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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date  Issue M Name Notice
1890 16-Apr M Rosell, Cora Of Crooked Creek and Dell Dates of Tompkins, Pa., m. at Lindley, NY., Apr 1st
1890 07-May M Roselle, Freedson Of Crooked Creek and Miss Myra Herrington of Elmira, NY., m. recently
1890 19-Mar M Rosengrant, Rev. Mr. Of East Troy and Miss Eva Cassady of Webbs Mills m. recently
1890 16-Apr D Rowley, Mrs. Jane d. Apr 2nd at her son-in-law’s (Andrew J. Doane) in Farmington twp., old age, age 86 yrs., 3 mos., 5 das.
1890 16-Jul B Roy Son to A. H. of Wellsboro (no date)
1890 22-Jan B Rugaber Son to ex-editor Rugaber of Westfield, Jan 13th
1890 11-Jun M Ruggles, Walter Of Sullivan twp. and Miss Fannie L. Long of Troy m. Troy Thur. by Rev. H. Andrews; she dau. B. A. Long
1890 14-May D Rumsey, Geln O. d. Wellsboro May 10th, age 17 yrs., 2mos., typhoid-pneumonia, son of Orrin D., burial at State Road Cemetery, Sullivan twp.
1890 15-Jan D Rumsey, Lottie May d. Mainesburg Jan 14th, age 6 mos., dau. of E. D. Rumsey
1890 12-Feb D Rumsey, Milo H. d. Elmira, NY., last Tue. of brain fever, age 31, formerly of Troy
1890 12-Mar M Rumsey, Minnie And Emory Austin m. last Wed. at Covington by Elder Lamkin (Mainesburg Items)
1890 10-Dec M Rumsey, Nelson L. And Miss Rose M. Hotchkiss to be m. her home, Wellsboro, Dec 18th
1890 24-Dec M Rumsey, Nelson M And Miss Rose Hotchkiss m. her home, Wellsboro, last Thur
1890 26-Nov M Rumsey, Satie And Charles D. Lovelace, both of Cowanesque, m. at Addison, NY., Nov 13th
1890 12-Nov D Ryan, Martin d. Troy Nov 2nd, age 64, general debility
1890 19-Nov B Sadler Son to Dell of Troy (no date)
1890 29-Oct M Saks, Louise V. Of Blossburg and Frank L. Clute of Corning to be m. Nov 5th
1890 05-Feb D Salmon, Rev. Clark d. Canton, Jan 28th, bro.-in-law of Rev. S. P. Gates of Nelson
1890 24-Dec D Sampson, Henry d. Cherry Flats last Sun. of diphtheria, step-father of Frank and Fred Marvin who d. earlier
1890 09-Jul M Sands, Lydia And Philo Sumner m. Jul 3rd (Mainesburg items)
1890 02-Jul M Sangster, J. W. Of Buffalo, NY., and Mrs. Clara L. Brown m. there Jun 13th; she widow of late Simeon Brown of Mansfield
1890 22-Oct D Saterlee Son of Charles of Wellsboro d. last week of diphtheria
1890 29-Jan D Saterlee, Mrs. Edwin d. West Jackson, Jan 18th, age 67
1890 12-Mar B Satterlee Son to George A. of Mansfield, Mar 4th
1890 16-Apr M Sauers, Lillie And Meade Dann, both of Mansfield, m. Elmira, NY., by Rev. DeWitt (no date)
1890 29-Oct D Saxton, Thomas Of Tioga d. Wellsboro last Thur., dropped dead, age 24
1890 11-Jun M Sayre, Lydia M. Of Bath, NY. and Harry E. Newell of Mansfield, m. last Sat. at Bath by Rev. M. Preston
1890 08-Jan M Scheife, Jane Of Covington and Robert Anton of Morris Run m. at A. J. Brown’s Blossburg, Jan 1st
1890 22-Jan B Schermerhorn Son to Elmer of Mainesburg (no date)
1890 01-Jan M Schoonover, Damon And Miss Satie Stewart, both of Sabinsville, m. Borden, NY., Dec 24th 1889
1890 29-Oct D Schott Child of E. B. d. Sabinsville (no date)
1890 02-Apr D Schrader, Orrin d. Roseville last Wed., bro. of Burton Schrader, formerly of Mansfield
1890 10-Dec M Schuger, Adam H. And Miss Clara L. Palmer, both of Sullivan twp., m. Mainesburg Dec 5th by Rev. F. Warner
1890 12-Feb D Schusler, Mr. F. d. Mansfield last night of general debility, age 88, father of Joseph
1890 26-Nov D Scott, Mrs. Jerome (nee Mary E. Calkins) d. Nov 28th Wellsboro of heart-lung disease, left 4 children, age 64
1890 15-Oct M Scudder, Monroe And Miss Mary Kilburn, both of Union twp., m. Elmira, NY. (no date)
1890 19-Mar D Scull Dau. of O. C. of Covington buried Sun., age 2 mos.
