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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date  Issue M Name Notice
1890 22-Oct D Hutchinson Infant of David buried Blossburg last Wed.
1890 16-Jul M Hutchinson, William Of Blossburg and Miss Kate Grant of Morris Run (no date)
1890 17-Sep M Hyde, John W. And Lizzie Gavigan to be m. Corning, NY., Sep 23rd
1890 02-Jul D Hymes, Fred d. Middlebury twp. a few das. ago in log accident, left 2 – 3 children, funeral at Hammond
1890 09-Apr M Ingalls, W. S. Of Spring Valley, Minn., and Mrs. Sarah M. Furman of Austinville m. Elmira, NY., by Rev. M. DeWitt (no date)
1890 22-Oct M Ingham, Bertha And Stephen Gernert m. on Thur. (Columbia X Roads items)
1890 01-Jan D Inscho, Mrs. Thomas d. recently at Corning, NY., formerly of Lawrenceville
1890 12-Nov M Irvine, Bertha E. And Harry Stull, both of Ogdensburg, m. Elmira, NY., (no date)
1890 04-Jun B Jackson Son to W. H. of Wellsboro May 23rd
1890 09-Apr M Jaquish, Joseph And Miss Mertie Riley m. at Nelson (no date)
1890 15-Oct M Jaquish, Joseph And Miss Christina Preston m. Union twp. (no date)
1890 15-Oct D Jeffers, Mrs. Ephraim d. Wellsboro of typhoid, age 53 (no date)
1890 01-Oct B Jelliff Son to Charles of Covington (no date)
1890 06-Aug D Jelliff, James d. Sullivan twp. Jul 25th, age 45, heat disease, left 6 children
1890 08-Jan D Jenkins, Griffith d. Blossburg (no date), age 74, been here 30 yrs.
1890 26-Mar D Jenkins, Thomas X. d. Morris Run Mar 10th, age 73, buried Odd Fellows Cem., Blossburg
1890 01-Jan M Johnson, H. Jean And H. M. Tabor m. Dec 25th 1889 at her home, Lebanon, Pa. “formerly well-known in Mansfield”
1890 29-Oct D Johnson, James Of Wellsboro d. Corning, NY., Oct 13th, age 26
1890 23-Jul D Johnson, Mrs. Frank d. Charleston twp., Sun. last, age 22
1890 01-Oct M Johnson, W. F. And Miss Lettie Whipple, both of Covington, m. at Lindley, NY., Sep 22nd or 23rd (2 items)
1890 23-Jul D Jones, Amy d. Charleston twp. (no date) of typhoid, age 20, dau. of David J. Jones
1890 30-Apr M Jones, Francis J. Of Blossburg and Maggie Evans of Danville, Pa., to be m. today
1890 05-Mar M Jones, Kittie And Frank Harrer m. at Antrim (no date)
1890 23-Apr M Jones, Lizzie And John Revie, both of Blossburg m. at Elmira, NY., last Wed.
1890 16-Apr M Jones, Margaret Of Antrim and W. K. Brown of the Fall Brook railroad to be m. Apr 22nd
1890 10-Dec D Jones, Mrs. David J. d. East Charleston, Mon., age 46
1890 30-Jul B Junk Son to James of Blossburg Jul 22nd
1890 12-Mar B Kane Dau. to jack of Fall Brook b. Mar 5th
1890 05-Nov D Kane Son of James of Osceola d. (no date) from effects of spine injury, age 7
1890 08-Oct   Karr, David And Agnes Locke m. 25 yrs. “recently”, residents of Wellsboro
1890 27-Aug M Keagle, Benjamin J. Of Blossburg and Lizzie Waddell of Maple Hill to be m. (no date)
1890 26-Nov M Keenan, Sarah Of Arnot and Michael Lynch of Buffalo, NY., m. Thur.
