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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA Multiple Volumes, Abstracted by Ruth Wetherbee, Julia Wetherbee, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, William A. Ladd. Also additional submissions sent in by Tri Counties Web Site Volunteers

All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling. The original copies of the newspapers are on file at the Green Free Library located in Wellsboro. Published 1981. Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd in 1997.

Wellsboro Agitator 1880 to 1881

from Tioga County Newspaper Records Volume ??? .
Date Day/Month   Name Text
1881 18-Jan B Black Born at Wellsboro Jan 1st 1881 to the wife of Mr. William M. Black, a son
1881 06-Dec D Black, George B. Died at Wellsboro, Pa., Nov 16th 1881 George B., youngest son of William and Fanny Black, aged 10 mos and 15 das
1881 12-Apr M Black, J. B. Married at Morris Mar 31st 1881 by Rev. J. A. Patton, Mr. J. B. Black of Liberty and Miss Alice R. Campbell of Delmar
1881 21-Jun D Black, John Wesley Died at Morris, Pa., May 15th 1881 John Wesley Black, aged 16 yrs 3 mos and 6 das
1881 24-May M Blackwell, John Married at Wellsboro May 18th 1881 by A. S. Brewster, Esq., Mr. John Blackwell and Miss Anna English both of Morris
1881 18-Jan D Blackwell, Mrs. Died news from Nauvoo. On Pine Creek on the 4th inst Mrs. Blackwell died, aged 85 yrs 3 mos and 4 das. "Mother" Blackwell was the mother of 7 children, 6 of whom are now living. She has 44 grandchildren, 37 still living and 35 great-grandchildren, 32 of whom are still alive
1881 05-Apr D Blair, Electa Died in Delmar Mar 6th 1881 Electa, wife of Leverett Blair, in the 63rd yr of her age
1881 02-Aug D Blair, Leveret Died last Thu. Leveret Blair died at the residence of his son-in-law, William W. Hathaway, at Tioga. He was about 60 yrs of age. He lived in Delmar just northeast of Wellsboro for many yrs. About a yr ago his wife died and soon afterward he went to Tioga to live with his daughter Mrs. Hathaway. Funeral was at St. Paul's church Fri., and burial was in Wellsboro
1881 19-Apr M Blair, Sherman S. Married at the residence of the bride's parents Apr 12th 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Mr. Sherman S. Blair and Miss Hattie R. Rowland both of Wellsboro, Pa.
1881 13-Sep M Bly, Ellsworth A. Married at Wellsboro Sep 9th 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Mr. Ellsworth A. Bly of Wellsboro and Miss Nellie Austin of Charleston, Pa.
1880 20-Jul D Bockus, Alonzo A. Died at Lowell, Indiana Jul 6th 1880 of consumption, Alonzo A. Bockus formerly of Charleston, Pa., aged 40 yrs 1 mo 25 das.
1881 02-Aug D Bonney, Minnie Died at Blossburg Jul 26th 1881 Miss Minnie Bonney in the 24th yr of her age
1881 08-Nov D Boom, Mrs. Sylvester Died news from Knoxville dated Nov 4th 1881. The funeral services for Mrs. Boom, widow of the late Sylvester Boom, of this place, will be this afternoon. Within the last few years she has suffered the loss of her husband and only son--and child
1881 15-Mar D Boom, W. Died news from Chatham dated Mar 10th 1881. Last week Fri., Mr. W. Boom of Shortsville was found dead in his home. His wife and children were away from home at the time.
1881 01-Nov D Borden, Benjamin B. Died news from Stony Fork dated Oct 31st 1881. Mr. Benjamin B. Borden died at his residence in Stony Fork last Sat., at the age of 85 yrs 2mos and 9 das. Mr. Borden was one of the oldest residents of Delmar. He came here from Hector, NY, sixty-three years ago. He married Hannah, daughter orf Samuel Parish.
1880 16-Nov M Borden, Mary Married at Wellsboro Nov 13th 1880 by A. S. Brewster, Esq., Mr. George Warren of Charleston and Miss Mary Borden of Delmar
1881 08-Feb M Bostwick, Louisa Married in Lawrence Jan 27th 1881 by Rev. L. D. Ayers, Mr. W. F. Shanlaber, of Big Flats, NY and Miss Louisa Bostwick of Lawrence, Pa.