1890 05-Nov B Seaman Dau., to N. W. of Nauvoo (no date)
1890 07-May D Sears, George W. d. Wellsboro last Thur., age 69
1890 26-Feb M Sechrist, Mr. (age 60) And Mrs. Stewart (age 55) m. recently at Blossburg
1890 15-Jan B Seeley Dau. to Jud of Roseville (no date)
1890 11-Jun B Seeley Son to Bert of Millerton (no date)
1890 26-Mar M Seely, Mary And Theodore Pierce, both of Brookfield twp., m. Knoxville Mar 18th
1890 09-Apr M Seely, Mary And Theodore Pierce, both of Brookfield twp., m. at Knoxville Mar 18th by Rev. C. Gardner
1890 12-Feb B Sewall Son to G. P. of Troy (no date)
1890 03-Sep M Shaffer, Katie L. Of Liberty and John Budd of Williamsport m. (no date)
1890 03-Sep B Shaler Dau. to Rufus of Mansfield Aug 29th
1890 26-Nov B Shanley Son to James of Millerton (no date)
1890 10-Sep M Shannon, Herbert And Miss Anna Morris m. Aug 26th at Trenton, NJ., she well-known in Mansfield
1890 17-Sep B Shattuck Son to A. J. of Wellsboro (no date)
1890 05-Nov M Shaw, Della Of Mansfield and Jason Garrison of Jobs’ Corners m. Pine City, NY., Oct 26th by Rev. Meyers
1890 15-Oct   Shaw, Rev. A. And Mrs. of Wellsboro m. 25 yrs. (no date)
1890 14-May D Shaw, rev. J. B. d. Rochester, NY., last Thur., age 82, father of Rev. A. C. Shaw of Wellsboro
1890 29-Jan D Shaw, Thomas d. Wellsboro (no date), age 65, paralysis
1890 05-Nov M Sheffer, Ada And Charles Bodine, both of Wellsboro m. Elmira, NY., Sep 25th
1890 19-Feb M Sheffer, Lottie And Austin Beck m. Liberty today (double wedding, see above)
1890 19-Feb M Sheffer, Minnie And Charles Narber m. Liberty today (double wedding, see below)
1890 10-Dec D Sherman, Ira d. Troy Dec 4th of pneumonia, age 75
1890 22-Jan D Sherman, Mrs. H. A. d. Roseville Sun., influenza, left 2 sons and 1 dau.
1890 29-Oct   Sherman, Seth And Mrs. of Troy m. 50 yrs.
1890 05-Feb D Shermerhorn, Lucinda d. Sylvania last Thur., age 99 yrs., 8 mos.
