chatham and Miss Edith E. Davies of Westfield, Pa.
1881 04-Jan D Morse, William Died at Blossburg Dec 24th 1880 Mr. William Morse aged 57 yrs and 6 mos. He was born in Tyrone, Yates Co., NY Aug 26th 1824 but resided mostly in this county
1881 01-Mar M Morsman, William A. Married at the Baptist parsonage at Stony Fork, Feb 26th 1881 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. William A. Morsman and Miss Alice M. Ashley both of Delmar, Pa.
1881 09-Aug D Morton, Ella Died in Clymer Aug 1st 1881 of heart disease, Ella, daughter of Robert and Mary Morton, aged 16 yrs
1880 15-Jun M Mosher, Hattie Married at Knoxville, Pa., Jun 1st 1880 by Rev. J. O. Jarman, Mr. W. L. Boughton of Brookfield and Miss Hattie Mosher of Chatham, Pa.
1881 18-Jan M Mott, Mellissa E. Married at East Charleston Dec 22nd 1880 by Rev. F. D. Goodrich, Mr. William H. Brown of Austinville, Bradford Co., and Miss Mellissa E. Mott of East Charleston, Tioga Co., Pa.
1880 14-Sep M Moyer, C. W. Married at the Baptist parsonage at Stony Fork Sep 12th 1880 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. C. W. Moyer and Mrs. Anna Allen both of Delmar, Pa.
1881 06-Sep D Moyer, Franklin Died at Steam Valley Aug 24th 1881 Franklin Moyer, aged 23 yrs 7 mos and 27 das
1881 01-Feb M Mudge, Edgar R. Married at the residence of Mr. Lyman P. Johnson at Seneca Castle, NY Jan 25th 1881 by Rev. H. H. Kellogg, Mr. Edgar R. Mudge of Sullivan, Pa., and Miss Henrietta Gelder of Seneca Castle
1881 15-Mar M Mudge, Loren B. Married at the residence of the bride's parents in Sullivan, Pa. Mar 1st 1881 by Rev. A. D. Finch, Mr. Loren B. Mudge and Miss Kate A. Ashley both of Sullivan, Pa.
1881 11-Oct M Munson, Jay Married at the Baptist parsonage in Stony Fork Sep 25th 1881 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. Jay Munson and Miss Mamie D. Reyman both of Delmar, Pa.
1881 04-Jan M Narsh, Charles S. Married on Christmas evening 1880 at the residence of the bride's parents and by the bride's father, Rev. W. Bullard, Mr. Charles S. Narsh of Sullivan and Miss Maude T. Bullard of Armenia, Pa.
1881 11-Oct M Neal, Lottie D. Married at the residence of Mr. George Staugger of Mainesburg, Pa., Oct 6th 1881 by Rev. F. W. Cook of Rochester, NY, Mr. Estus Combs of Middlebury and Miss Lottie D. Neal of Charleston, Pa.
1881 13-Sep M Neil, Andrew Married at Blossburg Aug 31st 1881 by Rev. F. K. Fowler, Andrew Neil of Arnot, Pa and Elizabeth Irvine of Scotland
1881 06-Dec M Nelson, Alexander Married at Mainesburg Nov 21st 1881 by Rev. Samuel Early, Mr. Alexander Nelson of Arnot and Miss Anna Weatherspoon of Mainesburg, Pa.
1881 18-Jan M Nesbitt, Sally Married at the residence of William H. Longwell, Rutland, Jan 9th 1881 by Rev. M. Rockwell, Mr. James Longwell of Columbia, Bradford Co., and Miss Sally Nesbit of Luzerne Co., Pa.
1880 13-Jul M Neupert, Jennie H. Married at Blossburg Jul 1st 1880 by Rev. F. K. Fowler, Mr. John Wilson and Miss Jennie H. Neupert
1880 26-Oct M Newkirk, Mary L. Married at the Baptist parsonage at Stony Fork Oct 24th 1880 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. Owen L. Swope and Miss Mary L. Newkirk both of Wellsboro, Pa.
1881 12-Jul D Newman Died: The Woodhull "Sentinel" says a lady from the West passed through Academy Corners a few days ago accompanied by a child who had just recovered from diptheria. They stopped at the hotel and a child of the landlord, Mr. C. Atwood, caught the disease and died from its effects. Two other children by the name of Newman also took the disease, one of whom as since died.
1881 25-Jan M Newman, Orrin Married at Westfield Jan 15th 1881 by Rev. J. Knapp, Mr. Orrin Newman and Miss Marian Swan both of Osceola, Pa.
1880 21-Dec M Newton, Lydia H. Married at the M. E. Parsonage in Gaines Oct 3rd 1880 by Rev. J. W. Miller, Mr. Edwin M. Fischler of Wellsboro and Miss Lydia H. Newton of Gaines, Pa.