1881 14-Jun M Bottom, George W. Married at Nelson May 25th 1881 by Rev. W. D. Taylor Mr. George W. Bottom of Tuscarora, NY, and Miss Lottie M., youngest daughter of Silas Crandall of Nelson, Pa.
1880 15-Jun M Boughton, W. L. Married at Knoxville, Pa., Jun 1st 1880 by Rev. J. O. Jarman, Mr. W. L. Boughton of Brookfield and Miss Hattie Mosher of Chatham, Pa.
1881 06-Sep D Bowen, Eva Died at St. Paul, Minn., Aug 20th 1881 of brain fever, Eva, daughter of W. H. and Dora A. Bowen, aged 11 mos and 29 das
1880 07-Sep M Bowen, Isaac Married at Morris Run Aug 31st 1880 by Rev. F. T. Evans, Isaac Bowen of Blossburg and Miss Mary Evans of Morris Run, Pa.
1881 26-Apr M Bowen, John Married at Bismarck, Dakota Apr 16th 1881 Mr. John Bowen formerly of this county and Olive Green of Bismark
1881 25-Oct D Bowen, Lena Died in Deerfield Sep 5th 1881 Lena, daughter of Elihu and Eliza A. Bowen, aged 22 yrs 1 mo and 10 das
1881 03-May M Boyce, Abbie L. Married at East Charleston, Pa. Apr 24th 1881 by Rev. F. D. Goodrich, Mr. Caleb S. Austin and Abbie L. Boyce both of Charleston
1880 21-Dec M Boyce, Burdett Married at the home of the bride Dec 2nd 1880 by Rev. W. Miller, Mr. Burdett Boyce of Spring Mills, NY and Miss Hattie Harrison of Harrison Valley, Pa.
1880 28-Dec D Boyce, Mrs. Harlow Died news from Little Marsh dated Dec 25th 1880. The widow of the late Harlow Boyce died Thu. Her funeral will be held today.
1880 20-Jul D Boyd, John Died at Tioga, Jul 12th 1880 of Billious fever, John Boyd aged 69 years
1881 22-Mar M Brace, Ettie Married at Elkland Mar 12th 1881 by J. S. Ryon, Esq., Mr. Elmer Hackett of Westfield and Miss Ettie Brace of Brookfield, Pa.
1881 08-Mar M Bradley, Clara Married at Mansfield Feb 23rd 1881 by Rev. G. M. Righter,Mr. James Shearer and Miss Clara Bradley both of Arnot,Pa.
1881 14-Jun M Bradley, Elbridge Married at the Park Hotel, Tioga, Pa., Jun 2nd 1881, by Rev. E. D. Rawson, Mr. Elbridge Bradley of Little Utica, NY and Miss Helen Cady of Stokesdale, Pa.
1881 30-Aug M Bradley, Peter Married at Wellsboro Aug 18th 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Mr. Peter Bradley and Mrs. Angeline Chaffee both of Marsh Creek, Pa.
1880 06-Jul M Bradshaw, Rozana F. Married at Blossburg Jun 23rd 1880 by Rev. F. K. Fowler, Mr. Morgan Watkins of Carbon Run and Miss Rozana F. Bradshaw
1880 28-Dec D Bragg, Charles Died Charles Bragg, son of Frederick Bragg, of Corning NY who is an engineer on the C. C. & A. railroad, was killed last Thu., at Corning on a railroad crossing by the Monitor train.
1881 14-Jun M Brague, John W. Married at the rectory of St. Paul's Church, Wellsboro Jun 7th 1881 by Rev. Charles Breck, D. D., John W. Brague of Antrim and Clara, daughter of Daniel Fox, Esq., of Delmar, Pa.
1881 11-Jan M Branigan, Elizabeth Married at Blossburg Jan 5th 1881 by Rev. F. K. Fowler, Mr. Charles O'Brien and Miss Elizabeth Branigan both of Blossburg, Pa.
1881 15-Nov M Brant, Bruce N. Married at Lawrenceville Nov 9th 1881 by Rev. A. Purdy, Mr. Bruce N. Brant and Miss Ida C., daughter of Geo. T. Losey, Esq., both of Lawrenceville, Pa.
