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From Newspaper Records from Tioga County PA , Volume Six, Births, Deaths & Marriages abstracted from the Mansfield Advertiser 1888 through 1895 by Mary Kingsley. Originally published 1984.  All data copied from newspaper file as it appeared in the record using their spelling.  Permission for reprinting on the Tri-County Web Sites given by Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, series coordinator, in 1997. Retyped by Elaine Frey, Formatted and published by Joyce M .Tice 2004

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Date    M Name Notice
Date  Issue M Name Notice
1890 26-Nov M Adams, Ora Ruth Of Mansfield and Arthur Grant Brown of Elmira, NY., to be m. Nov 19th her home; she dau. J. W. Adams; he son M. M. Brown; to be m. by Rev. Troxell
1890 22-Oct D Adams, Robert d. Wellsboro (no date), age 76, cancer
1890 26-Feb M Adriance, Charles W. Of Tioga and Miss Bertha Brace of Mansfield m. Lindley, NY., Feb 15th by Rev. F. Van Keuren
1890 23-Jul D Aldrich, J. S. Of Brooklyn (Tioga) d. Jul 13th, age 74
1890 30-Jul D Aldrich, J. S. d. Tioga Jul 13th, age 74
1890 19-Nov M Allen, Loren F. Of Mansfield and Mrs. Jennie Patterson of Covington m. Elmira, NY., Nov 13th by Rev. L. Price
1890 29-Oct B Allington Dau. to John and Kate Beach Allington in Elmira, NY., Oct 27th
1890 15-Oct D Allison Child of Engineer Allison of Elkland d. last week
1890 01-Oct B Anderson Son to Andrew of Blossburg Sep 11th
1890 25-Jun M Angel, Bertha M. Of Knoxville and George H. Towles of Waverly, NY., m. yest.; she dau W. D. Angel
1890 08-Jan M Anton, Robert Of Morris Run and Miss Jane Scheife of Covington m. at A. J. Brown’s Blossburg, Jan 1st
1890 15-Oct M Archer, William Of Crooked Creek and Miss Leafy Loveless of Mill Creek m. Lawrenceville Sep 10th by Rev. Taylor
1890 26-Mar B Argetsinger Son to Frank of Roseville (no date)
1890 28-May M Argetsinger, Alma And George E. Decker m. Mansfield May 23rd by Rev. D. Keppel
1890 09-Apr D Arnell, Susan C. d. Jackson twp. (no date)
1890 01-Jan M Arnold, Carrie Of Hornellsville, NY., and Charles R. McCallum of Farmington twp., m. Lindley, NY. (no date) by Rev. F. Van Keuren
1890 15-Oct M Ash, D. F. And Nora Fuller of Knoxville m. in Addison, NY., recently
1890 26-Feb D Ashcraft, Mrs. A. D. d. Westfield, Feb 17th
1890 07-May B Ashley Dau. to R. F. of Mainesburg (no date)
1890 29-Jan B Austin Son of Daniel of Mainesburg (no date)
1890 12-Mar M Austin, Emory And Minnie Rumsey m. last Wed. at Covington by Elder Lamkin (Mainesburg items)
1890 02-Jul D Austin, Nathan d. Charleston twp. (no date), a life resident, b. Feb 6th 1820
1890 18-Jun M Avery, Albert H., And Miss Jane E. Farrer m. Mansfield “last evening”
1890 14-May M Avery, Lora M. Of Chatham twp. and W. C. Everett of Knoxville m. last Thur. her home
1890 17-Sep   Ayers, Mrs. Abijah  Of Canton is 84 yrs. old, family reunion held Sep 5th at M. P. Ayers in Canton
1890 19-Mar D Ayres, Mrs. Clinton d. Sullivan twp. last Thur. of grippe.