1881 22-Feb D Nickerson, Abel Died in Charleston Jan 26th 1881, Mr. Abel Nickerson, father of Mr. Hiram Nickerson of East Charleston, aged 74 yrs
1880 28-Dec D Niles, Antoinette Blanche Died at Portsmouth NH, Dec 10th 1880 of scarlet fever, Antoinette Blanche, daughter of Lieut. Nathan E. and Blanche Niles, aged 2 yrs and 2 mos
1881 08-Mar M Niles, Erastus Married at Wellsboro Mar 3rd 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Erastus Niles of Middlebury and Ella Guerin of Charlest, Pa.
1880 26-Oct D Niles, Lucy Died in Middlebury Aug 18th 1880 Lucy, wife of Erastus Niles, aged 60 yrs
1881 18-Jan M Nobles, Cora S. Married in Brookfield Jan 6th 1881 by Rev. J. Knapp, Mr. Gaylord B. Simmons and miss Cora S. Nobles of Brookfield
1881 13-Dec M Nobles, Emma P. Married at the bride's home in Brookfield Aug 28th 1881 by Rev. R. J. Kellogg, Winfield S. Hubbard of Troupsburgh, NY and Emma P. Nobles of Brookfield, Pa.
1881 18-Oct M Noelk, Henry Married at the residence of the bride's parents Oct 13th 1881 by Rev. Charles Breck, D. D., rector of St. Paul's Church, Wellsboro, Mr. Henry Noelk and Miss Anna, daughter of Frank Baker, Esq., all of Wellsboro, Pa.
1880 29-Jun B Norman Born at Arnot Jun 11th 1880 to the wife of Mr. Fred Norman, a son.
1880 17-Aug D Norman Died Arnot News, Aug 14th 1880. Last Fri., a little boy about two yrs of age, son of George Norman, was playing on some shavings with some little friends who had matches. The children set the shavings on fire and the little fellow was badly burned and died within two hours.
1881 15-Feb M Norman, Alice Married at Arnot Feb 3rd 1881 by David T. Evans, Esq., Mr. Levi Plummer of Blossburg and Miss Alice Norman
1881 22-Feb D Northrop, Loren Died Loren Northrop aged about 16, was killed at Crowell's portable saw mill near Jackson Center last Wed. The deceased was quite well known throughout Jackson
1881 13-Sep M Northrup, May Married at the residence of the bride's father Aug 30th 1881 by Rev. George Sherer, Mr. Artemus Edwards and Miss May Northrup both of Troupsburgh, NY
1880 29-Jun D Norton, John Died at Tioga Jun 20th 1880 of consumption, John Norton aged 28 yrs
1881 25-Jan D Norwood, Mary Died at Jackson Summit, Pa., Jan 17th 1881, Mary only daughter of George and Harriet Norwood, aged 8 yrs and 9 mos
1880 28-Sep D Noyes, Sarah E. Died Miss Sarah E. Noyes, who taught school in Gaines about a years ending with the summer of 1879, died by drowning at Lee, Mass., on the 4th inst. She was the daughter of Mrs. E. Noyes of Williamstown, and sister of D. W. Noyes of Lee, Mass. (Taken from the Valley Gleaner, Lee, Mass.)
1881 11-Jan M O'Brien, Charles Married at Blossburg Jan 5th 1881 by Rev. F. K. Fowler, Mr. Charles O'Brien and Miss Elizabeth Branigan both of Blossburg, Pa.
1881 17-May D O'Connell, Mary Died Mary O'Connell was instantly killed by a train just west of Corning last Wed.
1880 28-Dec D O'Connor, Georgie Died at Wellsboro Dec 11th 1880 of membraneous croup, Georgie, son of Miles R. and Sallie O'Connor, aged 5 yrs and 24 das
1880 21-Sep M Ogden, Eva Married Odgensburg news Sep 15th 1880. There was a wedding in town last week, Miss Eva Odgen and Mr. Jacob Burnham
1881 11-Oct D Ogden, Mrs. Mary S. At Wellsboro Oct 4th 1881 Mary S., wife of Jacob L. Ogden, aged 48 yrs 4 mos and 27 das
1880 19-Oct D Ogden, William H. Died in Delmar Oct 3rd 1880 William H., son of Hiram E. and Mary E. Ogden, aged 3 mos.
1881 18-Jan D Olney, Nathan Died at Mansfield Jan 10th 1881 Nathan, son of R. E. and May J. Olney, in the 13th year of his age.
1881 13-Sep D Ormsby, Ed Died Ed. Ormsby died the 3d inst., near Keeneyville
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