1880 05-Oct D Breck, Samuel Died at his residence at Tarrytown, NY Sep 10th 1880, Samuel Breck aged 70 yrs and 3 mos. Rev. Charles Breck, D. D. of Wellsboro is a brother
1881 11-Jan D Brewer, William, Sr. Died William Brewer, Sr., of Wells, for several years a resident of Jackson twp., died a few days ago in the 87th yr of his age
1880 29-Jun M Brewster, E. S. Married at Mansfield Jun 9th 1880 by Rev. G. M. Righter, Mr. E. S. Brewster and Miss Rose A. Davis
1880 17-Aug D Brewster, Ira A. Died in Charleston, Pa., Aug 12th 1880 Ira A., son of Arthur and Hattie Brewster, aged 4 mos., and 1 day.
1881 11-Jan M Briggs, Elmer Married in Richmond Dec 20th 1880 by Rev. G. M. Righter, Mr. Elmer Briggs of Holidaytown and Miss Lettie Rose of Richmond, Pa.
1881 05-Apr M Brigham, Mary F. Married at East Smithfield, Bradford Co., Pa., at the residence of the bride's uncle, Charles Brigham, Esq., Mar 30th 1881 by Rev. J. L. King, Mr. Arthur O. Dockstader of Charleston, Tioga Co., Pa. And Miss Mary F. Brigham
1881 09-Aug D Brill, Lewis Died in Delmar Jul 23rd 1881 of pneumonia, Mr. Lewis Brill, aged 52 yrs 5 mos and 4 das
1881 09-Aug D Brill, Mary A. Died in Delmar Jul 14th 1881 of pneumonia, Miss Mary A., daughter of Lewis and Elizabeth Brill, aged 20 yrs 4 mos and 7 das
1881 01-Feb M Brimmer, Susie Married at Westfield Dec 7th 1880 by W. H. Parson, Esq., P. R. Bruce of Westfield and Miss Susie Brimmer of Farmington, Pa.
1881 22-Mar M Bristol, Allie E. Married at the M. E. Parsonage in Gaines Mar 2nd 1881 by Rev. J. W. Miller, Mr. Job R. Broughton of Westfield and Allie E. Bristol of Mixtown, Pa.
1881 07-Jun D Broakman, Samuel M. Died Rev. Samuel M. Broakman, a man well known in this county, died at Elmira NY yesterday morning. He was about 64 yrs of age, and had resided in this county for 40 yrs prior to 1862, when he removed to Elmira. Although he was a regularly ordained Baptist preacher, he worked for a number of years at the carpenters's trade. He built the Poor-house in this county and alos the Parkhurst House in the borough
1881 19-Apr M Brock, Alice E. Married at Lawrenceville Apr 10th 1881 by Rev. N. N. Beers, Morris E. Wall and Miss Alice E. Brock
1881 26-Jul M Bronson, John Married at St. Paul's Church, Wellsboro, Jul 19th 1881 by the rector, Rev. Charles Breck, D. D., John Bronson of Antrim and Mary Loson, daughter of Lars and Stina Janson of Sweden
1881 13-Sep M Bront, Augustus L. Married at Knoxville, Pa., Aug 28th 1881 by Rev. E. F. Mott, Mr. Augustus L. Bront of Dundee, NY and Miss Esther Works of Osceola, Pa.
1881 17-May M Brooks, Maggie M. Married at the hotel in Westfield May 7th 1881 by Rev. S. W. Jennings, Mr. Clarence M. McCaslin of Marsh Creek and Miss Maggie M. Brooks of Hector, Potter Co., Pa.
1881 29-Nov M Brooks, Mary Alice Married in Trinity Church Antrim on Nov 24th 1881 by the rector, Rev. Charles Breck, D. D., Samuel Reese and Mary Alice, daughter of Joseph and Maria Brooks
1881 22-Mar M Brott, Mary Lovina Married at the residence of the bride's parents in Chatham Mar 3rd 1881 by Rev. D. A. Pope, Mr. Dennis Howard and Miss Mary Lovina Brott both of Chatham
1881 22-Mar M Broughton, Job R. Married at the M. E. Parsonage in Gaines Mar 2nd 1881 by Rev. J. W. Miller, Mr. Job R. Broughton of Westfield and Allie E. Bristol of Mixtown, Pa.
1881 25-Jan B Brown Born at Elkland Jan 12th 1881 to the wife of Mr. John Brown, a son
1881 19-Jul B Brown Born in Lawrence twp., Jul 13th 1881 to the wife of Mr. M. B. Brown, a daughter
1881 02-Aug M Brown, Clarissa A. Married at the residence of the officiating clergyman Rev. S. Butler Jul 25th 1881, Mr. H. S. Houghtailing and Miss Clarissa A. Brown both of Middlebury, Pa.