1890 26-Feb B Bailey Dau. to C. B. of Knoxville, Feb 24th
1890 01-Oct M Bailey, Ida May Of Mansfield and George Cummings of Mechanicsburg, Pa., m. last Sat by Rev. D. Keppel; she niece of T. H. Bailey
1890 15-Oct D Bailey, John  d. Mill Creek, Oct 4th at his dau’s. (Mrs. O. D. Barnes), age 102, known as “Old Jack” or “Doctor” Bailey
1890 16-Apr D Bailey, Mollie  d. Charleston last Fri., infant dau. of Ward B., brain fever
1890 08-Jan D Baker, A. E.,  d. Morenci, Mich., in 81st yr., father of Mrs. D. C. Thomas of Mansfield; he was b. Steuben Co., NY.; left: Lucien W. of Leavenworth, Kan.; John H., Goshen, Ind.; E. A., Clayton, Mich.; Asa L. of Tacoma, Wash.; also 2 other dau’s.
1890 17-Dec D Baker, Deacon W. Of Sabinsville d. _____(no date)
1890 28-May M Baker, George H. And Miss Kate H. Lawrence m. Mansfield May 23rd by Rev. D. Keppel
1890 26-Feb M Baker, Gertrude Of Lawrence twp. and Edgar C. Potter m. Feb. 16th at Lindley, NY.
1890 15-Jan D Baker, Mrs. Ferris d. Central City, Neb., a few das. Ago, age about 50, sis. Of Lafayette Gray of Sullivan twp. where she was b., left 2 sons Mark and Albert, had res. Mansfield
1890 22-Oct M Baker, Willis E. Of Stokesdale and Miss Esther Van Wort, same, m. Wellsboro Oct 20th by A. Brewster, Esq.
1890 30-Apr D Baldwin, Hon. Thomas L. d. Tioga Wed., was son of Capt. Ebenezer B. who came 1806; b. Dec 23rd 1818, left 5 sons, 1 dau., and 1 bro.; sons: Jaben B. of Philadelphia; Vine D., Boston; Thomas D., Nelson; Edward M. and H. Lon, Williamsport; Miss Anna D. at home.
1890 18-Jun M Baldwin, J. C. Of Texas and Miss Minnie Wynn of Brandon, Miss., m. Jun 7th her home; he son of W. W. Baldwin of Mansfield and a former res. of Charleston twp.
1890 10-Sep M Baldwin, Mary And Edgar McKinney, both formerly of Mansfield, m. recently in the west; she dau. W. W. Baldwin of Mansfield
1890 19-Mar D Baldwin, Mrs. Buel (Charity C.) d. Tioga last Sun., age 75, burial at Lawrenceville
1890 12-Nov D Baldwin, Mrs. Thomas B. d. Troy Oct 30th, age 77, once res. of Rutland twp.
1890 12-Nov D Baldwin, Mrs. Vine d. Wellsboro last Sat. of cancer
1890 24-Sep M Balsley, Rev. E. J. Formerly of Antrim and Lizzie M. Phelps of Franklin, NY., m. (no date)
1890 22-Jan M Barber, Jennie Of Sabinsville and Marcus Burdick of Westfield, m. Troupsburg, NY., Jan 11th by O. McFarland, Esq.
1890 10-Dec D Barber, Mrs. Alonzo d. Covington “today”
1890 17-Dec D Barber, Mrs. Sylvester L. d. Covington (no date), age 73, m. 1838, left 3 dau’s.; Mrs. Seward French, Mrs. Star Barber and Mrs. H. W. LeValley
1890 23-Jul D Barber, S. A. d. Covington last Sun., age about 75, left; Edward and Levi of Covington and Mrs. W. F. Holman of Wellsboro, also bro. Lorenzo of Covington
1890 15-Jan D Barden, Mrs. William M. (Bessie B.) d. at her bro’s (Harry Parkin) in New York City Jan 10th, apoplexy, buried there Greenwood Cem., age 68, m. Dr. barden Jan 10th 1862 and res. Mansfield until his death.
1890 19-Feb D Bardwell, Ralph d. near Mainesburg Sat. last, log accident, age 13, son of Mrs. Rose Bardwell and Theodore Bardwell
1890 12-Feb D Barker, A. A. d. near Tioga Mon., found in woods, age 72
1890 03-Sep D Barnhart, Mrs. Artemus d. Millerton (no date), mother of Jerome Barnhart
1890 09-Apr M Barrett, James Of Jackson Summit and Carrie Greeney of Lawrence Twp. m. Elmira, NY., Mar 29th
1890 09-Apr M Barrows, Mrs. Lydia Of Covington and W. D. Dunsmore m. Mansfield today by Rev. D. Keppel
1890 16-Apr D Bartholomew, Minnie (Mrs. H. A.) d. Fife Lake, Mich., Apr 8th, age 25
1890 14-May D Bartlett, Clark d. at his dau’s. (Mrs. A. A. Cass) in Mansfield today of consumption, buried Hope Cemetery, age 60, father of Manford and John of Colegrove, Pa.