1890 26-Mar B Sherwood Dau. to Clark of Richmond twp. today
1890 05-Feb D Sherwood, Miss Addie d. Penn Yan, NY. (no date), dau. of Henry, granddau. Of late Hon. D. L. Sherwood, (formerly of Mansfield), typhoid
1890 22-Oct   Sherwood, Stanley Of Wellsboro is 88
1890 28-May M Shohner, Emma And Robert Brewer m. in Corning, NY. last week (Tioga items)
1890 26-Feb D Shumway, J. J. d. Round top of pneumonia, age 73 (no date)
1890 19-Feb D Shutter, Mrs. John (nee Sylvia Losce [Losey?]) d. Painter Run Dec. 18th 1889, burial at Evergreen Cem., Tioga, b. Middlebury Jun 10, 1847, m. John S. Nov 23rd 1862 by Rev. G. Keeney
1890 17-Dec D Shutter, Rev. Henry d. near Tioga last week Mon.
1890 05-Mar M Singer, Lewis Of Williamsport and Nellie M. Strong of Elkland m. Elkland Feb 25th
1890 10-Dec D Slater, Mrs. d. Osceola Dec 1st, mother of Mrs. Quincy Cilley
1890 24-Sep D Slingerland, Charles d. Mansfield “today”
1890 05-Mar D Sly, Harveyt d. last Wed. at county home, in 81st yr. of age, may have been 1st white child b. Wellsboro
1890 15-Oct D Smeetem 2 children of James of Arnot d. (no dates) of cholera infantum
1890 30-Jul M Smiley, J.M. And Miss Cora Haight of Burlington, Pa. m. recently, she MSNS ‘90
1890 05-Mar B Smith Son to H. H. of Rutland twp., Feb 13th
1890 15-Oct D Smith Infant son of L. C. d. Lawrenceville (no date) age 5 wks.
1890 15-Oct D Smith Infant dau. of G. H., d. Wellsboro of croup, age 1 yr. (no date)
1890 18-Jun   Smith, David Of Sylvania is 97, vet of War of 1812
1890 03-Sep B Smith, Elmer E. b. Elk Run Aug 17th to Corneal Smith
1890 12-Nov M Smith, F. S. And Miss Carrie Cornelius to be m. Elkland today
1890 19-Mar D Smith, Horace d. yest. Richmond twp. of pneumonia, eldest son of Timothy
1890 17-Dec D Smith, Ira d. Alba last week, age 67
1890 15-Jan M Smith, Mattie Of Mansfield and M. J. Costello of Elmira m. Thur. last her home by Rev. D. Keppel; her twin bro’s are Brant and Grant Smith
1890 07-May D Smith, Mr. _____ d. Columbia X Roads Mon., burial at Bakerburg Cem. near Sylvania, father of Alfred Smith of Richmond twp.
1890 23-Apr   Smith, Mrs. A. C. Of Sullivan twp. was 62 on Apr 12th
1890 06-Aug D Smith, Mrs. Arad T. (nee Samantha P. Doud) d. Elmira, NY., Aug 2nd, age 51, former res. Sullivan twp., b. there Aug 2nd 1839 to Ripley H. Doud, m. Mar 22nd 1859, left 1 sis. Mrs. James H. Boyce of Wellsboro (apparently no children), funeral at Mainesburg.
1890 26-Nov D Smith, Mrs. Dennis (nee Cora Smith) d. Wellsboro Mon. of pneumonia, age 27, dau. of Sanford Smith, gradddau. George F. Smith of Rutland twp., husband is son of Ephraim Smith of Sullivan twp., left 2 children
1890 29-Jan   Smith, Mrs. Obiah Of Sylvania was 73 last Mon.
1890 01-Oct M Smith, Timothy Of Mansfield and Mrs. ____ Cottrell of Rochester, NY., m. (no date)
1890 01-Oct M Soper, Will And Ella Graves, both of Covington, m. in Lindley, NY., Sep 15th
1890 17-Sep B Southworth Dau. to John to Sabinsville (no date)
1890 17-Sep D Spalding, Madge d. Wellsboro last Fri. of diphtheria, age 7, dau. of George M.