1880 13-Jul M Brown, Frank R. Married at the M. E. Parsonage in Gaines Jul 1st 1880 by Rev. J. W. Miller, Frank R. Brown and Louisa Zimmerman, both of Gaines, Pa.
1881 29-Mar D Brown, Freddie S. Died at Mansfield Mar 20th 1881 Freddie S., son of C. E. and Lottie Brown, aged 3 yrs and 7 mos
1880 14-Sep M Brown, George A. Married at the M. E. parsonage, Lawrenceville, Aug 15th 1880 by Rev. W. W. Hunt, George A. Brown and Katie A. Masterson both of Tioga, Pa.
1881 31-May D Brown, Mr. Died Rev. B. F. Brown of Mansfield was called to Baltimore last week by the death of his brother
1880 16-Nov D Brown, Mr.  Died last Wed., night near Brown's saw-mill at Bardel City, McKean Co., a number of men were burned to death. Their names were Elliott, Brown, Healey and Hyde. Also Joe Donnock, Henry Monroe, Frank Walsh and another are dead or not expected to recover (d
1881 18-Jan M Brown, William H. Married at East Charleston Dec 22nd 1880 by Rev. F. D. Goodrich, Mr. William H. Brown of Austinville, Bradford Co., and Miss Mellissa E. Mott of East Charleston, Tioga Co., Pa.
1881 02-Aug D Bruce, Clarissa A. Died at Sabinsville Jul 22nd 1881 Clarissa A., wife of Charles F. Bruce, aged 46 yrs
1881 01-Feb M Bruce, P. R. Married at Westfield Dec 7th 1880 by W. H. Parson, Esq., P. R. Bruce of Westfield and Miss Susie Brimmer of Farmington, Pa.
1881 29-Mar M Bryant, Frank Married at East Charleston Mar 26th 1881 by Rev. F. D. Goodrich, Mr. Frank Bryant and Miss Helen Lewis both of Middlebury, Pa.
1881 22-Mar M Bryant, Ida Married at the M. E. parsonage in Millerton Mar 10th 1881 by Rev. H. B. Troxel, Mr. Joel Lucas of East Troy, Pa. And Miss Ida Bryant of Jackson Center, Pa.
1880 28-Dec D Bryant, Mrs. Samuel Died Mrs. Samuel Bryant, one of the early settlers of Covington, died at Frost Settlement last week Sunday
1881 01-Nov M Bryden, E. A. Married at the residence of the bride's father in Delmar, Pa., Oct 26th 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Mr. E. A. Bryden and Miss Happie Herrington, both of Wellsboro, Pa.
1881 11-Jan M Buchanan, Fremont Married at Millerton Dec 27th 1880 by Rev. H. B. Troxel, Mr. Fremont Buchanan and Miss Lily Miller of Jackson, Pa.
1881 05-Apr M Bucher, Kate Married at Osceola Mar 24th 1881 at the house of the bride's parents by Rev. H. C. Moyer, Mr. Charles H. Tubbs and Miss Kate Bucher both of Osceola, Pa.
1881 22-Mar D Buck, Ammerilles Died in Brookfield Mar 3 1881 at the home of her son-in-law Stephen VanDusen, Ammerilles Buck, aged 78 yrs 4 mos
1880 14-Dec M Bullard, Helen E. Married at Wellsboro Dec 9th 1880 at the house of the bride's parents by Rev. Charles Breck, D. D., Mr. Frank Conevery and Miss Helen E., daughter of Massena Bullard
1881 04-Jan M Bullard, Maud T. Married on Christmas evening 1880 at the residence of the bride's parents and by the bride's father, Rev. W. Bullard, Mr. Charles S. Narsh of Sullivan and Miss Maude T. Bullard of Armenia, Pa.
1880 08-Jun M Bullock, Lelia Married in Richmond, Pa., May 29th 1880, by Rev. George D. Meigs, Mr. George Coveney of Mansfield and Miss Lelia Bullock of Richmond, Pa.
1881 09-Aug M Bullock, Susie Married in Richmond, Pa., Aug 1st 1881 by Rev. A. C. Shaw, D.D., Prof. C. Woodruff of Montrose, Pa., and Miss Susie Bullock of Richmond, Pa.
1880 05-Oct M Bullock, William W. Married at Knoxville Sep 25th 1880 by Rev. P. Reynolds, Mr. William W. Bullock and Miss Hannah Van Zile both of Osceola, Pa.