1890 05-Mar D Bartlett, Raul (or Ruel) d. Mainesburg Feb 27th, grippe, left 3 sons
1890 27-Aug M Bartlett, Rev. S. H.  Of Hiram, Ohio (formerly of Mansfield) and Miss Libbie E. Wood of East Smithfield, Pa., m. her home Aug 20th by Rev. E. Manley; she dau. of Charles T. Wood
1890 26-Nov M Baxter, Robert  And Miss Lottie N. Emms, both of Morris Run m. Nov 17th
1890 07-May B Beach Son to Coly of Mansfield, Mon.
1890 28-May B Beach Son to John W., b. Mansfield last Wed.
1890 12-Nov B Beach Dau. to Jesse of Wellsboro Oct 26th
1890 05-Feb D Beals, Emma  d. near Canton last Mon., drowned (poss. Suicide), age 21, dau. of Addison Beals, former res. Mansfield
1890 12-Feb M Beard, Fred Of Osceola and Nellie Taft of Camp Brook m. (no date)
1890 19-Mar D Beard, William R. d. Farmington twp. (no date), been here since 1850
1890 29-Oct D Beardslee, Mrs. George N. d. Troy twp. Oct 16th, age 50
1890 19-Feb M Beck, Austin And Miss Lottie Sheffer m. Liberty today
1890 01-Jan D Bellinger, H. J. Of Mitchells Creek found dead in bed last Sun., age about 40, left 3 children, bro. of Philo of Lambs Creek
1890 15-Jan D Bement, Mrs. Philana d. Jackson twp., age 84 (no date)
1890 26-Mar D Bennett, Mrs. J. C. (Olive) d. Covington last Wed. of heart disease, mother of A. M. Bennett and sis of Daniel Wilson of Covington
1890 05-Feb M Benson, Abbie  And Lafey E. Stevens m. Roseville Jan 30th
1890 29-Oct M Benson, Elmer And Miss Mary Berry of Troy, m. her home Oct 21st by Rev. W. Mentzer; she dau. Julius Berry
1890 30-Apr D Benson, Guy d. Denver, Col., last Thur. of consumption, resident of Columbia X Roads
1890 10-Sep M Benson, Mrs. Edgar (Emily) Of Richmond twp. and Joseph Vickers of Jackson twp. m. Aug 11th
1890 10-Dec D Benson, William  d. Roseville yest. (Mon or Tue.?), dead in bed, age about 65, prob. Heart disease
1890 05-Nov D Berquist, Herman d. mear Morris Mon. in railroad accident
1890 29-Oct M Berry, Mary Of Troy and Elmer Benson m. her home Oct 21st by Rev. W. Mentzer; she dau. Julius Berry
1890 07-May M Besanceny (Besauency), William And Miss Florence Viel, m. her home Blossburg by Rev. J. Matthews; she dau. F. A. Viel (no date)
1890 16-Apr M Billings, Abbie McNeil Formerly of Knoxville and Horace J. Brewster of San Diego, Cal., m. Elmira, NY. (no date)
1890 14-May B Blackburn, Henry Sherwood b. Puyallup, Wash. (no date), son of Harry, formerly of Lambs Creek
1890 26-Nov D Blanchet Dau. of John of Cherry Flats d. last Sun. of diphtheria, age 13
1890 26-Nov M Bliss, George H. And Miss Ella Spencer, both of Nelson, m. at Addison, NY., Nov 9th
1890 26-Nov M Bliss, Lily And Lerney L. Finch, both of Nelson, m. at Addison, NY., Nov 9th
1890 15-Oct D Blood, Hosea d. Austinville Sep 26th, age 72, father of Henry of Roseville and Herbert, late of Wells twp.