1890 07-May   Spencer, A. M. Of Canoe Camp was 70 last Sat.
1890 17-Sep D Spencer, Charles d. Union twp. age 56
1890 26-Nov M Spencer, Ella And George H. Bliss, both of Nelson, m. at Addison, NY., Nov 9th
1890 12-Feb D Spencer, Mrs. Louise d. Leona, Pa., buried Middlebury, Conn., sis. Of E. B. Young of Wellsboro
1890 09-Jul M Spencer, R. A. And Miss Hettie Terry, both of Union twp., m. Lawrenceville Jul 4th by Rev. B. Taylor; he bro. of G. O. Spencer of Mansfield
1890 02-Apr D Spicer, Mrs. Martin C. (Mary) d. Wellsboro Mar 20th, age 79
1890 27-Aug D Squires, Aaron d. Tioga Yest., left 1 dddau. And bro. Hon. Isaac Squires of Sullivan twp.
1890 02-Jul M Stacy, Maud Of Springfield and Seth Crippen of Austinville m. Elmira, NY., Jun 18th
1890 05-Mar M Stage, Samuel D. Of East Smithfield and Rose Wooster of Tioga m. Elmira, NY., last week by Magistrate Galatian
1890 29-Jan D Stanton, Mrs. R. A. (Ann) d. near Westfield last Fri. of typhoid pneumonia, age about 45, left 6 children and 2 sis. Mrs. H. D. Shepard, Mansfield and Mrs. James Copp, Cherry Flats; 1 bro. Henry Husted, Mansfield, also some ½ bro. and sis.
1890 12-Mar B Starkey Son to L. C. of Richmond twp., Mar 11th
1890 02-Apr B Starkey Son to Lewis of Richmond twp., Mar 28th
1890 23-Jul M Starkey, Emma Of Richmond twp. and Albert Lugg of Knoxville to be m. “soon”; she dau. of Henry
1890 19-Feb D Starr, V. D. d. West Lawrence (no date), left 4 children, a Civil War vet.
1890 14-May D Steele, James d. Morris last week, b. at Cammal on Pine Creek in 1800, buried at Stony Fork
1890 08-Jan M Steele, Samuel H. And Miss Clara Cleveland, both of Covington, m. Lindley, NY., Dec 26th 1889 by Rev. F. Van Keuren
1890 05-Feb M Stevens, Lafey E. And Abbie Benson m. Roseville Jan 30th
1890 19-Feb D Stevens, Martin d. Crooked Creek (no date), “an old citizen”
1890 17-Dec D Stevenson, Mrs. James d. near Cherry Flats last Mon., sis. Of Alexander Logan of Arnot and Mrs. John Brown of Mann Creek
1890 02-Jul D Stewart Son of C. A., d. Delmar twp. (no date), age 8, diphtheria
1890 02-Jul D Stewart, Chester d. Jackson twp. (no date), age 70
1890 01-Jan M Stewart, Satie And Damon Schoonover, both of Sabinsville, m. Borden, NY., Dec 24th 1889
1890 05-Nov D Stiles, Mrs. Lucius d. East Troy (no date)
1890 02-Jul B Stone Son to Emory D. of Mansfield Jun 20th
1890 23-Apr B Stout Dau. to Jacob of Mansfield, Apr 16th
1890 21-May B Stout Dau. to John of Mansfield, May 17th
1890 02-Jul D Stout Infant dau. of John of Mansfield d. Jun 11th
1890 09-Apr D Stout, Hattie d. Roseville Apr 1st of typhoid, age 30
1890 19-Feb   Strait, B. V. Of Mansfield was 26 Mon.
1890 13-Aug D Strait, Mrs. D. C. d. Sylvania last Sat., left 4 children: Mrs. J. B. Card and Mrs. William Peck of Sylvania; Mrs. J. M. Rich, Reading, Pa., and M. B. Strait of Mansfiled
1890 06-Aug D Strang, Mrs. Frank d. Westfield last week Mon.