1881 27-Sep D Burkett, Mrs. Delia S. Died at Mapleton, Iowa, Sep 7th 1881 from injuries received by being thrown from a carriage, Mrs. Delia S. Burkett, daughter of the late Charles S. Deming, of Lyndon, Ill., age 48 yrs
1881 20-Dec M Burley, Jennie Married in Lawrence Dec 4th 1881 by Rev. G. S. McKinney, Mr. C. L. Smith and Miss Jennie Burley both of Lawrence, Pa.
1880 21-Sep M Burnham, Jacob Married Odgensburg news Sep 15th 1880. There was a wedding in town last week, Miss Eva Odgen and Mr. Jacob Burnham
1881 29-Mar M Burnham, William H. Married at the residence of R. Ashley in Sullivan Mar 23rd 1881 by A. D. Finch, Mr. William H. Burnham of Ridgeberry, Bradford Co., and Miss Josephine Doud of Mainsburg, Pa.
1880 27-Jul D Burris Died in Jackson Jul 18th 1880 of diptheria, a little son of William Burris aged 6 years
1880 27-Jul D Burris, Elvina Died in Jackson Jul 16th 1880 of diptheria, Elvina, daughter of William Burris, aged 12 yrs and 6 mos.
1880 20-Jul D Burrows, Elvina Died Jackson News Jul 17th 1880, Elvina, daughter of William Burrows aged 12 yrs 6 mos 3 das died of diptheria and was buried yesterday. This morning one of his twin boys died at 6 yrs.
1880 19-Oct D Bush, Alvah C. Died Alvah C. Bush a citizen of Tioga died at his residence in that borough last Thu. At the age of 76 yrs. His funeral was held at his residence yesterday and his remains were taken by special train to the residence of his brother, the Hon. Joseph Bush, at Bainbridge, NY., for interment in the family cemetery. A. C. Bush was the son of Joseph and Betsey Bush, who were among the very earliest settlers of Chenango Co., NY. He was the second of seven children, only two of whom now survive him. His first wife was Miss Ellen Bigelow, daughter of the Hon. Levi Bigelow, by whom he had one child, Mrs. John A. Matthews, now of Winona, Minnesota, who is his only child. His second wife, who survives him was Miss Annah Bigelow, a sister of his first wife (long article)
1880 08-Jun M Butcher, Phebe M. Married at Morris Run, May 22nd 1880 by Rev. D. Savage, Mr. William Doughty and Miss Phebe M. Butcher
1881 11-Oct D Butler, Fred Died in Deerfield Oct 7th 1881 of diptheria, Fred., son of Aaron and Caroline Butler, aged about 9 yrs
1881 25-Oct D Butler, Fred D. Died in Deerfield Oct 7th 1881 of diptheria, Fred D., only son of Aaron A. and Carrie L. Butler, aged 10 yrs 11 mos and 24 das
1881 20-Dec M Butler, Hettie E. Married at the Baptist parsonage in Stony Fork, Pa., Dec 17th 1881 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. Charles S. Merrick of Tioga and Miss Hettie E. Butler of Delmar, Pa.
1880 28-Sep M Butler, John E. Married at Tioga Sep 8th 1880 by L. H. Tuttle, Esq., Mr. John E. Butler and Miss Etta Cummings both of Farmington, Pa.
1880 06-Jul M Butler, Minnie B. Married at Wellsboro Jul 4th 1880 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Edgar A. Hill of Wellsboro and Minnie B. Butler of Delmar, Pa.
1880 26-Oct M Button, Laura Married at Tioga Oct 16th 1880 by Rev. S. D. Merrick, Horace Stevens of Tioga and Laura Button of Jackson, Pa.
1881 14-Jun D Butts, Anna S. Died in Covington, Pa. Jun 5th 1881 of diptheria, Anna S., wife of James Butts, aged 30 yrs
1881 13-Sep D Butts, Ralph L. Died in Farmington Aug 17th 1881 of inflammation of the lungs, Ralph L., youngest son of Otis L. and Edith M. Butts, aged 1 yr 3 mos and 20 das
1881 28-Jun M Cady, Ellery Married at Troupsburgh, NY Jun 14th 1881 by Rev. R. J. Kellogg, Mr. Ellery Cady of Brookfield, Pa. And Miss Ann Bennett of Troupsburgh NY
1881 15-Mar M Cady, Florence Married at the residence of the officiating clergyman in Farmington Feb 24th 1881 by Rev. Charles Weeks, Mr. Amos L. Copley of Middlebury and Miss Florence Cady of Farmington, Pa.