1890 26-Mar D Kelley Infant son of Wilton of Kelley Hill, d. (no date) (Millerton items)
1890 02-Apr D Kelley Infant son of Uriah of Millerton d. Mar 16th, age 9 mos., of meningitis
1890 09-Apr B Kelley Dau. to J. C. of Mardin, Mar 25th
1890 10-Dec B Kelley Son to Warren of Rutland twp.
1890 13-Aug M Kelley, Louise Of Nelson and H. F. Walker of Covington m. “today”
1890 11-Jun M Kelley, Minnie Of Mansfield and H. E. Carr of Covington m. Elmira, NY., last week Tue.
1890 22-Oct M Kelsey, Eva L. Of Wellsboro and George W. Dunning of Corning, NY., m. Corning Oct 14th
1890 29-Jan D Kelts, Mrs. Sally Putnam d. Covington last Mon., b. 96 yrs. ago New Hampshire to Elijah Putnam; sister of late Gen. Thomas Putnam.
1890 19-Mar B Keltz Son to E. G. of Covington (no date)
1890 13-Aug D Kendrick Infant son of John of Covington d. last week of cholera infantum
1890 12-Mar M Kennedy, Helen G. Of Delmar twp. and George W. Townsend of Wellsboro m. Lindley, NY., Feb 27th by A. Hill, Esq.
1890 09-Jul M Kennedy, Lettie Of Shippen twp. and George Day of Middlebury, m. Wellsboro Jul 4th by Rev. O. Chamberlayne
1890 23-Apr M Kennedy, Milo Of Austinville and Miss Elizabeth R. Hunt of Troy m. Troy Apr 10th by Rev. H. Andrews
1890 26-Mar D Kernan (McKernan?), Mrs. d. Charleston (no date), funeral last Tue.
1890 02-Apr M Kerr, Addie M. And George T. Hatherill, both of Delmar twp., m. in Delmar Mar 20th by Rev. William Young
1890 22-Jan d. Keyes, Mrs. Polly d. at her dau’s. (Mrs. S. G. Shaw) in Mainesburg, Jan 10th, age 80, left 3 dau’s. and 1 son, 2 sis. And 1 bro.
1890 28-May B Kiff Dau. to E. F. of Covington (no date)
1890 15-Oct M Kilburn, Mary And Monroe Scudder, both of Union twp., m. Elmira, NY. (no date)
1890 27-Aug D Kilburn, Peter d. Brookfield twp. Aug 6th, age 80, a fall
1890 12-Feb D Kinch 2 children of James of Wellsboro d. diphtheria
1890 02-Jul M King, Dorcilla H. Of Westfield and Samuel A. Loomis of Dundee, NY., m. Corning, NY., Jun 25th
1890 29-Oct M King, Letta And C. E. Hogaboom m. Columbia X Roads (no date); she dau of J. L. King
1890 30-Apr B Kinney Son to H. C. of Mansfield, Sun.
1890 14-May B Kintner Son to Harry of Mainesburg (no date)
1890 24-Dec B Knapp Dau. to W. H. and Belle Hammond Knapp of Afton, NY. (no date), formerly of Elkland
1890 02-Apr M Kohler, Lorah And W. S. Farrer, both of Mansfield, m. today in Philadelphia, Pa.
1890 24-Dec M Kohler, Maud Of Mardin and Edward L. Burton of Mansfield m. last night by Rev. D. Keppel; she dau. Lewis Kohler
1890 31-Dec D Krumm, George d. Niles Valley last Sun. of pneumonia, age 56, left 3 children
1890 20-Aug M LaGrange Lafe Of Covington m. in Pittsburgh recently
1890 16-Jul   Lamb, Mrs. Susan Of Mansfield is 90 yrs old.