1890 23-Apr D Stratton Infant son of W. E. of Crooked Creek d. Fri.
1890 31-Dec   Stratton, Martin Of Blossburg was 84 on Dec 22nd
1890 13-Aug D Strong, George d. Spring Valley, Minn., Aug 5th, gored by a bull, bro. of John of Mainesburg; W. H. of Minn.; and Mrs. Herny French of Wells Twp.; he was b. Wells twp., age 57
1890 29-Jan D Strong, Mrs. J. B. d. Mainesburg, been there 41 yrs., sis. Of Mrs. S. C. Davy and Mrs. J. B. Clark of Richmond twp. (see 1/29 for more)
1890 29-Jan D Strong, Mrs. J. B. (nee Theadotia Lucas) d. Jan 26th at Mainesburg, age 61 yrs., 1 mo., m. 42 yrs. ago, was dau of James Lucas of Troy and formerly of Richmond twp.; left 2 dau’s.; Pheobe at home and Mrs. E. F. Parkhurst of Spring Valley, Minn.
1890 05-Mar M Strong, Nellie M. Of Elkland and Lewis Singer of Williamsport m. Elkland Feb 25th
1890 26-Nov M Struble, Susie Of Troy and James Freeman of Alba m. at Benjamin Knights’ on Nov 20th
1890 12-Nov M Stull, Harry And Miss Bertha E. Irvine, both of Ogdensburg, m. Elmira, NY., (no date)
1890 02-Apr D Sturart, Miss Josephine d. Mansfield last Sun., Mar 23rd, left 2 sis. And 1 bro.; age 43
1890 08-Oct D Sturdevant, Jesse d. near Jobs Corners last week of heart disease, Civil War vet
1890 01-Oct M Styres, E. Geretie Of Elk Run and Jesse M. Marsh of Marshfield m. at Wellsboro Sep 25th by Rev. O. Chamberlayne
1890 09-Jul M Sumner, Philo And Miss Lydia Sands m. Jul 3rd (Mainesburg items)
1890 03-Dec D Sutton, Mrs. Isaac d. Deerfield twp. Nov 22nd
1890 12-Nov D Sutton, Mrs. Samuel d. Blossburg (no date), burial at Corning, NY., Mon.
1890 26-Feb D Swanson, Peter d. mear Arnot, log accident (no date)
1890 24-Sep M Sweeney, Minnie And Byron G. Pond m. her home, Elmira, NY., recently; she formerly of Mansfield
1890 12-Feb D Sweet, Miss Fannie d. Monroeton last week Wed., consumption, a MSNS grad.
1890 28-May D Swope, Mrs. Abiathar d. Wellsboro May 19th, age 58
1890 01-Jan M Tabor, H.M. And Miss H. Jean Johnson m. Dec 25th 1889 at her home, Lebanon, Pa. “formerly well-known in Mansfield”
1890 12-Feb M Taft, Nellie Of Camp Brook and Fred Beard of Osceola m. (no date)
1890 08-Jan M Tardio, Michael Of Jersey Mills and Miss Myrtie Brock of Lawrenceville m. Lindley, NY., Dec 26th 1889 by Rev. F. Van Keuren
1890 26-Nov B Tate Son to W. W. of Wellsboro Nov 20th
1890 05-Feb M Tate, Agnes And John P. Reay m. in Corning, NY. (no date) Blossburg items
1890 27-Aug D Taylor, Lorenzo D. d. Warren State Hosp. (no date), bro. of O. F. Taylor of Blossburg
1890 24-Dec M Teeters, Ernest L. And Miss Grace Hunt to be m. Austinville next week Wed.
1890 09-Jul M Terry, Hettie And R. A. Spencer, both of Union twp., m. Lawrenceville Jul 4th by Rev. B. Taylor; he bro. of G. O. Spencer of Mansfield
1890 22-Jan M Thomas, Meade And Miss Lizzie Newell m. her home Troy, Jan 15th

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