1890 05-Nov M Bodine, Charles  And Miss Ada Sheffer, both of Wellsboro m, Elmira, NY., Sep 25th
1890 08-Jan D Boehm, Car Inspector Frank d. Corning, NY., Tue., railroad accident, former res. Blossburg, Civil War vet.
1890 08-Oct D Boom, Mrs. Grace d. Westfield recently of diphtheria
1890 08-Oct   Boom, William And Mrs. of Westfield m. 50 yrs. Sep 24th
1890 15-Oct D Bosard, Mrs. Arthur d. _____, remains buried at Osceola last week, a former resident
1890 08-Jan B Bostwick Son to Furman of Lawrenceville, Jan 1st
1890 05-Feb D Bottom, Walter C. d. last week at Westfield, buried at Osceola, former res. Elkland
1890 15-Oct   Boyce, James A. Of Wellsboro and wife m. 25 yrs. “recently”
1890 04-Jun D Boyle, Miss Ella d. Gaines a short “time ago”, thrown from a wagon
1890 11-Jun B Brace Dau. to Eugene of Richmond twp. Jun 11th
1890 16-Jul B Brace Son of Charles of Painter Run (no date)
1890 26-Feb M Brace, Bertha Of Mansfield and Charles W. Adriance of Tioga m. Lindley, NY., Feb 15th by Rev. F. Van Keuren
1890 15-Oct D Brady, Jerome d. Tioga twp. last week Tue., result of amputation, res. with his half-bro. William Mann, a Civil War vet
1890 22-Oct M Brenchley, Lettie And Ed. Hogaboom m. on Wed. (Columbia X Roads items)
1890 28-May M Brewer, Robert And Miss Emma Shohner m. in Corning, NY. last week (Tioga items)
1890 16-Apr M Brewster, Horace J. Of San Diego, Cal., and Abbie McNeil Billings, formerly of Knoxville, m. Elmira, NY. (no date)
1890 22-Jan D Brewster, Mrs. Roxanna d. Wellsboro, age 89 (no date), b. in Mass., mother of C. E. Brewster
1890 08-Jan M Brock, Myrtie Of Lawrenceville and Michael Tardio of Jersey Mills m. Lindley, NY., Dec 26th 1889 by Rev. F. Van Keuren
1890 05-Feb D Brooks, James P. d. Potter Brook, Jan 26th
1890 05-Nov D Brooks, Thomas A. d. near Arnot Wed., age 60, a res. of Blossburg, hit by train
1890 22-Oct D Brown Baby dau. of Edward of Columbia X Roads d. (no date)
1890 22-Oct M Brown H. L. of Columbia X Roads m. _________(no date)
1890 03-Dec B Brown Son to Arthur of Elkland (no date)
1890 14-May D Brown, A. A. d. Middlebury a week ago last Sat., drank poison
1890 04-Jun M Brown, A. R. And Miss Edith Hakes, both of Mansfield, m. Elmira, NY., May 24th
1890 26-Nov M Brown, Arthur Grant  Of Elmira, NY., and Miss Ora Ruth Adams of Mansfield to be m. Nov 19th her home; she dau. J. W. Adams; he son M. M. Brown; to be m. by Rev. Troxell
1890 01-Jan M Brown, Charles F. Of Cedar Run and Miss Mary Miller of Brown twp., m. Brown twp. Dec 25th 1889
1890 12-Feb D Brown, Charles W. d. Cherry Flats today, age 74, paralysis
1890 03-Sep M Brown, Fred A. And Miss Rose Coffin m. her home, Brookfield twp., Aug 20th
1890 29-Jan M Brown, Gertrude Of Mansfield and Edward Lane of Elmira, NY., m. last Thur. at home of Z. U. Wise in Elmira by Rev. T. Beecher; she dau. of William Brown
1890 13-Aug M Brown, John And Miss Belle Dartt, both of Canton m. Mon
1890 02-Jul M Brown, Mrs. Clara L. And J. W. Sangster of Buffalo, NY., m. there Jun 13th, she widow of late Simeon Brown of Mansfield
1890 08-Oct D Brown, Mrs. J. R. d. Mansfield “today” (see 10/15 for more)
1890 15-Oct D Brown, Mrs. J. R. (Harriet) d. Mansfield last Wed., age 54, a native of Charleston twp. and sis. Of Charles Gaylord of Mansfield and Mrs. Wright Lownsberry of Blossburg; half-sis. Of Freeman Gaylord of Mansfield.