1890 17-Sep M Lamkin, George A. And Miss Ada Long of Troy, to be m. tomorrow, Sep 18th
1890 24-Dec D Landon, Frederick d. Liberty (no date), heart disease
1890 10-Sep M Landon, Maggie Of Liberty and Charles Marvin of Wellsboro m. Elmira, NY., Sep 4th
1890 29-Jan M Lane, Edward Of Elmira, NY., and Miss Gertrude Brown of Mansfield, m. last Thur. at home of Z. U. Wise in Elmira by Rev. T. Beecher; she dau. of William Brown
1890 08-Jan D Lanterman, Flora d. Covington twp. Sat., age 2 yrs., 2 mos., dau to Frank, burial at Lawrence Corners Cem. (Corrected from 1/15 listing)
1890 02-Apr B Larcom Son to Otis of Covington, Mar 22nd
1890 01-Oct D Larcom Infant son of Otis of Covington d. last Sat.
1890 19-Nov B Lawrence Son to J. C. of Hornellsville, NY., (no date), former res. Elkland
1890 28-May M Lawrence, Kate H. And George H. Baker m. Mansfield May 23rd by Rev. D. Keppel
1890 06-Aug   Lawrence, Mrs. Betsy Is 99, mother of C. H. Lawrence of Mansfield
1890 12-Mar D Lawrence, Mrs. Daniel Of Tioga d. at her dau’s. (Mrs. H. A. Horning) in Corning, NY., Mar 21st (?), age 73
1890 12-Nov D Leach, James d. Brookland, Potter Co., a few das. ago in farm accident
1890 08-Jan M Leigh, Hannah And Francis H. Tingley m. at Blossburg by Fr. Conley (no date)
1890 30-Jul B Lenox Twin dau. to Daniel of Lambs Creek Jul 27th
1890 19-Feb D Lent, Richard E. d. Delmar twp., age 78 (no date)
1890 05-Mar D LeValley, Miss Estella d. Covington twp. (no date), in 36th yr., funeral Tue. (Mar 4th)
1890 27-Aug D Lewis, Evan d. recently at Charleston, his wife was sis of Charles Jaquish (Covington items)
1890 15-Jan D Lewis, Oliver J. d. Troy Jan 5th, age 56, cerebro-spinal meningitis
1890 30-Apr D Lewis, Sidney d. Richmond twp. Apr 25th, b. Prattsville, Green Co., NY. 1821, came here 1837, m. 1844 Polly Seymour, left 4 sons and 3 dau’s.: Albert, Steuben Co., NY.; Charles, Grant, Howard and Mrs. Samuel McConnell, all of Richmond twp.; Mrs. Warren Kelley, Roseville; Mrs. Jeff. Horton, Steuben Co., NY.; burial at Lawrence Corners Cem.
1890 27-Aug M Lewis, W. C. And Miss Carrie Lienhardt m. (no date) (Blossburg item)
1890 23-Apr M Lewis, William H. And Miss Lou Culver, both of Charleston twp., m. Wellsboro Apr 15th by Rev. O. Chamberlayne
1890 27-Aug M Lienhardt, Carrie And W. C. Lewis m. (no date) (Blossburg item)
1890 07-May D Linfield, Rev. George F. d. Beaver Dam, Wisc., Apr 30th of pulmonary disease, wife was Miss Frances Ross of Mansfield before m. 1878
1890 19-Nov M Link, Mrs. Margaret Of Bradford, Pa. and William H. McCollum of Lawrence twp. m. Lindley, NY., Nov 1st
1890 22-Oct D Lloyd, Mrs. Thomas B. d. Wellsboro last week of dropsy of lungs, age 33
1890 02-Apr D Locey, Mrs. S. D. d. Elkland last Thur., cancer
1890 08-Oct   Locke, Agnes And David Karr m. 25 yrs. “recently”, residents of Wellsboro
1890 01-Jan M Lockwood, Diffie Of Leetonia and Sidney Wilcox of East Charleston m. Lindley, NY., Dec 23rd 1889 by Rev. F. Van Keuren