1881 14-Jun M Cady, Helen Married at the Park Hotel, Tioga, Pa., Jun 2nd 1881, by Rev. E. D. Rawson, Mr. Elbridge Bradley of Little Utica, NY and Miss Helen Cady of Stokesdale, Pa.
1880 28-Dec M Callahan, Mary Married at Wellsboro Dec 21st 1880 by A. S. Brewster, Esq., Mr. Jacob Miller of Clinton Co., and Miss Mary Callahan of Lycoming Co., Pa.
1880 29-Jun M Calvin, Nettie A. Married at Knoxville Jun 27th 1880 by Rev. E. F. Mott, Charles W. Head of Gaines, Pa., and Nettie A. Calvin of Woodhull, NY
1880 20-Jul D Cameron, Carrie Died Miss Carrie Cameron, a sister of Mrs. O. S. Kimball, of Osceola, was burned to death at Hornellsville, a few days ago, by the explosion of a kerosene stove. Burial in Osceola.
1881 26-Jul D Camp, Fred G. Died at Lawrenceville Jul 16th 1881 Fred G., only son of George and Kate Camp, in the 17th year of his age
1881 18-Jan B Campbell Born at Lawrenceville Jan 10th 1881 to the wife of Mr. I. A. Campbell, a son
1880 08-Jun D Campbell Died near Middle Ridge in Delmar Twp., last Fri a son of William R. Campbell, about 13 yrs of age, was almost instantly killed when he fell under the wheels of a wagon loaded with bark.
1880 07-Sep D Campbell, Aggie Died at the house of Mrs. Stuart in Delmar Sep 1st 1880, Miss Aggie Campbell, aged 16 yrs 11 mos and 12 days
1881 12-Apr M Campbell, Alice R. Married at Morris Mar 31st 1881 by Rev. J. A. Patton, Mr. J. B. Black of Liberty and Miss Alice R. Campbell of Delmar
1881 13-Dec M Campbell, Cynthia Married at Wellsboro Dec 11 1881 by Rev. E. H. Latimer, Mr. William H. Hartranft of Tomb's Run and Miss Cynthia Campbell of Cedar Run, Pa.
1880 30-Nov M Campbell, Jacob K. Married at the Baptist parsonage at Stony Forks, Nov 12th 1880 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. Jacob K. Campbell of Morris and Miss Sarah N. Warriner of Delmar, Pa
1881 11-Oct M Campbell, James D. Married at the Baptist parsonage in Stony Fork Oct 1st 1881 by Rev. J. A. Boyce, Mr. James D. Campbell and Miss A. E. Alpharett Ayers both of Morris, Pa.
1881 30-Aug D Campbell, Richard Died at Woodland, Morris Twp., Aug 17th 1881 Mr. Richard Campbell aged 58 yrs and 10 mos
1881 19-Apr M Campbell, Thomas Married at the residence of Mr. R. C. Campbell at Carbon Run, Pa. Apr 8th 1881 by H. K. Mott, Esq., Mr. Thomas Campbell of Carbon Run, Bradford Co., and Miss Margaret B. Paton of Dunfermlin, Scotland
1880 30-Nov D Card, S. B.  Died S. B. Card, who was badly injured while working in the car shops at Blossburg spring, died on the 10th inst., at Troupsburg NY, at the age of 55 yrs
1881 27-Sep M Carl, Nellie E. Married in Shippen twp., Sep 25th 1881 by Rev. S. Butler, Mr. Herman Keeney and Miss Nellie E. Carl of Farmington, Pa.
1880 03-Aug M Carlson, Jacob Married at Wellsboro Jul 31st 1880 by Rev. A. C. Shaw, D. D., Mr. Jacob Carlson and miss Rebekah Estep both of Antrim, Pa.
1880 16-Nov D Carpenter, Gertie Died in Middlebury Oct 20th 1880 Gertie, daughter of Samuel and Mary M. Carpenter, aged 11 yrs 1 mo and 17 das
1880 03-Aug M Carpenter, Hattie S. Married at Mansfield, P.
1880 17-Aug D Carpenter, Hubbard R. Died in Charleston Jul 21st 1880 Hubbard R. Carpenter, aged 81 years

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