1890 05-Feb D Brown, Mrs. Willard d. Sabinsville, Jan 27th
1890 16-Apr M Brown, W. K. Of the Fall Brook railroad and Miss Margaret Jones of Antrim to be m. Apr 22nd
1890 07-May M Brundage, Fannie And Hanson Carpenter m. in Scranton, Pa., Apr 26th; he MSNS ‘ 88
1890 31-Dec M Bruner, Dr. John Of Roaring Branch and Miss Etta Eves m. (no date)
1890 08-Jan B Bryant Son to Frank of Crooked Creek, Dec 28th 1889
1890 14-May D Bryant, Gillette d. Crooked Creek Fri., May 9th, age 4 mox., 13 das, buried at Keeneyville, son of Frank & Helen
1890 13-Aug B Bryden Son to Edward of Wellsboro Aug 5th
1890 09-Jul B Buck Son to Willis of Richmond twp. Jul 4th
1890 12-Feb M Buckley, Carrie Of Osceola and G. Gersham Dorrance of Elkland m. Feb 6th her home by Rev. J. Jarman
1890 03-Sep M Budd, John Of Williamsport and Miss Katie L. Shaffer of Liberty m. (no date)
1890 26-Nov B Bull Son to Bert of Mansfield Nov 19th
1890 04-Jun M Bunn, Abner  Of Blossburg and Miss Mary Holt of Morris Run m. last Thur. by Rev. Kay
1890 02-Jul M Bunnell, Edward C. (formerly of Lawrenceville) and Miss Emily Whitehead of Elmira, NY., m. (no date)
1890 22-Jan M Burdick, Marcus Of Westfield and Jennie Barber of Sabinsville, m. Troupsburg, NY., Jan 11th by O. McFarland, Esq.
1890 12-Feb D Burley, Mrs. Levi Of Wellsboro d. at G. W. Bosard’s in Elmira, NY., Feb 2nd
1890 29-Oct D Burns, Daniel d. Charleston twp., age over 100 (?), left son George H. and dau. Mrs. Fulkerson
1890 19-Feb D Burns, Mrs. George d. Charleston twp. of influenza, age 53 (no date)
1890 26-Feb D Burrit, John d. Sylvania Fri., buried there
1890 24-Dec M Burton, Edward L Of Mansfield and Miss Maud Kohler of Mardin m. last night by Rev. D. Keppel; she dau. Lewis Kohler
1890 19-Feb D Burton, Lyman d. Daggetts Mills Feb 16th, age about 65, cerebro spinal meningitis, father of Edward Burton, formerly of Mansfield
1890 08-Jan   Bush, J. S.  And Mrs. Of Tioga m. 50 yrs. Tue
1890 17-Dec M Bush, Roy And Miss Nellie Wilson m. her home, Wells twp. (no date)
1890 03-Dec   Butler, J. Of Farmington twp. is 96
1890 24-Dec D Butler, John d. Farmington twp.
1890 10-Dec D Butler, Mrs. Almon d. Delmar twp. a few das. ago
1890 30-Jul D Buttles, Mrs. R. P. (nee Amanda Graves) d. Mansfield Jul 29th, age 75 yrs. 2 mos., a native of NY. state, left 1 dau. Miss Frances Buttles
1890 04-Jun B Button Son to Edward of Middlebury last Wed.
1890 02-Jul D Button, Mrs. Harvey d. Little Marsh of Cancer, age 58
1890 29-Oct D Cady, Calvin d. Hills Creek Mon. (one of the oldest inhabitants), left 1 adoped son Peter Holiday
1890 29-Jan D Califf, Linus A. d. Lawrenceville, Jan 20th, age 72
1890 05-Nov B Cameron Son to Rev. A. G. of Sylvania (no date)
1890 19-Mar B Campbell Dau. to J. C. of Elkland (no date)
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