1890 01-Jan M Lockwood, Jennie Of Leetonia and Williaam J. Regman of Ebenton m. Corning, NY., Dec 24th 1889
1890 17-Sep M Long, Ada Of Troy and George A. Lamkin, to be m. tomorrow, Sep 18th
1890 11-Jun M Long, Fannie L. Of Troy and Walter Ruggles of Sullivan twp. m. Troy Thur. by Rev. H. Andrews; she dau. B. A. Long
1890 19-Mar D Long, Mrs. Mary P. d. Troy Sun., been there 50 yrs., b. in Athens, Pa., to Francis Pyler
1890 26-Feb B Longwell Son to R. P. of Lawrence Corners Fri. last
1890 05-Feb D Longwell, Mrs. Samuel . d. Roseville Wed., buried Lawrence Corners Cem., left 2 dau’s. Mrs. John Strait, Troy, and Mrs. H. H. Soper, Roseville, sister of William Lawrence of Mansfield
1890 02-Jul M Loomis, Samuel A. Of Dundee, NY., and Dorcilla H. King of Westfield m. Corning, NY., Jun 25th
1890 12-Nov M Lovel, Clara And Archie Forest m. her home Sullivan twp. Oct 30th by Rev. M. Frick
1890 26-Nov M Lovelace, Charles D. And Satie Rumsey, both of Cowanesque, m. at Addison, NY., Nov 13th
1890 15-Oct M Loveless, Leafy Of Mill Creek and William Archer of Crooked Creek m. Lawrenceville Sep 10th by Rev. Taylor
1890 09-Jul B Lownsberry Son to Daniel of Mansfield Jul 9th
1890 01-Jan M Ludington, Fannie M. Of Delmar twp. and George A. Weller of Keeneyville, m. Wellsboro Dec 24th 1889
1890 25-Jun D Ludlow, Mrs. Samuel Of Osceola d. in Philadelphia Sat. result of tumor operation
1890 23-Jul M Lugg, Albert Of Knoxville and Miss Emma Starkey of Richmond twp. to be m. “soon”; she dau. of Henry
1890 26-Feb B Lutes Dau. to John of Covington (no date)
1890 14-May B Luther Son to C. C. of Mansfield, May 8th
1890 22-Oct B Lynch Dau. to John of Osceola (no date)
1890 26-Nov M Lynch, Michael Of Buffalo, NY., and Miss Sarah Keenan of Arnot m. Thur.
1890 08-Oct B Lyons Son to Vet of Knoxville (no date)
1890 07-May B Mack Son to H. F. of Mansfield “today”
1890 22-Jan M Mack, Orrin L. Of Chatham twp. and Jennie Howland of Westfield, m. Troupsburg, NY., Dec 25th 1889 by O. L. McFarland, Esq.
1890 16-Jul M Marquart, Abram Of East Point and Miss Emma Wilcox of Morris m. (no date)
1890 01-Oct M Marsh, Jesse M. Of Marshfield and Miss E. Gertie Styres of Elk Run m. at Wellsboro Sep 25th by Rev. O. Chamberlayne
1890 12-Nov B Marten Son to C. E. of Westfield Nov 4th
1890 30-Jul D Martin, Alexander d. Mansfield last Sun., age 94, a native of Northfield, Mass., father of Mrs. Jane M. Allen; been here 3 yrs.
1890 10-Sep M Marvin, Charles Of Wellsboro and Maggie Landon of Liberty m. Elmira, NY., Sep 4th
1890 17-Dec D Marvin, Fred and Frank Fred, age 20, and Frank, age 18 d. at their mother’s in Cherry Flats last Sat. (Mrs. Henry Sampson) of diphtheria
1890 19-Mar D Marvin, Helen d. Copp Hollow Mar. 7th, age 21 mos., dau. of David and Anna
1890 11-Jun D Marvin, Seth d. Pine City, NY., at his niece’s (Mrs. D. A. Gaylord) 8ge 81, pneumonia
1890 05-Nov D Mascho, Charles An old resident of Brookfield twp., d. last Sat.
1890 11-Jun M Mather, Luella Of Lawrenceville and Eugene Parker of Bath, NY., to be m. next week Tue.; she dau. C. S. Mather
1890 16-Jul B Mathews Dau. to James E. of Mansfield Jul 16th
1890 30-Jul B Mathews Son to J. T. of Blossburg Jul 18th
1890 26-Feb D Matron Baby of James H. of Wellsboro d. last Sat. of Croup, age 5 mos.
1890 09-Apr D Matson, Charles d. Delmar twp. recently
1890 01-Jan B Mattison Dau. to B. F. of Lawrenceville (no date)
1890 24-Dec D Mattison, Gardner d. Chatham twp., age 84
1890 24-Sep M Maxner, Frank Of Corning and Kate Culligan of Lawrenceville m. (no date)
1890 26-Mar D Maynard Child of Albert, d. Upper Lambs Creek Sun., buried Whitteker Cemetery
1890 02-Jul D McCabe, Edward d. Union twp. last week, age 80, left 4 sons and 2 dau’s.
1890 01-Jan M McCallum, Charles R. Of Farmington twp. and Mrs. Carrie Arnold of Hornellsville, NY., m. Lindley, NY. (no date) by Rev. F. Van Keuren
1890 04-Jun M McCarty, W. H. And ______ m. at Blossburg (no date)
1890 26-Nov D McClelland, John d. Troy twp. Nov 20th, age 72, left 2 daus.
1890 26-Feb D McClure, Mrs. James d. at her dau’s. (Mrs. A. S. Cobb) Tioga Feb 3rd, age 76 yrs., 5 mos., 28 das., funeral at Wells, Pa. and buried there, left 2 dau’s.: Mrs. Cobb and Mrs. D. Conable of Rutland twp., 3 sons; Lyman and Charles McClure and Lewis Edsall, all of Columbia, Pa.
1890 19-Nov M McCollum, William H. Of Lawrence twp. and Mrs. Margaret Link of Bradford, Pa., m. Lindley, NY., Nov 1st
1890 19-Mar B McCoy Son to Frank of Covington (no date)
1890 05-Nov D McCoy Son of Frank of Covington d. Sat. of memb. Croup
1890 19-Mar B McCullough Dau. to George of Mainesburg, Mar 14th
1890 19-Feb M McDonald, Mamie And William McEntee m. “yest.”, Feb 18th, at Catholic Church at Blossburg (Blossburg items)
1890 29-Jan D McDougal, Mrs. B. (nee Geer) d. San Francisco, Cal., (no date), formerly of Lawrenceville
1890 05-Mar B McEntee Twin dau’s. to Ed. Of Fall Brook, Mar. 1st
1890 12-Nov M McEntee, Mary And John F. Howard, both of Blossburg, m. there Nov 4th by Fr. Connolly
1890 19-Feb M McEntee, William And Miss Mamie McDonald m. “yest.”, Feb 18th, at Catholic Church at Blossburg (Blossburg items)
1890 26-Nov D McInroy, Edward, Jr. d. Wellsboro Nov 18th, age 62
1890 12-Mar M McInroy, Samuel F. And Miss Rose S. Rockwell, both of Charleston twp., m. Wellsboro Mar 1st by Rev. O. Chamberlayne
1890 26-Nov D McKean, Benjamin d. Troy (no date) of consumption, age 23
1890 08-Oct D McKean, Miss Essie d. Troy last week Sun., age 19
1890 10-Sep M McKinney, Edgar And Miss Mary Baldwin, both formerly of Mansfield, m. recently in the west; she dau. W. W. Baldwin of Mansfield
1890 26-Feb D Meade, Mrs. Emmeline d. Burlington (no date) in 54th yr., suicide by drowning
1890 15-Jan D Meaker, Mrs. Aaron (Eleanor) d. Troy twp., Jan 9th, age 78

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